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Slim Kick Chilli Day Time, the daytime formula of a fat burner with capsaicin

Slim-Kick-Chilli-Day-Time- 979 x 1024Slim Kick Chilli Day Time is a fat burner whose results can be seen instantly, at least according to its manufacturer. Thanks to extracts of cayenne pepper, pepper and caffeine extracts, our bodies are supposed to warm up and our energy levels increase during the day.

A sluggish metabolism and the various difficulties we face in shedding the extra kilos, despite the dietary and physical efforts we make, can quickly make us lose the desire to continue our quest for the ideal body. So we sometimes resort to slimming, appetite-suppressant and fat-burning products, with a view to losing a few waistline curves. However, we’re not always sure of their effectiveness, and often get lost in the wide range of products on offer.

Does Slim Kick Chilli really help you shed those extra pounds and get rid of the toxins that have built up in your body? Let’s find out in this article what it’s made of, what it does for our bodies, and what we think of this product which focuses on chilli to prove its effectiveness.

SlimKick Chilli Day Time, what exactly is it?

Slim Kick Chilli Day Time is a daytime supplement containing all-natural ingredients to boost metabolism and accelerate the fat elimination process. Indeed, Slim Kick Chilli, as its name suggests, is mainly made from chilli pepper, which you can feel working thanks to the heat it releases from your body. It is one of two products in the Slim Kick Chilli Day and Night combo package, alongside Slim Kick Night, which we have already tested HERE.

It also contains caffeine, piperine and niacin. All this to reduce appetite and snacking cravings while boosting energy levels in the body, enabling physiological properties to function properly while keeping motivation up and reducing symptoms of fatigue to keep you on track.

Ingredients from Slim Kick Chilli Day Time

Cayenne pepper

Piment de Cayenne Capsaicin is extracted from cayenne pepper to accelerate metabolism and fat elimination. It also improves blood circulation and regulates hormone levels in the body to reduce stress.


An extract of black pepper, piperine helps improve blood circulation and enhances the body’s absorption of nutrients. It also generates heat to burn fat and flush toxins from the body.


Vitamin B3 helps eliminate toxins from the skin. It can also improve resistance to stress and give the body more energy.


cafeineCaffeine is well known for stimulating the metabolism and energizing the body to avoid daily bouts of fatigue. But it also drains toxins and eliminates waste accumulated in the body, while improving intestinal transit. It also has interesting appetite-suppressant properties.

Green tea extract

Green tea is known as a powerful antioxidant that can boost fat burning while ridding the body of accumulated toxins, thanks to the catechins it contains. Green tea also contains caffeine, the benefits of which were mentioned above.

LCLT (L-carnitine)

L-carnitine improves the body’s performance during exercise and is an important source of energy, reducing fatigue and helping to burn fat.

And what does it promise? the Slim Kick Chilli Day Time promise?

Slim Kick Chilli bases its slimming promises on the many benefits of chilli, combined with other natural ingredients. It focuses primarily on :

  • maintaining energy and eliminating fatigue, thanks in particular to caffeine ;
  • boosting antioxidant levels thanks to green tea extracts ;
  • stimulating and accelerating the metabolism thanks to the heat released by chilli and pepper, and thus eliminating fat accumulated in the body.

At the same time, it eliminates the sensation of hunger and the desire to snack by reducing the hormone that causes it, ghrelin.

What does science?

We have not yet identified any studies specific to Slim Kich Chilli Day Time. However, numerous studies have demonstrated the ability of capsaicin, present in chilli peppers, to reduce the quantity of food ingested and promote the sensation of satiety, as well as in thermogenesis, i.e., the increase in natural heat that helps burn fat and flush out toxins.

Published in the specialized scientific journal Plos ONE in 2015, a study by researchers at the University of Adelaide’s Centre for Nutrition and Gastrointestinal Diseases analyzed the action of capsaicin on receptors called TRPV1, or chili receptors, located in the stomach. This study focused primarily on the feeling of satiety that can be experienced after ingesting food, thus reinforcing previous studies and confirming the effectiveness of chilli pepper on the body.

What do users of Slim Kick Chilli Day Time?

bruleur de graisseOn the manufacturer’s official website, we can see that consumers’ opinions of the product are quite favorable. Indeed, many say they feel an instant effect after taking the capsules, proving that they work by raising body temperature.

We also note that most people who have taken Slim Kick Chilli Day Time say they no longer experience cravings between meals, or eat less than usual.

Some report a definite increase in their daily energy levels, helping them to stop snacking and feeling tired.

On other platforms and forums concerned with health and general well-being, we can see the same kind of comments: a reduction in appetite and an energy boost that inevitably leads to weight loss.

Nonetheless, the reviews are still few and far between, and therefore not conclusive as to whether the product really works and is suitable for all types of metabolism and for different people.

Side effects and contraindications Slim Kick Chilli Day Time

Made from 100% natural ingredients, Slim kick Chilli has no known side effects and has not received any negative feedback from consumers. It can therefore be considered safe and without health risks.

It is advisable not to exceed the doses recommended by the manufacturer.

Slim Kick Chilli Day Time is not intended for children under 18.

If you are sensitive to caffeine or have heart problems, please consult your doctor before using Slim Kick Chilli.

How to use Slim Kick Chilli SlimKick Chilli Day Time?

One box of Slim Kick Day Time contains 60 capsules, providing you with a month’s supply.

It’s best to take two SlimKick pills in the morning before breakfast with a full glass of water, every day for a period of three months.

It’s advisable to stay hydrated throughout the supplementation period, drinking plenty of water throughout the day.

Of course, Slim Kick Day Time should be taken in conjunction with a balanced diet and its nighttime supplement SlimKick Night, and is by no means a substitute for your daily meals.

Where can I buy Slim Kick Chilli Day Time?

Despite its availability on numerous online platforms, the safest bet is to buy Slim Kick Chilli from its official distributor, namely Evolution Slimming.

The product normally costs around 34 euros, but is currently discounted by 33%. It therefore comes to around 23 euros for a one-month supply.

Slim Kick Chilli is not available in stores or pharmacies.

site officiel du produit
Delivery is free in the UK.

For the rest of Europe, standard delivery (3 to 7 days) costs around 3 euros and express delivery (1 to 2 days) costs around 16 euros.

Our opinion about Slim Kick Chilli

Formulated with natural ingredients, principally chilli, which has been proven to be an essential element in thermogenesis, responsible for sweating, warming the body and increasing metabolism, Slim Kick Chilli day formula has been designed to accompany the night formula for a 24-hour workout.

Especially effective during training and physical activity, these two products help to melt fat, prevent cravings and fatigue during the day, and eliminate toxins from the body.

We were won over by the two formulas, Slim Kick Chilli Day Time and Slim Kick Night, which appear to be effective and, above all, complementary. above all, complementary, provided, of course, that you do your utmost and engage in regular physical activity.


  • Made from 100% natural substances that are not harmful to health;
  • Capsaicin, niacin, piperine and caffeine have been scientifically proven to increase metabolism and boost the energy produced by the body;
  • Official and secure distributor who guarantees delivery within the standards and an original quality product;
  • Certified product manufactured to high international standards.


  • The product is only available online on its official website;
  • A lack of consumer reviews on the Internet (perhaps due to the product’s recent arrival on the market).

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