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Men Solution Plus

Men Solution Plus, Gain 10 kg of muscle in 1 month!

flacon-men-solution-plusMEN SOLUTION PLUS is a supplement designed especially for men, to help reduce body fat and increase muscle mass.

Gentlemen, slimming products aren’t just for women! You too have the right to sculpt your body and turn fat into muscle.

Presentation & Promises of Men Solution Plus

Men Solution Plus is a training supplement designed to stimulate the growth of muscle tissue and the reduction of body fat.

This product is available on the official website in the form of a bottle containing 60 capsules, which corresponds to a one-month course of treatment.

As far as promises are concerned, we can’t help but be charmed, since Men Solution Plus promises wonders!

On the official website, you can read all about the incredible benefits of this supplement:

  • + 10 kg of muscle in 1 month ;
  • sculpted abs in just 12 days;
  • +80% energy.

But that’s not all! Men Solution Plus goes further. It will :

  • Remove your love handles;
  • Detoxify your body;
  • Improve your post-workout recovery;
  • Support your immune system.

And that’s not all!

  • 100% money-back guarantee;
  • Visible results in just a few weeks;
  • Maximum effectiveness and safety thanks to natural ingredients.

What a product!

With results like these, one wonders how gyms can continue to exist in the face of such a strong competitor! With all these miraculous effects, every man on the planet should be rushing to stock up on Men Solution Plus!

Be careful, though, because if you gain 10 kg of muscle in just 1 month, the result after 1 year would be 120 kg of muscle!

Who makes Men Solution Plus?

Faced with such promises, we were particularly surprised to find no mention of the manufacturer of Men Solution Plus on the official website.

We were therefore forced to investigate further, and contacted the entity selling it via the contact form available for this purpose on the site.

We asked for details of the manufacturer. Customer service got back to us within a day, telling us that the company behind the product was Active Food Supplements.

We did indeed find the website of this Comoros-based company. The website looks very serious, but we couldn’t find Men Solution Plus in their product list!

We went back to customer service to ask for clarification. Surprisingly, we received no answer to our question and our request was put on hold…
As we continued our research, we came across websites in English and Polish promoting this pill.

On the Facebook page of the English site, among the publications, we read the testimonial of a customer who was dissatisfied with the product, and who was unable to get a refund for his purchase despite filling in questionnaires, speaking to multiple people and making repeated calls to Poland to denounce the product’s ineffectiveness and demand a refund.

This case aroused our suspicions, which soon became certainties when we discovered an impressive number of other testimonials mentioning the abusive sales procedures of these sites.

Ingredients of Men Solution Plus

No precise dosage or label is available for this supplement, so there’s no way to be sure of its exact composition or presumed efficacy.

However, the official website lists the following ingredients:
1. MACA :
Maca or Peruvian ginseng is a stimulant that acts on sexual vigour and the hormonal system.

It increases male fertility, reduces menopausal symptoms in women, relieves stress and boosts immunity.

It is a powerful aphrodisiac, and an adaptogenic plant still under study.

In 2004, AFSSA advised against consumption of this plant in France because of doubts about its preparation.

This Brazilian plant is traditionally used for its aphrodisiac and stimulant properties.

To date, no scientific research has confirmed the plant’s effects on mood and libido.

However, we have found a sampling report which details the morphology, chemical and functional analyses of adulterated catuaba, as well as its concentration in certain marketed products.

(Report in English, source : Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz, Gratz, Styria, Austria Planta Medica (Impact Factor: 2.15). 11/2004; 70(10):993-1000. doi: 10.1055/s-2004-832627 Source: PubMed, published in researchgate)
This amino acid plays an important role in wound healing, the elimination of ammonia from the body, the proper functioning of the immune system, and the secretion of certain hormones, including the muscle-building growth hormone.

It is also from L-Arginine that the body manufactures nitric oxide and creatine, which help dilate blood vessels and accelerate muscle development, particularly following training.

Zinc is known to promote the secretion of testosterone, an anabolic hormone which accelerates muscle gain.

Zinc inhibits aromatase, an enzyme which converts testosterone into estrogen.

This increases the amount of testosterone bioavailable to the body. Zinc oxide is an inorganic, non-chelated form of zinc. The molecule is in fact transformed so that it can be better recognized and absorbed by the body.

However, studies have shown that zinc oxide is relatively poorly absorbed by the body, which does not metabolize this form of zinc well.

No information available for this ingredient.

This is a modified form of valine, which is more resistant to oxidation than pure valine.

Valine is an essential amino acid which stimulates muscle growth and supplies the body with energy, especially in combination with isoleucine and leucine.

It is also said to suppress appetite and increase physical resistance to exertion.

To date, no studies have been conducted on valine alone.

Scientific studies Concerning Men Solution Plus

No clinical studies have been conducted on this muscle-building supplement.

However, recent studies have shown that L-Arginine does not increase strength and endurance, nor the body’s recovery after exercise, even with doses of 20 g per day.

Taken orally, L-Arginine does not increase growth hormone secretion in resting individuals, and may even reduce it during exercise.

It would therefore have no effect on athletes.

It could, however, have interesting effects on less trained individuals, with improved resistance to exertion and increased muscle strength. The researchers recommend further research, with higher doses of L-Arginine, to confirm these results.

To go further, here’s a study report analyzing the influence of chronic supplementation with L-Arginine aspartates on athletes’ endurance from a performance and substrate metabolism point of view :
(Source: NCBI. Institute of Sports Medicine, Swiss Paraplegic Centre, Nottwil. Abel T., Knechtle B., Perret C., Eser P., von Arx P., Knecht H. Int J Sports Med. 2005 Jun; 26(5) : 344-9).

Side effects Contraindications of Men Solution Plus

No information is available on the product website.

However, L-Arginine is known to cause stomach pain, nausea, diarrhea, skin rashes and kidney pain.

It can also provoke more serious reactions, such as oedema or breathing difficulties.

It’s always worth remembering that these products are forbidden to pregnant women, nursing mothers, young people under 18, and anyone suffering from an illness that requires medical treatment and monitoring.

Price & Guarantee of Men Solution Plus

As we’ve already said, Men Solution Plus comes with a 100% money-back guarantee – if you can make it work!

Men Solution Plus is available on the retailer’s website, with a promotion valid ” today only “for 57€ instead of 109€.
If you return the next day, the product will be priced at 65€.

On leaving the order page, a new window shows the product at 57€ again!

User testimonials of Men Solution Plus

Most of the testimonials are clearly fake, as they are affiliated with reseller sites.

We have, however, been able to find some genuine feedback from users, who report severe kidney pain and a total absence of results.

As for the company’s reliability, over-invoicing and warranty problems overlap, and the number of consumers complaining suggests that these are not isolated cases, but rather the rule.

Our opinion on Men Solution Plus

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  • Anonymous


  • Jean Pierre

    I bought Formexplode but my surprise was to receive a well packed product but the box was badly closed and the powder was in the bottom of the box so at first no seal on the box which is abnormal and then no refund or exchange so money thrown in the trash with the polluted product.

    A big scam to avoid.

  • MONNIER Dominique

    Thank you for enlightening us about these so-called miracle products, which are in fact very expensive placebo products and therefore a scam.

    On the other hand, I’m going to try the Brazilian Fat Burner. I’m 59 years old. I used to do bodybuilding. I run a little. I walk. I’m active, not sedentary. But the love handles are there because we also like good things to eat.

    So there you have it.

    Good luck with your investigations

    • Cédric

      Dominique, hello,
      Thank you for your visit and your testimonial.

      We look forward to your feedback on the Brazilian Fat Burner.

      Best regards,

  • David

    Hello, I ordered the famous formexplode which contains creatine and for the 5 days I’ve been taking it, apart from urinating a lot and having headaches and insomnia I don’t see how this product would be miraculous apart from ruining people’s health. I’ve been taking creatine for 5 years now and some people have told me to be careful because most creatines come from China. I managed to find a creatine from Germany that works very well and has no side effects! And since I’ve been taking it, I’ve really gained muscle!

    • Corinne K.

      Hi David,
      Thank you for your testimonial. Indeed, you put your finger on the importance of ingredient sourcing and selection. In our tests, we try to give consumers all the information they need to make informed choices, i.e. products that are effective AND safe for their health. Your testimonial helps us to better inform our readers, thank you!

  • elsdorf

    Hello, I’d like to point out that the same people who sell Men Solution Plus are doing a lot of advertising for a product called FORMEXPLODE, which seems to me to be just as dubious as the other one.
    please inform your readers
    Kind regards

    • Corinne K.

      Thank you for this information. We will investigate the product you are referring to and come back with a test if we deem it relevant for our readers.

  • Lareguera

    Thank you bcp thanks to you I did not order these pills.. Do you know of any weight loss pills you can recommend? I am 1m76 / 47kg.. I don’t have any diseases and I eat normally but I don’t gain weight. Thanks in advance

    • Corinne K.

      Hi Lareguera,
      Unfortunately, on testeurpilules we tend to specialize in weight loss…

      However, we can recommend the following site, where you may be able to find information about supplements that could possibly help you gain weight.

      Happy searching!

  • francois

    bonjour, comment 1 meme produit peut avoir 2 composition differntes

  • Adam-monhonvalle

    Men Solution Plus is a great scam. Tested on two people I know, no results, see memé that when we received the two boxes we bought, one had white capsules and the other red?

  • Sylvain

    Hello, my bottle of men solution plus shows the following ingredients:
    -Beetroot extract (0.3/100 5: 1 / 200 mg.

    -L Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate 2: 1 / 200 mg?

    -L-Citrullin-DL-Malate 2: 1 / 200 mg?

    -L tyrosine 150 mg?

    -Trie Creatine malate 150 mg.

    -L. taurine 100 mg

    • Carl

      Hello Sylvain,
      This is a different composition from the product we’re talking about on our test, yet we’re talking about a product with the same name.

      Strange, isn’t it?

  • Godefroid Dispa

    Hello, Will I get my order for this MARCH 30th?


    product to be avoided like the plague, 100% ineffective.

    On the other hand, the sales department is very efficient. They harass you on the phone and end up persuading you that you are the only person on earth for whom it doesn’t work? for the moment, but that you must persevere? there’s no reason why?

    .. And they ended up giving me their 2nd product FORMEXPLODE which is a disgusting powder to be swallowed every morning.

    I ended up discovering that the 2 product promotion pages are exactly the same, with the same certainly bogus testimonials and the same for the photos. Only the product name has changed!
    It’s clear from reading the other comments that the famous money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied is completely bogus. I’m not going to bother and I’m going to let it go.
    They cheated me out of 234 euros, it serves me right I should have been less naive? let that be a lesson to me.

    If at least my testimony can help others avoid the same problems, so much the better.
    Bravo for your site, alas I discovered it too late.


  • christ

    I have used several dietary supplements and men solution is the one that gives me the most energy to last 18 hour days without any undesirable effects for me the product is a little expensive but very effective for people who don’t have time to rest and who want to recover very quickly moreover it promotes sleep and well being balance since I take the product no more back pain to the joints of the back. since I’ve been taking it, I’ve had no back pain, no joint pain, less nausea and no flu. If you know of an equivalent elsewhere, let me know, I’ll try it out. I’ve tried carnitine and carnosine, but I’ve had bleeding and hemorrhoids.

    • Carl

      Hello Christ,
      Thank you for your testimonial.

    • Paul Quacoe

      Hi Carl, I’m in Canada. Is it possible to buy online?

      I suppose it will be difficult?

      Please help me

      • Carl

        Hello Paul,
        What kind of difficulty are you having purchasing your product?

        Generally, you could make your purchase on the official site without any problem.

        Just be sure to go to the official site directly to avoid intermediation fees.

  • tbatou

    About men solution plus I totally agree with you it’s a pure scam and I got ripped off.

    • Corinne Kepler

      We hope you’ll find a supplement that’s right for you. There are many out there that are both effective and reliable! Good luck in your search

  • yorann fontaine

    i did not wish to order i wanted to have more precision on the company which invoices to have a purchase order and thus validated after having recovered all this information but unfortunately it validates you the order without asking you without purchase order. i would wish to have an opinion i did not pay yet because to ask with the delivery i will refuse to pay with the delivery is that i can do it.

    • Corinne Kepler

      Hello Yorann,
      Given the situation, we think it’s more reasonable to contact this company’s customer service department to cancel your order, and follow the advice you’ll be given.

  • Prescillia

    Hello, I wanted to know if this also works for women? Thanks in advance

    • Corinne Kepler

      Hello Prescillia,
      According to our information, this product has been designed for men. As a reminder, our test does not recommend this pill. If you want to lose weight while gaining muscle tissue, perhaps you could read the capsiplex sport test, which seems to meet your needs and is from a reliable company.

  • jean luc

    Hello, I cannot let such ideas circulate! or more exactly contradictory comments not knowing if its declarants (pill tester included) took the trouble to stimulate their organisms a minimum? As for me: 54 years old, 94,800 kilograms, furniture delivery driver, I initially gained 3,400 kilograms of muscle mass in less than a month, then lost 5 kilograms of fat mass “over 3 months, I regained a hell of a tonus” IDEM for the trifle? As I come to the end of my comment, I’ve just realized after checking… that we’re not talking about the same product, let alone the same ingredients:
    MEN SOLUTION PLUS net weight of one capsule 575mg
    Daily dose: 2 capsules :
    -Beetroot extract (0,3/100 5: 1 / 200 mg.

    -L Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate 2: 1 / 200 mg?

    -L-Citrullin-DL-Malate 2: 1 / 200 mg?

    -L tyrosine 150 mg?

    -Trie Creatine malate 150 mg.

    -L. taurine 100 mg

    • Carl

      Hello Jean Luc,
      Thank you for your comment.

      But men solution plus which was the subject of this test contains the following ingredients:
      – maca ;
      – catuaba (bark) ;
      – L-arginine ;
      – zinc oxide ;
      – leaucyné hydrochloride ;
      – valine hydrochloride.

      These are two different compositions, and we’re wondering whether you’re talking about the same product or not?


    I confirm: ineffective product and it refuses to apply the full refund guarantee without question, as displayed when ordering.


  • lips

    how to get your money back it doesn’t work
    to which address
    thank you

    • Carl

      Sorry Lips, we can’t help you to solve your problem. Already in our test of men solution plus, we clearly mentioned the lack of reliability and seriousness of the manufacturer and the customer service lacking clarity.

      Thank you for your visit.

  • francky

    total scam this product! tested for 1 month without gaining 01 gram of muscle or losing 1 gram of fat, a beautiful fraud … do not be fooled

  • Bausiere Gregory

    I ordered Men Solution Plus about 2 hours ago. How can I cancel this order?

    • Corinne Kepler

      Hello Gregory,
      Please contact customer service to cancel your transaction. As with all online purchases, you have the right to cancel your order within 14 days. To find the contact number, click on order, then on contact at the bottom of the page. We wish you good luck!

    • elsdorf

      block your payment, it’s possible

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