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Notre avis sur Dextrom

Dextrom: Survey and opinion on this Detox formula

Dextrom is a 14-day detox formula, made in France, which caught our attention immediately after its release.

Whether it’s its original, powerful and generous formula, its holistic approach to well-being or its simply exceptional customer support service, Dextrom shines on more than one level.

Will it make your detox cure a success and bring you the well-being you’ve been waiting for?

Let’s find out in this Dextrom test and review!

Effets du Dextrom

Dextrom, a multi-action product made in France

Dextrom is presented on its official website as a complete Detox cure. Made in France to the highest standards of hygiene and quality, it contains 3 proven 100% natural ingredients.

The brand that markets this product, Naturay, based in Paris, chose to manufacture its product in France as a European country that does not skimp when it comes to the regulation and control of dietary supplements.

Dextrom is sold not only in Europe, but also in Canada, and we’re particularly pleased to see French products conquering the world.

For a dietary supplement product to be granted marketing authorization, a rigorous validation process is implemented to ensure that highly verified products reach store shelves and online stores.

One-off products are of particular interest to TP, as they are often an ideal, low-cost solution for achieving a given objective.

What’s more, the prices of such formulas are usually quite well thought-out, given the limited duration of use.

What makes Dextrom different?

A visit to the product’s official website clearly reveals the manufacturer’s desire to stand out from the crowd, by offering a non-binding, highly precise formula.

Dextrom’s action seems quite logical, as it is designed to help your body’s organs get rid of as many toxins as possible, and to offer it the necessary support to tackle the various phases of detoxification. Pretty well thought-out!

Dextrom’s entire argument is based on a systemic solution which forms part of a healthy lifestyle that respects a decent minimum of healthy eating and physical activity.

In fact, with the purchase of one of these packs, a free lifetime subscription to a complete course on diet and weight control, to help you deal with 2 well-known problems that are often the reason for choosing a detox cure.

In addition to these positive points, which already make Dextrom quite appealing to us, we were quite interested to examine the promising ingredients they contain.

Dextrom, composition and ingredients

These are 3 natural ingredients much appreciated in food supplements? but never put together like this! We got the impression that this manufacturer was trying to put together a real “Dream Team”!

  • Burdock
    Purifier par excellence, burdock helps detoxify the entire body, especially the liver and kidneys: burdock is one of the many grandmotherly recipes. It also plays an important role in the natural protection of the liver. Burdock is an ingredient found in many detox formulas. Our article on burdock to find out more!
  • Dandelion
    Dandelion has been celebrated by herbalists for thousands of years for its ability to support the body’s natural detoxification processes, particularly those of the kidneys. Other potential medicinal benefits of dandelion include a laxative effect, digestive aid, immunostimulant and cholagogue (stimulates bile secretion).
    • SkinAx2
      This is a patented compound containing 4 active ingredients – grape flavanol monomers, bioactive SOD, vitamin C and zinc – which have been carefully selected for their synergistic action in restoring youthfulness and, in particular, skin radiance. SkinAx²™’s patented formula is clinically proven to improve elasticity and luminosity, as well as reduce dark circles and imperfections.

In general, most of these ingredients are used to being found individually as “star” components in several similar products. In Dextrom’s formula, these ingredients all feature prominently on the same label, which we feel is an advantage worth considering.

However, when you consider that all these ingredients are present in the same formula, the question arises: what about their dosage?

A formula with transparent dosages

When it comes to testing a detox or slimming product, there’s one thing we can take comfort in: the dosages. We can say that this manufacturer has passed this part of our test with flying colors.

The figures on the label don’t even look like they’ve been rounded off! It’s rare for our testers to come across such precise figures, down to the decimal point.

In our experience of product testing, the doses expressed on the product, for 1 stick per day, seem well balanced.

What about Dextrom side effects?

As is often the case with high-quality dietary supplements, the natural ingredients do not cause any noticeable side effects.

On the official website, the manufacturer also assures you that its product will not interfere with your medication if you are under medical treatment, but advises you to check with your doctor if in doubt.

Finally, it is not advisable to take this product if you are pregnant and/or breast-feeding, or if you are under the age of 18.

Dextrom’s strengths

Here are a few points that caught our attention:

1- The guarantee

An extended right of withdrawal with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Indeed, at first it seemed to us that Dextrom’s manufacturer was talking about a simple 14-day guarantee that is commonplace with other manufacturers.

But on closer inspection, it turned out to be two months, during which you can request and receive a refund for unused or intact boxes.

We think this is an interesting idea, because it’s based not only on whether or not you’re satisfied with the product’s effect, but also on the purchase decision itself. In the event that you are fully satisfied with a 14-day cure and no longer need the rest of the products you ordered (which you bought because the Pack is cheaper and you benefit from a good bonus too), you could simply send them back, while still benefiting from the reduced price and bonus.

Dextrom seems to want to give its customers more time and thought.

2- Reactive customer support

In fact, when we contacted the manufacturer about the warranty, we were pleasantly surprised to find human contact!

With many other companies, it’s often automatic e-mails that redirect you to pre-designed web pages, where you select your question or concern and an automated server sends you back a ready-made answer.

On the Dextrom site, we had genuine e-mail exchanges and spoke to a real person on the other side of the screen. A point in favor of this manufacturer, demonstrating its concern to listen to the market.

There’s no doubt about it: Dextrom offers genuine and, above all, responsive support.

3- A clear and secure official website

In addition to these specific elements, the rest of our review reveals a straightforward official website, with clear, well-written content and, above all, with security features both in terms of the web domain and the payment system itself (secured by encryption).

The Dextrom site also offers all the legal information you need in its terms and conditions and privacy policy pages.

We can therefore guarantee that you can place your orders with complete peace of mind.

4- Excellent online training for eating well and losing weight, free for life

For the most motivated, those who opt for the Family Pack, Dextrom regularly offers gifts to its customers.

In our case, we came across an interesting offer.

For an order of 3 boxes of Dextrom cure, we were entitled to 2 free boxes, and unlimited unlimited access to online training on the famous APM website (which normally costs 49 euros), which we really enjoyed.

The course, “Maigrir Dans la Joie“not only offers a wealth of original tips and advice on how to eat well and take good care of your body and mind, but also how NOT to do it.

In our opinion, this only reinforces the authenticity of this product’s aim to provide a global and homogeneous solution to our problems of healthy eating and excess weight.

Dextrom user testimonials

As this is a recently launched product, we haven’t found any testimonials for it, not even on the official website.

We contacted the manufacturer to find out why, and he gave us an explanation. and they gave us the following explanation which, to tell the truth, reassured us much more than if we’d found several positive testimonials on the internet.

“Dextrom was extensively tested in our lab before going on sale, and we have a multitude of testimonials from test participants demonstrating its effectiveness. However, we prefer not to publish them on the product website to avoid any confusion.
We prefer the general public and our real customers to come forward with testimonials of their own free will to prove the value of our product. You won’t see any testimonials on our site unless they come from a real customer who has also given us permission to publish their review of Dextrom on our website.”

We appreciate straight talk and honesty, as we know from experience that a majority of sellers have no qualms about placing very positive reviews from their pre-tests and sometimes even a little “dramatized” with before-and-after photos and other inspiring stories.

In any case, we’re used to giving more importance to YOUR testimonials on our site than testimonials on any official slimming product website.

So don’t hesitate to share your experience and opinion about Dextrom by leaving us a comment at the bottom of this page.

Where and how much can I buy this Detox cure?

Dextrom is on sale on the official website. As the product does not require a medical prescription, online sales give consumers around the world quick and easy access to the product.

Dextrom is available in 3 different offers:

Offres Dextrom Detox

Our opinion on Dextrom

According to the results of our survey, Dextrom, a product manufactured in France, is packed withingredients quality ingredients, at a dosage and balanced dosage. The transparent transparent is enhanced by a clear clear and, secure and straightforward.

The quality of discount offers and Bonus offers are the icing on the cake. Dextrom is definitely worth a try on your part as it may well be the all-round cure that could greatly improve your overall health and help you achieve your specific goals.

Come back and tell us what you think in the comments.

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  • Tati chantou

    I absolutely must lose weight. To start slowly, I would like to take Destrom. My question is as follows:
    – Can I take Destrom+Phen375 at the same time, knowing that I also take chondroitin sulfate and glusamine supplements for my osteoarthritis? Isn’t that too much?

    • Corinne Kepler

      Hello Tati,
      Even though Dextrom can have an effect on weight, it should preferably be taken before starting a specific slimming program. The aim is to cleanse your body and prepare it for the slimming treatment in question.

  • Sonya

    I have respiratory problems (asthma) and I use corticoids. Do you think I can use this detox without any problems? Thank you for your help.


    • Hélène. M

      Dextrom is a detox cure that is safe; the plants it contains are well-known.

      But there is one rule when you are on long-term medical treatment, and that is to always ask your doctor for advice, as he is in a better position to advise his patient, so don’t hesitate to ask him.

      All the best.

  • Léa.


    I was looking for information on milk thistle products and I found this page interesting. I’m always interested in regulating my weight with natural products, as far as possible of course. I’m pleasantly surprised by this formula, half of which I barely recognize: it looks like a solid cobinaison. I’ll give it a try and see.

    Thank you very much. Léa.

    • Hélène. M

      Dextrom is indeed a combination of natural products recognized for their effects on the purification of the liver, kidneys and digestive system. It will help you flush out toxins and get a new lease on life.

      All the best.

  • Aurélie

    Hello Testeurpilules, 4.9 kg less after 5 weeks on Dextrom, I feel different, more active and my spirits are high. I’m delighted 🙂 no embarrassment for me and I really appreciate the wealth of free books that come with the pack I#ve taken. I’m really happy with the results and proud that Dextrom is made in France and works for me. Thank you very much and good luck girls.

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