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Biocore Trim

Biocore Trim for healthy bowel movements

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Today we’re taking a look at BIOCORE TRIM, a slimming pill that should help us say goodbye to those extra kilos and detoxify our bodies.

Detoxification cures, or “Detox” for short, seem to be a practice increasingly recommended by weight loss specialists. It seems that a body better prepared for a change in weight is more likely to achieve its slimming objectives.

Biocore Trim is a dietary supplement often presented as a multi-action product, with an emphasis on its Detox effect.
Our survey will tell you whether or not you can rely on this product to combat your unsightly curves.

Presentation and promises of Biocore Trim


First of all, we’d like to point out that there isn’t really an official Biocore Trim website. Instead, there are a multitude of reseller sites and pages.
We’ve reviewed several of these pages, and we’ve noticed that each of them has benefited from a translation that frankly leaves much to be desired, and which gives an image of lack of seriousness from the first approach.
Here are a few gems to help you form your own opinion:

“The market is full of weight loss supplements that don’t really live up to claims.”“A good weight loss supplement can help you achieve the right conditions…”“Coupled with exercise, this is a projectile safe way to lose weight”

Even so, let’s continue our investigation and review the promises made by Biocore Trim:

  • Melts away excess weight;
  • Helps control weight ;
  • Metabolism-boosting action;
  • Detoxifies the body.

Biocore Trim is presented as a pill to be combined with another product, Pure Renewal Cleanse, which aims to cleanse and detoxify the colon.
However, the two products are still sold separately.

The manufacturer of Biocore Trim

The various pages we consulted gave us no information about the company behind Biocore Trim.

The “About” section is written in very rough English, and gives no precise information on the manufacturer or retailer.
We found no email address, no name, no postal address.
For us, this lack of clarity is a lack of reliability and seriousness, and prompts us to be even more vigilant about this product.
After all, a manufacturer who has nothing to reproach himself for, and whose product is beyond reproach, has no reason to conceal his name and address, does he?

Ingredients in Biocore Trim pills

According to the information we’ve gathered, Biocore Trim is based on 2 leading ingredients in slimming products: raspberry ketone and green coffee.

1. Raspberry ketone:

Raspberry ketone is renowned for its effectiveness in slimming diets.
We have devoted an in-depth article to it, which can be consulted HERE, but we’d like to summarize its main benefits for you.
Raspberry ketone increases levels of adrenalin and adiponectin in the body, 2 hormones which play an important role in fat burning, but also in fat accumulation in tissues.
Raspberry ketone also has the ability to stimulate lipid breakdown via an enzymatic action known as lipase.

2. Green Coffee:

It’s the chlorogenic acid and caffeine present in this ingredient that act on weight loss.
Chlorogenic acid helps reduce the amount of sugars and fats absorbed by the body, while caffeine increases thermogenesis, boosts metabolism and reduces feelings of hunger.

It should be noted that no precise dosage of these ingredients is given. We therefore have no idea how much of each ingredient is present in Biocore Trim capsules.
The product’s efficacy cannot therefore be assessed on this criterion.

Scientific studies on Biocore Trim

No clinical studies have been carried out on the Biocore Trim slimming pill. Only the ingredients were studied.

Results obtained with raspberry ketone have shown that this ingredient can indeed reduce fat accumulation. However, the results still need to be fleshed out and reproduced, particularly on humans, to give raspberry ketone a truly secure place on the list of effective weight-loss ingredients.
One example is a study entitled “Raspberry ketone, a phenolic component of natural origin, inhibits adipogenic and lipogenic gene expression in 3T3-L1 adipocytes”.
This study investigated the anti-obesity actions of raspberry ketone and its effect on modifying lipid metabolism in vivo and in humans.
This study concluded the efficacy of raspberry ketone contained in natural herbal medicines.
(Source: NCBI. Department of Biomedical Science, College of Science and Engineering, Cheongju University, Chungbuk, Korea. Park KS. Pharm Biol. 2015 Jun;53(6):870-5. doi: 10.3109/13880209.2014.946059. Epub 2014 Nov 28).

Green coffee has also been studied, with rather encouraging results.
One study compared 13 coffee varieties to assess the antioxidant effect of green coffee versus roasted coffee.
It turned out that the antioxidant effect of coffee depended on its polyphenol content.
(Source: NCBI. Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology, University of Thessaly, Larissa 41221, Greece. Priftis A., Stagos D., Konstantinopoulos K., Tsitsimpikou C., Spandidos DA., Tsatsakis AM., Tzatzarakis MN., Kouretas D. Mol Med Rep. 2015 Nov; 12(5):7293-302. doi: 10.3892/mmr.2015.4377. Epub 2015 Sep 28).

Side effects and contraindications of Biocore Trim

The information gathered does not mention any side effects or contraindications for Biocore Trim.
Indeed, both raspberry ketone and green coffee appear to be safe ingredients.

However, let’s not forget that we don’t know the precise doses contained in Biocore Trim pills. It is therefore impossible to guarantee that this product is totally harmless.

As a precautionary measure, we advise pregnant or breast-feeding women against taking this slimming pill.
The same warning applies to people undergoing medical treatment, and of course to children and minors.

Biocore Trim user testimonials

Unfortunately, all Biocore Trim testimonials and reviews found on the web are clearly reviews written by retailers. We cannot therefore consider these reviews to be reliable.

However, we were able to find several testimonials confirming the abusive sampling system. Here’s one example:

“I’ve just received the biocore trim etpore renewal cleanse bottles. I ordered them on December 14. I have a 14-day trial from December 14. Except that I received the bottles on December 21. After that, he charged me 99.99euros for each trial bottle.”

Biocore Trim price and guarantee

Biocore Trim is offered as a free trial.
We have repeatedly warned our readers against this kind of practice.

At first glance, the product costs 0€, and you only pay 5.94€ for shipping and handling.
What most people don’t see, but which is mentioned in small print on the site, is that the first order is actually a subscription. This subscription will automatically charge you €99.99 after 14 days, then automatically send you a bottle of Biocore Trim every month for the modest sum of €94.99 + €9.99 delivery charge, and this will continue until you do something to stop it.

A money-back guarantee is offered.
We couldn’t find Biocore Trim’s terms and conditions anywhere, so it’s impossible to determine the conditions of this guarantee, or the returns procedure.

Our opinion on Biocore Trim

If we summarize the negative points, we have: an unknown manufacturer, an undisclosed ingredient dosage, no official website, a free trial offer leading to abusive sampling.
With all this information, we can only advise against this pill, and invite our readers to turn to more reliable products.

If, despite all this, you have subscribed to Biocore Trim and are a victim of repeated, non-consensual direct debits from your bank account, our article dedicated to free trial scams will help you get out of this trap.

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  • Paul

    How can I stop receiving BIOCORE TRIM?

    I can’t take it anymore, and it’s a “pure scam”.
    If anyone has an email address, I’d love to hear from you, thank you all.

  • Anonymous


  • Coindet

    Dear Sir
    I request that you stop sending biocore trime and anaca3 as they do not work.
    I request a refund for these two worthless products.
    “Editor’s note: We have removed your address from this comment. For your safety, please never expose your contact details on a forum or comment.”
    Counting on your kindness
    Miss Coindet v

    • Cédric

      You are mistaken about the site, Madame. We do not sell products.

      Kind regards,

  • hindy

    it’s a scam. Even when you ask them to stop they continue to send you products and charge you. The products don’t work.

  • FERREIRA Lucie

    I have just received 4 products in quick succession for a value of 2 x 105 euros even though I sent you a letter on June 6th asking you to stop sending them.

    It’s unacceptable the way you’re proceeding. I’m asking my bank to stop all your direct debits immediately and requesting immediate reimbursement.

    I am outraged.

    • Corinne K.

      Hi Lucie,
      You’re another victim of the free trial scam. Please take a moment! Take 2 minutes of your time to read the test below and the comments from our readers. You’ll understand that we denounce this practice on our pages, that we don’t sell products, and that we don’t recommend the one you bought.

  • Nahal christiane

    Hello Nissan Nini
    I love these products and I tried them for a month and I gained a kilo so I know that the products don’t work the same way on everyone but I wouldn’t recommend them to you.

  • Nahal christiane

    I was taken in by this free trial ad and three months in a row I was charged 104 euros.
    I’ve been looking for a way to stop this, but it’s impossible: no email address, a phone number that doesn’t work and that ruins you.
    So I had my bank card changed. It was the only solution.

    • Corinne K.

      Thank you Christiane for your testimonial! I advise all the victims of the free trial to follow her advice: “So I had my bank card changed, it’s the only solution”.

  • Name*

    How is the refund

  • Nissou Nini

    I would like to know if these two products “Biocore Trim & Pure Renewal Cleanse” are reliable? Has anyone tried them? I’ve had them for a while and I’m hesitant to take them 🙁
    Thank you for enlightening me on the benefits or harms of these two products!

    Best regards,
    Nissou Nini

  • valerie

    I can’t get my money back
    and will have to block my bank card for bio core trim!!!!



  • saluk irene

    just coming back to you following my comment just now!!!!

    pure renewal and bio core, has reimbursed me both sums at full price
    i.e. 99 euros and marbles twice…

    volà I wanted to highlight andalyne 04

  • Hammouis mounia

    Yes I saw the other comments how can I return this product and get my money back

  • Hammouis mounia

    I did not recommend this product and I receive it every month please stop sending it to me because I never use it and I do not want to use it thank you

    • Carl

      We have not sent you anything. I have already answered your message and I advise you to contact the site where you ordered your product. For your information, we do not recommend this product to our readers.

      Please check their terms and conditions to get an idea of their return policy.

  • Hammouis mounia

    Hello I receive bottles of this product that I did not order how can I do to return it thank you

    • Carl

      Hello Mounia,
      I invite you to take inspiration from the experiences shared on our site by readers who have had the same problem by reading the comments.

  • Valerie Remili

    I would like the return address for the biocore trim bottle and the return number as I did not place the order.

    • Carl

      Hi Valérie,
      You should contact the website that sells this product.

      On our site, we do not recommend the use of this product.

  • Aline

    Biocor trim gratuit OK.on pay environ 5 euros les frais de port mais le retour on le paye 15 euros pour le royaume uni. And it doesn’t work. No kg lost. And if you’re not careful, you’ll be debited 99 euros because when you order the free bottle, you commit to buying later. Which is not specified in advance. A great scam

    • anais

      bonjour je suis tout a fait d’accord avec vous cela n’est pas signaler que l’on nous enève 99.99€
      c’est comme sy on payer le flocon alors que le flacon est a 5.95 les rais d’envoyer

  • Mr ANDRE Stéphane

    Hello, I receive products without having ordered them. Thank you for keeping me informed.

  • cadine

    Order placed on 19/04/2016 today 30/04/2016 nothing received!

    The customer service contacted by mail tells me to approach my postal service but it does not give me any parcel number for tracking! What’s more, they tell me I’ll be charged for the process! 99 euros/every month. I’ve blocked my credit card, can they sue me?

    • cadine

      I have no parcel number and no parcel, so I can’t send the goods back! The withdrawal period will be over on Monday, and all I have to show for opposition are the emails exchanged with customer service.

      • Arnaud Dubos

        Hi Cadine,
        I think you should consult their CGV (conditions générales de vente) on their official website to get a clear idea of their returns procedure.

    • Arnaud Dubos

      Hi cadine,
      As far as I know, no user has ever reported being sued after stopping their bank card.

    • cadine

      Their cgv stipulate to send back the products to stop the contrzt but if I have not received anything how can I do, what proof do I have to say that I have not received anything?

      • Arnaud Dubos

        If you haven’t received anything, you have nothing to worry about because you haven’t signed anything and there’s no proof that you’ve received the product.

    • saluk irene

      to answer this LADY, I had exactly the same course!! of force of bombardment of mail

      telling them how nice it was to talk to customer service that the line was not accessible!

      so i gave them my phone and asked them to call me!!! i got a call with an african accent on the other end!!!

      promising to reship my two products and 50% refund!
      i’ll give you their number +13108622942
      i can assure you i’m a person who has nothing to do with this company pure renewal and bio core
      the next day I received products that I will not use because I read all the forums afterwards
      today I had my bank online, shipping costs debited, the sums twice 50 euros debited
      the promise made by this Mr. was indeed correct the sums put back on the account
      and my bank destroyed my CB, FOR SECURITY I WAIT FOR THE NEWS AND OPPOSITION WITHOUT CHARGE! MERCI MA BANQUE…Donc ne lacher rien…, bombarder les d’email…andalyne du 04


    Hello. I’m MR R. Michel, it’s been 3 times that you’ve taken the monstrous sum of + or – 104 euros from me… Please put an end to it… I’ve never ordered these products, please send me an answer and a return address as soon as possible and I’ll expect the refunds for all the products, and above all stop this scam as soon as possible. Please confirm by phone (deleted by admin) or e-mail.

    Waiting for a quick answer?

    MR R. Michel.

    • Carl

      Hello Michel,
      Please read the previous comments. Please take the time to consult the shared experiences published by people who have preceded you in this misadventure.

      And for the umpteenth time, we remind you that we are NOT a merchant site, we DO NOT sell ANY PRODUCTS on our site. Our job is to provide you and all our readers with objective information to help you avoid scams and make the right choice.

      In our article we warn our readers against this kind of immoral practice.

  • audrey

    I have received the bottles and so far I have only been debited for the shipping costs. Following your advice, I immediately cancelled my CV. I still have 6 days to go before the end of my withdrawal period and I’d like to know if I can legally just send a letter to stop my subscription by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt without an RMA number?

    Or what can happen to me if I do nothing because they can’t make direct debits?

    Because I think it’s unfair to send back a free product for which you’ve paid postage and then have to pay for an international registered parcel at your own expense to send it back.

    Thank you

    • Carl

      Hi Audrey,
      If you have charged your card, they can’t charge you anything.

      For the return, it’s best to send the product back with acknowledgement of receipt.

      Normally, you should have an RMA number.

      This is certainly abused, but it is also stipulated in their conditions of sale and return. This is the mistake most people make, not taking the time to read these conditions of sale.


    Hello, I was cut off during a telephone conversation when I was given the return address for the product and it was impossible to get them on the phone.

  • simeon evelyne

    I was fooled by this BIOCORE TRIM product. I returned it several times, but it was sent to me again. What can I do to stop the withdrawals?

    • Arnaud Dubos

      You should oppose your credit card with your bank.

  • raharijaona


    I have just received the trial bottle and carefully read the conditions written on the only paper in the package.

    No return address or answering number. I would like to return the product that I have not used before the 14-day expiry date.

    I am asked for an RMA number, which I can obtain by telephone, but there is no answer!

    How and where can I return it without a forwarding address?

    I don’t want in any case to follow this purchase and I want to retract.

    Please tell me how to proceed.


    • Arnaud Dubos

      Hi Jaonah,
      The return procedure, as you say, requires an RMA number. If you can’t get this number, I don’t think there’s any way to return this product. It may be a dishonest maneuver to force you to keep it.

      However, if the withdrawal period has expired, you will be debited monthly and will receive new products.

      If you are still unable to return the product and cancel your order, I advise you to oppose your credit card with your banker.

  • geraldine

    I just ordered and read your comments after!

    Can I stop my card immediately before they take the free trial (shipping costs only)?

    • Carl

      Hello Geraldine,
      The law guarantees you a 14-day right of withdrawal. Once this period has elapsed, the manufacturer of this product will begin monthly debits.

      This is a hidden clause that you didn’t notice when you placed your order, which attests to your consent to these future debits.

      As this period has not yet expired, you have the right to cancel your order without fear of being debited later.

      But to be 100% sure, I suggest you carefully read the returns policy and the GCS (general terms and conditions of sale) on the site you ordered from, and follow the procedure described on the same site.

  • moreira maria

    bonjours ayant fait une commande chez vous j’ai commencé le traitement et il s’avere que je suis alergique je voudrais savoir comment faire pour me plus recevoir le produit j’ai des photos pour prouver l’arlergie merci

    • Carl

      Hello Maria,
      Firstly, we do not sell any products on our site.

      Secondly, we do not recommend this product to our readers.

  • amador melinda

    bonjour j’arrete votre produit donc arret sur paiement carte bloquer
    mme amador melinda 3 place jean dutourd
    49430 montigne les rairies

  • Loulou

    It’s a big scam, it continues to debit, no possibility to return the package. Beware, that’s all I have to say.

  • papillon

    Bonjour à toutes et à tous , je vois que vous avez bien tombé dans le piège, ce n’est pas de l’arnaque mais tout simplement il faut lire les termes et les conditions, ‘est écrit en petit qu’il prélève ces 99 €

    Terms and conditions: Your package contains one bottle of BioCore Trim™! If you wish to continue using BioCore Trim™ 14 days after your order date, you don’t have to do anything and we’ll proceed to bill your bank account for a bottle at just €99.99. If for any reason you are not satisfied, and the order date is less than 14 days old, simply call (mobile/internet) 0800-73-4470 (Monday to Friday 9am-6pm, Saturday 10am-2pm, CET) and ask for a return authorization number, as well as instructions on how to return the product to us. We know you’ll love this amazing product, and will want to continue using BioCore Trim™. And as a member of the BioCore Lifestyle Trim™ program, we offer you the comfort and assurance of never running out of BioCore Trim™ and continuing to enjoy its health benefits. You will receive a new supply every 30 days, starting 45 days from the date of your initial order. Each bottle will be automatically charged to your credit card at the reduced price of €94.99 (plus €9.99 shipping) every 30 days. Don’t forget that you can change your order at any time, or if you’re not completely satisfied, call us to cancel.”


      You’ve just charged me even though I sent the product back with acknowledgement of receipt and now you’re asking me for the return number even though my order dates back to January and I thought it was a done deal!!!!!!! every time I call I’m told I’ll be called back and of course I’m never called back!!!!

      I’m going to file a complaint for fraud and if anyone wants to join me don’t hesitate!!!!!!

      • Carl

        Hello Catherine,
        Are you sure you’re on our site

        If so, I’d be interested to know how you did it, since as far as I know we don’t sell any products on our site.

        I suggest you check the address of the site where you placed your order.

  • Mélanie

    It’s only a big anarchist of real jerks.

  • Nounou

    Big scam I’ve had two direct debits in one go for 99 e no luck rejecting the first time I’m happy for it I immediately cancelled my card and on top of that I’m keeping the pills I’m not sending it back in the c… Bande d’anarqueur de merde.

    • audrey

      Did you have any problems since you didn’t send the products back?

  • Labruyere

    Bjr so to date no certainty that in the containers there is the right content?

  • Nissou Nini

    Hello everyone,
    As I have seen, I am not the only one in the same situation! 🙁
    If I’ve understood correctly, the next step is to call the number to cancel all monthly deliveries and have them give us a RAM number, but is it true that the RAM number is the order number?

    and another question: do the test vials have to be intact when returned?

    thank you in advance,

  • Pascale DEPERO

    I put a note on your site on Friday to say that I too have been ripped off.

    I cancelled the order by phone, received the RAMs and then sent the parcel back, and this morning, following their request, I called the number back to give the tracking number.

    Well, you have to remain Zen because the caller isn’t very fast and always wants to check everything, and of course the number is 08 (0800-90-9818).

    But it’s done.

    Here’s the address to return to: CUSTOMER RETURNS PO BOX 455 – RUISLIP – HA 4 – 6 HH – UK

    • Corinne Kepler

      Thank you for your testimonial and the information, which I’m sure will help other readers!

    • Bugaud caroline

      Hello, I am like many I have just been scammed so I phoned and was given the RMA number but for the address it was incomprehensible, the person spoke French as well as a Spanish cow or rather Moroccan, thank you very much Pascale for giving the address written in good form to return the product.

    • guiguine92

      Like you I returned the unopened battery box 15 days ago to the address they gave me and the product came back in my mailbox today because this address obviously doesn’t exist!

  • Mme CHAMAILLARD Stéphanie

    Me too early March I ordered a bottle of bicoretrim and a bottle of mure renewalcleanse for 5 € 94 and 14 days after March 17, 2016 I had 2 direct debits of 99 € 99 I’m disgusted so I’m going Monday complaint to the gendarmerie for abusive debits and today I just stopped my account I do not know what to do to get reimbursed are 200 €.

    • Corinne Kepler

      Hello Stéphanie,
      You’ll have to contact the manufacturer to try and get a refund of the €200. Good luck!

  • Kikaà

    Hello I placed my order on 9/03/16 I just received my package today 17/03/16 I thought this trial period was free … I myself took the two products BIOCORE TRIM and PURE RENEWAL CLEANSE I have not yet opened. What should I do because I don’t want to test these products if they take so much money from me! Please help me!

    • Corinne Kepler

      It looks like you’ve been the victim of a scam. Our advice is to stop your credit card as soon as possible with your bank. To answer your other comment, the RMA is a number that the manufacturer must give you to return your products. You need to contact them by phone to obtain this number.

    • mariepierre

      Good evening, for your information the RMA number is the order number, to be returned to GREAT BRITAIN. Call 0800? on the document to inform them (free number I checked).

  • CHAZELLE Yvette

    Yes, another one of many.

    I was also fooled, so I filed a complaint for misconduct at the gendarmerie and stopped my credit card. And as luck would have it, I’ve just received the products I ordered on 28/02/16 today. I’ve just phoned them to get the famous RMA number and address, which they sent me by e-mail. I’m sending them the products back tomorrow and I hope to be reimbursed as they told me?????

    • Corinne Kepler

      Thank you for your comment which will surely help other readers

  • emmy

    I’ve just been taken for a ride, too? I received the pills and I came across your site just before opening them, so, as I’m not yet within the 14 days, I haven’t been charged anything.
    0800 90 9818 and asked for 2 RMA numbers, one for BIOCORE TRIM and the other for PURE RENEWAL CLEANSE. I have to send everything back today to the following address: Customer Care returns PO Box 13266 Galashiels TD1 9 AD – UK – The parcel must be sent by international recorded delivery and I have to call them back to give them the parcel tracking number. From then on, my account will be closed and no more direct debits will be made! But I’ve got to act fast! Well, if my testimony can help, at least I wouldn’t have been taken in for nothing!

    • Corinne Kepler

      Hello Emmy,
      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your story. Your experience will certainly help many readers! We hope you’ll find a reliable supplement that’s right for you!

    • Kikaà

      What is the RMA for?

      • Carl

        To return the product.

    • Francois

      Hello, would it be possible to get in touch for more information? I’ve been ripped off too.

      Merci de votre réponse

  • trinten

    I was tricked the same way as everyone else. The shipping costs were deducted, I received the test products but I had no document telling me to cancel the order. 15 days later, TRUEFITHELP debited €99.96 from my account. I received absolutely nothing following this debit. After a long search on the internet I managed to find a telephone number.

    I called them and told them that I was cancelling everything and that since I hadn’t received anything from them, I was requesting a refund of the direct debit. After a long conversation, the person told me that they had cancelled everything and that I would be reimbursed for the amount. A few days ago, I was again debited €99.99 but this time by another site called and obviously I still haven’t received anything. I’ve just cancelled my credit card and asked my bank to take charge of these debits.

    I’ve just called the scammer’s customer service again, their software is supposedly being updated. They took my phone number and are due to call me back in about 2 hours. I told them that if I didn’t get their call I was going to lodge a complaint with all their details.

    I’m waiting to see what action they’ll take?

    • Corinne Kepler

      Thank you for your testimonial. We hope it will help others make the right choices, and that your experience will be of use to as many people as possible. Thank you for sharing!

  • françoise

    Bonjour je viens de lire votre article dommage que je ne l’ai pas vu avant
    I’ve just been scammed by a company that sells biocore tim and I’m really angry at myself for having been taken in by this company, which I managed to contact by e-mail.
    offered me a 50% discount even though I had asked for an RMA number to return the product.
    Fortunately, I contacted my bank to stop all direct debits (they blocked my card for distance purchases), and I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

    I tried to find postal address but without success
    I looked for a website for this company, and they even automatically subscribed me to a magazine where they deduct 0.44E every 15 days.
    I received a reply each time I sent them an e-mail, but they didn’t reply to my request!!!!

    I hope that my testimony will help others to avoid falling into their traps.

    • françoise

      their email address since I got replies

    • Corinne Kepler

      Thank you very much Françoise for your testimonial! We’re sure it will be useful to other people and help them avoid this kind of setback!

  • Sylvie

    I’m in the same situation as all these people what is this scam?

    • Corinne Kepler

      Hello Sylvie,
      Unfortunately, there are a number of companies that take advantage of people’s desire to lose weight to make unscrupulous profits. We hope you’ll be able to get your money back and find a supplement that’s right for you.

  • Nevie13010

    Hello, I’ve just realized that I’ve been duped?

    I have just received the pills and called customer service explaining that I wanted to return the pills. They sent me a return number but did not give me the return address for the PURE RENEWAL CLEANSE and BIOCORE pills?

    Can someone please give me the return address?

    For those who have tried it, does it really work or not?

    Thank you

    • Corinne Kepler

      Hi Nevie,
      Sorry to hear that you have purchased Biocore Trim pills. The best way to get the return address is to contact customer service again, as you have already done. Good luck!

    • Lili

      Hi Nevie,
      I managed to get the address, here it is:
      455 RUISLIP
      I’ve sent everything back by registered post with acknowledgement of receipt for security reasons, good luck with the rest!

  • Sadir Amel

    Hello, I have just received these famous capsules. How can I make sure they don’t charge me 99.99E?

    Thank you for your quick reply.

    • Carl

      Hello Sadir,
      You could take inspiration from the experiences of consumers who have had the same problem as you, by reading the previous comments.

      You could also read other comments on the testimonials page.

      Thank you.

    • martine

      stop payment at your bank

  • nadege

    Good evening, like you I was tempted by Biocore trim and pure renewal cleanse. After receiving my order I read that they were going to charge me 99€ per bottle. I immediately blocked my card so that they wouldn’t charge me but the problem is that I’ll surely have problems with the Treasury? since they won’t be able to charge me I’ll have debts? what should I do please?

    • Carl

      Hello Nadege,
      I’ve just replied to your comment.

  • Danièle Gombi Bokino

    Hello, yesterday around 11pm I ordered two products: bicore trim and pure revewal cleanse, but to date I have not received any trace of any transaction by email? Could you please send me the purchase history? Sincerely Danièle

    • Carl

      Hi Danièle,
      Are you sure you buy your products from us? Because as far as I know, we don’t sell any products here.

  • Italolo

    I just received the two biocore trim and renewal boxes…. SCAM!!! I don’t remember that on the order they talk about debiting 99€! I went to my account and I hadn’t been debited yet (only for the trial) so I put in a stop payment and I think I’m going to call tomorrow to return the products. What’s more, on the confirmation email they talk about “personal fraud, voluntary or involuntary”, personally I think they’re the ones doing the fraud, because they’re trying to hide the information and mislead the customer. Any advice on how to proceed? Thanks in advance!

    • Carl

      Hello Italolo,
      Several of our readers have reported the same events.

      We invite you to read their comments on this page:
      You’ll see that some people have managed to get out of the scam.

  • oceane

    Good evening, like you I was tempted by Biocore trim and pure renewal cleanse. After receiving my order, I read that they were going to charge me 99€ per bottle. I immediately called the number indicated to tell them that I wanted to return the product. to try the product and that he would reduce the amount by 50% (so I have to pay 100€ instead of 200€ for the 2 bottles) I accepted and I told him to block the other months that I didn’t want any more. He told me who had blocked it that I just had to pay the 100€ and that was it, no more direct debits. Can he still debit me or can I trust him? And are the drugs really effective or dangerous for my health?

    • Carl

      Hello Oceane,
      We couldn’t find the terms and conditions for this product anywhere.

      Generally speaking, in our experience, the 14-day period corresponds to the withdrawal period, i.e. the legal period within which you can cancel your purchase. Once this period has elapsed, and if you do nothing to cancel your purchase (fill in their form or send them a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt), you will lose your right of withdrawal and will no longer be able to claim a refund.

      Don’t forget that all you’ve had so far are just words exchanged over the phone, nothing concrete and no proof at hand!

      Here’s a link on consumer law that you might find useful:
      To come back to the product itself, we can’t trust a product from such a manufacturer. In fact, that’s why we’re rejecting it.

    • oceane

      Hello, I’ve blocked my card so that they don’t charge me the 99.99 and 98.85, but the amount is going to increase day by day and maybe go to the Treasury? What should I do next?

      • Carl

        Hello Oceane,
        By law, you have a 14-day right of withdrawal. During this period, you must send the seller a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, asking them to cancel your order.

        After this period, you agree to the subscription.

        As far as the Treasury is concerned, I have no idea. I’ll try to research this and let you know if I find anything relevant.

    • Betty

      Hi, has anyone actually tested these 2 pills? Did you lose weight?

      Thank you in advance

    • Nissou Nini

      Hello Oceane! I’m in the same situation as you, and I’d like you to tell me what happened next! I blocked the other months, the lady told me that she had blocked it, that I just had to pay the 100 euros and that was it, no more direct debits. “Is this true? “I really need to know before my trial period ends! thank you very much?

  • valérie

    I was tempted by pure renewal cleanse and biocore trim. Indeed the fees were only for shipping. 15 days later, I was charged €99.99 and €99.96. Very surprised, I went back to the site, and indeed, it says that a deduction can be made, but the text is turned around in such a way that it’s difficult to know if the deduction is normal or if it was supposed to take place 45 days later.

    I called 0800-90-9818, a dedicated number for France from 9am to 6pm. None of the advisers spoke French. I spoke a little in English. The advisor guaranteed me that a French-speaking advisor would call me back. To date, I’ve heard nothing, despite my email.

    I have received replies to my e-mails, but they are unable to identify me, either by name, address or e-mail, and often reply in pitiful French or English (an automatic translator).

    As a result, not knowing how to return the products, if I’ll be reimbursed, if the direct debits will be stopped, I was obliged to block my card.

    The only valid information I got was that from the moment you accept the free offer, the sales text is automatically considered as signed and you accept the direct debits. You only have access to this text once the operation is completed. and you can’t go back.

    It’s a real scam.

    • Corinne Kepler

      Hi Valérie,
      Yes, you confirm what our investigation has uncovered, and what many consumers are reporting about these products. We hope you get your money back!

  • Stanger

    Bonjour je viens de lire votre article dommage que je ne l’ai pas vu avant
    I’ve just been scammed by a company that sells these products and I’m really angry at myself for being taken in but also at this company that I managed to contact on the phone.
    I had a very dishonest person and I voted that it was a real scam
    Fortunately, I contacted my bank to stop all direct debits.
    I tried to find postal address but without success
    I looked for a website for this company with the same result but without success.
    I hope that my testimony will help others to avoid falling into their traps.

    • Carl

      Hello Stranger and thank you for sharing your experience with our readers. I’m sure your testimonial will help more than one not to fall into the same trap.

      We rely heavily on reviews like yours to let everyone know about these kinds of scams and help them avoid them.


      yes but are they effective?

  • IB

    Like you, I was totally taken in by this type of process that I was not familiar with.

    It was the first time for me and it will of course be the last…

    I too came across a gentleman who didn’t speak French very well, but above all the communication was inaudible…(crackling).

    As a result, I’m not at all sure I wrote down the return address correctly and I can’t find it anywhere on their site…

    It’s BIOCORE TRIM AND PURE RENEWAL CLEANSE and my bank account was debited by the TrueFitHelp site…

    So there are 3 different contacts, but the different customer service numbers seem to land on the same line…

    I also don’t find it very reassuring to have to provide a parcel tracking number in order to activate the refund, as this means that your parcel has been picked up by the post office and therefore charged, but we have no guarantee of a refund…

    Is it really necessary to change my credit card?

    Thank you.

    • Carl

      Hello IB,
      We recommend that you cancel your bank card if you are the victim of repeated direct debits without your consent. It’s the best solution, and will save you time and money.

      Contact your bank without delay.

  • Aurelia

    To help you on Raspberry ketonne it is a scam also I ordered pay 50 euros because it sends it to you and you have to pay to the deliveryman 49€95?. I received the package that was not damaged naked opened and so I open it and open my bottle I have gray film on was opened and I had not even 30 tablets I tried to contact them I never succeeded and moreover it did not make me lose weight I only took the few tablets there were in the box and nothing so it’s theft

    • Carl

      Hello Aurelia,
      There are dozens of pills on the market with the name raspberry ketone. Can you please be more specific, and tell us exactly the name of the pills you are talking about as well as their manufacturer.

      Thank you.

    • Name*

      Hello I just read your messages I just bought the biocore trim they are not yet taken my I will do what is necessary for the opposition of. I hope I won’t have any problems afterwards?

      • Corinne Kepler

        We also hope you can keep your money! Indeed, this product is a scam, and we strongly advise you to choose another slimming supplement, from a reliable and recognized company!

  • lulu

    like many people, i’ve just been scammed by this company!!! the result on the phone is that it’s our fault, they can’t refund the full amount deducted, only 50%, no possibility of returning the product, only solution is to cancel my bank card and have another one made to be sure that the deductions won’t be made again!!! thieves! be very careful! dangerous site!!!

    • Carl

      Hello Lulu,
      Thank you for sharing your opinion with our community.

    • Stanger

      I got the same answer from a man who barely spoke French.
      I’m really disgusted to have been tricked like that
      It’s really disgusting to rip people off like that.

  • berné

    Mariloussian, what reason did you give to be able to cancel your order? I’m going to call tomorrow to do the same, but I’m afraid my reason will be “refused”.

    Merci a vous

  • Agnès

    I’m a victim of this scam right now I’m going to go quickly to my bank tomorrow to prohibit any direct debit on my account

    • Carl

      If you have paid by credit card, don’t forget to ask your banker to block it, it’s the only way to stop the haemorrhage of direct debits that will follow.

  • Mariloussian

    Like many people, I didn’t read the little line indicating the deduction of 99€ after 14 days 🙁
    I immediately called to cancel my order. A gentleman who doesn’t speak French very well told me I had to wait for my product to get a return number so I could send it back.

    So I just received the parcel, immediately called the “company” and after a 20-minute discussion, I managed to get a return number and a return address to the recipient in the UK! And it’s not over yet, as I still have to call them back to give my tracking number in order to get a refund.

    That said, having fallen into the trap, I blocked my card and ordered another one!!! what a pain!

    • Carl

      Hello Mariloussian,
      You were right to block your credit card quickly. At least that way you can be sure that you won’t have to endure any more repetitive direct debits without your consent.

      You could easily have avoided all this trouble simply by finding out more about the product and the manufacturer.

      Our Biocore Trim test was clear on this point.

      Thank you for sharing your experience and we hope it will serve to help others avoid falling into the same trap.

    • Agnès

      Could you provide me with the return address for the product?

      • Carl

        Where exactly did you buy it?

    • Bibi

      Bonjour pouvez vous me donner l’adresse moi aussi je les ai appelé et mon fait une offre de 50 pour-cent je vais rappeler lundi pour avoir le numéro RMA merci encore

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