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Formexplode, an explosion in muscle mass?

Our opinion on Formexplode

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formexplode-boiteWhen it comes to body shape, women aren’t the only ones who want to feel good and take care of their figure or overall appearance. For men, it’s more about muscle gain than fat loss, and supplement manufacturers have understood this. Formexplode is a dietary supplement we’re reviewing today. It’s a formula aimed exclusively at men and, according to its manufacturer, constitutes a veritable “muscle mass explosion”. Let’s take a look at the different facets of this product.

Presentation and promises of Formexplode

Formexplode is a product specially designed for men, with the aim of maximizing training efficiency, increasing strength and boosting fat burning. According to the manufacturer’s promises, this concentrated formula is capable of delivering rapid results, felt from the 14th day.

Here’s a summary of what Formexplode promises:

  • Effective detoxification of the body;
  • Increased energy levels;
  • Improved libido and sexual fitness;
  • A reduction in adipose tissue.

Rather seductive promises for gentlemen, don’t you think? Naturally, we wanted to go one step further. All the more so as the Formexplode site, both in its layout and in its discourse, left us with an impression of déjà vu that we wanted to explore further…

Formexplode versus Men Solution Plus Who’s who exactly?

Formexplode’s marketing arguments were not unfamiliar to us! We found striking similarities with a product we’d already tested, namely Men Solution Plus.

The Formexplode manufacturer

First of all, as far as the manufacturer is concerned, we encountered the same problem as with Men Solution Plus. No information was available, apart from the discovery that we were dealing with a Comoros-based company called Active Food Supplements.

While during our investigation of Men Solution Plus (MSP) we were able to find the company’s website, today Active Food Supplements seems to have disappeared from the web. It was therefore impossible to gather any further information about the manufacturer.

However, we did find links between MSP and CGA800, another food supplement we tested and rejected, mainly because of the manufacturer’s problems with forced sales.

We also discovered a Facebook page for Active Food Supplements which was virtually empty, except for a few testimonials from customers dissatisfied with the results obtained with the company’s products, and complaining that they hadn’t managed to get a refund.

So here we have an unreliable manufacturer profile. But let’s not stop there and continue our investigation.

Home page of the product’s official website

Formexplode website

We did a little site comparison for Formexplode and Men Solution Plus. The results speak for themselves.

First of all, the product is presented and offered by a bodybuilder and coach, who tells us: “For 15 years I’ve had my own gym in Paris, in which I’ve helped over 1,200 men transform excess weight into a muscular body, in other words, I’ve helped them sculpt the body.” This famous coach is at MSP a certain Daniel Lefebvre, and at Formexplode a certain Daniel Saillant. And yet, the same profile photo!

As for sports coaching services or a Paris gym owned and run by a certain Daniel Saillant or Lefebvre, we found no trace of them. We then looked at the various testimonials on each of the respective sites. And again, the same story, except that this time the names remain the same. Formexplode AND Men Solution Plus feature the same testimonials from Marc Lepoutre from Limoges, and Léo Deschamps from Bordeaux, to name but a few. In fact, the pages are simply identical, apart from the ingredients. Let’s take a look at the ingredients in Formexplode.

The ingredients in Formexplode

This is a different formula from Men Solution Plus, which appears to contain only L-arginine.

BCAAs, or branched-chain amino acids, are highly prized in the fitness world. In fact, as essential cell nutrients, they stimulate protein synthesis to a greater extent than protein and aid muscle recovery. The better the muscle muscle repair, the greater the Muscle Growth. BCAAs help reduce fatigue, by inhibiting serotonin production, which often increases with exercise. Serotonin increases the feeling of fatigue, leading to greater exhaustion during training. BCAAs therefore help to increase the intensity of your workouts.

Arginine is a semi-essential amino acid that optimizes muscle gain, notably by improving oxygenation of muscle tissue during exercise, but also by stimulating the release of growth hormone. It helps to activate fat burning, improve sports performance and recovery after exercise.

Once again, this amino acid is a precursor of dopa, dopamine, adrenalin and noradrenalin. These hormones inhibit hunger, reduce fatigue and boost energy levels.

L-Carnitine is involved in the transport and transformation of fat into energy, in the form of ATP, particularly during training sessions. It also acts on insulin, helping to regulate blood glucose levels. L-Carnitine will therefore enhance sporting performance and reduce fatigue, while increasing fat burning.

Creatine enhances athletic performance and helps produce energy.

It is used in the process of ATP formation, one of muscles’ energy sources. With more creatine in stock, you have more energy during training sessions, so you can prolong your efforts and achieve better results. Creatine helps to build muscle mass, particularly through its volumizing effect.

What are the side effects of Formexplode?

In sensitive individuals, taking L-Arginine may cause stomach pains, nausea, diarrhea, skin rashes and kidney pain.

It can also provoke more serious reactions, such as edema or breathing difficulties, although these are rare.

As for the other substances present in Formexplode, they do not, on the face of it, present any health problems.
Testimonials on the official product website

Testimonials from Formexplode

We’ve come across a number of testimonials on well-known forums about supplements from Active Food Supplements. Here’s a brief overview:

“I ordered thanks to the adverts. First it said 57, then they charged me 62!

a person with an accent calls me, I tell her, no problem, I’ll do it for you at 57…

I receive the product.

one capsule in the morning, one at noon:
observation after 10 days:
not 1 gram lost! But on the other hand, I had virulent diarrhoea, I was literally emptying myself, and my stomach was gurgling. I had to take immodium to be able to leave the house without emptying myself at any time…

I sent an e-mail to ask for a refund within 60 days, but no news.

unfortunately, there’s no postal address, just an e-mail which, of course, doesn’t reply… big…!

“I confirm!

I, on the other hand, have had no side effects whatsoever!

But not a gram lost.

I applied for a refund, and now they’re asking me for a weighing certificate, a letter attesting to the correct use of the product and dietary habits, a photo, etc…

Anyway, I’ve given up, it’s not worth it
but you insist on sending the bottle back.

give me your address in mp, and I’ll forward you the e-mail they sent me.

good luck “

Note: We have reported the testimonials as they are, without any intervention in spelling!

Price and guarantee Formexplode

As for price, here we are again with the same thing as Men Solution Plus! First, a promotion that only seems to last a day, but which, if you come back to the same site a few days later, is still there!

Then there’s the advertised price of €65 instead of €109, for both Formexplode and MSP. And if you want to leave the page before you’ve ordered, we’ll offer you an even better deal for 57€ for a few minutes!

Last but not least, a 60-day money-back guarantee is offered, although we’ll see in the testimonials section that there are doubts as to whether this is really the case.

To ask a question or post a comment, there’s a comments field at the bottom of this page.

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  • Georges

    I ordered this product for 54€ and I’ve been charged 79€! Then I looked at the reviews (which I should have consulted earlier) and all I could find was
    nothing but deception and danger with this product! especially since I’m on heart medication!

    it’s only been an hour since I made this transaction via paypal, and I’ve requested immediate cancellation in accordance with my right of withdrawal
    but I’ve had no reply!

    My question is what recourse can I expect?

    Thank you for an answer
    Georges A.

    • Corinne Kepler

      Hello Georges,
      Thank you for your message. Are you talking about a right of withdrawal with the seller of this product or with PayPal? (With the latter, you’ll have a better chance of getting your money back, as far as I know.).

      As for your heart treatment, I hope you took the time to consult your doctor before making your purchase!

      Kind regards,

  • Frenee Arnaud

    Hello, I would like to try but the problem is that I find the product much too expensive to try if you had the same product at a better price I would stay without hesitation

    • Arnaud Dubos

      We don’t sell any products. In fact, I wouldn’t recommend “testing” any products because, logically, no serious manufacturer can afford the luxury of sending you their product for a €5 delivery charge. Don’t be fooled by the free test offers, as this will be the start of a nightmarish series of debits from your bank account.

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