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Thermodrone extreme fat burner, what is it really worth?

Thermodrone Bruleur de graisse extreme flaconThermodrone fat burner extreme is, according to its manufacturer, a product scientifically formulated to increase stamina and energy, and improve concentration and metabolism in men and women. We all know that fat burners are highly sought-after for their direct involvement in weight loss. But an effective fat burner must meet a number of quality criteria.

At PillTester, we continue to test several fat-burning pills so that our readers have enough information to develop their own ideas about each pill. Along the way, we’re also taking a closer look at the slimming effects of various natural foods, which many people may not even be aware of.
In this test, we focus on a pill in this category called Thermodrone Extreme Fat Burner.

Thermodrone extreme fat burner: presentation and promises

Thermodrone Brûleur de graisse extreme is sold, in the light of our investigation, only on Amazon. There, we notice that the messages of effectiveness are quite strong. They speak of a fat-burning pill of exceptional quality.
Thermodrone Bruleur de graisse extreme
It presents itself as a highly effective product, with scientific evidence on the effects of each ingredient:

  • Burns fat quickly, eliminates abdominal fat ;
  • Appetite-suppressant effect ;
  • Gives energy and increases endurance ;
  • Improves alertness ;
  • Suitable for men and women;
  • Contains only natural ingredients suitable for vegetarians;
  • Made in the UK, in compliance with hygiene regulations.

Thermodrone bruleur de graisse extreme comes in a bottle containing 60 capsules.

The manufacturer of Thermodrone bruleur de graisse extreme

As mentioned above, Thermodrone bruleur de graisse extreme is sold exclusively on Amazon, which is the shipper. However, the name of the merchant is Green Global Direct. On its Amazon store, only one other product is sold with Thermodrone bruleur de graisse extreme: Thermodrone Testo-Mx Extreme.

We searched for an official website for this seller, and all we could find was a UK postal address, but no other information. Continuing our search on the address at the bottom of the bottle, we found that it is indeed a prestigious office complex intended, among other things, for virtual offices. But there’s no trace of this product, so you can do your own research at Kemp House, 152-160 City Rd, London EC1V 2NX, United Kingdom.
Fabricant Thermodrone Bruleur de graisse Extreme
That’s not a lot of reassuring information about the manufacturer, but it’s all we’re going to get. This fat-burning pill seems to come out of nowhere!

Amazon is a great marketplace, of course. However, a supplement sold on an official site would always enjoy a better reputation.

Mode of action of Thermodrone extreme fat burner

This fat burner contains 9 ingredients, each with more or less proven slimming properties.

Based on its various properties, this product enables you to :

  • Burn fat thanks to lipolytic ingredients.
  • Provide energy to resist effort.
  • Enhance intellectual capacity, by producing more cerebral mediators.

The ingredients of Thermodrone extreme fat burner

In its presentation, this pill contains many of the classic ingredients of weight-loss supplements. The detailed composition is as follows:


An active component of coffee, caffeine is interesting for its ability to stimulate alertness and intellectual capacity. It also has fat-burning and appetite-suppressant properties.
Caffeine is involved on several levels to help you lose weight. That’s why most slimming pills contain caffeine.

To find out more about the benefits of caffeine, read this blog

Green tea extract

This beverage has survived the centuries without a single wrinkle. The reason: its recognized powers on general health.

Green tea is rich in antioxidants and vitamins.
Like coffee, it contains caffeine, helps burn fat and lose weight, and stimulates the brain.

Discover the benefits of green tea in this blog


Another caffeine-rich ingredient!
Guarana contains 3 times more caffeine than coffee, and is therefore more effective on all cognitive and fat-burning processes.

Its antioxidant power is also superior, because unlike coffee, guarana is not roasted and keeps all its virtues intact.

Click here for you’ll find all the information you need on guarana.


This amino acid plays an essential role in the synthesis of neurotransmitters and hormones.
It also ensures proper thyroid function. It is known that alteration of thyroid hormones leads to inevitable weight gain.

It is the precursor of dopamine and adrenalin, and plays a vital role in preventing depression.
Science has proven the direct relationship between depression and the use of food and snacking to temporarily soothe mood and melancholy. It is not uncommon to include the treatment of depression in a slimming program.

L-tyrosine also helps prevent Parkinson’s disease. Elderly people are urged to consume more high-quality proteins, a source of L-tyrosine, to prevent senile diseases.
Thermodrone Bruleur de graisse extreme ingredients

Citrus Aurantium

The other name for the bitter orange, its oils and extracts are highly prized for flavoring cakes and perfumes, thanks to the pleasant scent they give off.

Very rich in antioxidants, such as flavonoids, vitamin C and carotenes. Plus other powerful compounds.

It has been the subject of several scientific studies, confirming its effectiveness as a calming and anxiolytic agent.

Bitter orange controversy

Bitter orange contains a molecule similar to ephedrine: synephrine which has slimming properties, but is not without danger. Particularly when combined with caffeine.

In fact, the French National Health and Safety Agency has issued several warnings about the cardio-toxic effects of the synephrine-caffeine combination.

These warnings include cases of serious heart problems, increased blood pressure and accelerated heart rate.

This text is taken from the recommendations of ANSES:
Recommends, because of their cumulative or even synergistic effects, that P-synephrine should not be combined with caffeine, preparations containing caffeine, or any substance with cardiovascular effects similar to those of caffeine. For these reasons, synephrine and caffeine should not be combined in the same dietary supplement.

To consult the full document, visit the ANSES website, here
Find out more about bitter orange and its safe use in our blog.


An essential amino acid, it is the precursor to the production of serotonin. This neurotransmitter is essential for healthy brain function. It is directly responsible for mood regulation, and promotes sleep. Its deficiency can lead to depression.

tryptophan has a place in slimming supplements, as it reduces the sensation of pain and makes it easier to increase effort.


This substance is synthesized in the body from the amino acids lysine and methionine, but is considered to be almost a B vitamin. But its effects on metabolism are universally acknowledged.

L-carnitine is involved in the transport of long-chain fatty acids in the mitochondria.

As a reminder, the mitochondrion is a small factory inside every cell. Responsible for energy production in the form of adenosine triphosphate: ATP.

L-carnitine, and more specifically acetyl L-carnitine, is therefore directly responsible for providing energy. Supplements containing L-carnitine are designed for athletes. It increases endurance and reduces fatigue.


This is the other name for vitamin B3 or PP. It plays an essential role in the breakdown of various carbohydrates into glucose, which is directly available to fill energy gaps.

Other benefits include its role in controlling triglycerides and cholesterol, so dosages must be much higher than those contained in Extreme Fat Burner.

Cayenne powder, the key ingredient in an effective fat burner

Its thermogenic effect is obvious: who hasn’t felt the heat when eating a dish spiced with hot chilli pepper?

The active ingredient in cayenne pepper is capsaicin, which has an anti-pain effect. It increases energy expenditure and helps burn fat. Cayenne powder is an essential ingredient in slimming supplements, thanks to its metabolism-boosting effect.

This blog sheds more light on the benefits of cayenne pepper.

Conclusion about ingredients

At the end, we noticed in the description of this product on Amazon, a reference to the presence of alpha lipoic acid, whereas it is absent among the ingredients listed on the back of the bottle.

We found other dosages, notably for green tea and guarana, which could be an older version, but we can’t be certain.

When we examine these different dosages, we notice that most ingredients are under-dosed, with the exception of caffeine, which is well represented by 3 components: green tea, caffeine and guarana.

Apart from cayenne powder and caffeine, the other ingredients have no proven effect on fat burning.

Testimonials from users of Thermodrone extreme fat burner

On Amazon, the main seller of Thermodrone Fat Burner Extreme, testimonials are quite plentiful, and there are almost as many favorable as unfavorable ones.

Here are 2 reviews posted on Amazon by verified users.

1st testimonialCapsules that do their job well, coupled with regular exercise and a healthy diet, the pounds fly off.

Slightly disrupts sleep if taken a little late.
2nd testimonialNot recommended: causes dizziness, vertigo and palpitations.

3 hours after each dose, it starts, can be thrown away!

In conclusion, it works in about half of users, which is a low proportion for a product that’s supposed to be so powerful on fat burning.

Side effects and contraindications

Like most caffeine-containing products, Thermodrone Fat Burner Extreme causes effects on sleep quality, nervousness and excitement. These effects can be minimized by taking the product early in the day.

The combination of bitter orange and caffeine is totally inadvisable, as it can have quite serious effects.

Finally, this product is not suitable for pregnant or breast-feeding women or children.

Instructions for use Thermodrone extreme fat burner

The bottle contains 60 capsules; on the seller’s website, the recommended dose is 1 capsule per day, while on other websites, the recommended dose is 2 capsules per day. The bottle lasts from 1 to 2 months.

The seller advises that in case of insomnia, the pill should be taken before 3 p.m., as is the case with most pills containing caffeine.

Purchase and warranty

Thermodrone Extreme Fat Burner is sold mainly on Amazon, at least at the time of writing.

The average price is around 23, with some special offers.
This product doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee, which isn’t the case with other tried-and-tested supplements.

Our opinion on Thermodrone extreme fat burner

At the end of our test, we cannot recommend the use of this product due to the prevalence of weak points.

Its strengths:

  • Contains ingredients recognized for their effect on fat burning ;
  • Contains amino acids beneficial to the body;
  • Its price is very affordable; it’s one of the cheapest on the market.

Weak points:

  • Contains 3 ingredients rich in caffeine;
  • The combination of caffeine and bitter orange is not recommended, and may cause health problems;
  • Some dosages are insufficient;
  • No official sales site;
  • No money-back guarantee;
  • Several testimonials on harmful side effects.

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