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XtraSlim 700, a capsule that eliminates 700 kcal/day?

XtraSlim 700 FlaconXtraSlim 700, in the words of its manufacturer, is a fat burner with a unique, exclusive formula of proven effectiveness that burns an average of 700 kilocalories a day. This dietary supplement offered by Forté Pharma at the beginning of 2018 is generating user reviews that are mixed, to say the least. Indeed, these testimonials are not yet legion and not all buyers seem to have the same opinion on this capsule.

Here at TP, we’re taking our research a step further, preferring to look where a normal observer might not! For example, we’d like to question the 700 kcal figure in the product name. What exactly does it refer to? Can calorie-counting enthusiasts understand it? What in its composition would support its promises? We all know that it’s these very promises that make people decide to make a particular purchase. So let’s get down to business and find out…

XtraSlim 700, a Swiss Army knife capsule

XtraSlim 700 boasts an 8-ingredient formula, which leads us to believe that its manufacturer has chosen to endow its product with a number of health benefits.

It’s important to remember that when it comes to dietary supplements for slimming, ingredients should not be chosen lightly. Each ingredient is called upon for a specific action that contributes to the achievement of slimming objectives, within a global logic. Without further ado, let’s take a look at what XtraSlim 700 has to offer!

XtraSlim 700 ingredients

A visit to Forté Pharma’s official website provides clear information on this 8-component formula.

It consists of 4 plants :
Liposlim complex (a combination of turmeric and wakame), blackcurrant, konjac.

And 4 nutrients nutrients:
Choline, chromium, vitamin B6, vitamin B1.

The Liposlim complex

We’d have liked to know more, but the designer of XtraSlim 700 doesn’t seem to have much to say about this complex. Complexes of this kind are necessarily patented by their respective designers. In the case of XtraSlim 700, the Liposlim complex may well belong to Forté Pharma or another owner: no way of knowing here.
On the other hand, this manufacturer reserves a whole section for Turmeric, referring to it as a spice with multiple virtues that is currently on the rise.

Turmeric is an antioxidant known to protect cellular structures and combat excess free radicals. It is also an immunity booster that strengthens the body’s defenses. It is also an aid to joint comfort.

Finally, it is a good digestive stimulator with regenerative and protective properties for the stomach, liver and intestines.
Wakame SaladeThe Liposlim complex also contains Wakame, an edible brown seaweed with proven slimming properties. To find out more, we invite you to consult our blog article on Wakame, in the Slimming Ingredients section of our website.


Now a member of the superfruit club, blackcurrants are packed with health and slimming benefits. You can find out more find out more about blackcurrant by reading our article here.


Also known as glucomannan fibers, konjac is a must in the fight against snacking. These natural fibers, which swell in the stomach to absorb hundreds of times their volume in water, have been singled out by the XtraSlim 700 faricant for their appetite-suppressant properties.


Choline is an essential nutrient generally classified as a B vitamin. It is much in demand among bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts for several reasons:

  • encourages the body to maintain an active metabolism ;
  • helps delay fatigue ;
  • helps the liver to evacuate lipids to keep it healthy. And speaking of the liver, this is precisely where our body naturally produces choline, but unfortunately in insufficient quantities. Hence the importance of choline supplementation. On the other hand, and fortunately this time, in our diet, choline is found in eggs (50 g contain 125 mg), animal liver (around 300 mg/100 g), meat and fish (from 70 mg to 100 mg/100 g), then legumes and nuts (around 40 mg/100 g).
  • is also known for its role in maintaining good mental health.

More information on choline, on WikiPedia.


Or more precisely Chromium Picolinate, is a trace element sought after by bodybuilding and slimming enthusiasts. It plays an active role in glucose metabolism, which indirectly helps prevent fat storage.

More information on Chromium in this article.

Vitamin B6

Promotes protein and glycogen metabolism, and helps reduce fatigue.

Vitamin B1

This vitamin supports a balanced nervous system and normal energy metabolism.

Dosage of XtraSlim 700

The official XtraSlim 700 website only lists the 8 main ingredients, without dosages. You’ll need to buy the product to find out the rest of the information:
LIPOSLIM complex [extracts of wakame (Undaria pinnatifida) (405 mg) and turmeric (Curcuma longa) (45 mg)], capsule shell (gelatin, colorant: titanium dioxide), bulking agent (calcium carbonate), konjac glucomannan (Amorphophallus konjac) (200 mg), choline bitartrate (82.5mg choline equivalent), dried blackcurrant leaf extract (Ribes nigrum L. ) (2000 mg plant equivalent), bulking agent (microcrystalline cellulose), anti-caking agents (silicon dioxide, magnesium salts of fatty acids), vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), chromium chloride, vitamin B1 (thiamine).

Can XtraSlim 700 really get rid of 700 calories a day?

At least, that’s what its manufacturer claims on its website, citing a certain scientific study bearing the reference WF/NP 16-6422. This is a double-blind, placebo-controlled study on the Wakame-Curcuma complex of ingredients, involving 59 people over 28 days.

That’s all the information we have on this study. The manufacturer of XtraSlim 700 clearly states that its product delivers on its promises and does indeed make you lose the 700 ckal.

About calorie counting

Should you count your calories or not? The answer to this question is becoming increasingly difficult as a wide-ranging debate has been sparked about the practice. While many people were actively engaged in it, putting into practice the precepts of various dietetic theories, others ended up not believing in it at all.

  • From our point of view, and after much research on the subject, we believe that systematic calorie counting, as it has always been presented, doesn’t really hold water! We won’t debate the issue for long, but we’d like to take this opportunity to remind you that :
  • Not all calories are created equal. To put it simply, the same amount of calories from two different sources is not really the same. 2000 kcal of bananas is certainly not 2000 kcal of a hamburger full of sauce, fries and soda!
  • Our body doesn’t necessarily store all the calories we ingest: it only stores those from the wrong sources;
  • Finally, other parameters come into play when it comes to weight gain: gender, age, quality of general metabolism, heredity, state of stress, etc.

So does XtraSlim 700 work?

We can’t answer this question categorically. We can, however, give our verdict on this product on the basis of a number of factors:
XtraSlim 700 is a supplement. We all know that a “supplement”, by its very nature, is intended to act within the logic of a diet with multiple parameters, and not on its own. A dietary supplement is there to complement certain aspects of the diet, providing the tangible slimming effects of certain ingredients.

On the other hand, the absence of a decent minimum of physical activity does not guarantee the success of any slimming pill! That goes without saying, and we don’t even need to go into it! In fact, in an advertising spot, the manufacturer takes the liberty of pointing out that the only physical effort required by the XtraSlim 700 cure is that of running… to the pharmacy! See for yourself…

Testimonials from XtraSlim 700 users

As we said earlier, we don’t always have enough feedback from users, given how recent XtraSlim 700 is. The only reviews we’ve been able to find on the web can be divided into :

  • Positive reviews, mostly on the product’s official website, as well as on several online pharmacy sites that resell the product;
  • predominantly negative reviews, found mainly on sites such as Amazon, where many buyers say they haven’t felt any change at all.

However, these findings don’t mean that XtraSlim 700 doesn’t work, or that it’s a scam. We know very well that a slimming food supplement can work for one person and not necessarily for another: it’s certainly not a magic pill!

How do I use XtraSlim 700?

The product’s official website recommends taking 2 XtraSlim 700 capsules twice a day, with your two main meals. This means a total of 4 capsules a day.

One box of XtraSlim 700 contains 120 capsules, which corresponds to a 1-month program, to be repeated according to the manufacturer.

Side effects and contraindications of XtraSlim 700

The product’s official website makes no mention of side effects.

However, when it comes to contraindications, the site is clear:

A dietary supplement is not a substitute for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of reach of young children. Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women or children under 12 without medical advice. Consult your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking anticoagulants. Do not use if sensitive to iodine (maximum daily dose 138 µg). Lasting slimming results can only be achieved through dietary measures and controlled food hygiene.

Where can I buy XtraSlim 700?

You’ll find it online, on its official website, as well as on Amazon and several online pharmacies and parapharmacies.

Our opinion on XtraSlim 700

Since we don’t have any studies or scientific reports specific to this product, we’re going to rely essentially on its list of ingredients to say what we think of it.

As it happens, the ingredients chosen for this formula are interesting on more than one level. There’s a bit of everything, to support the body’s efforts to get back into shape. We don’t think this pill will work on its own just by swallowing it. You’ll need to maintain a minimum level of physical activity and, above all, a healthy, balanced diet… and, above all, keep your hopes up.

To sum up, the PLUSES and MINUSES of XtraSlim 700


  • Formula rich in well-known ingredients;
  • Well-known manufacturer of slimming supplements;
  • Guaranteed quality manufacturing in compliance with current EU regulations;
  • Bonus mini-booklet with slimming tips.


  • Non-availability of the scientific study promoted by the manufacturer on its website;
  • Mixed user testimonials.

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