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Kankusta Duo


kankusta-duo-boiteKankusta Duo is a product that claims to be a “fantastic slimming preparation, designed for “anyone who wants to lose weight, improve their quality of life, and see fast results”.. Like the other slimming products tested to date on our site, we’re taking a look at these capsules to help you decide whether or not you should consider using Kankusta Duo to shed those extra pounds.

At the end of this test, the results of our little investigation will show us more weaknesses than strengths for a product which nevertheless contains two excellent ingredients! If you’re interested in Forskolin and Garcinia Cambogia as proven ingredients, you can already choose between the following two products:

Kankusta Duo: Presentation and promises

Kankusta Duo is a slimming supplement for men AND women. Here’s how its manufacturer explains how it works to promote weight loss. Kankusta Duo :

  • accelerates fat burning and inhibits the formation of new fat deposits ;
  • restores a metabolism metabolism;
  • stimulates blood circulation and strengthens the cardiovascular system;
  • has a positive effect on muscle tissue, improving recovery after exercise and protecting against muscle loss during weight loss.

Kankusta Duo’s results are equally promising:

  • Lower cholesterol levels;
  • Accelerated fat burning;
  • An end to the yo-yo effect ;
  • Increased sense of well-being;
  • Improved heart health.

The manufacturer of Kankusta Duo

Our investigation revealed 4 different websites presenting Kankusta. These sites are hosted on 4 different domain names in different languages, namely .fr for France, .be for Belgium, .hu for Hungary and .nl for Holland.

What these sites have in common is that they reveal no information about the manufacturer of this slimming supplement. No company name, no contact form to request information. The only telephone number provided appears only after clicking on the “Buy” button to access the order page, and that’s it! Further research on the web reveals the same thing: no information is available on the company behind this supplement.

On one of the sites, one of the several “Order” buttons on the page redirected us to a “flash” sales page. flash” sale where we were told we only had 3 minutes to benefit from a substantial discount: €79 instead of €165! We noticed that every time we refreshed the page, the same countdown started again, announcing 3 new minutes… quite suspicious, for our taste!

The ingredients of Kankusta Duo

Here’s a brief summary of forskolin’s main properties:

  • stimulates fat breakdown, by activating the release of fatty acids stored in fat cells ;
  • stimulates metabolism, i.e. energy expenditure;
  • has a vasodilatory effect, improving blood circulation in the arteries and optimizing the transport of nutrients to the cells;
  • has a positive effect on mood, through its action on serotonin and dopamine, two hormones linked to well-being and appetite regulation;
  • boosts the immune system.

For a complete profile of this ingredient, please consult our article : Forskolin, the natural fat burner
Hydroxycitric acid
This is the active substance in garcinia. What are the properties of hydroxycitric acid?

  • Appetite suppressant : By stimulating serotonin secretion, hydroxycitric acid enhances appetite control and reduces feelings of hunger;
  • Fat burner: Garcinia is said to have the capacity to burn fat reserves in the body, and to break them down, particularly in storage areas;
  • Modification of carbohydrate metabolism: hydroxycitric acid is said to inhibit certain hormones, thereby regulating the way in which sugars (slow and fast) are converted into energy by the body.

Want to find out more about garcinia? Read our full article: Garcinia Cambogia, the fruit
The Kankusta Duo website also mentions “ additional components that enhance the power of this supplement “. However, no details are given on these ingredients added to the composition of Kankusta Duo.

Kankusta Duo and Science

On what we believe to be the product’s official website, mention is made of a clinical study carried out on 150 people to assess the effects of a course of Kankusta Duo. According to this study, Kankusta Duo :

  • burns excess fat very well ;
  • causes rapid weight loss;
  • achieved an average weight loss of 10-15kg over 30 days of testing;
  • increases well-being ;
  • increases motivation to lose weight.

However, the site does not mention any references concerning this clinical study. We are therefore unable to verify the reliability of this information.

Side effects and contraindications of Kankusta Duo

According to the official website, Kankusta Duo presents no health risk. According to our research, garcinia cambogia may occasionally cause headaches, digestive discomfort or nausea. Forskolin, on the other hand, has a hypotensive effect and can therefore pose problems for people with low blood pressure. It can also cause problems for people with blood coagulation disorders. These two ingredients are, however, well known in the field of weight loss. However, the lack of dosage and other ingredients means we can’t judge the effectiveness of this dietary supplement.

According to the manufacturer, Kankusta Duo contains other ingredients. Without information on the nature of these ingredients, we cannot comment on their possible side effects.

How do I take Kankusta Duo slimming pills?

Apart from the potential efficacy of the ingredients included in the formula of a given slimming product, you need to be careful about how you use it. Results can vary from one person to another, and really depend on the correct dosage. Thus, to obtain the effects promised by Kankusta Duo, its manufacturer recommends taking 2 capsules a day, one (1) ½ hour before breakfast and the other ½ hour before lunch.

Buy Kankusta Duo Price and guarantee

On the various sites for this product, we found the same purchasing method.

Click on the “Order” button and you’ll be presented with a form to fill in.

You are asked to fill in your surname, first name, e-mail address (with the words “necessary for order processing” in brackets), telephone number (ditto) and address.

At the bottom of the form, you have the option of ticking a box to choose payment on delivery, otherwise you’ll be taken to a second screen where you’ll provide your bank details.

To our surprise, when you choose to enter your bank details, you’re presented with a more attractive offer: a larger box (at an economical price) instead of two small (and expensive) ones + a “Club Réductions” subscription. We’ve left it at that: this purchasing procedure is nothing like the trusted sites we’re already familiar with.

The 30-capsule bottle of Kankusta Duo is available for 87€ (or 79€ on another site) instead of 165€. 30 capsules are equivalent to a 15-day course of treatment, with 2 capsules per day. A two-week cure at this price is probably expensive, for a product whose dosages and components are unknown.

No money-back guarantee is offered.

Kankusta Duo user testimonials

As far as comments and consumer reviews are concerned, we did indeed find some, but only on the websites of the product’s retailers. Without exception, they all praise the virtues of Kankusta Duo. In the absence of reviews on other, more neutral platforms, we can’t trust most of these opinions.

Our opinion on Kankusta Duo

The Plus

  • Forskolin and hydroxycitric acid are two reliable ingredients;
  • Suitable for both men and women.


  • Some ingredients are unknown;
  • Lack of precise dosages for ingredients mentioned;
  • Lack of manufacturer information;
  • High price ;
  • No warranty.

It seems that kankusta Duo has more weaknesses than strengths. Not knowing who’s really behind a product and not having and not having a complete list of ingredients are two factors that do not encourage the purchase of this product. What’s more, the unconventional purchasing process on the sales site leaves us perplexed. You be the judge.

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  • marie

    Hello everyone
    I wanted to order it, but having read your comments… I understand it’s very expensive? I will turbinate with my cabbage soup and protein plus fruit and drink hepar? AVEC SA JE DEGONFLE 2kg PAR SEMAINE?.

  • Garet

    It’s the Kankusta Duo but miracle, it’s yet to be proven.

    You know, they come out with lots of miracle drugs… for deafness, among other things… throw away your hearing aid, it’s a waste of money, take these drops in your ear which will regenerate your hearing cells in a few days, and always the same people offering these products….

    Be very careful with these teaser ads….????

  • Eric

    Hello everyone,
    With me they used another method (if you want).

    I had entered the contact details on their form, I had left the “cash on delivery” box blank.

    The form was filled in while I was researching the product on the internet.

    Finding no satisfactory information on the product, I simply closed the page with the form,
    so they assumed that they could mail the product directly to me, indicating that payment would be made on delivery.
    that payment would be made on delivery.

    I don’t intend to pay, I suppose the package will be returned to them after the registered date…

    It’s true that this is a very shady site…

    • tania

      Hi Eric,
      The same principle was used with my 13-year-old daughter (she was on Youtube and had to check to close the form because it blocked the page).

      She then received an SMS confirming her order for €156.

      Did you receive the items?

      How are things going with you?

      Thanks in advance.

  • Wittezaele

    I’ve already taken a box and a half. I haven’t lost 100g. I’ve been ripped off again. Shame on me. And yet I eat a very balanced diet

  • gaëtan

    Hello, I have just received a box of 60 capsules for the price of 79 euros. I started the 30-day treatment this morning. I was 92.4kg on the first day of the test. If you wish, I can send you a photo of the box so that you can see the ingredients listed. I’ll try to save your page, so that I can keep you informed of the results after a week, and week after week. It’s just that I had someone on the phone to offer me a bigger cure for obviously more money, but I refused. After reading the comments here, I really have a big doubt about the product’s effectiveness, but as Saint Thomas said, I believe only what I see. And I don’t know if the people who left these comments followed the cure correctly. I’m keeping my fingers crossed now, otherwise I’ll be one of the people they’ve ripped off. See you in a week, folks 😉

    • Appolonie Ngono

      Je suus curieuse j’ai commencé ma cure la façon donc il vende presque sous menace du l on hésite mais j’ai envoiyer des photo au représentant au début de ma cure en lui disant si je ne maigrir pas je porte plainte contre lui et m’a répondu termine tes 30 jours on verra

  • loulou

    every time I put a comment it is removed which means that there are hidden screws because I inquired at the pharmacy it does not know these products because there are unknown substances which can be very dangerous then to be certain I will carry them to the analysis to have the heart clear and so that the other people take their precaution

  • loulou

    I think that this product is a real scam because it tells you the price of 87€ then it offers you 57€ and when you read the dosage there are products that are not known and suspect m’effiée you everything that is sold on the internet is not recognized by the pharmacist.

  • Cakil

    I try them I’m not satisfied I haven’t lost any pounds , scam


    How can I cancel this order?

    • Hélène. M

      Hello Sarah,
      The transaction took place over the phone, so logically you didn’t give us your bank details! In that case, all you have to do is refuse to receive the parcel when it arrives.

      Once again, forced sales are an unethical business practice, but no one is obliged to agree to them.

      Good luck to you.

  • Sarah

    After receiving a call from an agent selling this product, I asked him to cancel the sale, since apparently he could modify the order by WANTING TO FORCELY ADD OTHER PRODUCTS.

    During the conversation, he pretended to have spoken to his “superior” for a commercial gesture that I didn’t ask for. He insisted anyway and I ended up telling him to cancel the whole order and he ended the call by telling me that I’m still going to receive this product that I don’t want.

  • Philippe Biermans

    I ordered 1 bottle of kankusta duo capsules last night by phone (17/11) and the lady offered it to me at 57€ instead of 87€,what’s weird is that there’s no way to contact them,I’m naturally very suspicious but this purchase, I don’t feel it at all!!!if I receive the product, is there any way to return it?-prevent the money from being debited from my account?

    • Hélène Marfak

      Hello Philippe,
      You can try contacting them again on the same number you used to place your order, and see if they agree to cancel this order.

      You may have given your bank details over the phone or on the website… in any case, contact your banker as soon as possible and discuss with him the best way to stop this payment.

      Have a nice day!


    nice scam 2 boxes at a rate of 2 capsules per day and not even lost 1 gram

  • Valerie

    No results???? 189€ thrown in the garbage really disgusted more no way to contact for the so-called refund which is also just a way to scam people by the tool of satisfied or refunded

  • Magnier

    Don’t be fooled by this scam!

    Not only is this treatment a big joke, but when you make a claim to get your money back, they come up with lame excuses (claiming you were informed) not to refund you?


  • Solimando

    Hello, I sent you back your duo which didn’t work and to this day I haven’t heard from you and yet you indicate that you refund.

    • Cédric Pastori

      Hello Solimando,
      As the title of our article clearly states: READ FIRST…

      You can’t return a product to us because, quite simply, we haven’t sold you anything! We are a purely informative site.

      You must have bought your product elsewhere: go back to your purchase history and check the details of the entities for which you authorized online payments.

      Good luck!

  • Anonymous


  • Eve

    Has anyone tried this product?
    Thank you

    • Pilou

      What a great scam!!!! Shame on you!

      • marie

        Well with everything I’ve read?.I’m going to make my cabbage soup ,protein, fruit, drink hepar and I’ll deflate 5kg easily

    • Lou

      Yes super scam be very careful in more are dangerous products

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