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Pure Renewal Cleanse

Pure Renewal Cleanse, an addictive detox cure

Avis sur Pure Renewal CleanseThe trend towards colon detoxification as a way of shedding pounds is gaining ground, and more and more detox products are appearing on the market. Such is the case with PURE RENEWAL CLEANSE, a product designed to eliminate toxic waste in the colon, promoting a healthier lifestyle and, of course, weight loss.

Presentation and promises of Pure Renewal Cleanse

Pure Renewal Cleanse is based on the theory that our colon is intoxicated by an increasing number of factors: bad eating habits, heavy metals, antibiotics, pollution, pesticides…
Faced with these new lifestyle-related phenomena, our bodies find themselves unable to effectively eliminate all toxins, and as a result, they accumulate fat.

If we are to believe the information provided by the manufacturer, 3 Pure Renewal Cleanse pills a day are enough to offer you:

  • High energy levels ;
  • Improved digestive system function;
  • A cleansed colon;
  • Blood purification;
  • An enormous transformation, both physical and psychological;
  • A slim, toned and attractive body.

The makers of Pure Renewal Cleanse

The makers of Pure Renewal Cleanse are none other than the company behind Biocore Trim pills, which we’ve already reviewed, HERE.

The company, which offers these two products together as a slimming synergy, falls far short of our expectations in terms of seriousness and reliability.

The pages dedicated to the promotion and sale of Pure Renewal Cleanse are nothing more than reseller pages, translated into more than approximate language, probably by an automatic translator.

The same applies to Biocore Trim.

No information about the company, even a name and address, is available.

For a reliable company with nothing to hide, that’s rather lacking in transparency, don’t you think?

Pure Renewal Cleanse ingredients

The list of ingredients in Pure Renewal Cleanse detox and slimming pills is very long!

Here’s a summary of the different ingredients in Pure Renewal Cleanse.

1. Fennel :

A plant with a laxative effect that aids digestion. Fennel is also known to scientists for its benefits on bone health (reduces bone resorption), hypertension (lowers systolic blood pressure) and colon cancer (fennel reduces the risk of this cancer thanks in part to its antioxidant properties).

Very rich in provitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin B9; high in potassium, iron and sodium; fennel is recommended for difficult digestion, stomach upset and aerophagia.

It also helps eliminate intestinal gas.

2. Cascara bark:

A powerful stimulant laxative used in cases of temporary constipation, it also facilitates intestinal transit.

In high doses, cascara has a purgative effect.

Health authorities such as WHO (World Health Organization), EMA (European Medicines Agency), Commission E (German Ministry of Health) and ESCOP (European Scientific Cooperation on Phytotherapy) all recognize the use of cascara bark as a punctual treatment for occasional constipation.

3. Ginger:

Very rich in antioxidants, it also stimulates digestion and combats inflammation of the digestive tract.

Ginger aids digestion and relieves colds, nausea, vomiting and headaches.

Recent studies have shown that ginger reduces inflammation of the colon, relieves motion sickness and eases morning sickness in pregnant women.

Traditional medicines used it to treat arthritis.

Recommended daily amounts of ginger are: maximum 1g for pregnant women and maximum 4g for adults.

4. Licorice root:

In addition to its laxative and digestive properties, it may contribute to weight loss.

Licorice root treats digestive disorders, stomach ulcers, chronic gastritis and adrenal insufficiency.

The medicinal properties of licorice root are numerous: brancho-pulmonary system (traditional remedy for coughs), digestive system (traditional remedy for gastralgia, dyspepsia and peptic ulcer), anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, cholesterol and lipid metabolism…

5. Rhubarb :

Helps maintain blood lipid balance thanks to its high fiber content.

Several studies have shown that regular consumption of rhubarb helps lower total and bad cholesterol.

This plant is also used as a laxative to treat stubborn constipation.

Rhubarb is used in traditional medicine, in association with other plants, to promote weight loss and reduce the effects of type 2 diabetes.

6. Acidophilus :

This is a probiotic bacterium.

Probiotics reduce the body’s production of insulin, which in turn reduces fat accumulation.

Research into this type of bacteria shows that it improves and regenerates the intestinal flora, prevents intestinal infections and disorders, slightly improves the immune system, improves irritable bowel syndrome, acts on cholesterol, reduces internal gas, eliminates toxins naturally, prevents food allergies and helps with weight loss.

7. Bentonite Clay:

This clay of volcanic and hydrothermal origin is highly effective at loosening matter trapped on intestinal walls. It provides a powerful, natural cleansing of toxins.

Clay is anti-inflammatory, healing, antiseptic and disinfiltrating. It is notably used to treat functional gastrointestinal disorders.

8. Aloe Vera :

This plant has many benefits: accelerates healing of burns, treats ulcerative colitis, treats skin lesions and inflammation, reduces glucose levels in diabetics, treats occasional constipation, and treats psoriasis.

Aloe latex is a stimulant laxative reserved for acute constipation. Its gel relieves bloating and aids digestion.

9. Cayenne pepper:

Increases thermogenesis and lipolysis. Stimulates digestion, gastrointestinal secretions and peripheral circulation.

With regard to overweight and obesity, recent studies have demonstrated the effect of cayenne pepper, and more specifically capsaicin, on the sensation of satiety.

10. Senna:

Another plant with stimulating laxative powers, similar to rhubarb and aloe vera, used to treat occasional constipation in adults.

It accelerates intestinal transit and increases intestinal peristalsis.

This plant should not be used for prolonged periods.

11. Oat bran:

Renowned for its slimming, anti-cholesterol and anti-diabetes properties, oat bran is rich in soluble fiber.

It lowers blood cholesterol and improves glucose metabolism.

The fibers contained in oat bran are not dissolved in the digestive tract, and pass through it unabsorbed, to be eliminated by natural means, taking with them the food with which they were mixed. The result is fewer calories, less fat and less sugar.

12. Prune juice :

Another laxative! Prune juice is known not only for its laxative effect, but also for its slimming properties, as it helps prevent cravings.

It also stimulates the brain, fights hypertension and acts as an anti-aging agent.

The fibers contained in prunes are non-digestible, so they speed up the feeling of satiety.

13. Flaxseed oil:

An excellent source of omega 3, flaxseed oil lowers cholesterol, boosts the immune system and reduces inflammation.

This oil is also used to treat chronic constipation, hypertension, hemorrhoids, biliary and diverticular disorders, and protects against heart disease.

14. Goldenseal:

This plant has anti-inflammatory and anti-infectious properties.

It combats various infections of the digestive tract, such as indigestion and heartburn.

15. Nerpurn root:

This is a powerful depurative, promoting the excretion of waste and having mild laxative effects.

This plant has a drastic purgative action.

16. Citrus pectin:

This is the name given to the sugar contained in citrus fruits.

Citrus pectin regulates glycemia and cholesterol, and (in a form modified by certain laboratories) promotes the elimination of heavy metals.

17. Aloe Ferox:

Also known as Cape aloe or red aloe, it contains latex with laxative properties, as well as a gel with soothing and healing properties, used in cosmetics.

Scientific studies on Pure Renewal Cleanse pills

No references to clinical studies validating the efficacy of Pure Renewal Cleanse slimming pills can be found on the various retailer pages.

However, studies have been carried out on Pure Renewal Cleanse’s two main ingredients, fennel and cascara bark.

Several studies have been carried out on the properties of fennel. These have demonstrated fennel’s effectiveness in soothing colitis. In combination with other plants, fennel also helps reduce gas and indigestion, as well as intestinal problems.

Fennel is commonly used for the following conditions: colic (abdominal cavity disorder), indigestion, heartburn, low stomach acid levels, irritable bowel syndrome.

(Source: Health System University of Michigan).

Another study examined the hepatotoxicity of cascara and its effect on portal hypertension.

Cascara sagrada is said to be toxic to the liver.

This study demonstrates that cascara sagrada may be closely linked to the development of cholestatic hepatitis and portal hypertension.

(Source: The American Journal of Gastroenterology (2000) 95, 3634-3637; doi :10.1111/j.1572-0241.2000.03386.x. Division of Gastroenterology, Texas Tech University Health Science Center, Lubbock, Texas, USA. Loyola University, Chicago, Illinois, USA. Abdul Nadir MD, Dorothy Reddy, DAvid H Van Thiel MD, FACG).

Side effects of Pure Renewal Cleanse

Of course, the retailer pages do not mention any side effects of Pure Renewal Cleanse.

However, our research has revealed that some of the ingredients in Pure Renewal Cleanse are far from harmless.

Fennel may be the cause of oral allergy syndrome.

For allergy sufferers, eating fennel can cause itching and burning of the mouth, lips and throat.

Cascara bark should not be taken for more than a week, as there is a risk of dependency.

Studies have also shown that this plant is toxic to the liver.

Cascara is contraindicated in cases of intestinal blockage, inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers and Crohn’s disease.

Goldenseal, on the other hand, is a powerful anti-infective whose use should be limited to two weeks.

Ginger may interact with other medications.

If you are undergoing medical treatment, ask your doctor for advice.

It is also a powerful anticoagulant, and should be avoided by people with bleeding disorders or using blood-thinning drugs.

Rhubarb is not recommended for people at risk of oxalocalcic lithiasis.

Rhubarb should be used with caution, and the course of treatment should never exceed two weeks.

It is also not recommended for people suffering from intestinal inflammation and/or obstruction and digestive disorders. A small dose of rhubarb can paradoxically lead to constipation.

Other side-effects associated with taking excessive quantities of laxatives can also occur: dehydration, transit disorders, deficiencies, etc.

Pure Renewal Cleanse user testimonials

There are very few truly reliable and independent testimonials for Pure Renewal Cleanse.

We almost invariably come across reseller pages, whose testimonials cannot be considered independent.

Those who have actually tested Pure Renewal Cleanse have suffered several side-effects, such as severe diarrhoea and stomach aches, without seeing their weight loss take off a single gram.

We have noticed that the general trend in testimonials expressed by Internet users and consumers is rather negative.

Pure Renewal Cleanse price and guarantee

Pure Renewal Cleanse plays on a practice now recognized as a scam: the free trial offer.

The product is offered for just €5.91, which covers shipping costs.

What the consumer doesn’t see directly, as the information is written very small on the order page, is that by signing up for this free trial offer, you are in fact signing up for a subscription.

What does this mean in practice?

  • 14 days after you place your order, you’ll automatically be debited the sum of 99.96€, the price of the Pure Renewal Cleanse bottle.

    So, in reality, the trial is not free at all, contrary to what you might think.

  • Then, starting 45 days after the date of your order, and every 30 days thereafter, you’ll be charged €94.96 for a new bottle of Pure Renewal Cleanse, plus €9.96 for delivery.

    This means that every month, the product will cost you €104.92.

We’ve already mentioned this practice in our previous articles.

If, despite everything, you’ve signed up for a subscription without knowing it, follow our advice, detailed in this this article, to try and stop the charges and get your money back as quickly as possible.

Our opinion on Pure Renewal Cleanse

As with its sister product Biocore trim, we can only warn our readers against Pure Renewal Cleanse, but also against the company that markets it.

Not only do these pills not appear to be effective, but your wallet will also undergo a drastic diet.

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  • marie-claire sabourin

    Hello, very effective treatment but now I would like to stop and I still continue to receive it so how can I do without paying extra? Thank you in advance for your reply.

    • Cédric

      Marie-claire, bonjour.

      Thank you for your message. You should check this with the seller from whom you made your first purchase.

      Bon courage.

  • Cron Micheline

    I’ve been receiving your products for several months now even though I refused them. You’re charging me €104.98 for one and €104.92 for the other. This scam has gone on long enough. I’m sending you the products back but I’ve noticed that you’re continuing to send them even though I refused them.

    • Corinne K.

      Hello Micheline,
      Sorry to hear about your misfortune! We don’t sell products and you must have confused us with another site. By the way, if you read above, we reject the product you purchased.

      If you’re looking for a refund, you’ll find a file on the site to guide you.

      Thank you in any case for your testimonial!

  • Caro

    Hello a real scam I just called them today after 5 calls I managed to get someone? I asked him to stop my order and he said yes but supposedly an invoice had not been paid he told me he could give me a 30% discount I said I would not pay anything so he told me 40% discount then I let go I insisted and he told me 50% discount on the unpaid invoice … I said I would not pay anything more and he told me OK that’s it I stopped everything and that’s it goodbye good day
    I’ve just looked and I’ve paid the bill!

  • andalyne04

    bjr tout ce qui est dit sur la façon de proceder de ce revendeur est ext,,la seule solution est d’Annuler sa CB +de prélévement, mais une parenthese a faire si vous vous bagarrer bien, il rembourse illico presto la modique somme de 50 euros et 49 euros 90 leurs tel +131086222942 bon courage a tous, ont devrait banir tt ACHATS SUR INTERNET!!ons revenir a nos valeurs et a nos commercants

    • Corinne Kepler

      Thank you for your testimonial and your help for other consumers.

  • Selmi dalila

    Hello I don’t receive my pills anymore why I want to continue my treatment thank you

    • Arnaud Dubos

      Hello Dalila,
      We are not the manufacturer of pure renewal cleanse. Please contact the manufacturer who sold you this product.

      As a reminder, we don’t sell any products on our site and we don’t own any products.

      And one last point to know, we do not recommend this product to our readers.

  • Champagne

    Stop sending me your product every 15 days and debiting my account for 104 euros and more, 49 and39 euros, I do not use your product thank you? My bank knows about this opposition
    Mme ********* véronique
    13 *** du *********
    (*** fields have been removed by the administrator to respect your privacy).

    • Carl

      Mrs Champagne,
      Please contact the manufacturer or the website where you placed your order.

      We warned you against using this product in our test.

      Please read the terms and conditions on their site and contact your banker to oppose your credit card and put an end to these direct debits.


    Please don’t send me any more pure renewal cleanse gellules. I don’t WANT any more.

    My address is :
    morel francine
    5 mail jean baptiste Poquelin
    95220 HERBLAY

    • Carl

      Hello Morel,
      You are certainly mistaken. We do not sell any products on our site and we invite you to contact the manufacturer or the site where you ordered.

      We do not recommend this product to our readers and have warned them about this scam.

      What you need to know is that the law guarantees you a 14-day right of withdrawal during which you can return the goods you’ve ordered to their manufacturer. Once this period has elapsed, the only option left to you to stop these direct debits is to cancel your bank card with your banker and order a new one.

      For future online purchases, we advise you to carefully read the terms and conditions of the site you are ordering from. Some merchants include clauses in the small print announcing a monthly subscription.

  • Agnès da costa

    How can I order the right product and at what price?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Carl

      Hello Agnès,
      We do not recommend this product to our readers. We’re sorry we can’t be of more help.

  • elisabeth blot

    hearing the real facts about this product gives me a good feeling of assurance

    • Corinne Kepler

      Hello Elisabeth,
      What exactly do you mean?

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