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Liver Detox Plus, cleansing the liver to help you lose weight

Liver Detox Plus Liver Detox Plus, as its name suggests, is a dietary supplement designed to help detoxify and cleanse the liver. This vital organ, said to be the second largest in our body after the skin, plays a very important role. The health of the liver, of course, like that of all other organs, plays an active role in overall health. When it comes to weight loss, many products are aimed at detoxifying this organ to guarantee a better chance of success.

How does Liver Detox Plus intend to achieve this? Does its composition really fit in with its operating logic? Should you consider trying such a liver detox solution? To help you make up your own mind, TesteurPilules takes a look at this product today.

Liver Detox Plus, a liver-cleansing formula… that’s all?

Liver Detox Plus is labelled with ingredients that are increasingly found in similar products. Is this a fashion trend or simply competition? Apparently not.

These ingredients seem to have a proven track record in detoxifying the human body. Artichoke and milk thistle have long been known to contain cynarin and sylimarin respectively. These two substances are known to aid liver function by :

  • increasing bile secretion, which helps digest fats and transport toxic substances ;
  • promoting the evacuation of bile into the duodenum. Bile excretion reduces the time toxins remain in the liver;
  • protects liver cells.

But, in addition to these two “liver-friendly” ingredients, the makers of Liver Detox plus have added choline: a pretty vital ingredient, we’ll learn more about below.

Before we go any further, Liver Detox Plus is NOT a fat burner! Remember to pair it with a verified product. Think Phen375 or PhenQ.

See our test of Dextrom, a Made in France product already making a name for itself in Europe. It too contains milk thistle, among other ingredients.

The promises made by the manufacturer of Liver Detox plus

According to Evolution Slimming, the manufacturer of this product, it is intended for people suffering from impaired liver function. To diagnose such a condition, the manufacturer cites the following symptoms:
Inability to lose weight, chronic fatigue and tiredness, high blood pressure, cholesterol, constipation, bloating and gas, protruding abdomen.

When you buy Liver Detox plus, its manufacturer promises you:

  • a high-quality liver cleansing supplement made in the UK with safe, natural ingredients ;
  • UK-based customer service with thousands of positive online reviews;
  • A free diet to accompany your Liver Detox Plus supplementation;
  • No automatic subscriptions/premiums.

This last point is very important to emphasize, as many manufacturers/vendors do not hesitate to hide this type of tacit renewal subscriptions, which are very detrimental to unwary buyers.

How it works Liver Detox Plus?

The manufacturer of Liver Detox Plus bases its product on liver health, hence its specific choice of ingredients. The liver is an essential organ, producing enzymes, controlling metabolism and destroying cells and toxic substances.
Foie humain
It is a veritable toxin filter, and should be regularly maintained to enable it to perform its main functions:

  • destruction of toxic substances in the blood ;
  • production of bile, a substance used in digestion;
  • metabolism of carbohydrates (sugar) and lipids (fat).

Fatty liver syndrome and general weight gain

Fatty liver syndrome, or “hepatic steatosis” in medical jargon, is one of today’s most frequent pathologies. Although benign, it’s also a disease to be taken very seriously, because if it isn’t treated properly…
The liver is a vital organ that stores fatty acids and triglycerides. As a result of an unhealthy lifestyle and unbalanced diet, this organ can become fatigued and even start to put on fat all around it. As a result, “wounds” appear on its surface, which later turn into scars. These permanent lesions are known as “cirrhosis”.

If the fat surrounding the liver exceeds 10%, we speak of hepatic steatosis. The risk of general obesity increases as a result of disordered liver metabolism. Fortunately, before it can be cured, it can be prevented by a balanced diet and a healthier lifestyle.

It’s clear, then, that the liver is an organ of the utmost importance when it comes to weight loss. The healthier our liver, the more likely we are to succeed in a weight-loss program. What ingredients does Liver Detox Plus use to fulfil its mission?

The ingredients of Liver Detox Plus

Here’s the list of ingredients announced by the manufacturer on the product label:
VitaCholine ® choline bitartrate, artichoke leaf extract 40:1, milk thistle (Silybum marianal) 38:1 extract (80% silymarin), l-Carnitine l-tartrate DC, co-enzyme Q10, vitamin B6 pyridoxine hydrochloride, trit-cyanocobalamin (1% preparation), anti-caking agent (magnesium stearate), flow agent (silicon dioxide), bulk agent (microcrystalline cellulose).
Liver Detox Plus Dosage Ingredients
Three ingredients especially catch our eye:

The VitaCholine™

VitaCholine ™ is a patented source source of choline, manufactured by Balchem.. Choline is an essential nutrient closely related to the B vitamin family. It can also be synthesized by the liver, but in insufficient quantities.
Oeuf CholineAccording to Wikipedia, choline is a basic constituent of phosphatidylcholines and acetylcholine, and serves as a precursor to betaine and S-adenosylmethionine, a methyl group donor fundamental to biology. In fact, choline availability has a profound impact on liver function. Hence its importance for the liver. It is also vital for pregnancy, heart health, brain and nerve cells, and general metabolism.

A normal individual should have a daily choline intake of up to 550 mg/day. It is therefore necessary to look for it in the diet: in eggs (50 g contain 125 mg), in animal liver (around 300 mg/100 g), in meat and fish (from 70 mg to 100 mg/100 g), and in legumes and nuts (around 40 mg/100 g).

Otherwise, choline supplementation is essential.

Milk thistle

Chardon MarieMilk thistle (Silybum marianum) improves liver and bile health. It’s a plant known for its ability to eliminate toxic substances from the body, and facilitate the normal regeneration of liver tissue and cells.

It is also an anticholesterolemic that contains silymarin, a substance that protects the kidneys by inhibiting the inflammatory response.


artichaut-pour-maigrir-legume-testeurpilules.comArtichoke is actually a domesticated thistle! This plant has diuretic virtues that boost the elimination of toxins through natural channels. It helps you lose weight, especially water rather than fat.

Artichoke is also known for its prebiotic action, which is highly favorable to weight loss, as these beneficial bacteria are said to have an appetite-reducing and digestion-enhancing effect. To find out more, here’s the link to our link to our artichoke blog article.

How to use Liver Detox Plus

The manufacturer recommends taking one (1) to two (2) capsules a day, with a full glass of water.

It also guarantees that its product is suitable for vegetarians and vegans, and contains no dairy products or caffeine.

Side effects and contraindications of Liver Detox Plus

According to the manufacturer, this product is composed of validated natural foods, which would not represent any health risk. However, as with most detox solutions, you should monitor your water intake. Diuretic-based solutions tend to drain a lot of water from the body, so you need to keep an eye on your hydration.

As with any dietary supplement, Liver Detox Plus is not recommended for breast-feeding women, nor for people under 18.

Testimonials and opinions of Liver Detox Plus

In view of the various testimonials found on the web, it seems that the vast majority of people who have tested this product are fairly satisfied with its effect. Most report a diuretic effect and an improvement in general health.

On the other hand, there seems to be unanimous support for the manufacturer’s sales and after-sales service.

Where to buy Liver Detox Plus?

We advise you to buy this product directly from its official manufacturer/distributor. This avoids the risk of counterfeit products or price speculation by sales intermediaries.

We’ve checked the link to the official website, and it turns out to be secure.
site officiel du produit

Liver Detox Plus guarantee

Evolution Slimming is a manufacturer with a solid reputation, offering a transparent 30-day money-back guarantee.

Our review of Liver Detox Plus

We’re not surprised to see the positive feedback from users about this product. Liver Detox Plus is another product from a manufacturer that has already secured a fairly solid place on the market.

Liver Detox Plus boasts an interesting list of ingredients, with transparent dosages and, above all, realistic claims. The manufacturer openly proclaims that this is not a magic fat-burning pill, but a dietary supplement aimed at improving liver health.

Finally, here’s our summary of the pluses and minuses of Liver Detox Plus :

  • Recognized and trusted manufacturer;
  • Guaranteed product manufactured to current standards;
  • High-value-added ingredients;
  • Transparent money-back guarantee.


  • Not directly aimed at fat burning;
  • Must be combined with a fat burner.

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