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Oenobiol Liporeducteur Avis Test

Oenobiol Liporéducteur, the fat catcher

boite-oenobiol-liporeducteurOENOBIOL LIPOREDUCTEUR is a fat catcher designed to support people who have started a weight-loss program as part of a low-calorie diet.

The aim of these capsules is not to make you lose kilos, but rather to help you better manage and compensate for any deviations from your diet, by capturing dietary fat, for example during rich meals.

We’ve already tested a very similar fat catcher, also based on chitosan: Arkopharma Laboratories’ Lipoféine Capteur de Graisses pills.

If you’ve read our review, you’ll know that this product failed to convince us.

Will Oenobiol Liporéducteur be any different?

Presentation & Promises of Oenobiol Liporéducteur

Oenobiol Liporéducteur is a chitosan-based fat catcher that promises to :

  • Capture 34% of dietary fat ingested with meals;
  • Immediately reduce fat absorption and storage;
  • Help compensate for dietary deviations.

Oenobiol Liporéducteur comes in capsule form.

The dose recommended by the manufacturer is 2 to 3 capsules, 2 times a day, during the two main meals, with a large glass of water.

The minimum recommended course of treatment is 4 weeks, and can be extended with a doctor’s consent, as recommended on the official website.

Laboratoires Oenobiol

Oenobiol is a leading French company in the beauty, health and nutrition sector, part of the Sanofi-Aventis-France group.

These laboratories are known for their reliability, which is no longer in doubt.

The official website provides all the necessary information in full transparency, including the company’s physical address, registration number, etc.

With the manufacturer’s credibility attested, will this be enough to guarantee the effects and promises made by Oenobiol Liporéducteur capsules?

Ingredients of Oenobiol Liporéducteur

Oenobiol Liporéducteur is mainly composed of CHITOSAN. (Read our article on this ingredient).

Chitosan is a substance derived from the walls of certain fungi (plant origin) or shellfish (animal origin).

Oenobiol Liporéducteur offers us a patented 100% natural chitosan of plant origin.

Chitosan is essentially composed of D-Glucosamine and N-acetyl-D-Glucosamine, and its action consists of binding to fatty acids in the intestine to block their absorption, facilitate their elimination via natural pathways and thus limit their storage in the body.

L’acetylation : the process that determines chitosan’s quality and efficacy

Chitosan is produced from industrial “waste” through the acetylation process.

This process, whether carried out chemically or by enzymatic treatment, gives rise to two different types of substance, depending on the degree of acetylation:

  • If the degree of acetylation is greater than 50%, chitin is obtained.
  • If the degree of acetylation is less than 50%, we obtain chitosan.

Chemical formula for the acetylation of chitin and chitosan
We can therefore call chitosan any substance resulting from a degree of acetylation ranging from 1 to 50%. And it’s precisely the limitations of this categorization that pose a problem!

A substance produced with 1% acetylation will be called chitosan on the same term as one extracted with 50%, and it’s certain that the former will have neither the efficacy nor the properties of the latter!

Unfortunately, there’s no way of distinguishing between the two on the basis of product labels alone, for the simple reason that manufacturers are not obliged to state this fact clearly and distinctly on their product packaging.

The real effectiveness of chitosan-based products is therefore difficult to assess, and Oenobiol Liporéducteur is no exception to the rule. Visit official website gives no details on the exact nature and degree of acetylation of the chitosan used.

We do know, however, that each capsule of Oenobiol Liporéducteur contains 400mg of chitosan, while each capsule of Lipoféine Capteur de fisses (a chitosan-based product whose test we have already published) contains 400mg of chitosan. test) contains 468.75mg. An estimated difference of 17% in contained quantity, or almost 1/5th less.

To better understand the effect of acetylation on the properties of chitosan, here’s a summary of a study published in 2000:
(Source: ScienceDirect. Laboratoires des Matériaux Polymères et des Biomatériaux (UMR CNRS 5627), Université Claude Bernard, 69622 Villeurbanne Cedex, France. Skin Substitutes Laboratory, Hôpital Edouard Herriot, 69437 Lyon Cedex 03, France. Claire Chatelet, Odile Damour, Alain Domard. doi : 10.1016/S0142-9612(00)00183-6)

Scientific studies on Oenobiol Liporéducteur

The official website mentions an in vitro study showing that the chitosan present in Oenobiol Liporéducteur can capture up to 34% of dietary fat.

The site does not publish anything about this study other than its reference (in vitro test: 2015037/4 of 08/10/2013) and the mention that this study appears on the product leaflet.

Despite our research, we were unable to find sufficient details about this study, its results and its reliability.

However, we were able to note that several studies, recognized by the scientific community, have evaluated the effects of chitosan and highlighted different results:

At first glance, these two studies may present contradictory results, but the following criteria must be taken into consideration: their duration, the population sampled and the volunteers’ baseline weight and BMI.

Before interpreting the results, it is important to refer to these criteria.

Here’s another study carried out in 1995, showing that chitosan combined with ascorbic acid acts synergistically to reduce fat digestion:
(Source: NCBI. Applied Bioresearch Center, Kirin Brewery Co. Ltd?, Gunma, Japan. Kanauchi O., Deuchi K., Imasato Y., Shizukuishi M., Kobayashi E. Biosci Biotechnol Biochem. 1995 May; 59(5) : 786-90).

Side effects and contraindications of Oenobiol Liporéducteur

To avoid possible interactions with other drugs, the manufacturer recommends that capsules be taken at least 4 hours apart from any other medication.

Chitosan can cause a number of undesirable side effects, such as loose stools and constipation.

Other contraindications should be taken into account, as this slimming supplement is not recommended for people:

  • suffer from constipation ;
  • Inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Subject to allergies or intolerance to the product’s components;
  • Pregnant or breast-feeding;
  • Underweight.

As a general rule, dietary supplements are not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women, children under 18, anyone suffering from a health problem or undergoing specific medical treatment. The advice of your doctor before taking this type of product is strongly recommended.

Price & Guarantee Oenobiol Liporéducteur

Oenobiol Liporéducteur is available from your local pharmacy or online, at an average price of €12 per box of 60 capsules.

At 6 doses a day, a box of 60 capsules covers a 10-day cure period. A simple calculation reveals a cost of 36€ for a one-month course of treatment.

The manufacturer makes no mention of a money-back guarantee.

Testimonials of oenobiol Liporéducteur users

The majority of people who tested this product expressed dissatisfaction with the weight-loss results obtained. Some even experienced severe constipation. Digestive problems (bloating, gas, constipation…) caused by the use of this product are almost unanimously reported by all consumers.

On the other hand, other people testify to the effectiveness of this product in stabilizing their weight as part of a controlled diet.

It’s well known that the effects of any slimming product differ from one person to another, but the general trend in consumer opinions about this product is not exactly favorable.

Have you already used this product? Share your experience by leaving a comment, it will certainly help someone else.

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