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Bioslim Daily Power Cleanse de Phenom Health

BioSlim Daily Power Cleanse. New test, same verdict!

Bioslim Daily Power Cleanse de Phenom HealthTwo years ago, we tested BioSlim Daily Power Cleanse and scrutinized all its facets. Its promises, ingredients, manufacturer, price and user reviews.

We wanted to come back to this product. Because, almost invariably, we notice changes, sometimes significant ones, and we wanted to let you know about them.

These updates concern marketing methods, messages and brand awareness.
To buy it, you’re now essentially directed to the world’s great marketplace for all products: Amazon!

If you look closely at the commercial offer, you’ll notice the same company behind this product: Phenom Health.

We’ll come back a little later to the consequences of selling a health product outside an official website.

A bottle of 60 capsules costs around 51 euros, for a 30-day treatment.

A reminder of BioSlim’s promises

The information on BioSlim remains the same, with two areas of action: aiding weight loss and cleansing the body of toxins.

You’ll see that this cure has failed to stand out from the crowd, so you can choose it with confidence.

Losing weight with BioSlim

In the BioSlim description, weight loss is described in broad strokes and with a strong message, evoking the weight loss strategy.

With a scientific message explaining the role of excess calories and sugar in weight gain.

Then, BioSlim’s involvement in weight loss is mentioned in relation to the ingredients and their interactive power.

Looking more closely at this description, we find no concrete explanation of how this cocktail of natural ingredients works to enable weight loss.

There’s no information to explain a direct link between the composition and fat burning.

Convincing rules

A dietary supplement must be able to provide all the arguments needed to convince the consumer of its efficacy.

As we all know, the weight loss market has no shortage of products, whether effective or not.
However, those wishing to gain a foothold in this market are not short of arguments and scientific proof. The aim is to forge a solid reputation in the highly competitive field of slimming.

Would you like to make a comparison with a slimming supplement? One that clearly explains how its ingredients work to eliminate excess weight? Here are our tests of effective weight-loss products.

Cleanse the body of its waste – detox with BioSlim

The natural ingredients in BioSlim Daily Power Cleanse are well known for their detox power.

This is what the product presentation modestly states:
Evacuate toxins, increase energy to be in better shape.

BioSlim promises an all-natural detox.

The BioSlim formula

BioSlim’s detox and weight management effects come from its various natural ingredients.

All these components are known for their beneficial effect on transit and digestive health in general.

In the product description, here’s what it says about the formula:
“Our private, proprietary composition contains psyllium, fennel seed, ginger, licorice root, clove, citrus pectin, alfalfa, cayenne pepper and dandelion root extract”.

These ingredients are well-known for their effectiveness. But we’re far from talking about an exceptional composition, or exclusive compounds.

We can easily find these ingredients in many other food supplements.

What’s the point of a long list?

As a reminder, here is the list of ingredients with their different actions:
Psyllium: a small seed well known as a laxative, it cleanses the digestive tract of excess sugar and cholesterol. To find out more, see ic
Fennel seeds, effective for improving digestion. Find out more here
Ginger, with its many virtues, stimulates digestion and promotes bile excretion.

Licorice root, relieves stomach ache
Clove, against bloating
Pectin e citrus, with a beneficial effect on glycemic management: cholesterol.

Alfalfa, cleanses and regenerates the digestive tract.
piment-de-cayenne-ingredient-de-redburn-hardcoreCayenne pepper, stimulates digestion, burns fat as part of a weight-loss diet.

A detailed article is devoted to chili pepper.

Dandelion root extract: its diuretic effect is appreciated by athletes, as it eliminates excess water.

Garlic extract, beneficial for digestion and blood sugar regulation.

Aloe Vera: soothes the digestive tract and flushes out toxins.
Chlorelle DosageChlorella: this algae is rich in proteins and trace elements, and helps restore the body’s vigor.

All these ingredients have positive effects on the body, but it’s not necessary to use a dozen of them. In fact, most of them have the same effect.

If you’re looking for an effective detox cure:

The manufacturer and the seller

In all our product tests, we stress the vital importance of having information about the manufacturer’s laboratory.

This transparency ensures that customers can be confident in their purchase.

In the case of BioSlim, we always note the same manufacturer’s name: Phenom Health.

It’s a manufacturer we’ve mentioned on other dietary supplements.
Despite our research, we are forced to acknowledge a lack of transparency. This concerns the true identity of this laboratory, which is content to say that it manufactures in the UK, in a standard laboratory.

Contradictory information about the laboratory’s FDA accreditation.

Several return addresses.

Most consumers won’t dig deeper to find out where a product really comes from, and often find it difficult to do so.

That’s why we always do this when we present a dietary supplement.
When there’s a lack of clarity and traceability, it’s not reassuring to consume a product that’s supposed to improve health. The risk is to end up with an ineffective product, without a reliable contact.
On Amazon, you can clearly see the name of the laboratory that manufactures Phenom Health, and a shipper called Brigehealth.

There is no information about this merchant.

This name is used by other organizations operating in the health sector.

An official, non-existent website

We scoured the net to find an official site for BioSlim, but kept coming back to Amazon.

This global distribution giant enjoys a strong reputation, thanks to its monopolization of distribution networks everywhere.

For this reason, many manufacturers now use its platform to place their products.

There’s nothing suspicious about this; on the contrary, customers are often reassured to buy from Amazon.

Nevertheless, for dietary supplements, the most reassuring thing would still be to have a site for monitoring customer satisfaction.

BioSlim sites that don’t work!

As we continue our research, we come across sites that give the impression of being dedicated to BioSlim.

The height of unprofessionalism, you’re asked to order your product quickly. But then you’re directed to products designed for something else,
We’ve also found websites that encourage you to buy a detox and weight-loss duo. The problem is that these are really two products.

We found two combinations: BioSlim and UltraPur, and BioSlim and Garcinia. All from the same company, Phenom Health.

The good news is that, at least, BioSlim is no longer indicated for weight loss, so this illusion could no longer be sold.

The bad news is that now you have to buy two products, but you’ll still be redirected to sites selling something else.

The free trial, a practice that’s still going strong

In our initial test, we noted the BioSlim free trial incentive.
This free-trial practice is one of the biggest sources of customer dissatisfaction.

On, we have devoted a whole dossier to warning against this practice. article
We’d like potential buyers to read all the terms and conditions before committing themselves.
Unfortunately, the BioSlim vendor continues to offer free trials, which later prove to be very costly for customers.

How does it work?

As always, the system is well-honed.

The free trial offer conceals an automatic subscription.

To avoid this, you need to have the eye and intuition to look for the conditions.

By reminding the customer that to unsubscribe, he or she must make a request, it is made clear that by accepting the free bottle, a subscription is automatic.

The BioSlim free trial bottle is indeed free, but the shipping costs are the customer’s responsibility – normal!

When paying for shipping, the customer enters his or her credit card details.

This is where the merchant takes the liberty of deducting sums supposedly corresponding to the other bottles the customer will receive.

In fact, it’s during new deliveries that customers realize that they’ve been paying without realizing it.

The free trial is used by some sellers simply to rip off bona fide customers.

We have found a large number of complaints about non-consensual direct debits in user reviews on Amazon, and on the 60 millions de consommateurs website.

Vigilance is therefore called for when purchasing BioSlim.

Consumer feedback on BioSlim’s effectiveness

Once again, we found a number of negative comments about BioSlim’s effectiveness.

However, we have to make the following nuance: complaints mainly concern weight loss, which is practically non-existent.

On the other hand, opinions on digestive comfort and improved transit are divided, but with a few satisfied customers.

In our opinion, Bioslim’s weight-loss message doesn’t hold water, since its composition classifies it more as a detox supplement.

Our opinion on BioSlim

Our survey reveals a lack of transparency on a number of important criteria:

  • The message does not correspond to the reality of the composition. Weight loss is an illusion.

The elusive manufacturer.

  • The condemnable practice of the free trial, which conceals deductions that embarrass customers and lead them to block their card.
  • The possibility of a refund is an obstacle course, and customers who have tried have found it impossible to contact the manufacturer or seller.
  • The free trial is not always a scam, as several respectable firms use it, but with total transparency.

The verdict: BioSlim is a scam!

At the end of our test, we don’t recommend BioSlim, because of all the problems encountered and reported by those who believed in it:
No effect on weight loss.

Too many ingredients that do the same thing.

Unethical marketing methods.

No contact in case of concern.

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