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Gluntia Slim test et avis

Formafit Gluntia Slim, lose weight with natural fibers!

gluntia-slim-boiteFormafit Gluntia Slim is a dietary supplement that intends to assert itself on the slimming pill market by relying on its fiber intake. It’s a well-known fact that fiber is good for your overall health. But did you know that there are fibers that could, apparently, help you lose weight?

At least, that’s what Formafit is advertising to promote its slimming supplement. Formafit Gluntia Slim is said to offer all the “power of natural active fibers” to help you shed unwanted pounds. We take these words at face value and explore and test this slimming product for you.

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Presentation and promises of Formafit Gluntia Slim

Formafit Gluntia Slim is a fiber-based supplement designed for effective, natural weight loss. Its three main ingredients – glucomannan, NeOpuntia, labromelain and vitamin C – combine to deliver a three-pronged action. To sum up, here’s what the manufacturer of Formafit Gluntia Slim promises:

  • Reduced appetite;
  • Elimination of excess fat;
  • Reactivation of the metabolism;
  • A scientifically tested product.

The manufacturer of Formafit Gluntia Slim

Formafitness is the company behind Formafit Gluntia Slim. We’ve already talked about this manufacturer, during our test for the Formafit Forskoline Ultra + product.

Formafitness is based in Portugal, and specializes in the design, manufacture and sale of wellness and weight-loss products. This manufacturer offers serious guarantees of reliability and safety, thanks to a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified laboratory, products manufactured in the European Union to ensure compliance with standards, and supplements developed by experts in the fields of health and nutrition.

Formafit Gluntia Slim ingredients

Formafit-gluntia-slim-glucomannanGlucomannan is the name given to the fiber found in konjac, a plant native to Asia and increasingly used in appetite supplements. Indeed, glucomannan fibers have the particularity of swelling once in contact with stomach liquids, up to multiplying their volume by 100! By taking up a lot of space in the stomach, they naturally reduce hunger, increase satiety and reduce the amount of food ingested.
Formafit-gluntia-slim-neopuntiaNeOpuntia is a patented fiber derived from the nopal plant, which is none other than the prickly pear. It forms a gel in the stomach, reducing fat absorption. Like glucomannan fibers, this gel increases the sensation of satiety, acting as a natural appetite suppressant.

To find out more about nopal and NeOpuntia fibre, read our article Nopal, a plant with healing properties
Vitamin C
We’re all familiar with vitamin C’s tonic properties, as well as its anti-infectious and immunity-boosting action. But what does it do for weight loss? Well, for a start, vitamin C is thought to help regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels. On top of this, it would appear that vitamin C, which contributes to the production of noradrenalin, also acts as a fat burner and activator of thermogenesis. It is also said to have a positive effect on cellulite.

Bromelain is one of the active substances found in pineapple. It is renowned for its anti-cellulite and slimming properties. To date, no scientific study has confirmed bromelain’s slimming virtues.

Scientific studies on Formafit Gluntia Slim

The manufacturer’s official website mentions several scientific references to support the efficacy of Formafit Gluntia Slim and validate the properties of its main ingredients. We have reviewed these scientific data and summarized them for you below.

Formafit mentions several studies concerning glucomannan. Among them is a comparative study which, by analyzing the results of several clinical studies carried out on the effects of glucomannan fibers, shows that they enable significant weight loss. These studies have shown that a dose of 2 to 4 grams of glucomannan per day is not only well tolerated, but also enables significant weight loss in obese or overweight people. It increases the sensation of satiety, and improves lipid, lipoprotein, and blood glucose profiles.

(Source: Altern Ther Health Med. 2005 Nov-Dec;11(6):30-4.Glucomannan and obesity: a critical review.)
As for the patented NeOpuntia fiber, there are several clinical trials demonstrating its slimming benefits. One double-blind study, involving a placebo group and a group consuming NeOpuntia fiber, showed that subjects consuming NeOpuntia had 3 times higher levels of fat in their stools than the placebo group (15.79% vs. 4.56%), proof that this fiber significantly reduces the body’s absorption of fats.

(Source: Curr Ther Res Clin Exp. 2014 Jun 21;76:39-44. doi: 10.1016/j.curtheres.2014.02.001. eCollection 2014. Effects of cactus fiber on the excretion of dietary fat in healthy subjects: a double blind, randomized, placebo-controlled, crossover clinical investigation.)

How do I take Gluntia Slim?

gluntia-slim-mode-utilisationFormafit Gluntia Slim comes in a box containing 45 sachet-sticks. This is equivalent to a 15-day supply, at a rate of 3 sticks a day. Take 1 sachet before each meal. Pour the contents of the sachet into a glass and mix with approximately 150ml of water. Wait 15 minutes for the mixture to gel. Drink, then drink a further 1 to 2 glasses of water immediately after taking the supplement. For a one-month treatment, plan to order 2 boxes of Formafit Gluntia Slim.

Side effects and contraindications of Formafit Gluntia Slim

The ingredients in Formafit Gluntia Slim are safe and do not present any health side effects. However, we would like to draw our readers’ attention to the consumption of glucomannan fiber. In the past, taking glucomannan fibers in the form of jelly beans in particular has led to cases of obstruction and even choking. To avoid any problems, simply take Formafit Gluntia Slim with plenty of water, as recommended by the manufacturer, who advises you to drink 2 extra glasses of water after taking the supplement.

Although not harmful to health, konjac may, in rare cases, cause diarrhoea or flatulence. These inconveniences are temporary and mild.

Finally, NeOpuntia’s high fiber content may cause slight intestinal discomfort in sensitive individuals.

Formafit Gluntia Slim price and guarantee

Formafit Gluntia Slim is available on its official website in different sizes, with sliding-scale prices according to quantities purchased:

  • Box of 45 doses of Formafit Gluntia Slim (15-day cure) = 39,99€
  • Pack of 2 boxes of Formafit Gluntia Slim (30-day course of treatment) = €71.98 71,98€ instead of 79,98€
  • Formafit Gluntia Slim 3-pack (45-day treatment) = 95,98€ instead of 119,97€

Free delivery from €39 purchase. This seller does not offer a money-back guarantee. However, you have the right to cancel your purchase within 14 days of receipt of the parcel. Products must be returned in good condition, undamaged and ready for resale. Return shipping costs are at the customer’s expense.

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Formafit Gluntia Slim user testimonials

According to testimonials found on the web, potential users of Formafit Gluntia Slim are mostly satisfied with the results obtained with this slimming supplement. They report
– Reduced hunger and cravings;
– Reduced sugar cravings;
– Faster feeling of satiety during meals;
– An overall increase in energy.

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