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Chewell, appetite control and energy boost

chewell-testeurpilules.comWeight gain can have many causes, including concerns aboutappetite. When you’re overweight because you suffer from an appetite disorder, day-to-day life becomes quite difficult to manage.

You feel hungry too often, and when you sit down to eat, nothing can stop you from ingesting huge quantities of food. So what can be done to remedy this appetite control problem and get back to a normal weight?

The slimming pill Chewell is an appetite suppressant designed to help you regain control of your plate, while promising to give you a perfect figure. For some time now, we’ve been receiving comments of results ranging from 3 to 12 kilos lost, as well as other comments requesting a test of this product.

Today, we present the results of our investigation…

Presentation and promises of Chewell

Chewell comes in capsule form, to be taken 30 to 45 minutes before breakfast for maximum effect. Chewell is a slimming pill with appetite-suppressant effects offering, according to the manufacturer, the following benefits:

  • Energy boost ;
  • Weight loss, particularly around the hips and waist;
  • A powerful fat-burning effect;
  • An appetite suppressant effect;
  • Firmer skin.

These are all great promises, which we hope will be kept by this pill. There are a number of factors which enable us to verify these claims: the manufacturer’s credibility, its transparency, the list of ingredients, etc.

The manufacturer of Chewell

The official website for Chewell slimming pills is largely in Turkish, with no English version to help readers understand the product and navigate around it. This makes it difficult to find precise information.

A succinct and poorly translated (in our opinion) presentation is available in English, here it is verbatim:

Chewell cuts your appetite, your desire to eat. While preserving the necessary elements in a capsule that prevents you from staying tired all day by giving you energy. Chewell helps you lose weight from the waist and hips and get rid of unsightly fat Chewell is a capsule recognized as the best fat burner. It not only helps you lose weight, but also firms the skin. The fat burner designed to help you lose weight in comfort.

What we know from our research is that Chewell is a product from Irem Naturel, whose product we have already tested HERE. This manufacturer is indeed based in Turkey, and it seems that it is far from being specialized in weight loss or health products. Indeed, Irem Naturel is also present in the construction and textile sectors…
To contact the company, no number is available for France, so you’ll have to go through a Turkish customer service.

The ingredients of Chewell

Red pepper (or cayenne pepper) Capsaicin: it’s capsaicin that gives cayenne pepper its powerful fat-burning effects. This substance activates thermogenesis. The body therefore expends more energy and burns more fat.

Guarana : Guarana is an Amazonian plant with two main benefits for slimming diets. It has fat-burning and appetite-suppressant effects. To find out more about guarana, take a look at our article dedicated to this ingredient HERE.

Tragacanth gum : this gum comes from the sap of certain plants of the astragalus genus. Its advantage lies in the fact that it forms a gel in the stomach, which increases the feeling of satiety and naturally reduces the number of calories ingested during meals. It also has mild laxative properties.

Ginseng : an adaptogenic plant, ginseng works by boosting energy levels, reinforcing the immune system and reducing stress.

Starch : difficult to know exactly what it is. Which starch exactly? From which plant? What we can say is that starch is a member of the carbohydrate family of sugars. It’s found in cereals like rice, or in potatoes, for example. Adding a starch to a slimming product is often intended to boost energy levels, but not to promote weight loss.

Green tea : There’s no need to introduce green tea, so much so that this plant has proved its worth as a weight-loss ingredient. Green tea contains catechins and theanine which, on the one hand, promote an overall sense of well-being and relaxation, and on the other, increase fat oxidation and energy expenditure. A good fat-burning ingredient, therefore, with stress-reducing effects, a major factor in weight gain.

Chewell and science

As we said in the previous paragraph green tea is an ingredient officially recognized for its slimming virtues, with scientific studies to back it up. Here’s just one example, which evaluated the effects of daily green tea intake on 182 people. The results clearly showed that green tea catechins lead to a reduction in body fat and improved body composition.

(Source: NCBI. PubMed. Unilever R&D, Shanghai, China. Wang H., Wen Y., Du Y., Yan X., Guo H., Rycroft JA., Boon N., Kovacs EM., Mela DJ. Obesity (Silver Spring). 2010 Apr;18(4):7739. doi : 10.1038/oby.2009.256. Epub 2009 Aug 13).

Regarding the fat-burning effects of cayenne pepper, also appear to be validated by research. The study we mentioned showed that capsaicin regulates hunger and increases the sensation of satiety, and burns fat reserves.

(Source: NCBI. PubMed. School of Medicine, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI. Department of Exercise Science, High Point University, High Point, NC. Gannon NP., Lambalot EL., Vaughan RA. Biofactors. 2016 Mar 4. doi: 10.1002/biof.1273).

Finally, with regard to guarana, we leave you to consult the clinical studies mentioned in thefull article on this ingredient.

Side effects and contraindications of capsules Chewell

The manufacturer mentions several contraindications to taking its slimming capsules. They are not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women, nor for people suffering from kidney disease, heart failure, hypertension, gastric ulcers or thyroid problems. Chewell is also not recommended for people taking anti-depressant medication.

As for side effects, we’d like to mention those of cayenne pepper, which can cause heartburn or itching.

Price and guarantee Chewell

Chewell slimming capsules can be purchased directly from the Turkish site, but also from independent retailers in other countries. You’ll need to do some research to find a Chewell representative in your area.

Capsules are priced at 50€ for a box of 30 capsules. No guarantee is offered.

Testimonials from pill users Chewell

It’s very difficult, if not impossible, to find truly reliable reviews of Chewell appetite suppressant capsules.

Some retailers’ Facebook pages are full of glowing reviews, but we have no way of verifying the sources of these reviews, so we won’t be taking them into account.

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      Bonne journée.

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      I too am looking for this product because 4 years ago I took some and it really worked. So if anyone knows of a site where you can buy them, I’d love to hear from you.

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      When we don’t have reliable information about a given product, we prefer to let the user judge for themselves.

      All the best.

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