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Delipidrink Solution Phyto-active Ella Baché

Delipidrink Solution Phyto Active Ella Baché

bouteille-boite-et-infusion-delipidrink-boisson-detoxDELIPIDRINK SOLUTION PHYTO-ACTIVE ELLA BACHE is a fat-burning, detoxifying drink that activates circulation.

Ella Baché presents its masterful phyto-active slimming solution, specially designed to dislodge established curves.

So, how effective is this drink? That’s what our investigation will reveal.

Presentation and promises of Delipidrink Solution phyto-active Ella Baché

Delipidrink Solution is a drink to be taken as a detox cure for 1 week.

Based on 6 plant extracts and containing 10 active nutrients, Delipidrink Solution acts on 3 levels simultaneously:

  • A deep fat-burning action, with special anti-recurrence properties;
  • Detoxifying properties to purify the body;
  • Activation of blood circulation to combat cellulite and swelling;

How do I take Delipidrink?

For the first 3 days, dilute 2 measuring capfuls in a large glass of water.

Then dilute 1 measuring cap in a large glass of water for the next 4 days.

Ideally taken in the morning.

The course of treatment can be repeated, but with fairly long breaks between each course, given the high concentrations of active ingredients.

Ella Baché, manufacturer of the Delipidrink Solution detox cure

Ella Baché is a pharmacist who, almost 80 years ago, created a multitude of products designed to beautify, rejuvenate and nourish the skin.

Over time, the brand has expanded to include weight-loss supplements.

Since 2003, the Ella Baché brand has been part of the Thalgo Group, an aesthetic laboratory specializing in marine products.

Delipidrink Solution ingredients

1. Green tea:

This ingredient has long been recognized for its slimming properties.

It contains 3 to 4% caffeine, a substance that stimulates lipolysis and thermogenesis.

Thanks to its high catechin content, green tea boosts noradrenaline levels in the body. This hormone is also involved in increasing energy expenditure and fat oxidation.

2. Fucus :

This is a brown algae that stimulates the immune system and helps maintain balanced blood glucose levels, making it an ideal ally in weight loss, as well as in the treatment of diabetes.

Bladderwrack also helps reduce feelings of hunger, and decreases the conversion of fats and carbohydrates into fatty deposits in the body.

This algae activates the metabolism, and offers a combination of trace elements and minerals that help control appetite, eliminate toxins and combat water retention.

3. Guarana:

Guarana, like green tea, is rich in caffeine and has many other virtues.

It combats fatigue, increases alertness and reduces stress.

Guarana also acts as an appetite suppressant, activates fat burning and encourages elimination through the urine.
To find out more about guarana, we invite you to read our detailed article on the subject HERE.

4. Meadowsweet:

Often combined with other active ingredients in slimming supplements, this plant has draining, diuretic and detoxifying properties that help combat excess weight and cellulite.

5. Cherry tails:

Cherry tails act as a powerful detoxifier.

Slightly laxative, they facilitate slow transits and the elimination of toxins through the urine.

They cleanse the liver, limit bad cholesterol, promote weight loss, cleanse the blood, relieve pain, prevent the formation of kidney stones, and reinforce the proper functioning of the kidneys and urinary tract.

6. Palmaria Palmata:

This is the other name for the seaweed commonly known as Dulse, or cowweed.

Red algae are rich in calcium carbonate, and help the body bind the trace elements and minerals present in seawater. In particular, they are rich in vitamins A and C, zinc, iron, iodine, sodium and potassium.

We were unable to find any details concerning the 10 active nutrients advertised on the site.

Scientific studies on Delipidrink Solution

The official website mentions a study carried out on 21 women aged 18 to 59, who took Delipidrink Solution for 7 days.

The results are as follows:

  • 76% of women lost weight (up to 1.8 kg)
  • 90% of women lost thigh circumference (up to 2.6 cm)
  • 100% of women lost hip circumference (up to 2.5 cm)

Note the very limited panel of individuals tested.

The results obtained on 21 women can hardly be considered representative of a large proportion of overweight people.

What’s more, there are no links to articles or study reports. It is therefore impossible for us to verify the advertised results.

For our part, we have found a study on the protein nutritional value of Palmarita Palmata seaweed and the possibility that it could represent an interesting source of protein in the human diet.

(Source: NCBI. Laboratoire de Pathologie Cellulaire et Moléculaire en Nutrition, Faculté de Médecine, Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy, France. Galland-Irmouli AV., Fleurence J., Lamghari R., Luçon M., Rouxel C., Barbaroux O., Bronowicki JP., Villaume C., Guéant JL. J Nutr Biochem. 1999 Jun;10(6):353-9).

Side effects and contraindications

The website does not indicate any side effects or contraindications for Delipidrink Solution phyto-active Ella Baché.

It should be noted, however, that if this treatment is repeated, it should be done with breaks of several weeks between each treatment, due to the powerful detoxifying virtues of the ingredients.

We reiterate our warning to pregnant and breast-feeding women, and in particular to those undergoing specific medical treatment. The advice of a doctor is mandatory for the latter to avoid any risk of interaction.

Delipidrink Solution user testimonials

Several reviews from people who have tried Delipidrink detox cure report:

  • A pleasant taste of red fruits;
  • Enhanced weight loss;
  • Losses of up to 800g in 7 days.

The general trend in consumer reviews is favorable, and feedback on Ella Baché products is positive.

Price and guarantee

Delipidrink Solution is available for sale on the official Ella Baché website, at a price of 20,50€ for a 7-day detox cure. Shipping costs are €4.10 for mainland France.

There’s no money-back guarantee for this slimming product, but we do offer a money-back or exchange guarantee for any non-conforming product.

site officiel du produit

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