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Paris, France

Trimax Minceur

Trimax Minceur aims to be “the 100% Made in France answer” to the multitude of foreign slimming products circulating in France and Europe in general. I might as well tell you right now: Trimax, from the French brand Naturay®, impresses from the outset not only with the richness of its compositions, its technological innovation and …

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Chitosan 250mg Avis et Test

Chitosan 250 mg

Discovered in 1859 by C. Rouget chitosan (or chitosan) is now a component increasingly found in the composition of many dietary supplements designed for weight loss. Before going any further, let us tell you that this product will not make you lose weight! But we’ll reassure you and explain why: it’s not a fat burner, …

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Delipidrink Solution Phyto-active Ella Baché

Delipidrink Solution Phyto Active Ella Baché

DELIPIDRINK SOLUTION PHYTO-ACTIVE ELLA BACHE is a fat-burning, detoxifying drink that activates circulation. Ella Baché presents its masterful phyto-active slimming solution, specially designed to dislodge established curves. So, how effective is this drink? That’s what our investigation will reveal. Presentation and promises of Delipidrink Solution phyto-active Ella Baché Delipidrink Solution is a drink to be …

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PhenQ Avis et test


PhenQ, yet another phentermine-based slimming product? For those of you in the know, the name “phentermine” certainly rings a bell. This amphetamine derivative has been in the news ever since a phentermine-based product was withdrawn from the US market by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), after 24 suspected cases of cardiovascular complications. However, PhenQ …

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Notre avis sur Xenical


XENICAL is a weight-loss drug marketed by Roche and sold under prescription as a medical remedy for obesity. Like the famous Alli slimming pill, it contains the Orlistat molecule. Consumer opinion is divided between those who consider it the only truly effective weight-loss drug, and those who accuse doctors of taking advantage of their patients’ …

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Pure Acai Berry 700mg

Today we’re testing PURE ACAI BERRY 700mg, a 100% natural pill containing only acai berry, a purple-purple berry from Brazil. That’s why we’re warning you from the outset to beware of similar products on the Internet, especially those containing little or no acai berry. If you’re visiting us today, it’s because you probably need to …

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Bioslim Daily Power Cleanse de Phenom Health

BioSlim Daily Power Cleanse. New test, same verdict!

Two years ago, we tested BioSlim Daily Power Cleanse and scrutinized all its facets. Its promises, ingredients, manufacturer, price and user reviews. We wanted to come back to this product. Because, almost invariably, we notice changes, sometimes significant ones, and we wanted to let you know about them. These updates concern marketing methods, messages and …

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