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Forskolin 250 Bauer Nutirtion

FORSKOLIN 250, when science catches up

flacon-forskolin-250-BAUER-NUTRITIONFORSKOLIN 250 20% from the Bauer nutrition laboratory is a 100% natural food supplement with a global action on the body.

In addition to its action on certain pathologies, it also has significant effects on weight loss, improved physical appearance and general well-being.

Today, we invite you to find out more about this pill, which seems to be attracting more and more satisfied users every day.

Is Forskolin 250 a good deal? Find out in the following test!

What promises Forskolin 250 promise?

Right off the bat, this is a pill that promises a range of benefits that caught our attention, namely:

  • Burn fat more easily ;
  • Increase blood circulation ;
  • Improve memory ;
  • Tone and firm the body;
  • Stimulate metabolism.

So many effects that make Forskolin 250 an interesting kind of Swiss Army Knife that offers, in addition to slimming virtues, good things for the body in general.

Does this pill really promise anything?

Does Forskolin 250 really deserve its reputation?

First, let’s take a look at the active ingredient in Forskolin 250 to find out what it really does.

The active molecule in Forskolin 250 is Forskolin, extracted from the roots of a plant called Coleus Forskohlii (also known as Plectranthus barbatus), native to India.

It’s a molecule known and used in Ayurvedic medicine, which is, let’s not forget, a traditional Hindu medicine recognized by the World Health Organization and considered an alternative medicine.

Sounds promising… let’s get on with it!

Forskolin has been the subject of several studies which have demonstrated its tangible effects on the body’s general state of health.

These include

  • A clear stimulus to weight loss, by promoting fat melting ;
  • It dilates blood vessels and lowers blood pressure;
  • A beneficial action on asthma, helping to dilate bronchial tubes;
  • An action against cramps;
  • Increased testosterone production, especially in obese men, resulting in increased muscle mass.

If these benefits are anything to go by, a Forskolin-based product deserves a place in our home pharmacy!

How works Forskolin 250 work?

We have to go to the science to understand!

Forskolin triggers a cascade of chemical reactions in the body.

Several scientific studies have shown that, by activating an enzyme called Adenylate Cyclase which in turn stimulates the production of a substance called cyclic AMP or cAMP, several reactions follow:

  • Stimulation of thyroid function and release of hormones that increase overall metabolism.

    These reactions are thermogenic and consume a lot of calories, resulting in significant weight loss.

    In fact, it’s a well-known fact that people with a deficient thyroid quickly put on weight, and an added bonus is that improved thyroid function also has an anti-depressant effect!

  • The increase in cAMP stimulates the production of hormone-sensitive lipase-activating proteins which break down and release fat, melting adipocytes, hence forskolin’s fat-burning and weight-loss effect.
  • Another effect of increasing cAMP levels is to stimulate the production of testosterone, the hormone responsible for muscle development in men. As a result, Forskolin not only burns fat but also produces muscle.

To put it simply, this pill has a significant effect on weight loss, while at the same time producing other benefits for the body in general – something rarely seen in the field of slimming pills.

To be fully effective, the recommended dose of forskolin is 500mg per day.

Forskolin 250, from the Bauer Nutrition laboratory, effectively contains the recommended optimal dose of forskolin, enabling a noticeable effect on weight loss.

Who can use Forskolin 250?

A priori, anyone wishing to reduce body fat and regain a more muscular, toned body.

Of course, it’s not a miracle worker, and results may vary from one person to another, as is the case with any other slimming product.

We never tire of reminding you that any slimming pill (in our case, Forskolin 250) should be combined with regular physical activity and a healthy diet. The best results are always observed if this framework is respected.

The side effects of Forskolin 250

Forskolin 250 is based on 100% natural products.

It is generally well tolerated and, to our knowledge, no adverse effects have been reported to date.

However …
As explained above, forskolin lowers blood pressure.

It should therefore be avoided by people who already have low blood pressure. Pregnant and breast-feeding women should avoid taking any slimming product, as should growing children.

As a general rule, if you have a chronic medical condition, you should consult your doctor before taking forskolin 250 or any other slimming product.

As indicated on the laboratory’s official website, the scientifically-proven and long-established effects of forskolin are mentioned in the product presentation. This is proof of responsibility on the part of the manufacturer, who has chosen to display all useful information about the pill on its packaging.

The laboratory also relies on an independent study involving a number of overweight women.

The results of this study were positive, leading to weight loss characterized by a reduction in body fat in these women.

How take Forskolin 250?

The manufacturer of Forskolin 250 recommends a dosage of 2 tablets a day, which corresponds to the 500mg needed for a concrete result.

You can purchase Forskolin 250 20% on the product’s official website.

The 60-day money-back guarantee is further proof of the laboratory’s seriousness, and will enable you to test the product easily.

Visit Offers Forskolin 250

At present, the official Forskolin 250 website offers 2 deals to meet your financial expectations:

  • 3 bottles purchased + 3 offered, for a total of 6 bottles at the price of 119,99€, instead of 299,99€.
  • 2 bottles + 1 free for 79,99€ instead of 149,99€.
  • 1 bottle for 39,99 € after discount instead of 49,99€.


Attention, this product is no longer on sale. Instead, I advise you to review this very serious and proven alternative: PhenQ!

Forskolin 250: Promotion of the day

From time to time, the official website presents time-limited promotions. We invite you to visit the official site to keep up to date with these promotions in real time.

The official Forskolin 250 website can be reached via the link above.

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  • Djinie

    Good evening, I bought Forskolin and I consumed it but it is now that I realized that it is forbidden to minors…what are the consequences?

    • Hélène Marfak

      Hello Djinie,
      All slimming pills are forbidden for people under 18. This is a legal requirement, because theoretically, you can’t test on children.

      If you have taken a product that is not recommended for your age, you must stop taking it. As it’s a natural product, derived from a plant that’s been around for a long time, you have nothing to worry about. You can drink plenty of water and soups to help your body eliminate quickly.

      All the best.

  • Guy

    Seduced by your test, I decided to order the Forskolin 250 on the supplier’s website as you recommend by following your secure link.

    When I got to the payment stage, I couldn’t finalize the transaction, and an error message appeared saying that I needed to contact my bank to resolve the problem.

    I tried three different cards from three different accounts in two different countries (I’m a cross-border commuter) via PC and the same smartphone.

    None of these cards were accepted, even though I regularly make purchases on the Internet with these cards and had never encountered any problems.

    As I had mentioned my e-mail address in my order form, it wasn’t long before I received a message from Bauernutrition asking why I hadn’t finalized my order.

    I explained to them at length and in English what I’ve just summarized above, and they continue to claim that the problem lies with my bank, and given that the proposed payment method is intended for countries based in Europe, I would have to request a temporary dispensation from my so-called American bank to be able to make my payment from the USA, as if I were one of those yankees…

    Maybe my English was too perfect, but nevertheless, I’m a pure European living on our good old continent…

    I’m stuck, I can’t make my purchase and I despair of ever being able to do so as my payment won’t go through.

    On their site, there was a PayPal icon. I would have preferred to be able to use this payment method, but on their interface, only debit/credit cards are offered. They emailed me back to say they didn’t use PayPal. As luck would have it, the same day, the PayPal logo had indeed disappeared from their web page.

    I’m beginning to wonder about the seriousness of this company.

    What’s more, I encoded the details of all three of my credit cards during my unsuccessful attempts.

    Who knows what will become of this information…

    • Corinne Kepler

      Hi Guy,
      Thank you for your detailed feedback! Sometimes a payment is rejected, either by your bank’s system or by the merchant’s bank. There are several technical reasons for this, and in our experience, it’s not worth insisting for one simple reason: neither your bank nor the merchant’s will want to investigate this technical problem because, in their opinion, and given the amount of the transaction, it will cost them more to resolve it than to simply refuse the transaction. That’s too bad for you and for the merchant you want to buy from. We contacted Bauer Nutrition for you, and they confirmed that they had indeed updated their site as they had replaced Paypal with Skrill and their site had not yet reflected this change.

      Anyway, thanks for your input and maybe with another similar product you’ll have better luck.


    How long can I take Forskolin? And probiotics?

    Merci de votre réponse
    Best regards

    • Corinne Kepler

      Fabienne , good morning,
      On its official website (which you can visit from the link provided at the end of the article), the manufacturer states that better results are to be seen after 12 weeks of use of the product. I think that after that, and if all goes well, you’ll need to maintain a lifestyle that doesn’t risk bringing back the weight gain.

      Could you provide any further information about the probiotics you mentioned?

      Best regards,

  • Vauley

    I ordered Forskolin and was charged 198€.

    Unfortunately I have a lot of problems with tentions so I’m on medication for life…

    I’m only 18 and therefore not a huge fortune, so I haven’t had my order delivered yet! Do you know if I can cancel the order or if I have to wait to return the product and if I will be reimbursed and if so, how soon?
    Thank you very much

    • Cédric

      It seems obvious that you did not make your purchase on the secure link we provide in the article. Where did you buy your product?

      Best regards,

    • vauley

      Hello, I don’t remember the name but I did receive an email but I still haven’t received the parcel…

      • Cédric

        The e-mail address is a starting point then.

        Bon courage.

    • Anais

      The same thing happened to me. It’s from Los Angeles and I received it yesterday after three weeks of ordering.

  • elba

    Buenas tardes.Soy de Uruguay.Quisiera saber donde comprar el producto y como,en Urugua,asi com el precio.Gracias

    • Cédric

      Hola Elba,
      Gracias por su comentario. Puede tener más información sobre el producto que desea, haga clic en la siguiente dirección:
      Forskolin 250
      Arriba a la derecha de la página, se puede seleccionar el idioma español en el menú desplegable.

      Buena suerte.

  • Magalie

    I don’t have any thyroid problem, neither hyper nor hypo, I would like to know if I can still take Forskolin 250 since apparently, it on people with thyroid dysfunctions?

    Thank you for your answer and your site.

    • Carl

      Hello Magalie,
      Forskolin 250 is not only indicated for people with thyroid problems. It is a dietary supplement that has a global action on the body, as mentioned in our test.

  • Link

    Moreover, given that people suffering from thyroid problems are those who tend to put on weight the most, this action of Forskoline is easily explained. The icing on the cake is that with Forskolin 250, this stimulation of thyroid function is accompanied by an appreciable antidepressant action.

  • mamy

    Dear Sir/Madam
    hello, what time of day should I take this product?

    thank you.

    • Carl

      Hello Mamy,
      The manufacturer does not mention a specific time to take forskolin 250 capsules, it is written on the site that they should be taken with a meal or drink and not to exceed the maximum recommended dose.

      In our experience, the best time to take this dietary supplement is before a main meal (1/2 to one hour before).

  • Lola

    You state that FORSKOLIN 250 20% from the Bauer nutrition laboratory is beneficial for people with tyroid problems and that these pills stimulate the tyroid.

    What happens when you run out of tyroid and take levotyrox to replace it? Do the pills have the same function? Does this mean that there is no longer any stimulation function?


    • Corinne Kepler

      Hello Lola,
      In your case, we recommend that you consult your doctor with the product composition label. Only a healthcare professional can answer your questions.

  • Chantalou

    Good evening,
    Since my tyroid removal (2006) + menopause I keep putting on weight. Would Forskolin be effective for me? I keep on being careful but without success the weight keeps increasing. The doctor doesn’t seem to be worried, but I’m feeling more and more sulky and not flexible enough to do sport, and it’s not easy to walk because of my heel spurs.

    Thank you for your reply and your help.

    • Carl

      Hello Chantalou,
      Your doctor is certainly the best person to advise you.

      We are not medical specialists. Our role is to provide our readers with the information they need and to advise them on dietary supplements for weight loss.

      You could take the forskolin 250 leaflet back to your doctor and ask his or her opinion. If he or she agrees, you could then take it without risk, otherwise we strongly advise you not to use it.

  • Caroline

    How many capsules are there in a box?

    • Carl

      Hello Caroline,
      The bottle contains 60 capsules. The daily intake is two capsules per day.

  • valerie

    I’m interested, but I suffer from cardiac arrhythmia, can I take it? My name is Valerie.

  • caroline

    from what age?

    • Carl

      Hello Caroline,
      All dietary supplements are reserved for adults only. They are not recommended for minors.

  • Texier

    bjr, I would like to know where to find this product without going through the internet. I don’t buy anything through the internet.

    • Corinne Kepler

      Hello Texier,
      This product is only available on the manufacturer’s official website, accessible by clicking on the links in the article. Bauer Nutrition Laboratories are recognized for their reliability, and their payment methods are secure. There is no risk in making your purchases on this site.

  • Laurent

    A must see!!! I had a normal morning bowel movement. As soon as I took
    forskolin, I only have permanent diarrhea in the morning and a few times during the day?
    during the day? I feel like nothing is moving!

  • Carl

    Hello Carleton,
    We think that if you are acting in good faith and your comment is real and sincerely describes your situation, you would probably have answered our question and provided us with the details required to proceed with the necessary verifications.

    As part of our policy of transparency, our comment area is open without restriction to all our readers. We are aware that some of these comments may be aimed at denigrating a product for commercial purposes. We would therefore like to inform our readers that we are not responsible for the comments published on our site, and that these comments do not reflect our position on a given product. All comments are the sole responsibility of the author.

  • Carleton

    Hello, I received a box of 60 capsules at 75 euros I thought I would receive two boxes!!!! It smells like a scam

    • Corinne Kepler

      Hello Stephanie,
      Could you please tell us the exact name of the product you ordered? And if you ordered it via the link provided on our site? We will then be able to verify your order.


    being asthmatic, can I take this product knowing that I would like to lose 4 to 5 kg.

    Thank you

    • Corinne Kepler

      Forskolin is known in traditional medicine for its positive effect on bronchial dilatation, which is why it can only be beneficial for asthma. Nevertheless, we recommend that you consult your doctor, as he or she is the person who knows your case best and will be able to authorize or not the use of this supplement. If your doctor agrees, Forskolin 250 will help you lose those few kilos, but don’t forget to combine it with a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet.

      Good luck!

    • Mie

      Hello, I have ordered forskolin, I realize that the box I received does not look at all like the one on the site. It says FORSKOLIN 2 burn fat!.merci de rassurer svp

      • Arnaud Dubos

        Hello Mie,
        Please mention the exact name of the product, the name of the manufacturer or, failing that, the retailer and the site where you placed your order.

        Thank you for your contribution.

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