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Test du ProtoCol Thermo Slim

Proto-col thermo slim, a stop to excess fat

flacon-proto-col-thermo-slimWhen you’ve got a lot of weight to lose, or when you’re in a hurry to regain a more harmonious silhouette, it’s advisable to choose a concentrated slimming supplement, whose formula will provide a real boost to weight loss and reinforce your efforts to lose weight.

The product we’re presenting today is designed to help you burn fat. I’m talking about the PROTO-COL THERMO SLIM fat burner.

Presentation and promises of Proto-col Thermo Slim

Proto-col Thermo Slim is a supplement with effective fat-burning and appetite-suppressant properties:

  • Activate thermogenesis and increase the body’s energy expenditure;
  • Boost energy levels;
  • Improve circulation;
  • Reduce feelings of hunger;
  • Melt excess fat quickly.

Proto-col Thermo Slim is made from natural ingredients that target effortless weight loss.

A fine promise, and we hope the product delivers.

For optimum results, take 2 Proto-col Thermo Slim capsules a day, one (1) in the morning and one (1) in the afternoon before 7pm, and drink at least 2 liters of water a day.

The manufacturer of Proto-col Thermo Slim

The company behind this fat burner and appetite suppressant is Proto-col, as the name suggests.

This English company was founded in 2003, and has been designing and marketing health and beauty products for over 10 years.

The beauty of this brand is that its philosophy is to offer high-quality supplements at prices accessible to as many people as possible.

We’ll be checking whether Proto-col Thermo Slim meets this criterion, but in any case it’s a corporate credo which, if respected, will benefit the consumer.

The ingredients of Proto-col Thermo Slim

Here are the main ingredients in the Proto-col Thermo Slim formula.

1. Citrus Auantium:

Citrus aurantium has recognized thermogenic effects, as it now frequently replaces ephedrine, considered too dangerous, in weight-loss supplements.

This citrus fruit contains synephrine, which has similar effects to ephedrine and boosts fat burning.

However, clinical studies have shown that citrus aurantium is not safe to use, and is only authorized under the following conditions:

  • The amount of p-synephrine ingested must be less than 20 mg per recommended daily dose;
  • The label must carry a warning against use by children, pregnant or breast-feeding women, and in the event of anti-hypertensive treatment;
  • Caffeine and sources of caffeine are not permitted in dietary supplements containing Citrus aurantium L.

(Source: Order of June 24, 2014 establishing the list of plants, other than mushrooms, authorized in food supplements and the conditions of their use.)
To find out more about this ingredient, see our full article HERE.

2. Green tea:

Here too, we’re dealing with an ingredient renowned for its fat-burning and relaxing properties.

It’s the presence of catechins in green tea that gives it its thermogenic properties.

Green tea is also very rich in antioxidants and theanine, which influences the release of serotonin, a hormone involved in appetite control.

3. Coffee:

Proto-col Thermo Slim contains coffee powder for its caffeine content.

Caffeine stimulates both the central nervous system and fat burning via lipolysis.

It is officially recognized as an adjuvant (reinforcing agent) in weight-loss diets.

It should be noted, however, that the presence of caffeine or a source of caffeine and citrus aurantium in the same product is not authorized in many countries…

4. Guarana :

Guarana is an Amazonian plant with appetite-suppressant and fat-burning properties. It is therefore an interesting ingredient for slimming diets.

We have dedicated a full article to this ingredient, which you can consult HERE.

5. Pyridoxine hydrochloride:

This substance derived from B-group vitamins is used to make up for any deficiencies in weight-loss diets where food intake is reduced.

It enables you to lose weight without feeling tired or anaemic, for example.

6. Chromium Polynicotinate:

Helps regulate and even reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

It contributes to numerous biochemical processes, including sugar and fat metabolism.

7. Cayenne :

Cayenne pepper and its active substance, capsaicin, are excellent fat burners.

Capsaicin activates thermogenesis, i.e. it increases the body’s energy expenditure, which will break down and oxidize more fat, particularly stored fat.

8. L-Tyrosine:

This amino acid is involved in appetite control, but also in stress reduction, which is often a major factor in weight gain.

Proto-col Thermo Slim and science

The ingredients in Proto-col Thermo Slim have all been scientifically researched and validated for their slimming properties.

A recent review analyzed the results of various studies concerning the role of citrus flavonoids, including citrus aurantium, in metabolism in particular.

These prove to have positive effects on fat metabolism problems, insulin resistance, and obesity, three factors that contribute to better weight control.

(Source: NCBI. Department of Biochemistry, University of Western Ontario, London, ON, Canada N6A 5B7. Mulvihill EE, Burke AC, Huff MW. Annu Rev Nutr. 2016 May 4.).

The combination of caffeine and green tea, as in Proto-col Thermo Slim, has been studied by science.

This randomized, double-blind study, carried out on 76 overweight subjects, followed a 4-week regimen during which they received a daily dose of 270 mg catechin, and 150 mg caffeine, or the placebo.

After 3 weeks of stabilization, those who received the green tea + caffeine combination lost an average of 5.9 kg.

Green tea consumption, particularly during the stabilization phase, further reduced weight loss, waist circumference and body fat, while increasing basal metabolic rate.

(Source: NCBI. Department of Human Biology, Maastricht University, Maastricht, The Netherlands. Westerterp-Plantenga MS, Lejeune MP, Kovacs EM. Obes Res. 2005 Jul; 13(7) : 1195-204)
Finally, we can mention this review of studies which has grouped together research results concerning the weight-loss benefits of capsaicin, and validates its fat-burning properties.

(Source: NCBI. Manchester Food Research Centre, Manchester Metropolitan University, Hollings Faculty, Old Hall Lane, Manchester M14 6HR, UK. Whiting S., Derbyshire E., Tiwari BK. Appetite. 2012 Oct;59(2):341-8. doi: 10.1016/j.appet.2012.05.015. Epub 2012 May 22).

Side effects and contraindications of Proto-col Thermo Slim

The presence of citrus aurantium and caffeine can cause side effects, such as palpitations and heart rhythm disturbances, anxiety, insomnia, irritation, etc.

It is therefore advisable to respect the doses recommended by the manufacturer (in this respect, we even recommend taking the second capsule of Proto-col thermo slim before 3pm, to avoid any sleep disturbance), and to stop the treatment as soon as any undesirable effects appear.

Capsaicin can sometimes cause heartburn. It is generally advisable to take this substance with food, to avoid this inconvenience.

Testimonials from Proto-col Thermo Slim users

People who have tried Proto-col Thermo Slim are very satisfied with the results they have achieved.

Proto-col Thermo Slim appears to be an effective slimming supplement, and in particular produces fat loss in the abdominal area, which is particularly appreciated by some.

The overall trend in consumer reviews is positive.

Proto-col Thermo Slim price and guarantee

Proto-col Thermo Slim is available for 43,99€ a box of 90 capsules, equivalent to a 45-day course of treatment (1 ½ months).

Free delivery on orders over €50. Payment is secure and several payment methods are accepted.


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