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Paris, France

La 121 Perfoline

LA 121, Long Action 1 stick 2 days 1 kg

stick-LA-121-regime-perfolineLA 121 is the solution that could well revolutionize the world of slimming.

Will LA 121, which stands for “Longue Action 1 stick 2 jours 1 kg” (Long Action 1 stick 2 days 1 kg) help you regain a slim, trim figure?

Find out below…

Presentation & Promises of LA 121

LA 121 doesn’t go easy when it comes to seducing weight-loss enthusiasts! Here’s an overview of what the official website promises:

  • Lose weight pleasantly and easily without depriving yourself;
  • Lose 1 kg for every stick of LA 121 ingested, i.e. 1 kg every 2 days;
  • Continue to eat whatever you like;
  • 60% of fat consumed is blocked and eliminated.

As you can see, LA 121 comes in the form of sticks to be taken every 2 days, with the aim of helping you to lose 1 kg each time.

LA 121, a product of Perfoline

That’s right, another product from Perfoline! The company, famous for its seductive products, quickly recognized as scams by users everywhere!

Perfoline operates under several names, including AbVital and Institut Nutritia, and has been and continues to be the subject of numerous negative testimonials concerning, among other things, difficulties in obtaining refunds for products purchased, or abusive and repetitive direct debits without customer confirmation. The list is long, and our previous contacts with this company’s products do not reassure us.

The Ingredients of LA 121

LA 121 is made up of 2 patented active ingredients from French laboratories Nexira, specialists in plant-derived active ingredients.

Neopuntia is a dry extract of nopal.

More commonly known as prickly pear, is said to have a lipophilic action, reducing the body’s absorption of fats.

It also regulates lipid parameters, such as levels of good and bad cholesterol.

The Nexira website lists scientific results available on request. We have contacted them by e-mail to this effect, and have so far received no response from them. We’ll be sure to update the available information if the laboratories get back to us.

What we notice on the LA 121 website is the absence of the (®) associated with Neopuntia.

This symbol (®) means that the product is a registered trademark protected by law, and is the standard sign of patenting.

Legally, any naming of this ingredient must be followed by this famous ®, to clearly indicate that the trademark is registered.

The absence of the acronym on the LA 121 website, combined with a slight change in writing (Neopuntia at LA 121 instead of NeOpuntia at Nexira) represent a simple typing error? Or is it a very subtle way of using names without authorization and creating confusion?

In which case, one wonders what the real composition of LA 121 sticks is…
These observations lead us to some simple hypotheses, and once again, we advise all consumers to make sure they are fully informed before using any product, whatever its nature.

Here too, an active ingredient from Nexira, extracted from the fruit of the prickly pear.

Prickly pear is said to have diuretic, detoxifying and anti-oxidant properties.

It’s a diuretic plant that helps get rid of water stored in the body, but has no effect on accumulated fat.

Here again, we have the same problem of designation as with Neopuntia. It is therefore uncertain whether LA 121 contains the patented Cactinea active ingredient.

Regulates appetite, increases satiety and regulates intestinal transit.

Scientific studies on the LA 121 cure

The official website mentions a study carried out in 3 different countries on a total of 51 volunteers, and monitored by an independent doctor. The results were as follows:

  • 8 people lost the desired weight, i.e. 5 to 7 kilos in 14 days.
  • 28 people achieved their goal of losing 10 to 12 kilos in 24 days.
  • 9 people had to lose 15 to 17 kilos, and lost that weight in 34 days.
  • 6 people lost the desired 20 kilos in 40 days.

Totally effective, according to the website!

However, no study reports are presented to back up these claims. We contacted the company to find out more, but to date have received no reply.

Side effects and contraindications of LA 121

According to the official website, there are no side effects to report. However, this supplement is not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women.

Generally speaking, nopal has no side effects on the human organism.

We maintain our usual warnings and invite people undergoing medical treatment to consult their doctor before using this product. Children and minors should not take dietary supplements.

Price 121 guarantee

The site offers a 90-day money-back guarantee to test the product.

LA 121 sticks are available in different formulas and commercial offers:

  • Target: 5 kg – 5 sticks + 5 free for €39.90
  • Target: 10 kg – 10 sticks + 10 free for €59.80
  • Target: 15 kg – 15 sticks + 15 free for €76.40
  • Target: 20 kg – 20 sticks + 20 free for 89.60€.
  • Target: 30 kg – 30 sticks + 30 free for 99.50€.

Why free sticks?

According to the website, quite simply because the manufacturer does not tolerate its customers putting on weight!

The free sticks allow you to take immediate action if you notice weight regain, without having to order more LA 121 sticks and waste time waiting for them to be delivered.

User reviews of LA 121

There are few independent reviews of the LA 121 slimming treatment.

The reviews we have been able to gather unanimously mention an ineffective product, with no weight loss. If you’ve already used this product, let us know about your experience by posting your comment at the end of this page.

Our opinion on LA 121

Test summary:

  • Perfoline company known for scams;
  • Possible doubts about actual composition ;
  • High price ;
  • No study report;
  • No response to our e-mails.

We strongly advise all our readers not to use or buy products from Perfoline. There are many other serious and reliable food supplements to help you lose those extra kilos, whose manufacturers respect their customers.

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  • fougerouse genevieve

    mme fougerouse excuse me it’s not the 80.80 euros you have to reimburse but 50.80 euros thank you

    • Hélène. M

      Please see our answer to your previous question.

      Have a nice day!

  • fougerouse geneviève

    i asked you to cancel my order within the legal time limit because my doctor advised against it due to the medical treatment i am undergoing, hence my request for cancellation! i noticed that you had made the payment that i had made by credit card, so please reimburse me the 80.80 euros immediately! thank you mme fougerouse genevieve 6 rue des gimberts 43110 aurec sur loire

    • Hélène. M

      Hello Mme Fougerouse,
      As you can see by visiting our website, we don’t sell any products and we don’t receive any payments. The sole purpose of our site is to inform readers about slimming pills and how to make the right choice.

      We advise you to send your refund request to the product’s website, as this is where you placed your order and where you should file your claim.

      Have a nice day!

  • Anonymous


  • balestro

    Hello, I wrote you a check on August 22, 2017 for 49 euros to receive sucrettes with the effect of slimming.
    To date, I have not received anything.
    I would like you to tell me what is happening with my order?

    I am a person without much income and I find it unacceptable that you take advantage of people like me.
    Please keep me informed and return my cheque. Thank you
    PS I hope I’m not one of those people you rip off.

    • Hélène Marfak

      Hello Annette,
      We understand your anger because it is legitimate to claim your order already paid.

      But we can’t help you for the simple reason that we don’t sell any products and we don’t receive any payments. If, by typing in the word scam for example, you’ve come across our site, it’s because we’re the first to denounce these practices and many readers find on our site the advice they need to follow to avoid such traps.

      It would therefore be more obvious for your complaint to be addressed via the site you used to place your order. You’ve certainly made out your cheque to a recipient: if you have their contact details, contact them directly to claim compensation.

      All the best.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Vass

    I ordered 30 sticks +30 free sticks
    I only received 30 – the scam

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Coulibaly

    Yes, it’s a scam because I haven’t lost any grams.

  • Mamounette

    I was delighted to read your offer for the LA 121. I thought to myself, finally, an advertisement that gave me back my confidence. My joy and confidence quickly turned to despair at having been fooled. After
    regularly consumed the 2 boxes you sent me, I can only conclude that your product IS A SCAM LIKE MANY OTHERS. To date, I haven’t lost 100gr. I eat properly and do intensive sport 2 times a week…. So the positive comments are certainly bogus messages. Like Harban and Jean-Noël, I’ve lost my money. And like Magguy, I won’t stop there, false advertising is very expensive, there are very competent people who deal with people like you “thieves” who have no scruples.
    who have no scruples and are happy to make sales and steal every day from people who think you’re honest!!!!!!!

    • Arnaud Dubos

      Hello Mamounette,
      Your message is proof that the Internet can sometimes confuse a lot of people. You’re on a site that rejects the product you bought. Just read our article above. However, I understand that you think you’re on the product’s site and I understand your reaction. The only thing is, you’ll have to go to the site you ordered from to let them know how angry you are. I doubt, however, that they have a space where you can express yourself.

      My advice to you, madam: the next time you want to order a product online, get help from someone who knows a bit more about the Internet, because there’s no shortage of dishonest merchants who take advantage of most people’s lack of Internet knowledge to rip them off again and again.

      Here, we don’t sell anything. We inform and warn against this kind of cheating.

      Good luck!

  • Evelyne

    I’ve just started, 2 sticks in 4 days, 1kg 500 lost.

    I received confirmation of my order very quickly, and the product within 3 days.

  • habrant

    It’s been 12 days since I started and I haven’t lost a gram…..I’ve tried several diets and not one has worked… it’s a scam.

  • jean noel

    bonjour j’ai essayer la ‘la 121’ distribué par ab vitalplus et la je me suis aperçu que l’effet prevu est loin d’être concluant?j’en ai pris 10 stick et la surprise j’ai rien perdu si simplement 59.80euros

  • Aicha

    Bjr je viens de commencer La121 et en 4 jours pas 1 gramme cela m’inquiète

    • Arnaud Dubos

      I invite you to read our test carefully.

  • Magguy

    I confirm, like the previous people, that your product is a real scam!!!! I took it for 3 weeks and didn’t lose a single gram!!!!!

    You know I won’t leave it at that, false advertising costs a lot of money, there are very competent people who deal with people like you “thieves” who have no scruples whatsoever.
    who have no scruples and are happy to make sales and steal every day from people who think you’re honest!!!!!!!

    • Arnaud Dubos

      Please address this message to the site where you placed your order.

      One thing’s for sure: you didn’t place your order on our site, since we’re an information site that doesn’t sell any products, and most importantly, we don’t recommend this product to our readers.

      Here’s a summary of our review of this product, if you’re interested:
      We strongly advise all our readers not to use or buy products from the Perfoline company. There are many other serious and reliable dietary supplements to help you lose those extra kilos, whose manufacturers respect their customers.

      If, despite everything we’ve said in this review, you have ordered this product, you must accept the consequences of your decision.

      A bon entendeur!

      • Laura

        Hi there…Uh I believe the people scolding you didn’t read your survey all the way through! ^_^

  • Anna

    Do you know the Sympli forte company because I bought the LA 121 product and I lost zero grams. But I also realized that this is the same company that sold me green coffee sticks called Perfoline. Is it the same company?

    • Carl

      Hello Anna,
      You are on our la121 test page. To view the products of these two companies that we have published, please use the search field at the top of this page.

      I also invite you to read the paragraph relating to the manufacturer by consulting this test:

  • Laffont Catherine

    In February 2016 I used LA 121, without losing weight I had taken the cure at 76 € 40? I used 1 box and a half in total? I returned them all for a refund in March? Despite several emails sent with proof of deposit at the post office, it’s almost the end of June 2016 and to this day I’ve never had a reply or a refund? A major scam!

  • Patricia

    I ordered yesterday and did not receive any confirmation email.

  • Laffont Catherine

    I tried the product a real scam! I returned it and the unused boxes since March 11, 2016 to date despite reminders by mail, no response from them or refund as promised in their site!

  • remy trimborn

    The biggest scam no effect only the price that counts and for a refund more address after 5 boxes buy

  • NOE

    thank you for your article which I hope will put the brakes on all the women ready to be tricked into losing kilos in a “miraculous” way!

    • NOE

      je corrige ma faute ” cet article… va freiner” et non “vont”!! 😉


    This is the 5th letter I’ve sent you (and counting). On April 8, 2016, I ordered product no. 676889, paid for it and never received the merchandise – according to abvital, this order for LA 121 was sent to an address in BISCHWILLER, but as I live in HOERDT, this package was certainly returned to you – and at no time did you take the necessary steps to send it to me – or to contact me. or to contact me you have my e-mail address – my cell phone – so no excuse and especially not after the number of letters I sent you according to the abvital advice so I ask you to send me this parcel by return and if you don’t have it if it has been mislaid you certainly have a stock of this product you send me a new one and you search for the other one I paid 99, 50 and asked for fast delivery, which is what you advertise – fast delivery – I have no intention of giving you this 99.50 as a gift. I’m having a hard time financially, so at least make an effort and reply to me.

    • Carl

      Hello Doris,
      Please contact the manufacturer of this product.

      We do not manufacture or sell any products on our site.

      Thank you for your understanding.

  • Lylo

    I tested their other products (Hollywood diet..), Groupon even sells their products, and I can certify that the only thing you will lose is your money. The composition is unreliable, they have no diuretic effect, no effect on water elimination, no draining effect… In short, without this, a slimming product couldn’t really be one…

  • evrard

    I sent you my letter with invoice for a refund 1 month ago and I haven’t received anything.

    Mme evrard de calais

    • Carl

      Hello Evrard,
      We are not the seller of LA 121 or any product for that matter, we are an independent information site.

      Please be sure to contact the site where you placed your order.

  • remy trimborn

    With 5 boxes the 121 is 50 saches my wife has gained 25 and I 25 my wife has lost 3kg and I 2kg and for the return there is no address when you send 1 mail there is no response for reimbursement.

  • Braz

    I’ve been taking 121 for 10 days and I still haven’t lost 1 kilo.
    I don’t understand
    Can anyone help me?

  • leroy

    Hello, I am 42 years old and have a lot of excess weight… I would like to find an EFFECTIVE product that would help me lose weight… because I have a lot to lose (minimum 15 kg), I pay attention to what I eat but as soon as I deviate I put it back on. So I’m demotivated and don’t feel like paying attention anymore…. a product that would help me lose weight easily and get me motivated again!

    thank you in advance for your reply.


    • Carl

      Hello Sylvie,
      The miracle product that will do all this for you doesn’t exist, and if you find it somewhere be sure it’s a scam. If you don’t do your own homework, don’t rely on a dietary supplement, which originally presents itself as an external aid, to do the job for you.

      The first step to losing weight is to balance your diet and engage in physical activity (walking for a start). Once you’ve started this process, you can use a dietary supplement that corresponds to the exact cause of your excess weight (appetite suppressant, fat burner, fat catcher…). The products are all different and each one corresponds to a special case.

      All the best.

  • DENISSE Mauricette


    • Carl

      Hello Mauricette,
      We don’t sell any products on our site, so we can’t deal with your request.

      You could always contact the manufacturer directly with your request.

  • Nathalie

    I received an SMS with a phone number. I was looking for more information and came across your article so I’m sharing in case it might be useful to those who want to contact them.

    Here is the SMS:
    Lose weight automatically!

    one LA121 stick every 2 days = 1 kilo lost
    click fast //
    tel :0489088493
    STOP at 36173

  • Sabrina

    Hello I would like to contact to order by phone the LA 121 do you have a digitizer to reach them because I can not find it thank you

    • Carl

      Hello Sabrina,
      This product is on the list of diet pills we reject, precisely for reasons like the one you mentioned.

      The impossibility of contacting this company is a problem that many of our readers have encountered.




    • Carl

      Hello Guerin,
      I didn’t quite understand your question.

      We are neither the manufacturer nor a seller of these pills.

  • Ange

    It’s a lie, I ordered and nothing and I want my money back.

    • Corinne Kepler

      Hello Ange,
      Indeed, we are not surprised by your testimonial. This product is one of the pills rejected by our team. We advise you to try to contact the customer service department of the site where you ordered the product to try to get a refund. Good luck!

  • Elziere Josette

    Very good review. I was almost fooled. Luckily I had the idea to consult Google?.

    I absolutely must lose weight. Following a mild stroke with no serious after-effects… I’m on anticoagulants and various medications for my digestive system? I’m 75 and can’t lose weight despite several diets?

    After losing 5 kgs, I’m back where I started: 78.9 kgs. The doctors are content to provide me with a method that looks like it came out of a desk drawer…

    Could you give me some advice?

    Thanks in advance….

    • Carl

      Hello Elziere Josette,
      I’m delighted to hear that you were able to avoid being scammed.

      The only advice I can give you is to follow your doctor’s recommendations to the letter. You should be aware that health is not something to be taken lightly, especially in your case, so forget self-medication and stick to your doctor’s advice.

      Food supplements are generally made from natural ingredients, but what you need to know is that even plants in their raw, natural state can interact with certain drugs. For this very reason, I would advise you once again to follow your doctor’s advice.

      Thank you for your question.

  • grenier

    Hello ,
    I’ve been using LA121 for 10 days, I took my 5th sachet today and apart from being constipated I haven’t lost 1 gram, it’s a total scam, I’m trying to get my money back and now I’m trying to find out who I should contact.

    I’ve only got 2 kg to lose, and it’s disgusting to drink.

    • Carl

      Hello Grenier,
      You should contact AB Vital ltd: AB Vital ltd, Centre Logistique, CS 40020, 54401 Longwy, France.

      We couldn’t find your phone number.

      Best regards.

  • bresson danielle

    what do you think of fenitrol and the cell’innov slimming product for weight loss? what can you recommend?

    thank you for your help
    ps. i have a low metabolism = 1200 calories/day

    • Corinne Kepler

      Hello Danielle,
      Having a metabolism of 1200C/d does not give us enough information about your case. You don’t tell us anything about your age, your physical condition and lifestyle, your height, your weight, and so on.

      Regarding the products you mentioned, I invite you to read our full review of Fenitrol, here:
      As for the cell’innov slimming product, it hasn’t yet been tested by our teams, so we can’t comment on it. We will be looking into this product, and a test will be published soon.

  • bermes

    la 121 i’ve been testing for 6 days but i haven’t lost any kilos and i still want to eat!

    • Carl

      Hello Bermès,
      We don’t recommend this type of product, which promises spectacular results but in reality has no visible effect. Our test is clear on this product, and on all products from this company.

      This is another opportunity to invite you and all our readers to inform yourselves as fully as possible before making your choice and ordering a product online.

      There’s no shortage of sources of information, so get informed!

  • Jacky TS

    I ordered a LA 121 cure to lose 10kg but since then I haven’t received any confirmation email. What’s more, once I’ve ordered I find out that delivery is not possible to the French overseas departments. So how do I proceed?

    • Carl

      Hello Jacky,
      We are unable to advise you on LA 121.

      This product is not among those we endorse.

  • lia

    I’d like to try this product to find out if it really works????

    • Carl

      Hello Lia,
      You’ve read our test on the 121, you’re free to make your own choice.

      Our verdict is clear.

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