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SlimFocus: another free trial to be avoided at all costs!

SlimFocus BouteilleSlimFocus is the name of a product which, for some time now, has been appearing more than a dozen times on our space reserved for comments and testimonials from users of slimming products. This area is accessible on our website at this address (in French), and you too can use it to share your experiences with slimming pills.
We finally decided to put this product to the test, as it’s such a hot topic! It wasn’t easy to find an official website claiming to sell this pill. When we typed the term slimfocus into search engines (including Google), we always came across a home chimney model! To sort out the story, we investigated further, and here are the results.

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SlimFocus, a product with a spotty reputation…

SlimFocus is supposed to help you lose weight, and effectively, according to the Facebook pages extolling its virtues. In fact, we’ve spotted a number of threads on scam-reporting sites, where Internet users were pointing the finger at SlimFocus. All the complaints complaints are unanimous in denouncing the scam associated with this pill, which is advertised by celebrities.
Laurent Ournac Avant ApresAmong these famous names is French actor Laurent OURNAC (pictured), who had already lost over 50 kilos thanks to a stomach operation known as longitudinal gastrectomy (sleeve gastrectomy). This undisputed weight-loss metamorphosis was unfortunately misused to attract buyers for SlimFocus.

The manufacturer and the promises of SlimFocus

We have been unable to locate any information about the manufacturer of this pill, or its country of origin. What we do know is that SlimFocus is always delivered as part of afree trial. If you’ve already read our section on weight loss pill scams, you’ll know that this trick is a sales scam.
It’s all about convincing the buyer to pay only only the shipping costs for their free sample! A bargain, you might say. However, what the unfortunate buyer doesn’t know is that, without realizing it, he’s signed up for a monthly direct debit amounting to some 99 euros! The unfortunate thing is that this direct debit is sometimes indicated in tiny letters, somewhere well hidden on the sales page.

SlimFocus promises what every weight-loss enthusiast wants:

  • Rapid weight loss without dieting or exercise;
  • Improved metabolism;
  • relief from digestive problems;

All in a 100% natural formula based on extracts of natural ingredients. By the way, let’s talk about these ingredients…

The ingredients SlimFocus

Our research led us to two different websites where SlimFocus is on sale. At the time of writing, we cannot confirm whether one or both of these sites are officially the manufacturer of SlimFocus, which we already don’t know!

What intrigues us here, however, is that on one of the two sites (in English), you’ll find a list of ingredients that includes raspberry ketone and green coffee with no other mention of dosage or recommended daily intake.
On the other website, no ingredients are clearly mentioned. However, a short video about garcinia cambogia is inserted right in the middle of the main page! We really don’t know what’s actually in these pills. What we do know, from the various testimonials collected all over the web, is that the promised effects aren’t there.

The free trial of SlimFocus

We can’t stress this enough: avoid the free trial! Whether for SlimFocus or any other product. The reason for this warning is quite simple, though.

A slimming pill containing natural plant extracts with slimming properties costs money. These pills are manufactured in laboratories that are recognized and, above all, approved and controlled by the relevant authorities. These laboratories spend a lot of budget to extract the ingredients using very expensive processes. These products are then tested by third-party organizations, within the framework of studies financed by the manufacturer.

Would you expect this same manufacturer to be able to distribute his “merchandise” free of charge just as easily?

What’s more, experience has shown that websites displaying a block similar to this one :
SlimFocus Essai Gratuit
usually hide some nasty surprises! Especially when the text entry spaces on this block are simply…frozen! Often, these are still images pointing to an external sales site. Watch out!

Why buy SlimFocus?

Faced with this feeling of distress caused by a strong desire to lose weight at all costs, many people succumb to similar offers. The sales pitch is cleverly supported by this “joint” payment of shipping costs. So it’s not all free, you participate in even a partial purchase.

The SlimFocus case is just one of many similar cases reported every day. It’s a small part of a big iceberg that hides a lot more fraud. On the web, you are responsible for your purchasing decisions, and it’s up to you to guard against the various dangers that lurk.

To learn more about this subject, please consult our article :

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If you think you’ve been the victim of a similar fraud, contact one of the consumer rights protection organizations listed on the sidebar of our website.

Here’s an example of a testimonial found on the web, reporting SlimFocus as a fraud:
Hello, I’m like you, I’ve been ripped off. They charged me €3.94, then 15 days later €99.86 and €99.89, and one month later €104.92 and €104.98, and I haven’t received anything. It’s true that I wasn’t careful with my accounts. So I went to the bank to put together a scam file and change my credit card.

How can I lose weight without using SlimFocus?

Fortunately, it’s not all bad news on the web. Other, more serious manufacturers offer proven slimming pills for sale (not for trial). Once again, it’s up to you to choose the type of pills you need, depending on your individual situation. And here’s another thing: these products come with a money-back guarantee!

To find out the difference between the different types of slimming pills, take a look at the following section:

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We’ve also compiled a Top 5 list of the most viewed and purchased products. Remember, though, that if a product works for one person, it doesn’t mean it will work for everyone! It really comes down to your own metabolism, as well as your eating and exercise habits.

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  • Coste

    I can’t finalize my CLA order.

    Always a problem!

  • Bujan

    I also got ripped off and the only solution was to make an offer to the credit card?.so I only lost “about a hundred €”.
    But I didn’t use the capsules because I don’t trust scammers.

    I was just looking today to see if there were any positive reviews at least on their effectiveness…apparently not so the best solution is to throw my bottle in the bin????

    And yes, considering what it cost me, I had put it aside…

    Well, I’ll throw it away and sign up for sports again at the beginning of the school year????

    • Hélène Marfak

      Hello Geraldine,
      Your testimonial proves once again that our well-founded warnings can help our readers avoid scams and unwanted payments, provided of course that you read them before ordering:)
      Free trials, products sold on several sites and without official sites or well-identified manufacturers are to be avoided at all costs.

      We sincerely hope that all our readers will make sure they are well informed before ordering any product.

      Have a nice day.

  • Girard

    Hello sir, this is the 6th time I’ve written to you to stop your product and since then I’ve continued to take your product. My body can’t stand it and I’m very allergic to slimFOCUS, so stop or I’ll file a complaint.

    All your packages still here are not even opened I would be grateful for this gesture thank you in advance

    • Céline

      I got screwed too, they charged me 104.92 €, the only way to stop them is to stop your credit card, that’s what I had to do so they can’t make any more charges.

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