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Trimplex Elite, what you need to know before you buy

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In the series of fat-burning and detox supplements, today we present TRIMPLEX ELITE. A new slimming pill with powerful effects.

At the bottom of this article, you’ll see that a long series of comments (over 250) have been posted about this product, which is causing quite a stir. Why so many reactions? What is the nature of these consumer feedbacks? We would like to remind you that our mission is to gather as much relevant information as possible about various slimming products, and to organize debate around their use. Internet users’ contributions are at the heart of these exchanges. Our survey reveals all about Trimplex Elite.

Presentation and promises of Trimplex Elite

First of all, we couldn’t find an official website. The web is flooded only with reseller sites or product review sites for Trimplex Elite.
On these sites, you can read a variety of very seductive advertisements for this slimming product. For example: this product is an ” extreme weight reduction equation “It’s a purge and fat burner that helps eliminate toxins and burn fat reserves.

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Let’s see what these promises are:

  • A new feeling of lightness ;
  • A purified body;
  • Burns fat very quickly;
  • Effective in a very short time;
  • Increases energy levels;
  • Reduces hunger thanks to the “Hunger Lock” method;
  • Stimulates metabolism;
  • No side effects.

We’d like to point out that Trimplex Elite is actually combined with another supplement, called Cleanse Booster. Given its name, we can imagine that this is in fact the purging product, and that Trimplex Elite is the fat burner of the combo.
The combination of these two products is strongly recommended by various sites, in order to achieve complete and lasting weight loss.

But back to our product of the day, Trimplex Elite.
We know nothing about the dosage recommended by the manufacturer, unfortunately this information is not available anywhere. Let’s bet it’s on the bottle, though.

The manufacturer of Trimplex Elite

In the course of our investigations, as you know, we look for precise, objective information on the laboratories behind the slimming products we test.
In the case of Trimplex Elite, this was no exception, and we noted several negative points right from the start.

1. The translation

No matter which retailer’s website we choose, we inexorably come across texts written in extremely poor, hard-to-understand language.

You can form your own opinion by browsing these sites. You’ll quickly realize that these are actually machine translations, done without proofreading or basic correction.
This shows a clear lack of seriousness.

2. The site’s visuals

We wanted to go a step further and clicked on “order”.
That click took us to a page we felt we’d seen before, and that intrigued us.
On further investigation, we realized that Trimplex Elite does indeed offer, at checkout, exactly the same web page as a product we’ve already tested, Wild Raspberry Ketone (test which you can read more about at HERE).
The same slim, smiling woman, the same sales arguments, the same photos, the same texts… So this allowed us to find out a little more about the manufacturer.

3. A very obscure manufacturer

By way of manufacturer or distributor, all we got was an address in Las Vegas and a P.O. box in Cyprus. No name, no information. No better transparency.

We made the same comparison for the associated product Cleanse Booster, and realized that the site dedicated to it is a perfect twin of the site dedicated to Daily Power Cleanse (another product which you can consult at HERE)…


The ingredients of Trimplex Elite

The information on the affiliate sites and on the order page does not coincide, adding to the confusion surrounding this slimming pill.

The affiliate sites mention 2 ingredients: forskolin and coleus.
Quite a typo when you consider that Coleus Forskolii is a single ingredient!
And what does it do for weight loss?

– Coleus Forskohlii :

This plant is said to activate lipolysis, stimulate metabolism and have a positive effect on the immune system.
Forskolin may also improve mood, blood pressure and circulation.
Find out more about this slimming ingredient in our full article, HERE.

Now, if we refer to the page where you can order Trimplex Elite, the ingredient is actually raspberry ketone (just like in Wild Raspberry Ketone, by the way).

– Raspberry Ketone:

This substance is increasingly used in weight-loss pills, as researchers have reportedly discovered its weight-loss benefits.
It is said to increase the production of adrenalin, a hormone which activates metabolism, i.e. fat burning.
Raspberry ketone also increases production of the hormone adiponectin, which is thought to slow down fat storage.
Finally, raspberry ketone activates certain enzymes responsible for breaking down and eliminating lipids.
To find out more about raspberry ketone, read our full article HERE.

In the end, we won’t know what the real ingredient in Trimplex Elite pills is.

Trimplex Elite and science


It’s difficult for us to talk about the clinical studies on Trimplex Elite, since we have no certainty about the ingredients actually present in these capsules.

To sum up, the data on raspberry ketone are still promising, and the encouraging results obtained need to be replicated on humans before we can validate the fat-burning effects of this berry.

As for forskolin, several studies have validated its weight-loss effects, as mentioned in our full article.
You can consult one of these clinical studies here : NCBI. University of Kansas, Department of Health, Sport and Exercise Sciences, Applied Physiology Laboratory, Lawrence, USA. Godard MP, Johnson BA, Richmond SR. Obes Res. 2005 Aug;13(8):1335-43.

Side effects and contraindications of Trimplex Elite

On the face of it, Trimplex Elite appears to be a harmless supplement.

However, since we don’t know the exact list of ingredients present in this slimming pill, we can only recommend caution to our readers.

Testimonials from Trimplex Elite users

We’ve collected several testimonials about this slimming pill on its Facebook page.
Here’s an overview of some of the comments:

Hello, I’ve just realized that my account has just been debited 99euros even though I didn’t want to follow up on my supposedly free trial!!!! What’s more, I reacted badly to your product. How can I get my money back without any complications for you and me? ????Be careful not to be fooled, I had a link following an ad on TF1, purchase on the site, card debited and then I did not receive the order and secondly this site takes the liberty of charging me for 5.71 and 5.94 twice 99.98 and 99.99 having the bank details. WARNING Scam. Impossible to contact this site by phone or email…

Trimplex Elite price and warranty

Things are very interesting here too.
Trimplex Elite offers a free trial.
What does it involve?

Your first order is €0 + €5.94 shipping and handling. You are asked to provide your bank details.
Then, after 14 days, you’re automatically billed €99.99, the price of Trimplex Elite.
Added to this is the fact that, unknowingly, you have in fact opted for automatic replenishment every 30 days. This will cost you no less than €94.99 for 1 bottle of Trimplex Elite, plus €9.99 delivery every month.

We’ve already warned our readers about this kind of fraudulent practice (details by HERE), and we repeat: this is a scam!

The money-back guarantee on offer is, as user experience has shown time and time again, a sham.
The steps involved in obtaining a refund are complex, and customer service is often non-existent… to the point where people have no choice but to cancel their credit card.

Quite a setback for a simple slimming pill!


Our opinion on Trimplex Elite

Given the various elements of our investigation, we clearly and unhesitatingly reject the Trimplex Elite slimming pill.

We have always condemned the invitation to take a free trial. This invitation generally conceals dishonest clauses and leads to repeated deductions from the consumer’s bank account.
This marketing ploy to sell products of this kind and take advantage of customers’ ignorance and inadvertence is a widespread practice on the Internet, and one to which we must pay close attention.
Just take a look at our readers’ testimonials, and you’ll find out more about this kind of practice.

NB: New comments will no longer be published on this page.. By reading the comments and testimonials already published (over 250), you’ll have enough information to take appropriate action. Thank you for your feedback, which has undoubtedly been very useful to the community.

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  • Brigitte

    Seeing all the comments we criticize their marketing policy and I completely agree. But could someone please comment on the results of using this product;
    I’ve done several cures, and I did indeed lose weight (2 years ago) for a wedding.

    Unfortunately, I put on weight again (last year) and I’m starting a new treatment because after several trials, it was quite conclusive. I also tried raspberry ketone, but without the “eliminator” which is actually a light natural laxative, but this amplifies the effectiveness of the fat burner.

    So short and long…..the product is effective but not only during the trial period, it’s true that as a laxative it’s expensive, better to take a cheaper one from the pharmacy, but don’t take trimlexelite alone…. it’s up to you… I’m starting a slimming cure again this summer anyway!

  • Cayet

    Don’t buy, big scam, procedural error, I was scammed out of more than 300 euros.
    And on top of that it doesn’t work, they send you boxes 4 months after trying without any information.
    and debits your account by more than 100 euros per box. I received 2 boxes and they debited me
    3 times, and I have no recourse, and the phone number they speak in English and it hangs up, it’s fat to the survey
    Of satisfaction that I discovered all this ,grrrrrrrrrrr?

    On Monday I’m launching a complaint to 50 millions de consommateurs, via the gendarmerie.

    • Hélène Marfak

      Hello Françoise,
      Thank you for your comment, which I’m sure will help many people to find out more before ordering from dubious sites.

      Your approach is in line with our efforts to better inform and sort through the heap of sites selling slimming pills, which include many scams and a few serious, verifiable sites.

      All the best.

  • Amelie

    Hello, I received the products and my bank reimbursed me… but now that I have the product, do I know who used it or not?

    • Cédric Pastori

      Hello Amélie,
      You’ve been reimbursed, which is good compared to the cases of other people who are always complaining.

      Otherwise, because of the “free trial” approach which leads to subsequent abusive debits, we do not recommend this product. In general, we don’t recommend products sold in this way or whose information is not clear enough for us. That said, it’s up to you to decide what to do with these products.

      Thank you for your feedback, which will certainly help other readers.

      Have a nice day.

    • Cayet

      Hello Amelie,
      How did you get your money back?

      • Nieto

        I was also reimbursed about a month after the 2 debits of 100€. My bank made me fill in a form, but I don’t remember what it’s called… I had to provide a statement of account with the 2 direct debits. On the other hand, I don’t want to use the boxes because I’m afraid of having a bad reaction or side effects… has anyone used them and had positive results?

  • Numa

    This is indeed a very big scam. I can’t get them on the phone. Can you give me a number? I’ve just asked my bank to block my card.

  • Beltrando

    Big scam! Be careful!

    They’re debiting your account without authorization!

    Don’t delay!

    And file a complaint!

  • Ode

    I’ve been scammed too. I’ve just phoned them but they offered 50% which I refused and they wouldn’t give me their address, they hung up on me. I’ve just cancelled my card and I’m going to lodge a complaint at the police station…we’ll see!

  • Guy B

    Trimplex Elite, Cleanse Booster.

    I would like to try Trimplex Elite. I have received two order confirmations, one for Trimplex Elite and the other for a product I have never requested and know nothing about: Cleanse Booster. The two order confirmation texts are similar, but the order numbers are confusing. (xxxx538, xxxx532) Product prices are not indicated on either confirmation (?) , Shipping costs are very similar: 5.91€ – 5.94€? Switch to the TESTEUR/PILULES site: Card stop requested immediately. The bank’s customer service is notified. A complaint is pending for attempted fraud.

    Thank you TP, there are still honest people!

    • Arnaud Dubos

      Hi Guy,
      Thank you for your testimonial, which will undoubtedly help other users. Let’s say it again: if you’re going to “take advantage” of a free trial offer, don’t do it. If you have already done so, quickly block your card and notify your bank.


    I too have just been scammed: an order for the free trial in February, and a dispatch + two debits of 105 € in March…, without my having asked for anything. I was able to reach someone by phone, who told me that my request to stop the shipments had been taken into account, but I couldn’t get the 210 € refunded. What’s more, after a month’s trial, I’ve lost… 0 grams!

    • Nieto

      Did you use only the trimplexelite box or the trimplexelite plus the cleanse booster? Have you had any side effects despite no weight loss? Thank you for your reply.

  • do 77

    I have a question if we don’t want to use TRIMPLEX…can we in this case use the components such as :COLEUS FORSKOHLII and FRAMBOISE CETONE simultaneously and with what other product can we associate to produce almost the same result as these products?

  • Sallé

    TRIMPLEX ELITE more than 5€ per card, debit of 7€…… and January 31st debit of 99€…. × 2 because of course I took the second one.

    I’ve cancelled my credit card.

    Is there any recourse!


    • bettina

      yes, there is a recourse with your bank; In my case, after stopping my card, I filed a complaint with the gendarmerie, they have a form for this case, it took me 5 minutes!

      I was reimbursed by my bank in 3 days.

      • Mimi

        I got ripped off too,
        How did your bank reimburse you?

      • Stephanie

        You were lucky! My bank just called me today, they won’t refund the 180€ they took from me because apparently I would have given up!


    I’m coming to you for advice. I suppose like many people I’ve been scammed by this site? 6 months ago I did the stupid thing of ordering products to lose weight but the day I received the products I didn’t think of cancelling because I wasn’t thinking about it because I had several deaths in my family so for 6 months now the trimplex elite company charges me 2*105 eu and they tell me it’s my fault but knowing that during the 6 months I wasn’t in france I was travelling abroad I’ve just discovered that I’m over 1200eu on my account. I’m asking everyone how I can solve the problem and get my money back, knowing that I’ve never signed any document or given any bank details.
    Thank you for your reply.

    • Sallé

      I also got ripped off I took the two products for 10€……. I was debited more than 14 € and on January 31st the sum of 198 €? I cancelled my card yesterday.

      This is the first time I haven’t paid with PayPal, what an idiot!

      After my payment I had a fright when I discovered all these messages from people who had been scammed, but I didn’t really believe them. No address on the envelope and I’m waiting for my second package that I just paid for.

      And for the result of the capsules! Does it work!?

      I haven’t tried it yet.

      Welcome to the club. JDS

  • Clara b


    I almost ordered the free trial, I put my address, then my card number, and that’s when the site asked me to check if I was 18 and if I had read the terms of use. So I left the site after reading the conditions and didn’t click on continue.

    You think I’m not going to be charged? It’s as if I hadn’t done anything?

  • Nicole MILLET

    I also got ripped off. When I read the conditions of the trial offer for the two products, I understood that there was a scam. As indicated, I phoned to obtain return numbers (essential to stop the systematic shipment at 94.96 euros per bottle). I came across a person who spoke very poor French, but I still obtained the numbers and, above all, the return address. It cost me 12.15 euros by colissimo suivi. I had to call them back to give them the tracking number, but I was never able to get through to them, all the customer advisers being supposedly busy.

    I decided to cancel my credit card to make sure I wouldn’t be charged.

    A word of advice: Don’t be fooled by these tempting offers.

    • piet

      Hello Nicole, I’ve been fooled too, I’ve stopped payment at the bank but they’re asking me for proof, a photo of the product, a confirmation email, the package tracking number. Did you keep the sheet of paper that came with the products because they’re asking me for a photo copy but I sent them back with the products? if you still have them, can you send me a photo copy? they told me the more proof I have, the better it is to get my money back. Thank you in advance? Dominique

    • PASCAL

      After stopping the card you were no longer charged?

  • loz22

    arnaque en effet après commande de l’essai soit disant gratuit (juste payé les frais de port) quelques jours aprés reçu 2 flacons débité par CB donc 2* 99….€ pour un cleanse booster et un trimplexelite obligé de faire arrêt sur cb

  • POISSON Jean-Claude

    Vu votre site trop tard tous ce qui se dit ci-dessous est vrai? véritable arnaque apparemment produit venant d’ Ukraine
    after ordering the trial supposedly free received 2 bottles debited by credit card of 5.91 by TRIPLEXELITE under the name of DERMDETOX.CO but also 3.94 € by another company NUTRASHIELDHELP they must have passed the numbers of credit card? I had to change my credit card so as not to have any further problems with direct debits. With great difficulty, I was able to contact a citizen at the telephone number indicated, in approximate French, “to do me a favor”… …….on offers to keep the bottles for 50% of the initial price, as forwarding by registered mail is very expensive…. They look after your interests ….. However, I have obtained the address for return shipment:
    PO BOX 455
    In fact nothing resent direction trash with blue card? I think I only lost 9 € and 8 days without blue card mandatory savings …….

    These companies can be found on google but there is no postal address or possibility of sending an e-mail. They are all involved in slimming down the body. For slimming down the wallet they are also effective but don’t mention it?

    • pascal

      After blocking the card you were no longer debited? it seems that despite the blocking they can still charge?

  • Anonymous


  • Anneke Campbell

    After reading the France 2 article, I was convinced that I could trust them, but as I suffer from diabetes, I wanted more information and I contacted an American cousin who told me that she had never heard of this product? That’s why I didn’t order and the fact that they would charge me €94.95 later, and I can’t find any contact details. Thank you for your article.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • schaeffer

    merci beaucoup pour l’article ,c’est la derniere fois que j’achète sans vous lire!!!!

    I’m going to oppose directly and thank you very much by talking about your site.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Tornabene

    Merci pour cet article j’ai d’ailleurs fait bloquer ma CB ainsi ils ne pourront prelever la somme de 99.90€ MERCI MERCI

  • Choveau Laura

    Thank you for this article that I read after ordering these products in so-called free trial! thanks to these testimonials;
    I immediately went to my bank to block my credit card! they won’t be able to take anything from me except the shipping charges they’ve already deducted! thank you very much for this article!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Brunel

    Yes, it’s a big scam! In any case, everything that is offered free … you only pay shipping, do not order! I got ripped off with an anti-wrinkle cream, I was only supposed to pay 4.95€ shipping, …. of course, ten days later, I was charged 2 times 99.95€! I blocked my credit card and my numbers were changed, so? that was it for them, and as I’d been taken in by trimplexelite too, they couldn’t charge me! Be careful, since then I’ve understood, and let’s just say “THERE’S NOTHING FREE” on this earth!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • fouzia

    Good evening when I ordered I realized that in fact it was a scam I made opposition immediately today I received my order and my conscience did not let me open the box, I wanted to ask you advice should I be as dishonest as them and rip them off as they do or give them back their product because it’s the sprinkler sprinkled

  • Patou

    Hello, I too was scammed, and I was taken the sum of 2 times 99 € and that for 2 months, I had to stop my credit card and change card, I returned the pills, but I have not had a refund, what to do … thank you.

  • eva

    I’ve been fooled even though I’m not gullible or naive, no doubt it was a dip in my diet and tiredness? but above all I trusted a women’s magazine that said it had done a test on one of its journalists and she validated the thing without mentioning the direct debits and so on. This women’s magazine is Femme actuelle and everything looked neat and clean, you can dream sometimes. but i’m shocked at the journalists we trust, a fine image for the profession. in short, no damage, it seemed suspicious and in my head a little red light flashed. then i did some research on the web and i understood, so i stopped the bank directly on my card. they only had to pay the shipping costs. i’m grateful for my intuition, even if it took a little time. and i’ll be even more vigilant now.

    • Laura

      Hi, I also made this mistake the day before yesterday; I then searched for information on google; this morning I went to my bank to block my card! they won’t be able to take anything from me except the shipping charges they’ve already deducted!

      • pascal

        Hello. I did as you did and blocked my card 2 hours after placing the order, but it seems that despite this they can continue to debit. You were no longer charged after the block in the following weeks? thank you.

  • grandjean

    this is a big scam!! courcuiter ce genre de site et informer les autorites à Buxelles!!! puisque l’adressese de ces sites sont à l’etranger il n’y a que Bruxelle qui devient competente dans ce genre de situation, mais il faut être patient pour aller jusqu’au bout d’epreuve!! le plus important est de demander à votre conseiller bancaire d’être vigilant et d’écrire un courrier recommandé pour faire opposition à la carte bancaire
    good luck to you all!!!!

  • ML

    I agree it’s a big scam, but I’m planning to contact a TV channel to demand damages, I’ve been debited twice in a row. and it’s not the first time I’ve been robbed on the net like this.

    • renée honvault

      I’ll be the 1st to support you!

    • laura

      You are right; this is unacceptable on the part of TF1; and the newspaper ELLE!!!!

  • Druel

    Don’t buy trimplexelite or Cleanse Booster unless you want to lose 200€? They took the money from my account but I never received the packages?

  • Sylgala

    I received the capsules today and as soon as I took them I had heartburn? I phoned and of course no one answered? so I googled and came across your site I’m amazed and the ragestion to put have done!!!!! As for the direct debit, I paid with the ecarte bleu so they won’t be able to withdraw since the number is only used 1 time.


  • faure louis patrick

    Hello everyone,
    I think I too had the same problem The merchant seller SKINVITAGLOWHELP.COM.

    This company does not exist, they charged on 22/08/2016, € 5.94?

    being the month of my birthday I did not pay attention …

    But on 06/09/2016 they debited €99.99 from my account. I looked for the source but couldn’t find it.

    First I blocked my care bleu.

    Then I filed a complaint on 13/09/2016, following the complaint filed at the police station, my bank refunded everything.

    (I have of course all the evidence of this transaction and remain at your disposal if it could be useful to you).
    Sincerely to all.

    • FERRIE

      Hello, I would like to know what you said to your bank so that it reimburses you so that I can explain correctly.

      Thanks in advance

    • CELEA

      Hello, I’m also trying to get my money back because I got ripped off just the same. I stopped payment at my bank and went to the police station this morning to file a complaint for credit card fraud. They wouldn’t take my complaint and told me to contact the seller, but there was nothing they could do. What did you do and what did you say to get your money back, please? I am a desperate young mother. Thank you in advance.

  • Naïs

    Yesterday I also placed an order (rather two because I took both products) and following a hunch (and after pressing order unfortunately) I went on the Internet to see what was said about this site. I was stunned to read your comments! So I called my bank immediately (on a premium-rate number, of course, because it was Sunday…) and immediately cancelled my credit card.

    I think I’ll be charged €11 for both products, but thanks to you I’ve escaped the worst! We absolutely have to join forces so that this site closes and no more victims are made!!!!

  • Name*

    I’m sorry, but they’re all swindlers, they just tell you some things that aren’t true, but they don’t forget to mention, almost 100 eu for bottles that are really useless?

  • ednomd

    I’ve been fooled by bandits what are the police doing?

  • sandrine

    merci pour vos témoignages j’ai chercher sur internet apres avoir vu l ‘article.cela m’a confirmé se que je penssait du site!!! je ne me fera pas avoir 🙂

  • Zana

    I was scammed for the free trial! Plant deposited with the Police, credit card stopped!

    Impossible to contact anyone, except to have the amount of the invoice increased by more than 10 euros, a man who speaks French with an African accent!

    Stop payment immediately!!!!!


    I also got ripped off
    I was charged 2 times 99 euros
    does anyone have the phone number to contact them?

  • Christelle

    Hello ,
    Following your testimonials, 10 minutes after placing my order, I blocked my credit card, hoping that it would work!

    A real scam! I’m always very careful! But this?… it’s very well done?. and very convincing.

    DO NOT ORDER!!!!!!!

    • berleau evelyne

      bonjour moi aussi je suis fait avoir j’ai assez a plussieurs repris de les joindre mes en vain et aujourd’hui j’ai plus les avoir du coup je vais deposé plainte car moi j’étais credité 3 fois sur mon compte du coup sa me fait au total plus de trois cent euros faite attention a vous

  • christine

    A big scam, I was tricked, I filed a complaint and I was not the only one in this case, do not hesitate to do the same.

    • Samia

      Hi, I’ve been fooled too, where do I file a complaint?

  • laurence"

    merci pour l’info comme une connaise j’allais l’acheter

  • Isabelle


    Ouf. I had started to order but I had a doubt and didn’t enter my bank details. Fortunately, I read your testimonials.

    It was also Kate’s image that made me feel confident. Good luck to those affected by this scam.


    bonjour, another big scam, they send you a trial dose for 5.94 € and not even the time to try it they debit your account 99.99 € it’s theft
    And when you call them, they don’t even speak French, or I think very badly, black people. My advice is never to take this product, and nothing is marked in French.

    • me van laeys suzanne

      bonjour je viens me de subir la mé
      me excroquerie que vous quoi faire pour ce faire rembourser je l’ai appelé ils sont des noirs ils ne veulent pas que l’on renvoie leurs flacons d’ailleurs on n’a pas d’adresse mais ils ont toujours nos numéro de carte bleue

  • Sophie

    Good evening everyone, I’ve just been caught out by this ad today. I’m particularly vigilant… I’ve been taken for a ride! I think it’s because they’re using La Prince Kate Middleton in their ad. I thought they wouldn’t dare…! Then I saw your site. I tried to reach them but nothing. It rings, I know we’re abroad (USA, UK…) but the moment it picks up, it hangs up immediately. I threatened them by e-mail, telling them about the OFT and the FTC (read the link to the site proposed by the site to try to get your money back). I received an automatic reply. Maybe they’ll get back to me tomorrow, but as a precaution, I preferred to cancel my credit card. It’s immediate, it doesn’t guarantee that you won’t be charged for transactions made during the day, but it covers you for future transactions. I’d rather lose 2 x 5.90€ and be charged for renewing my CB than 99.90 x 2 and all my energy. One thing’s for sure, I’ll never be caught out again. I’m going to struggle for a few days without a credit card. Nice lesson!!!! Good luck to you all and don’t procrastinate! It’s okay to be fooled, the trick is to react afterwards to minimize the damage.

    • Corinne K.

      Sophie, hello,
      You’re right when you say that it’s okay to be fooled, but not more than once! It’s good that you had the reflex to oppose the card: it’s true that it’s an inconvenience, but security is a must!

      Good luck with the rest.

  • Zin13470

    Hello everyone…

    I’ve been fooled too… I’m very careful in general. I ordered the free samples last night and this morning I called them to cancel my order. I sent them an e-mail and called them on the phone. The person I spoke to gave me a whole speach telling me that she couldn’t cancel the order (because the company is in the UK), but that I had to send the products back once I’d received them and that I’d then have to make a request in writing, etc…. sounds very complicated. So I blocked my card like so many others, because being charged 10€ is one thing, 100€ another…

    Just goes to show, no matter how careful you are, you’re always going to be fooled sooner or later.

  • Krystal

    Hello everyone
    And thank you for your testimonials
    I also just got ripped off and charged 2x 99€.
    I’m going to
    Oppsition to my bank
    But if I understand correctly I can forget my 200€!!!!

    So I poSe you a question
    How does Facebook let people get so worked up?

    Where are the controls????

    Because it’s by going on Facebook that I discovered this product for which I doubt the effectiveness!!!!

    But strangely since I placed my order there are no more publications!!!!

    Thanks again for your information
    I’ll be more vigilant in the future.

    But it
    Might be time to stop this scam….

    • Corinne K.

      Krystal, hello,
      You are absolutely right. For the time being, you have to be very vigilant on the Internet to guess the different scenarios before jumping on dubious leads.

      Always gather as much information as you can about the site you plan to buy from.

      Have a nice day,

  • meg

    Just a quick question: when I order this scam, is there a confirmation email?

    Because when I typed in my bank details and clicked on ok for the order to be processed, I noticed what was written in small print, so it seemed suspicious to me and I quickly clicked on return. I really hope it didn’t work!

    • eva

      yes they send you an order confirmation with an order number and a customer service number. i contacted them and indeed it’s a person with a strong accent that’s very hard to understand. i couldn’t cancel my order. he told me he could close my file if i paid 50% of the sum of each product or 45 euros per bottle. after making him understand that i knew the laws on sales he provided me with a ram number for a return of the parcel at my expense (of course) and an address in England. They can always wait since it’s a free trial. I blocked my card for greater security and I swear to you they won’t take it back. good luck. but there’s only one thing to do and that’s block your credit card and if you want to complain to the police or gendarmerie?

  • malgras sophie

    bonjour j’ai les 2 boites trimplexelite et cleanse booster
    which way should I take them? first or at the same time?

    how much per day?


  • Fatou

    Bonjour suite a la commande de ce produit qui ne marche même pas, un mois plutard je me suis prélevé 100 euros dans mon compte? c’est des vrais arnaqueurs.obliger de bloquer ma carte bancaire.

    • julie

      Is it enough to stop being charged by stopping your card?

  • Cindy

    Hello everyone, I’d like to thank you because thanks to you I’ve just avoided a scam on this product?

    • Corinne K.

      Hello Cindy,
      Thank you for stopping by. It’s all thanks to the other readers!

      Have a nice weekend.

    • Amandine

      My bank told me that I couldn’t stop payment on this card so they blocked my card. How can I be reimbursed for the 99e99 charged?

  • Béatrice

    Hello, I’m coming back to you to inform you of the consequences of my order placed in September…after receiving the two boxes and being debited twice for 5 euros and something, I came to your site and there, surprise, I realized that I’d been taken in. I tried to contact them by e-mail and telephone with little result… I tried to contact them by e-mail and telephone, but without much success… so I blocked my credit card at my bank and since then I’ve been monitoring my e-mail inbox, but fortunately I haven’t heard from them and there’s no longer any risk of being debited… I think I’ve done pretty well in the end… of course I didn’t send them back their boxes (which would have cost me more money…) they ended up in the garbage can straight away…

    So I must thank you warmly for helping me and for maintaining this prevention site for the good of all…thank you.

    • Corinne K.

      Béatrice, good morning,
      Thank you for your feedback. By the way, it’s comments like yours that have enabled readers here to discuss certain fraudulent practices on the web. Sometimes, the product itself works, but some unscrupulous resellers set up not-so-clean systems. Some people even order products from the real manufacturer, and then set up another sales system based on this type of subscription. A word to the wise: be vigilant and gather relevant information before making a purchase decision!

      Have a nice day.

    • Clapar

      They didn’t try to reach you?

      I did the same as you last night

    • laura choveau

      Moi c’est pareille; je vous remercie tous pour vos témoignages; j’ai bloqué ma carte; et si les produits arrivent; je les put a la poubelle directe; car je ne sais pas ce qu’y a dedans! ils on préleveront les frais de port; mais ne prélèons rien d’autre! encore merci a tous!!!

    • Amandine

      Moi pareil J’ai commander ce produit le 11 janvier j’ai payé 3e95 pour les Frais d’envoi et 15 jours Après j’ai été débébée de 99e99 j’ai forcément apeller mes il ne parle pas trop français il m’a fait comprendre que je ne peux pas être remboursée!! trop dégoûtée j’ai perdu cet somme mes au moins pourrions plus m arnaquer car j’ai fait opposition des lendemain


    Indeed I confirm big scam. I managed to get them on the phone, they told me that the forums were talking nonsense that indeed there is a trial period of 4 days then simply return the products if we are not satisfied by contacting them by phone and they send us a return slip, otherwise they charge us 99 euros. I pointed out on the phone that nothing was communicated on the advertisement. The telephonist told me that it was up to customers to phone for information. Today I stopped payment on my bank card so that no amount would be debited to my account. Thanks to your messages I was able to act very quickly? Thank you

    • Corinne K.

      Hello Brigitte,
      Thank you for your visit and your feedback.

      Have a nice day!


    how to understand this article?! i was literally tricked into ordering 1 single product, i end up with 2!

    so the scam! Debit on the account, so action-reaction…

    • Corinne K.

      Have you seen this product advertised on TV? If so, please let us know.

      How did you find the web address where you placed your order?

      Thank you for your contribution.

    • Eiram

      Good evening,
      But how can they advertise with images of famous people? There must be a way to turn against them? IF the product was as effective as they say, it would be available everywhere, and their sales would certainly be higher. Yes, it’s a scam. There are only 2 ways to lose weight:
      – cut calories by eating less
      – exercise
      Good luck to you.

    • Amandine

      Here is the number to reach them 0805 089 351
      I have sent an email to cancel my c in English I understand nothing

  • Sophie Labregal

    I confirm the scam.

    But I had the idea of taking the number of our bank account where I don’t have much money on it.

    I called to send them and got nothing. Too bad for them. Sophie

  • Sophie

    I’ve been fooled too, how can I avoid this kind of scam?

    Is there any way to get the money back?

    Best regards.

  • Fricard

    CommentI want you to stop sending me trimplex elite right away and close my account!

    • Cédric

      Fricard, good morning,
      Like many readers here, you are unfortunately confusing this site ( with the one on which you finally ordered your product!

      This is an informative informative about slimming products on the market. And we’d like to warn readers about some of the practices of certain online sellers.

      Please reformulate your request with the seller you chose to place your order.

      All the best.



    • Cédric

      Bivouac, hi!

      Ah, if only we knew that answer…! To get some answers, we need to start from two observations:
      – there are products that work and products that don’t ;
      – products that work don’t necessarily produce the same results in all people!

      To answer your question, then, we’d say that you need to look for the relevant information on each product in its own right, and choose the one that’s closest to your expectations. All this, of course, with a clear understanding of the real causes of your overweight condition.

      So, question aside… what’s YOUR situation?

      Kind regards,

  • Isabelle

    I too was tricked on 19/10/2016 and yet I am vigilant and it is true everything is explained when you enter all your payment information just below about forty lines.Next time before validating I will read the small lines before validating.

    For me, it’s about two products
    Primplexe élite and Cleanse booster all for 10€ and from the dust it’s 1 try just pay the shipping costs and then I did some research and I came across your site and then I understood. 20 Minutes after ordering I stopped my credit card? I’ll give you the 2 e-mail addresses where I cancelled the 2 products:

    You make a cancellation request then you receive an email you click on a large number or letters and then you actually make your cancellation request of course it answers you but everything is in English I translated and it says that the cancellation ticket has been transmitted and we will contact. I’ll let you know if they make contact. But above all, stop payment on your card as soon as possible and keep an eye on the account. That’s it if I’ve been able to help a few people. Cheer up and I hope I won’t hear any more about these thieves.

    • Cédric

      Thank you Isabelle for taking the time to write your testimonial!

      We hope you hear good news. Don’t hesitate to come back and tell other readers about it here.

      Best regards,

    • Claudine

      can’t read the two cancellation email addresses
      Can you please send it to me
      I’ve been fooled too


    I sent you a trial order, which I received, but you took an additional 99.89 euros from me. I’m going to put in a stop order for the next few months.

    • Cédric

      Hello Marie-José,
      This is, an information site, not a sales site! You should return to the site in question (the one where you entered your bank details to buy) and claim your money back.

      Please be careful when making future purchases, and read carefully before clicking.

      All the best,

    • Karine

      Hello, I’ve also been ripped off in the same way. You have to try to contact them on the phone to stop the mailings. I did it last month when I saw the debits. I’ve checked and there were no new direct debits in October. Kind regards

  • chris

    I placed my order on 07 October, but it was a bit of work so I did some research and I came across your site….là I understood the scam!!! I immediately phoned the number on my order. I explained to him that I wanted to cancel my order but he told me that everything was done automatically and that I had to wait until I received the product to call them back at that time…. I told them that it was out of the question for me to pay anything.

    I immediately cancelled my card.

    I then realized that they had also ordered the cleanbooster, even though I had only ordered the trimplex. Two days later I was charged 2X5.94 euros.
    I received both products on October 15. Today is October 18 and I still can’t get them on the phone.

    Should I still call them to return the two boxes?

    My banker told me that they won’t be able to debit the other amounts. Can I be sure?

    • Cédric

      Chris, Hello,
      Thank you very much for your detailed testimony, which will certainly help many people here. Your banker is in a better position to say whether or not the direct debits will have stopped (please come back and tell the rest of the story).

      Otherwise, it seems obvious that you should return the products if you’ve already decided not to use them.

      Have a nice day and I look forward to hearing from you.

  • jacqueline

    I contacted them and they gave me a number and their return address. do you think it’s a good address? and for the payment i had paid 5.94 with my virtual card donations they won’t be able to deduct normally.

  • Amel

    How do you get your money back? I have a friend who didn’t see your comments and is afraid of being ripped off too.

  • Elodie

    Well, even though I made an objection, they charged me 5.94€ and 5.91€ for shipping. Ac an order placed on the 13th, opposition at 9:30am but it still went through on the 14th according to the statement. Will they be able to make the deductions of 99€x 2 or not?

    • Cédric

      Well Elodie, let’s hope not! In any case, come back here to tell us about what happens next: it’s always useful for others.

      Have a nice day.

  • Kélia

    I too have just received the order I placed on 08/10.

    Thanks to this site, I knew it was a scam and I didn’t open the box.

    i sent them a threatening email directly to hope for a return without actually having a debit in my account.

    I’m going to try to find an address to send the 2 boxes back to, but for the moment there hasn’t been a debit, so I’m trying to contact them before they make the debit.

    • Cédric

      Hello Kélia,
      Thank you for your contribution to this topic. It would be great if you could come back and let us all know how things have developed.

      Best regards,

    • Dainesi

      Coucou , I come here to say ATTENTION ARNAQUE
      I have just received my rodit believing that I had cancelled and once the product received supposedly for free I have to pay 99 € every month and even in case of cancellation, I had to pay half of the bottle is 49 € …. I’m really disgusted and it’s a good thing I didn’t take the other one.

  • Noemie

    Hello I just made the purchase how do I cancel

    • Cédric

      Please return to the site you used to purchase this product and request a cancellation.

      Good luck.

  • laxmi

    Good evening I would like trimplex elite 2 boit

    • Cédric

      Hi Laxmi,
      You can order the product on the official website. This is an informative site about slimming solutions.

      Have a nice day.

  • bertin

    I just made the free order how do I cancel it?

    • Cédric

      Via the same site where you made your purchase, use their contact. Many readers here say they have contacted the retailer in this way.

      Good luck.

  • Aurore

    Bonjour comment fait ton pour les renvoyer quelqu’un aurais l’adresse svp

    • Cédric

      Aurore, hi,
      You should try to contact this seller from his website where you made the purchase. If he’s serious, he’ll send you a return address with a code, if necessary.

      Best regards,

  • Morgane

    Good evening, I have just noticed the problem. How can I cancel the order? Thank you

    • Cédric

      Morgane, hello,
      At the moment, all the feedback from readers here tells the same story: stop payment at the bank, to cancel future direct debits, then insist on the seller in question.

      Bon courage.

  • Cécile Malinge

    How can you charge me for products I didn’t order?

    • Cédric

      Hello Cécile,
      Have you kept the address of the site where you made your purchase? This will be your starting point for placing your request with them.

      All the best,

  • Audrey

    Mega scam! 200 € deducted from our account for a little bit of snake oil!

  • judicaelle coline

    Hello I would like to know their address to return their products before I get deplumed.

    I was tricked into asking for the free offer…. punaise….

    • Cédric

      Coline, hello,
      Have you looked at the various reactions in the comments?

  • kouma nadege

    bonjour j’ai passe commande d’esais depuis le 11/09/2016 j’ai jamais rien recu,et ce mois ci vous m’avez prélever de 99, conteste ce prelevement;numéro de commande 7077236 ,merci de faire le nessaire

    • Cédric

      Nadège, hello,
      We are not the Trimplex sales site: we are an informative site that publishes tests of slimming products, including Trimplex. No more!

      You will have to return to the site where you made your purchase and submit your request to them.

      We wish you the best of luck, and you can come back and talk to other readers who have the same concerns.

      All the best,

    • Nathalie

      I too have just been debited 2× 99 euro tomorrow I will oppose it a very nice scam
      Really shameful

  • Elodie

    Same thing, I made the same mistake, I stopped the charge right away so I didn’t get the 5.94 + 5.91€ debited yet. I hope it was done in time and I won’t hear about it again. En ete dans plus de carte gggrrrr
    I should have read your comments first instead of making this mistake????

    • Cédric

      Hi Elodie,
      Fingers crossed!!!

      Bon courage 😉

  • Fafa

    Bonjours je me suis fait avoir aussi but après l’opposition avait vous u des souci avec car impossible de les joindre

  • Fafa

    Hello, I’ve been ripped off. I’m usually very suspicious, so I blocked my credit card just after the first debit for the free treatment. Do you think that the debit of 99 EUR will take place?

    • Cédric

      Reading the other comments here, it’s very likely.

      Have you contacted the seller’s website?

      Yours faithfully

    • Marion

      Hello, I got screwed too! I made opposition directly and was taken 5.98 following the opposition of card had you been debited 99€?

  • Sandy

    I’ve just placed an order and I’m told it’s free. Do you think I’ll be able to pay for it tomorrow?

    • Cédric

      Sandy, hello,
      I’m afraid that if you’ve already placed your order and filled in your bank details, it’s a bit too late. However, please try to cancel your credit card as soon as possible (first thing in the morning) and hope that there is still time.

      Please come back and let us know what happens next.

      All the best.

    • sylvie jamet

      fuck me too

  • Pascale Maitre

    I was scammed by a trial offer for the trimplexelite product I immediately blocked my card I wanted to cancel my transaction but it was too late I just received the product while my transaction was blocked what should I do thank you

    • Cédric

      Pascale, hello,
      It seems that you are the n-th person to have had this misfortune! From what our readers have told us, we can only strongly recommend that you try to get your money back from the seller in question. We’re still waiting for feedback from readers who have managed to find a solution.

      All the best.

    • Amandine

      Good evening think after having blocked my blue card that I have this problem on my account because I can not reach them to cancel if it happens again I file a complaint.

  • sysy

    Good evening everyone, on 06 october I placed an order for a springboard elite for a free trial, but 10min later I sent an email to customer service to cancel the order, they sent me a number saying it was my cancellation ticket, but the next day they told me that the product was already in the warehouse that I would have to receive it and then send it back after asking for an authorization number. Then I was skeptical about it all day, and I did some research, I came across this forum and I directly cancelled my credit card. So basically I placed my order on October 6th around 9am and then 10 minutes later I cancelled it? On October 7th I cancelled my credit card during the night and I still haven’t received the product. Do you think I reacted quickly enough not to be a victim of these debits?

    • Arnaud Dubos

      It depends on the transaction. If your bank hasn’t debited your account yet, you have nothing to worry about. If not, you did the right thing by stopping the transaction, so you don’t risk being debited. Keep us informed of any further developments.

  • Name*

    good evening everyone
    I’ve also just received my two free trial boxes of TRIMPLEX ELITE CLEANSE with just the postage to pay.
    surprise when reading the conditions of the trial offer which is not free two times 99.99 to follow 94 *2 and you who like me fell into the trap
    did you keep or return the boxes
    thank you for spreading

  • corinne

    Thank you for being there, for providing this information, for protecting us. Thanks to you, I’ve avoided one more problem. Being overweight is not a comfortable situation, but being exploited… that’s worse.

    So thank you!

    • Corinne K.

      Hi Corinne,
      Thank you for your testimonial. We’re happy to hear that you avoided a scam, and we’re continuing our mission!

      Good luck with your weight loss, and good luck finding the supplement that’s right for YOU!

  • Hureau

    yes it’s a rip-off…free with 5.94e shipping and then 99.99 e billed
    fortunately I noticed it but too late….I’m taking the necessary steps with my bank….


    • Corinne K.

      Thank you for your testimonial Hureau, and yes, stop your bank card as soon as possible, it’s your guarantee to stop the direct debits.


    Good evening
    After checking my account I see a debit of about 100€.
    Can you tell me what this corresponds to, knowing that the orders for cleane booster and trimplex elite pills (photo she showed me) that my daughter placed never arrived and for which I quickly stopped the order, which logically led to the debit?
    Thank you for your kind reply.

    • Corinne K.

      Hello Quiles,
      I would advise you to turn to Trimplex Elite and Clean Booster customer service for answers to your questions. We cannot answer your questions about a specific order from a pill manufacturer. Only the manufacturer can answer your questions.

  • roulet

    de drole d’escoc produit inefficasse et on laisse vendre n’importe quoi sur le net..une commanderais plus rien sur le faite opposition?.

    • Corinne K.

      Hello Roulet,
      Unfortunately, the Internet is full of unscrupulous companies. However, there are also serious and reliable manufacturers. Our tests present the various products to enable readers to find serious products.

  • Giraud

    Once the objection has been made, they can’t do anything else, can they?

    So why send them back the product when you paid for it?

  • Natasha

    Once the opposition made they can not debit no? So why send the product back after all we paid them, right?

  • Gagneux Marie Ange

    It’s a shame that today we’re being swindled in the same way for other cosmetics etc..
    Free sample and here we go, one after the other!!!!

    Let them do it!

  • tiffany

    I came across an advert, the fact that it was offered was very tempting but I decided to find out about it anyway, and I came across your site? Thank you so much for preventing me from making a big mistake 🙂

    • Corinne K.

      Hello Tiffany,
      Thank you for your message, it shows that our approach is really useful.

      By browsing our site, you’ll be able to discover reliable supplements marketed by serious manufacturers.

      Happy searching!

    • Moreira

      Hello, how can I order?

  • atterga laura

    my little crazy lady ordered a sample of your triplexelite product with my credit card
    i don’t want this product either as a sample or afterwards
    tell me what I have to do to return this product and stop your future shipments atterga laura
    I hope to receive a favorable response from you
    if not, I will plead for consumer rights

    • Corinne K.

      Hello Laura,
      You’ve reached the wrong recipient TesteurPilules is an information site that doesn’t sell any products. To find a solution to your problem, you should take your complaint to the seller from whom you purchased your product Good luck!

  • Virginie

    Warning very big scam I ordered pay shipping (because 1st trial free)
    Now I’ve received 2 deductions of 99€96 and 99€94 for this crap that makes you sick and when you call them on the phone, they tell me that on the delivery note that I didn’t receive, it says that you can return the product without invoicing before 14 days from the date of purchase and of course the product arrived 12 days later, so it’s not really possible to test it.
    Beware also after 30 days they send you back the boxes that cost again 2 x99€96

  • Laura

    Hello, I’ve been ripped off too, I’m calling my bank to stop payment on my card before they debit the money. What can I do next?

  • guillemet

    vous etre des voleurs

    • Corinne K.

      You are mistaken, we are a site that informs readers about slimming products, and we do not sell any products. Please address your complaints to the seller from whom you purchased your supplements. thank you.

    • Yasmine

      Tell me Corrected. K
      Is one opposition enough?

  • Elise

    Affirmative not p’us true
    Beware of real scams

  • Laetitia

    Thank you cedric for your answer but I was charged 2 times 5€ and some. I’m not going to bother with them! Do I have to give them back the products or can’t they claim them from me? Please note that I have cancelled my card.

    • Cédric

      You are very welcome!

      Regarding your question, keep an eye on your e-mail inbox and you’ll find out for sure. We’ll see!

      All the best.

  • laetitia

    Hello. I was tricked too, so I cancelled my card. But I have just received the products. What should I do? Can they make a fuss if I don’t send them back?

    Merci de votre réponse

    • Cédric

      Laetitia, hello,
      In view of the various feedback comments, it would be wise to contact the seller to initiate a refund procedure. Hoping that your action will be successful.

      Bon courage.

  • Florence

    Thank you so much, for all of us, for your work and your enlightened opinions….

    Please continue, we need you not to fall into these traps.

    • Cédric

      Thank you Florence for your testimonial. It’s thanks to all of you that this site exists.

      Bon courage et bonne journée!

  • Name*

    Attention c’est une arnaque

  • Le gourdhier

    Hello I have just commender and I have just seen all your comments with what I included/understood it is not necessary to take this cest capsule and I will be charged on my account almost 100€?


      bonjour , idem they charged me 99,euros 99,what to do?

  • Hélène Chieusse de Villepey

    I got ripped off too. Thanks for the info

  • Baulibet

    Hello I ordered free trial I have just been delivered and I just read your comments I immediately called to cancel but nobody answers. What should I do not to be charged. Thank you

  • Marijon

    Hello trimplex elite does not work on me I have too much vertigo and I have lost only one (1) kilo it is a product that gives me nausea so I stop it more I am on levotyrox however I received instructions for each product it must swallow 1 gellule with each time 1/4 l water trimplex morning 1 morning 1 another evening 2 cleanse at the end return to 1 of each.cordialement Elisabeth.

  • terry

    hello I would like to cancel my commande.pouvez do you need thank you for your understanding Sincerely Mr Terry piva. bonjour j’aimerais annuler ma commande. peuvent vous faire le nécessaire, merci de votre compréhension cordialement Mr piva Terry

  • F

    I bought the 5.90 trial offer with a payweb card that my bank offers with just 5.90 on this card. So if they try to take other amounts from me, this card no longer exists because it’s a one-time use.

    Otherwise the trial offer is on my 3rd day and no results.

  • descloux mirelle

    I would like to ask you to refund the 99.99 euros that you credited to me because I only made one order of 5.94 euros and only one… I have informed my bank… I therefore ask you to do what is necessary before any further action is taken.

    • Corinne K.

      Hello Mirelle,
      You should take your complaint to the retailer, not to our site, which is purely informative!

  • ettouri karine

    I have been debited from my account without my agreement several times with a total amount of more than 250 euro.
    I invite you to reimburse me as soon as possible, and as I have blocked my credit card you have my number or can reach me otherwise I will file a complaint and I will print all the testimonies of victims of fraud and scams.

    • Cédric

      Karine, hello,
      Thank you for your comment. You will have noticed that is an informative site that aims to help people in your situation. We don’t sell products online, and we certainly don’t sell Trimplex Elite!

      We hope you’ll always keep the link to the website where you placed your first order. They’re the people you’ll need to get your money back from. We also really hope you get your money back.

      Canceling your credit card was the right thing to do. You’re also right to note that many people unfortunately find themselves in your situation, and it’s precisely in this context of sharing bad experiences that our site exists.

      For your information, we have already published an article that will certainly help you get started with your refund procedure. You can read it HERE:
      Good luck, and come back and share the rest of your case with our readers.

  • calandre pascale

    I just ordered this product but I made a secure payment. Can they still charge me something else?

    • Corinne K.

      Hello Pascale,
      Yes, it seems that they can. It’s best to stop payment at your bank right away and cancel your order with the seller.


    I don’t want to receive any more bottles it’s a clear robbery my interlocutor announced me a 50% discount on the articles and then he kept coming back I don’t want to receive any more bottles and I will report to my lawyer the problem as well as the listening of the message because nothing was stipulated that the return was going to cost more than 50 euros per bottle my email address is (email address deleted by the moderator for security and confidentiality reasons)


    Hello, I’m writing to you today to inform you that I’ve lodged a complaint against you for withdrawing €9999 without my consent on August 5! When I placed my order with you, I in no way took out a subscription.

    I therefore ask you to reimburse me this sum as soon as possible before I take legal action.

    Thank you

    • Corinne K.

      Please contact the seller from whom you made your purchase to make your complaint. is a website that provides information on different slimming pills, but we don’t sell anything.

      To help you get your money back, you may find the following article useful:

  • delphine

    Hello, I was stupidly interested in trimplex elite as well as the cleanse booster; I phoned because they had taken 99.99 euros from me, they told me on the phone that it was too late even though I hadn’t lost any kilos? I asked for a refund and they wouldn’t give it to me, just a 30 percent gesture on the sums debited, without knowing if they wouldn’t start debiting my account again. I wanted to send back the products I had left, but they wouldn’t give me the address and the rma number? what else can I do?

    • Corinne K.

      Hello Delphine,
      The best thing to do right away is to stop payment on your bank card at your bank, explaining your situation to them.

      You can also read our article on how to get your money back, available here:

  • Bigel

    Purchase of the 2 products on 07 or 06 September?….debited the sum of 5.91 euros and 5.94 on 08 September 2016 without having been able to read the clauses.
    After searching on the internet I came across your site
    I called last night 23 hours opposition to the card
    This morning I called the financial center and the 2x 99 euros were not withdrawn.
    If the sums were ever withdrawn…I had to send them a letter with all the explanations to be reimbursed.
    I also took the Ecarte for more security.
    Have a nice day

    • Corinne K.

      Hello Bigel,
      Thank you for your testimonial which will surely help others.

    • Bigel

      For information I have just received the 2 bottles of pills?…. and still nothing has been withdrawn from my bank account for the moment.
      after several attempts?….na not been able to contact this bogus company
      I’ll keep you informed
      Good evening

      • Corinne K.

        Thank you Bigel, your testimonial will certainly help other readers. Keep us informed!

  • samira b.

    Hello, I have just been charged twice the sum of 99.90. As a result, I found myself in a financial mess. I called trimplex elite customer service to inform them of my opposition to this abusive debit, they told me that it was part of the contract that this sum was debited 14 days from the first day of the order. Problem on the emais coming from their part at no time it is said that we had a period of 14 days to retract. They told me to wait 48 hours and I would only get 50 percent of what they charged me and since then, radio silence. I’ve contacted them again by e-mail and they’ve got it all wrong and want to place another order.
    What can I do? On the one hand, get all my money back and, on the other, cancel everything.

    • Corinne K.

      Hello Samira,
      We’ve written an article to help people in your situation get their money back. You can read it here:
      As a matter of urgency, we advise you to stop payment on your bank card, to avoid future debits.

      All the best!

  • Soizic

    Unsuspecting (well presented: secure padlock), I placed an order this morning. Then, overcome with doubt, I did a search that led me to your site and… I’m frantic!

    I’m so sorry I didn’t check before!

    My bank is closed for the weekend and, without any supporting documents, I doubt they’ll agree to block my card. I haven’t told my husband yet (he’s going to be furious, that’s for sure!) I tried to block the e-mail, but will that be enough?

    • Corinne K.

      Hello Soizic,
      Stopping payment on your bank card is indeed the most urgent thing to do. You can also read our article on the Free Trial Scam, which gives advice for this type of situation.

    • Soizic

      Hello and thank you for your reply…

      Contact with my bank yesterday morning and opposition: nothing had yet been debited! Should I be relieved? I still don’t understand what got into me, even though I’m usually very suspicious…

      I’m going to reread “The Raven and the Fox”, as the conclusion seems “personalized” to me… He (she) swore, but a little late, that he’d never be caught again!!! Once bitten, twice shy, I’m not about to place another order, whatever it may be, on the Internet!

      Just one word of advice for those of you who are unsure: get in touch with your financial institution as soon as possible!

      Thank you to the team for all the advice you’ve given me (please consult before ordering).
      Thank you for all the information provided on your site

      • Corinne K.

        Thank you Soizic,
        We’re glad you were able to resolve your situation. Many websites are very reliable, and it’s our job to help you tell the difference. We wish you all the best

  • steven

    condition de remboursement alors que je ne voulais pas être debite cordialement

    • Corinne K.

      Hello Steven,
      We don’t sell any products. To find a solution to your problem, please contact the seller from whom you made your purchase.


    I can confirm that this is a scam.

    the terms and conditions of sale don’t even come close to the attractive advertising.

    If, like me, you have been duped, there is only one solution before the sums indicated on the leaflets included with the delivery are debited:
    CANCEL YOUR BANK CARD, before you’re charged!

    • christine

      yes, that’s what I just did

    • bertolla

      They deducted the 99€ how to get them back if anyone has the solution thank you in the meantime I’m going to oppose

  • i

    Thank you for your informative site which I should have read before being scammed.

    I responded to a free trial offer with a 5.94 charge for “cleaner booster” from trimplex elite, and the terms and conditions were hidden… So it was only after I had ordered and paid for transport that I saw the terms and conditions stipulating a 94.96 charge, and then every month with a product renewed every 30 days… I called the 2 numbers indicated within 5 minutes for the 1st and within the hour for the 2nd… I got 2 different people with strong Asian accents for both of them. I got 2 different people with strong Asian accents for the 2 and probably very far away because I had trouble hearing them.I wanted to cancel my order and strangely enough, it was already shipped 5 minutes after my order … I, of course, insisted at length; the 2nd person 1 hour after my order, telling me I had to cancel before time …. I wanted to assert my right of withdrawal, IMPOSSIBLE and this although I also did by mail (, no response. Of course I’ll be able to return the product within 14 days of my order, except that after 10 days, I still haven’t received it…….. of course I stopped payment the same day and asked my bank to change my credit card.

  • PARKASH santosh

    I ordered and got ripped off.


    thanks in advance;

    • Corinne K.

      You’ll need to contact the retailer for this. We are an information site, we don’t sell anything.

  • Cassandre

    I have just received my Trimplex Elite bottle for 5.94€. Stupidly, before ordering, I had not tried to check the authenticity of the brand, the product etc.. Fortunately, I did before swallowing the first pill. I’ve just called the number indicated on the page delivered with the trial bottle, to stop the delivery and the samples involved. You need to give your order number, noted under the “GB” number on the package, and confirm your first and last name. The person I spoke to confirmed that he had stopped all future deliveries and the resulting samples. I’ll see if it works, there’s no reason to! The number to call is 0805089351.

    Thank you for your article and your warnings.

  • Morin laetitia

    Hello I would like to cancel my order thank you

    • Corinne K.

      Hello Laetitia,
      You will need to contact the retailer from whom you made your purchase. We do not sell any products, we are an information site whose mission is to collect as much relevant information as possible about a given slimming product.

      To increase your chances of a successful refund, please read our article at this address.

      Good luck!

  • Sam

    A lot of people get scammed too easily, the tempting offers are multiplying on the internet. Nothing in life is free. And this applies even more to the Internet, it always attracts people when it’s free but the sum is used to think and dissuade that’s why it’s written in very small with an asterisk, they are vicious be smarter. I didn’t need to read the conditions just after filling in the details, it’s written in grey on white so as not to be too visible I guess ^^! In short, I think you’ll be more wary after this, they have nothing to gain even if there were only shipping costs to pay, it doesn’t work like that in stores, no one is privileged enough to receive a free bottle or even a free pill would be more realistic. We’re not children anymore, we’re too stupid to believe such bullshit. This dissuaded me from buying their product, which looked so tempting, their dishonesty will make them lose a large number of interested parties. Thanks for the article, it helped me understand why I was turned off by rasberey kerone, which seemed too close to this one. Miracle products from America supposedly attract the French, but it’s better to get off your ass and eat a balanced diet, that’s the only true thing. You never get anything without effort, otherwise you’ll have to go to the operating table, but as long as you’ve got legs and a mind, there’s nothing to stop you, the result will be all the tastier and the pride too! Good luck to you all!

  • Véronique

    Hello everyone
    I was in the same situation as the people who were victims of this scam.
    I phoned my bank as soon as I saw that I had been debited 2 times 99.99 euros by the seller.
    They advised me to call 36.39, a call center.
    I explained my case and they’re going to block my credit card and reimburse me.
    With the explanations provided, it’s quite simple.
    I hope this helps a lot of people.
    Sincerely Véronique

    • Clara

      Hello How do I oppose?

  • Emilie Charles

    Bonjour j’ai commandé un flacon chez vous je souhaiterai être remboursée immédiatement des 99.99 euros prélevé sur mon compte on ne pas prévenue du montant qui allaitai être débité si cela ne est pas fait je fais opposition à la banque mon téléphone est le ****(hidden by the moderator. For your security, please do not make your details public) thank you Mrs Charles emilie

    • Corinne K.

      Hello Emilie,
      We do not sell any products, you are mistaken. We are an informative site, which aims to help consumers make the right choices in terms of slimming pills. In fact, you can see that we don’t recommend the product you’re talking about, Trimplex Elite. Our advice: contact the customer service department of the retailer you purchased from and request a refund and cancellation of any order or subscription.

      Don’t forget to come back and share what happens next here: you’ll be helping a lot of other people.

      Good luck with your problem!


    I experienced this when I read the trimplexelite article, I believed it and without thinking I ordered it without reading the terms and conditions. I ticked it and just a few days after receiving the product I was debited 2 times for 99 euros and counting because I had also fallen for the cleansebooster which combined with the first product would increase the results. I blocked my card but I didn’t get my money back because it wasn’t card fraud but a commercial dispute that I had to settle directly with the company. What should I do? How could I have been so naive, even though I don’t usually believe in such things? Couldn’t the public service protect its citizens from these scams: 200 euros isn’t nothing, and what’s more, I think I’m going to throw these pills away because there can’t be any good in them. How can we trust scammers who have no regard for French law? It’s deplorable! And we are powerless!

    • Cédric

      Hello Adelaide,
      That’s right, fighting this kind of practice was one of the reasons that gave birth to

  • mille michelle

    thank you for your information

  • Aurelie

    I made the same mistake and was debited 2 X 99€ even though it was a trial period of 4.96€.
    Can you tell me how to stop this and if making a stop payment will be enough to stop them?

    I’m lost and I don’t know what to do?

    Thank you

  • Bosse

    The article did not say that we would have to pay 99€ and what’s more that we would be redelivered and billed without our consent.

    • Corinne K.

      Our article on Trimplex Elite does indeed mention the 99€, as well as the other surprises awaiting people who have decided to buy this weight loss supplement. Moreover, our article rejects and advises against this product.

    • regis

      Idem for me I contacted the bank and they blocked the card directly. it is the best solution I think. to return these capsules I tel and by threatening them they sent me an address and here is what I received:
      We are sorry to hear that the product does not meet your needs. We would like to offer you a 50% discount on the products ordered. If you no longer wish to use the products and take advantage of our offer, please find the return instructions below:
      Trimplex Elite RMA number: (Removed by moderation for security and confidentiality reasons)
      Cleanse Booster RMA number:(Removed by moderation for security and privacy reasons)
      Please write the first seven RMA numbers on your package and mail it back within the next 7 days.

      We recommend that you request a tracking number for the return of the product. Once we have received the product, your file will be closed and you will not be charged.

      Trimplex Elite,
      Return to:
      Customer Returns
      PO Box 455
      Ruislip HA4 6HH
      but the products they took from me the sums of 5,91 in the 6 euros at the beginning. therefore the products i do not return them.

  • isabelle Januario

    LOST 400
    SCANDALIZED no recourse and we let these companies rip us off
    if anyone can advise me, thank you

  • Makda

    I order to test I have not received yet !!!!

    • adelaide

      cancel your card right away because they’re going to charge you 99 euros soon!

  • Alain

    I also suffered this scam, I would like to know if there is a procedure to follow to have recourse to the refund, from 4.96 to 99 euros, I will also oppose?

  • Fixot

    I haven’t bought anything and you’ve taken 100 euros from me. I’m putting in a stop payment.

  • Irene


  • PETOIN Solange

    I ordered the 14-day trial box of TrimplexElite for 4.96 euros. I had read the terms and conditions of the offer beforehand, in which they state that the 14-day trial is non-binding.

    When I received my box, I found a sheet attached informing me that my trial would be billed at 94.99 euros at the end of the 14 days.

    I immediately contacted customer service to cancel everything. The man offers me a 50% discount and no further shipments after this one. I refuse and ask to cancel the contract and return the product. After 3 minutes of silence, he hangs up on me.

    I call customer service again, and another man explains that it’s my fault because I didn’t read the offer conditions, which is totally untrue.I ask to return the product anyway, to which he retorts that by sending it back to the United States I’ll be paying more than if I just take the 50% discount.I insist and end up getting the famous RMA number and the return address in ENGLAND. The registered parcel with acknowledgement of receipt still cost me 12 euros.

    • Geraldine

      I’ve been the victim of the same thing…you say you’ve obtained an address in A England, can you give me this address?

      I’ve been trying to call for 2 days with no results?

      Thanks in advance

    • MOLUS Roselyne

      Hello Mrs PETOIN Solange,
      I’m in the same situation as you except that I cancelled my trial orders by email and the reply came back in English. I can’t read it because I don’t speak or understand English and I don’t have a translator on my PC! So I phoned 0805 089 351 customer service and asked them to email me the return code and address. In the meantime, my account has been debited for shipping costs…! a second email went out and there was still no reply, so today I contacted them again to ask for this document, the same spiel repeated over and over so that you can’t place one… how can I return these products without any charges and with an exact address because they refused to give it to me? I’m going to stop payment right now in case he charges me or destroy my bank card. I think the 2nd solution will be safer! Can you tell me how to do this? Thank you

    • Name*

      Yes me too when I called he gave me letters could not get the address, to communicate to me please

    • closier

      bonjour vous pouvez me donner l’adresse svp

    • ROGER


      • Corinne K.

        Please contact the retailer where you made your purchase. Good luck!

  • Lydie

    Do not order big scam they do not wait 15 days to deduct 99.99 € and they do not want to refund you in full. And before the 15 days they still take money from you if mm that you know it they try mm to send you the product for 50% less are price. I had to fight to get at least a refund and make sure they wouldn’t take any more money from me. Now I have to block my card to make sure they won’t take any more money from me. 15 trial days from the order date, so if you receive your product a week later they don’t want to know anything….

    • Lydie

      Here is the number to contact for those who need it don’t be fooled even when you call they try to extort you 0805089351

    • Isa

      I’ve just been ripped off, just like you. I’ve just obtained by telephone a refund of 50% of the 99.99€ deducted from my account yesterday. They told me they would do it within 24 hours. I’m waiting to see! Have you received this refund yet?

      I’m going to file a complaint and block my credit card tomorrow.

      I’m paying the price for my naivety!!!!

    • roudoudou

      me idem,la somme de 5,91 et 5;94 a ete prélevée,mais j’ai fait tout de suite annuler ma cb.Pour l’instant je n’ai rien recu mais c’est tout les envoyes des mails pour annuler et les reponses sont vraiment imcompreansibles… Donc si je recoivent la commande je garde tout point final surtout que l’essai etait gratiut

  • linda

    i bought these products susi waiting to receive them and my account debited 5.91 and 5.94 and the next day stop my credit card that will be enough to avoid being charged 99 euro as they say

    • Delphine

      I had the same direct debit as you on January 24.

      I’ve just cancelled my credit card. I hope I won’t be fooled again.

  • Costa oliveira

    How do I cancel my order?

  • Lasry

    i ordered trimplexe elite and cleanse booster for a free trial fortunately i cancelled my credit card at my bank without waiting for the 14 day trial when i read the testimonials that it was a scam how can i return their product because on the package there is no postal address can someone help me?

  • David

    I have a question, if I cancel the card won’t be charged anymore?

  • Simoon

    I ordered both products (Trimplex elite and Cleanse Booster) for me and a friend. So nothing strange when 4 times 5,94E was deducted from my credit-card. As she doesn’t have a credit card I paid for her.

    I received the products 5 days later and tried it. Unfortunately I didn’t responded good and my face looked like a teenager full with spots.

    I called the number on the paper and they answered directly, only the man on the other side was stalling time. And often very difficult to hear/understand. My French is not good but I’m pretty sure his wasn’t either. He promised to cancel everything and send me a notification. Which I never received.

    The next day my Dutch bank called me and told me they saw something strange on my credit-card transaction as at the same day an amount was deducted in Malta and in Iraq so they cancelled my card. At that time I even didn’t make the link but when I saw the amount of 99,99 4 times. In this case I’m really lucky with my bank and they made sure the money was back on my account otherwise I would have lost 400E.

  • nat

    same thing after ordering i stopped my card to be sure not to be charged later

    • Costa oliveira

      How do I cancel my order?

  • stef

    attention arnarque?.test supposedly free then you are debited 99.99 euos and 94.99 euros…1 weeks receive the pills and then it’s too late…you only find out about it once you have received your pills (15 days later)?or is it explained on 2 ridiculous sheets…which is completely hidden at the time of your supposedly free purchase? BIG RIP-OFF

  • Celia.H

    Like everyone else I was also scammed. An initial debit of 5.95€, a few days later I received a box. Two weeks later 99€ without the product. Then the following month 104.90€ again without product. I had to change my credit card because it was impossible to contact the company by phone, e-mail or post.

    So 200€ that I’ll never get back.

    What’s more, I tried taking some and there are more side effects than benefits.

    Be really careful!

  • gyongyi79

    Trial product offers, great scam, well tried – don’t hesitate to stop.

    For TRIMPLEX ELITE and CLEANSE BOOSTER, please find enclosed the Customer Service email address (impossible to reach them at the phone number indicated in their email) and no website either to get information, opaque company…. you must stop payment immediately at your bank!!!!!
    and return address for products
    Customer Returns
    PO BOX 455

    • Ingrid Depoilly

      Etes vous sur de l’adresse car ils m’ont donné la même et pour la poste ça semble bizarre merci de me répondre s’il vs plait

    • eva

      yes, I’ve just been to the post office and the address is absolutely not valid formas not suitable for Great Britain. anyway it’s a free trial they charge you for postage so you bought them don’t spend any more money it’s a scam. their only aim is to have your bank details, only solution is to stop the order as soon as possible because after 14 days from the date of the order they deduct 99 euros for each bottle every month.

  • joie sylviane

    I just ordered the samples and after reading your comments I called the so-called customer service they assured me to be in the United States except that with the time difference this is not possible given the time I called. and they told me that they were closing my next orders and that, exceptionally, they were charging me 50% of the product, i.e. 49 euros for each sample, i.e. 98 euros that I hadn’t planned to pay I’m going to my bank to try and block the direct debit but it’s annoying to play on people’s feelings thank you for warning me I just hope I can stop the payment in time


    like many, I was scammed. They charged me 99.96 and 99.99 euros a week after I bought their products. The bank doesn’t want to know anything. Do you have an address where I can contact them? What steps have you taken to get your money back?

    thank you

  • Duarte virginie

    I ordered a free trial and they debited my account the next day for 5?91 euros twice and I still haven’t received the product. I think I’ve just been taken for a ride.

  • Frederique

    Arnarquée too, but objected the same day the trial bottle arrived. I kept the confirmation email in case they tried to take money from me. I still have the trial bottle but I’m hesitating whether to keep it or send it back. I’ve enclosed a letter with a copy to cover all eventualities, all in their padded envelope.


      they charged me 99?90 10 DAYS later, on the envelope there is no address and what’s more it doesn’t work!!!!! I have to change my card so that they don’t charge me anymore the REAL SCAM

    • smael

      Sorry, I’ve just placed an order, after reading your documentation I have doubts about my order and how do I cancel it?

    • laura coutac

      I have just received the bottle and I have put a stop payment on my card.
      What address did you send it to?

      Have you had any news?

      How can I use it or not?

      Thank you very much for your reply.

    • Name*

      big scam

      • francoise d m

        yes, I too was scammed and thanks to the vigilance of my bank, which refused the last payment!

        I called the number they give 0805 089 351 and after many discussions where, among other things after threatening to lodge a complaint and asking to speak to a manager! they apparently agreed to deactivate my account…

        and they should send me the February order that was debited and not sent…

        to be continued…

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