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Super Yakon pour maigrir

Super Yacon, for slimming thanks to improved intestinal flora

Super Yacon IntroductionTaking a slimming pill, like Super Yacon or any other, is not just a decision made under pressure from the diktat of slimming. If, in the run-up to beach vacations, wedding parties or other special occasions, many people flock to multiple weight-loss methods, we’d rather talk about something else. What about general body health? Being overweight or “morbidly” obese is completely antonymous and contrary to wellness. Because you also want to feel better, you need to look for the right weight-loss solutions.

While there are fat-burning pills, there are also other products that play an indirect role in weight loss. Super Yacon is one such product, designed to keep your digestive system healthy. If your stomach and colon are working well, then your metabolism is better off too. Let’s take a closer look at Yacon, a plant that seems to be taking its place among the greats in the slimming field.

Super Yacon, another single-ingredient pill

Yacon RacinesLike most products based on what have come to be known as “superfoods”, Super Yacon boasts a single ingredient on its packaging: Yacon. This plant is also known as the “Earth Pear”, after the famous potato, which we all eat in many forms.

Yacon is a little-known vegetable, which also goes by the scientific name of smallanthus sonchifolius, and is consumed in several forms: syrup, leaves, tea, capsules. Various studies on yacon have revealed its richness in inulins and fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS). These two elements are known as prebiotics, precious natural agents that stimulate the multiplication of the good bacteria already populating our intestines. The advantage of these probiotics, although essentially composed of sugar, is their low calorie content and their beneficial effect on the body’s glycemia: they’re practically sugar friends! What’s more, they are rich in fiber.

Find out more about yacon in our by following this link.

Super Yacon, the manufacturer’s promises

Super Yacon is marketed by Bauer Nutrition which, alongside other leading names in food supplements, is a well-known supplier of products to help people lose weight and feel better about their bodies. With Super Yacon, this manufacturer offers its users :

  • a considerable intake of probiotics to improve digestion and metabolism ;
  • a supplementation of natural fibers useful for the digestive system in general;
  • an appetite suppressant effect thanks to a sweet supplement that is not harmful to the body’s glycemia.

These promises seem to us to be interesting and sufficient to encourage a weight-loss enthusiast to consider buying Super Yacon, provided…
We would need to verify the veracity of these claims with official authorities. We already know that in 2012, European health authorities prohibited manufacturers of yacon-based solutions from making certain health claims on products containing fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS), such as Super Yacon.

As a result, the said authorities had deemed that products containing fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) could NOT claim to promote the health or development of intestinal flora, nor the proper functioning of the colon, nor maintain normal blood cholesterol levels.
Flore intestinale maigrir

So, Super Yacon to lose weight, does it work or not?

It’s easy to get confused when you read such prohibitions about products already on the market. But don’t worry! This is the case for several other validated and authorized products on the market. Super Yacon, like many of its competitors, is no exception to the rule.

A number of tried-and-tested products based on natural ingredients, such as Yacon, the Garcinia Cambogia, The Hoodia Gordonii, The Raspberry Ketone, … have always been treated in this way by the relevant authorities. The reasons for this are actually quite logical:

  • They are over-the-counter (OTC) dietary supplements. Their status is therefore different from that of official medicines, even though the latter may also contain the same ingredients! In other words, it works, but it’s not a drug!
  • The dosage of these ingredients will always be controversial in medical circles. We all know that manufacturers of herbal supplements draw on traditional, unconventional medicine, which is eternally criticized by scientists.

The fact is, even in the absence of scientific evidence documented by studies, most of these verified dietary supplements work. And let’s not forget other parameters that come into play: the user’s general state of health, metabolism, combination with other medical products, etc.

Side effects and contraindications Super Yacon

Yacon Poires de TerreOn its manufacturer’s official website, all we can find is that there are no notable health risks or side effects, for the simple reason that the main ingredient is 100% natural. However, experience has shown that “100% natural” does not necessarily mean “problem-free”! There may be specific allergies to some of the ingredients. You’ll need to be very well informed in this respect.

We also believe that this product, if it works as intended, may increase the frequency of bowel movements. This could indeed be an undesirable effect for some people. But, if it’s for a good cause…
In terms of contraindications, Super Yacon is no exception to the general rule for dietary supplements: not recommended for minors, pregnant and breast-feeding women, or people with health problems requiring medical supervision and treatment with medication.

How to use Super Yacon Super Yacon?

For a normal recommended dosage, take 2 capsules a day (2x 500mg of Yacon), with a large glass of water, 30 minutes before a meal. It is strictly forbidden to exceed the prescribed dose.

Buy Super Yacon

Super Yacon can only be purchased online from the official Super Yacon website, at a price of 39,95€ for a bottle of 60 capsules. You benefit from a 60-day money-back guarantee.

site officiel du produit

Our opinion on Super Yacon

Our review will focus on this product’s main ingredient, yacon. From the information we have to date, there seems to be a clear interest in this plant in the field of slimming using natural products. Many users report interesting results in terms of weight loss. Most of the testimonials gathered on the web emphasize the product’s appetite-suppressant effect.

Finally, Super Yacon (or any similar product) should not be considered as a fat-burning pill. It is clearly a dietary supplement to be considered as part of a more comprehensive and organized program. Natural supplementation is the key to success in any serious weight loss program.

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