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Avis sur Cure Eclair Liberté

Cure éclair liberté, up to 14.6kg in 21 days

pack-cure-eclair-liberteAmong the weight-loss products seen on TV shopping shows, today we present the CURE ECLAIR LIBERTE, inspired by the famous cabbage soup cure that many of our readers have already heard about.

Is this cure effective? Will it help you succeed in your weight-loss journey? Here are the answers…

Presentation and promises of the Freedom Lightning Cure

As we mentioned in the introduction, the Freedom Lightning Cure was inspired by the cabbage soup diet, which was all the rage for many years, and still continues to gather a large following.

This time, however, things are a little different, as the Freedom Lightning Cure promises rapid weight loss in just 7 days, and a weight loss that promises to last.

How is this possible?

Thanks to a stabilization phase that allows weight loss to be finalized and maintained over the long term.

What is the Freedom Lightning Cure?

  • Attack phase: 7-day weight-loss program;
  • Stabilization phase: 14 days of stabilization.

During the first 7 days of the attack phase, you’ll need to adopt a low-calorie diet, and drink 4 bowls of Cure éclair liberté soup a day (1 bowl in the morning, 1 bowl at lunchtime, 1 bowl in the afternoon and 1 bowl in the evening).

In addition to this, you need to stick to the exercise program recommended by the cure.

This is followed by a 14-day stabilization phase.

During this phase, you should continue to consume the soup in question, but this time in smaller quantities, with a gradual return to a normal, balanced diet.

La Cure éclair liberté provides a guide with all the details concerning the attack phase: permitted and forbidden foods, the low-calorie diet, detailed physical exercises. The guide also contains recipes for the stabilization phase.

The Cure éclair liberté manufacturer

Who makes the Freedom Lightning Cure slimming program?

What we found during our investigation was that this slimming cure is only available on TV shopping shows, or on the online stores that report to these same shows.

In other words, this cure is mainly sold by resellers, not directly by the manufacturer.

Despite our research, no information is available about the company or laboratory that manufactures this cure.

As we have already mentioned in another test article, this is a common practice for products offered for sale via teleshopping. Unfortunately, we regret this practice, as it deprives the consumer of a significant amount of useful information.

The ingredients of Cure éclair liberté

We will list the ingredients of the Freedom Lightning Cure in order of importance.

We’ll rank them in descending order, i.e. the first will correspond to the ingredient present in the greatest quantity in the soup, and so on.

1. 60% Vegetables (Potato, Cabbage (6%), Onion, Leek, Carrot, Tomato, Celery):

What do vegetables provide, whether as part of a weight-loss diet or not?

Fiber, water, vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Fiber helps regulate intestinal transit, but also increases the feeling of satiety, which in turn reduces food consumption at mealtimes.

Water will of course hydrate the body, and promote drainage and the elimination of toxins through the urine.

Finally, vitamins, minerals and trace elements help maintain the body’s overall health.

2. Soy protein:

Soya offers excellent quality proteins, which will help maintain muscles, while increasing satiety and reducing hunger.

Proteins in general are also more complex to digest, and require more energy from the body to assimilate, raising the basal metabolic rate slightly.

Soy protein contains all the essential amino acids, as well as potassium, zinc, iron, vitamin E, phosphorus and B vitamins.

3. Chitosan (from crustaceans):

Chitosan is a well-known ingredient in slimming products, for its ability to inhibit fat absorption and digestion.

To find out more about this ingredient, we invite you to read our full article HERE.

4. Green tea:

Do we still need to introduce this ingredient, renowned for its fat-burning properties?

It’s its richness in catechins and L-theanine that makes green tea the ideal plant to accompany a slimming diet.

It activates fat burning, reduces stress (a factor in weight gain, among other things), stimulates immune function, and has other general health benefits.

5. Green coffee:

Here too, our regular readers will surely know that green coffee has all the benefits of caffeine, without the drawbacks of the usual coffee we consume every day.

It activates thermogenesis, i.e. the burning of fat to provide the body with energy; promotes regular blood sugar levels, and acts as an antioxidant.

We’ve already produced a detailed article on green coffee and its benefits for the body, which you can consult via this link.

Scientific studies on the Freedom Lightning Cure

According to the sites promoting the Cure éclair liberté, it has been the subject of a clinical study carried out on 30 volunteers of both sexes, all of whom were overweight and had a BMI of over 25.

The study protocol consisted in following the Cure éclair liberté 3 times in a row, for a total of 3 x 7 days (21 days).

The results obtained correspond to a weight loss in kilos recorded by 100% of the volunteers in this clinical study.

The detailed results are as follows:

Weight loss results in kilos :

  • After 7 days of treatment: an average loss of -3.9kg and a maximum loss (for 1 person) of -4.7kg;
  • After 14 days: an average loss of -6.9kg and a maximum loss (for 1 person) of -8.4kg;
  • After 21 days: an average loss of -10.6kg and a maximum loss (for 1 person) of -14.6kg.

Weight loss results in cm:

  • After 7 days of treatment: an average loss of -3.4cm (hips) and -3.6cm (waist) and a maximum loss (in 1 person) of -4.6cm (hips) and -4.4cm (waist);
  • After 14 days: average loss of -5.9cm (hips) and -6.3cm (waist) and maximum loss (in 1 person) of -6.8cm (hips) and -7.4cm (waist);
  • After 21 days of treatment: an average loss of -9.3cm (hips) and -9.9cm (waist) and a maximum loss (in 1 person) of -11.4cm (hips) and -11.4cm (waist).

We found no academic references to this trial, nor any publications in recognized scientific portals relating to its subject, which considerably reduces the credibility of this trial.

Side effects and contraindications of Freedom Lightning Cure

According to the list of ingredients in Cure éclair liberté, only chitosan can cause undesirable effects in high doses, such as flatulence, diarrhea, constipation or allergic reactions in people sensitive to shellfish.

If this is the case for you, we do not recommend this treatment.

Dietary supplements are not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, children or people under medical care.

This type of cure should preferably be supervised by a dietician or specialized physician.

Testimonials from Cure éclair liberté users

We have found a large number of authentic, independent testimonials from people who have tried the Cure éclair liberté.

A number of comments stand out:

  • A soup very high in sodium, which can cause flatulence (as we know, a diet too rich in salt is not recommended for good health);
  • Fatigue from the very first days of treatment;
  • An extremely restrictive hypocaloric diet (for example, on day 4, soup + banana + milk);
  • Rapid weight loss, followed by immediate regain.

Price and guarantee

The Freedom Lightning Cure is available on the Internet, in teleshopping boutiques, or directly from a TV show.

The normal price for the basic 7-day treatment is 34,99€.

It’s not unusual to find special offers, such as 3 free cures with the purchase of a 7-day cure.

Guarantees and delivery conditions vary from site to site.

Our opinion of Cure éclair liberté

On the one hand, we appreciate the fact that the Cure éclair liberté benefited from a clinical trial involving real consumers, despite the absence of any academic reference for this trial. We also appreciate the sometimes very interesting promotions offered by the retailer sites.

But on the other hand, we criticize this cure for the absence of precise dosages of the active ingredients used, its basic concept which resembles a very restrictive diet and which can have critical consequences for the health of consumers, not to mention the omnipresent risk of the yo-yo effect after stopping the cure.

Added to this is the price, which, excluding promotions, seems a little high to us, and the very small number of people who were tested in the clinical trial.

Weighing up the pros and cons, we have come to the conclusion that the Freedom Lightning Cure is a way of achieving healthy, risk-free weight loss that we do not recommend. Such a restrictive diet and such rapid weight loss can only lead, on the one hand, to great fatigue and exhaustion of the body, and on the other, to a rapid regain of the lost kilos, or even more!

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