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Boite Ketomang Express Forte

Ketomang Express Forte, slim down without risking a euro!

boite-ketomang-express-forteDo you want to lose those extra pounds quickly and naturally? Are you looking for a safe and effective slimming supplement? Perhaps you’ve already heard of KETOMANG EXPRESS FORTE slimming pills.

These capsules combine three increasingly popular diet ingredients in a single product: African mango, raspberry ketone and green mate.

What about Ketomang Express Forte?

Will these pills help you shed those extra pounds? We investigate.

The Promises of Ketomang Express Forte

The manufacturer of these slimming pills is pulling out all the stops when it comes to promoting its product!

According to the ads and testimonials on the official Ketomang Express Forte website, this slimming product will, and I quote, “help you slim down without risking a single euro! Your only risk: get the figure you’ve always dreamed of!

Here are just a few examples of what you’ll find on the site:

Ketomang Express Forte promises

This kind of advertising makes us very vigilant. We’ve been saying it for a long time, and we’ll say it again at every opportunity: losing weight is a health initiative that must be carried out safely. Rapid weight loss is possible, but we’re always wary of miraculous claims.

38 kg in four months is still 9.5 kg a week, or more than 1kg a day…

Ketomang Express Forte : Active ingredients and Mechanisms of Action

Ketomang Express Forte claims to derive its properties from three highly effective weight-loss ingredients: African mango, raspberry ketone and green mate.

What we would have liked to see on the website was the exact composition of Ketomang Express Forte pills, to know the exact quantities of each ingredient present in the product, as well as the excipients and other substances present.

We believe that transparency and clarity of information are essential if consumers are to choose the slimming product that best suits their needs.

But let’s return to Ketomang’s active ingredients.

1. AFRICAN MANGO or African Mango:
Very popular as a weight-loss ingredient.

It has two main properties:

  • Its high fiber content helps to considerably reduce abdominal fat and hip circumference;
  • Taking African mango capsules 30 to 60 minutes before meals is said to reduce appetite, lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, reduce body fat, promote fat breakdown and improve glycemic control.

The few existing studies confirm these claims.

Two studies carried out in Africa on overweight subjects showed that individuals taking an extract of African mango for 4 weeks achieved a 5% weight loss, as well as lowering their levels of bad cholesterol and triglycerides.

African mango appears to be a promising ingredient for weight-loss diets. More research is needed to confirm and extend the initial scientific results.

You can read our article on this fruit by clicking here.

The second active ingredient in Ketomang Express Forte slimming pills, raspberry ketone is also very popular with dieters.

It is composed of natural antioxidants, synthetically reproduced in the laboratory and then incorporated into dietary supplements.

Raspberry ketone could :

  • Melt fat;
  • Prevent weight gain.

Researchers have discovered that raspberry ketone contains a substance similar to synephrine, which is a metabolic stimulant, appetite regulator and energy booster.

The hypothesis is that raspberry ketone has the same properties. Studies carried out on mice have confirmed this hypothesis: rodents given raspberry ketone consumed fewer calories and burned more fat.

These results are encouraging, and human studies are awaited to support these initial findings.

But weight-loss enthusiasts haven’t waited for scientists to start using raspberry ketone, and the web is full of testimonials about this ingredient.

Feedback from consumers is very positive. In the vast majority of cases, taking raspberry ketone, combined with a balanced diet, results in significant weight loss. It is therefore an interesting ingredient to support your weight-loss process.

( Read our our article on raspberry ketone).

The last active ingredient in Ketomang Express Forte slimming pills, it’s rich in polyphenols, saponins and other active ingredients. saponins, and caffeine, all of which are powerful immune system stimulants.

Green maté is accepted as an adjuvant in weight-loss cures, i.e., it reinforces the effects, thanks in particular to the appetite-suppressant effects of the caffeine it contains.

To find out more about this ingredient, go to our following article.

Studies have been carried out on this ingredient and have shown that green mate may indeed promote weight loss.

Side effects of Ketomang Express Forte

Some users of Ketomang Express Forte slimming pills have reported stomach cramps and pain, as well as nausea.

NOTE: the presence of caffeine in green maté calls for vigilance.

High doses of caffeine can cause side effects such as insomnia, heart palpitations, ulcers, anxiety disorders…
When taking caffeine-based supplements, it is always advisable to monitor other caffeine intakes in the diet, especially the consumption of stimulants such as coffee, tea and others…

Caffeine can also interact dangerously with substances such asephedra, or with certain medications.

Ask your doctor for advice before taking Ketomang Express Forte.

Directions for use and dosage of Ketomang Express Forte

The manufacturer recommends taking 2 capsules of Ketomang Express Forte every day, preferably in the morning and evening, with a full glass of water.

Compliance with the manufacturer’s recommended dose is mandatory. Increasing the dose to achieve rapid results may expose you to the risk of overdosing.

Price & guarantee of Ketomang Express Forte

Want to try Ketomang Express Forte diet pills? The official website is full of promotional offers:

  • Money-back guarantee, with a 90-day trial period. Whether you return your Ketomang Express Forte boxes half-full or completely empty, the manufacturer will write you a check and refund your money in full.
  • Delivery is free on all orders of 90, 150 or 210 days of Ketomang Express Forte.
  • Last but not least, you’ll receive free gifts such as a Detox Kit or a Dental Care electric toothbrush for orders of 60 days or more.

Ketomang Express Forte is marketed in five formulas:

  • 30-day Starter Program: 1 box with 4 blister packs of 15 capsules for €39.90
  • 60-day Attack Program: 2 boxes with 4 blister packs of 15 capsules + 1 free detox Foot Pads kit, priced at 69.90€.
  • 90-day Plus Program: 3 boxes with 4 blister packs of 15 capsules + 1 free detox Foot Pads kit + free delivery, all for 99.90€.
  • Programme Global 150 jours: 4 boxes + 1 free box with 4 blister packs of 15 capsules + 1 free detox Foot Pads kit + toothbrush + free delivery, priced at 129,90€.
  • Programme Global plus 210 jours: 5 boxes + 2 free with 4 blister packs of 15 capsules + 1 detox Foot Pads kit + free toothbrush + free delivery, all for €149.90.

Ketomang Express Forte: testimonials and opinions :

In keeping with our approach, we dug even deeper to discover that, in reality, Institut Nutritia, which produces Ketomang Express Forte pills, is none other than the Perfoline company.

Testimonials collected on the Internet mention certain problems with order management.

The company’s Facebook page features testimonials from unhappy customers, such as this one:

Yes scam satisfied or reimbursed false you send back but no refund and of course no result I have a 13 € debit which correspond to what?

Our aim is to give you comprehensive information on every product we test, and even if testimonials published on the net are not part of our evaluation criteria, we insist on publishing them to bring you closer to what other users think of each product.

Our opinion on Ketomang Express Forte:

At least we agree on one thing: green mate is said to promote weight loss. Apart from that, the company behind the marketing of Ketomang Express Forte, by repeatedly taking samples without the express consent of the consumer, fuels our doubts about its reputation and good faith.

In addition to this, the undisclosed exact composition, the “abusive” testimonials regarding the product’s efficacy, and the potential side effects, all lead us not to recommend this product.

Ketomang Express Forte may have succeeded in attracting consumers’ attention by playing the effective ingredients card, but the mere presence of known and scientifically-proven ingredient names alone cannot be a guarantee of effectiveness.

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  • Anonymous



    Hi, I’ve been taking ketomang express forte for 3 weeks and my calves hurt, no cramps but constant pain, is this normal? or should I stop?

    • Arnaud Dubos

      Hello Anne-Marie,
      My advice to you is to stop for a few days and see if the pain disappears. If it doesn’t, it may not be due to the Ketomang Express and you’ll need to consult your doctor. I wish you a good recovery.

  • Anonymous


  • Imbault

    It’s been 10 – 15 days since I ordered the product and I still haven’t received anything.

  • monique vanhulle

    wat is het adres om ketomang terug te sturen

    • Cédric

      Thank you for your comment. As none of the team speak Dutch, we rely on Google Translate to answer you :
      Gelieve contact op te nemen met de verkoper van wie u uw aankoop gedaan.

      Dank u voor uw reactie.

      Bonne journée!

  • Lecomte

    Hello, when I ordered I was told to be satisfied or my money back.

    And I’m not satisfied at all!!!!

    Even with a balanced diet no change
    Please tell me how to get my money back.

    • Cédric

      Anabel, hello,
      You will have to return to the site where you ordered your product. Try to contact them for more information.

      Bon courage.

  • bonnament patrick

    hello i’d like to try ketomang but i can’t place an order can i do it by phone thank you in advance looking forward to your reply patrick

    • Corinne K.

      Hello Patrick,
      We’re not a reseller site, and what’s more, we don’t recommend this slimming product. We are therefore unable to answer your question. The best thing to do would be to contact the Ketomang Express Forte reseller, who will surely be able to answer your question.

  • meresse

    where to buy ketoman forte

    • Corinne K.

      If you read our article on Ketomang Express Forte carefully, you’ll see that we strongly advise against this product, both for the unreliability of the manufacturing company and for its quality. We can therefore not tell you where to buy it.

  • toustouri

    jais fait une cure 2 boittes et je naît perdu aucun kilo comme la publiciste le dit satisfait ou rembourser je vouserait de bien vouloirs me rembourser merci par avance de votre compression (Ndlr: adresse et téléphone supprimés par administrateur. For your security, never mention your personal details in a public comment. Thank you)

  • Aloui

    I’m breastfeeding my 12-month-old daughter. Is it possible?

    • Arnaud Dubos

      We always advise against the use of dietary supplements of any kind by pregnant and breast-feeding women.

      You should contact your doctor before opting for this type of treatment.

  • Quillier

    Bnj sa fait 4/semaines que j’utilise ketomang es g perdue que 2 kl

  • Rosa Mirabile

    Hello, I ordered the ketomang 2×30 days on Wednesday and I was told that I would receive it again today, Friday, and I have nothing in my mailbox…?

    • Carl

      Hello Rosa,
      You need to contact the manufacturer/retailer from whom you placed your order. Generally, when you place your order, you should receive a code to enable you to track your order in real time.

      Contact their customer service department.

  • Name*

    Hello I’m interested I would like to know if it also works on people who smoke and I try to make the order on the internet I can not.

    • Carl

      We’re sorry, but this product is not one of our recommended products.

  • Leonor Pires

    I ordered 1 box and received it quickly. Now I have to take it to see the result.

    • Carl

      We will wait for your next testimonial to know where you are.

      Thanks for sharing.

  • Alizee

    Hello I ordered last Tuesday you told me it would arrive before the weekend? It’s now Thursday and still nothing has happened 2 weeks ago.

    • Carl

      Hello Alizee,
      You are mistaken about the site. You have ordered from another site, as we do not sell any products on ours.

      Please contact the manufacturer from whom you placed your order.

    • Alizée Spegagne

      Okay, but how do I contact them?

  • favella giuseppe

    reclamation commande du 03 /102016 n°*F2030822* Je n,ai recu cune boite expresse forte alors que j,en est payé deux dans une premiere commande j,ai recu une boite de 60 gelules pour 9,9 euros donc je ne comprends pas cette fois ci votre raisonnement veuillez me faire parvenir le reste de ma commende merci salutations sinceres

    • Carl

      Hello Favella,
      You’ve clearly made a mistake. You haven’t ordered anything from us, because we simply don’t sell any products on our site.

      Our site is an information space that enables our readers to distinguish the good pills from the scams.

      Please contact the seller from whom you purchased your product.

    • Carole

      Hi, I ordered a box of ketomang on April 17, 2016 and they charged me 46.80 euros directly. But I still haven’t received the box…. How long did you wait to receive the box? Please reply as soon as possible

  • Name*


  • Battini

    Hello I placed an order on your site on February 18 can you give me the delivery date thank you in advance Anne Battini the amount of my order and 49.80 €.

    • Carl

      You didn’t place your order on our site, because we simply don’t sell any products on testeurpilules.

      Besides that, we don’t recommend ketomang express forte pills to our readers.

  • fulgencia

    i want to buy this product but how can i do it? i’m in the usa

    • Corinne Kepler

      Our article states quite clearly that this slimming pill is a scam, and that you risk being overcharged. If however you wish to order this product, you will have to go to the official site, which we will not recommend here.


    38 kg in four months is still 9.5 kg a week, or more than 1kg a day…
    LEARN TO COUNT!!!!!!

    38 kg for an average of 120 days!!! 316 gr per day, which is already enormous!

  • n'guessan

    Hello, I ordered the product on January 17 and to date I have received nothing, neither mail nor calls, so I come to you so that you tell me what to do and why I still have not received anything.thank you

    • Carl

      In the conclusion to our test of Ketomang Express Forte, we advise our readers against this product. In particular, we warned against repeated withdrawals from customers’ accounts. The only advice we can give you at this stage is to cancel your bank card with your banker, if that’s how you ordered the product.

  • Gerain

    I placed an order on Monday 25 January and the amount was debited from my Visa card. I was told by phone that I would be delivered on Friday 29 January or 01 February before 11.30am, and still nothing? And no way to find a phone number to reach them.

    • Carl

      Hello Gerain,
      We hope that you will be able to solve this problem and receive your parcel, even if we are clear about this company’s practices. Our test, if you’ve read it, will tell you more.

  • arca maria

    I started using this product a month ago and haven’t lost a gram.

    • Carl

      Thanks for sharing Arca Maria.

    • Berte

      I too have tried ketomag. They know very well that satisfied or refunded does not commit them to anything because if we return the product it will cause us additional costs (shipping costs). I haven’t lost a single gram just the money in my wallet.

      • Carl

        Thank you Berte for sharing your opinion with our readers.

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