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Bioslim Daily Power Cleanse de Phenom Health

BIOslim Daily Power Cleanse, another detox free trial

BioSlim Daily Power Cleanse IntroductionBioSlim Daily Power Cleanse is a product designed to restore your digestive tract, and purify your body by eliminating toxins accumulated over time. It’s therefore a product that we’ll classify as a “detox cure” or simply detox. More and more weight-loss specialists are recommending the use of such cures in preparation for any weight-loss diet. It’s a way of getting the body back to “factory settings”, so to speak, in the hope of succeeding in the slimming venture!

However, because of the many formulas available on the market, there is always the question of whether a given product is effective or not. To do this, we conduct our own little investigations to review several facets of each slimming solution. Here’s what we found out about BioSlim Daily Power Cleanse.

BioSlim Daily Power Cleanse, a cure based on natural products

BioSlim Daily Power Cleanse appears to be a blend of ingredients straight from the shelves of a herbalist. Pods, seeds, roots, bark powder… are all there to give a clear idea of whether this product is right for a given person.

On the product’s official website, the manufacturer of BioSlim Daily Power Cleanse refers to its ingredients as “All Natural Superstars”. This name refers directly to the “superfood” nature of these components.

The manufacturer of BioSlim Daily Power Cleanse

The company in question is Phnom Health, which provides a product return address, based in Colorado, USA, on its Terms & Conditions page on its website. Another return address, this time for France, is located in Cyprus.

Further on the same site, we discover in a section entitled “Our philosophy” that Phenom Health products are proudly manufactured in the UK, in a sterile laboratory approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

In addition to BioSlim Daily Power Cleanse, this manufacturer offers a number of products for weight loss, bodybuilding and even brain development.

The ingredients of BioSlim Daily Power Cleanse

BioSlim Daily Power Cleanse Ingredients SiteAs mentioned above, the formula of this dietary supplement is declared 100% natural by its manufacturer. It includes the following ingredients, among others
Ginger extract: helps cleanse the colon, which promotes good digestion, leading to weight loss.

  • Psyllium tegument: improves digestion and reduces cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
  • Aloe vera leaf: soothes and purifies the digestive tract and helps regulate the elimination cycle. Aloe vera is reputed to absorb toxins and other pollutants from the digestive tract.
  • Fennel extract: improves digestion and metabolism, helping the body to burn consumed fat more efficiently.
  • Chlorella: a “superfood” algae with recognized detox virtues. It contains chlorophyll, which neutralizes toxins in food. It contains vitamins B, C and E, amino acids, peptides, polysaccharides and proteins.

Each BioSlim Daily Power Cleanse capsule also contains 1,000 mg fish oil, offering 180 mg EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and 120 mg DHA (docosahexaenoic acid).

Here’s the full list of ingredients as it appears on the product packaging:
Psyllium seed coat (Plantago ovata) (seeds), Alfalfa (Medicao sativa) (leaves), Citrus pectin, Clove (Syzygium aromaticum) (herb), Licorice extract (Glycyrrhiza uralensis fisch) (root), Dandelion extract (Taraxacum o-cinale wig) (root), Chlorella (Chlorella algae), Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare Mill) (seeds), Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis) (leaves), Capsicum (Cayenne) (Capsicum annuum) (fruit), Ginger extract (Zingiber o-cale) (root), Garlic extract (Allium sativum L. ) (stem)
OTHER INGREDIENTS: Gelatin, Bulking agents: Microcrystalline cellulose, Magnesium stearate, Silica.

Free from: Artificial colorings, flavorings, sweeteners, starch, milk, lactose, soy, gluten, wheat, yeast or pork.

Side effects and contraindications BioSlim Daily Power Cleanse

The manufacturer of this product clearly states on its website that its product contains no additives and therefore poses no risk of side effects. It clearly states that its product has not been evaluated by the FDA and that it is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

For our part, the ingredients of this product do not represent any notable health risks declared to date. These ingredients are already found in several detox formulas detox products available and already tested on our site.

How to use BioSlim Daily Power Cleanse?

Take 2 capsules a day with a 250 ml glass of water. One capsule before breakfast and another before dinner.

Like most dietary supplements, this product is not recommended for women who are pregnant or breast-feeding.

Buy BioSlim Daily Power Cleanse

You can buy these capsules directly from their official website, in 60-capsule bottles at the price of 69,95 €, with a 100% money-back guarantee.

In addition to the official site, we’ve also spotted an official sales page on which a no-obligation trial offer of one bottle of BioSlim Daily Power Cleanse is available exclusively in France.
BioSlim Daily Power Cleanse Essai Gratuit
The concept of a free trial bottle doesn’t really reassure us. You only pay the shipping and handling costs of 6,95 €, by entering your bank details and address. This reminds us of the many cases of problem pills we’ve already dealt with! At your own risk!

What’s more, on the contact page, we’ve spotted a link under each of this manufacturer’s products: Online Subscription Cancellation. This implies that at the time you ordered your free trial, you were most likely subscribed to a subscription that would result in a recurring charge.

See our article about Daily Power Cleanse, apparently another product from the same manufacturer, also available as a free trial!

Our opinion on BioSlim Daily Power Cleanse

As far as ingredients are concerned, we can say that this formula offers some interesting components, given their known natural profile. However, we have no information on the effectiveness of this combination of elements. What’s more, this is a detox cure designed to purge the digestive tract… to be taken with a grain of salt!

As for buying a free trial of slimming pills, visit our site to learn more before you decide to buy!

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  • Vergeaud

    Mensonge et remensonge cet vous perddez de l’argent et vous été remboursée que la moitié de ce que vous avez été relevé sont d’ailleurs être au courant que vous allez être prélevé de 79,30€ fait attention ça fait plus gonflée le ventre que autre chose alors que je fais du sport?. Scam beware, they’re thieves!

  • Denis sylvie

    Madame denis jai recu mes protuit pour moi ces un esser si cela a donné rien je nous vouder plus de produit et jen vouder pas d’autre alor si vous fait des prelevement sens mon otorisation je feurai oposition vous pouverter la desur je le feurai si je suis pas content de votre produit et temp je vous donne pas la autorisation m denis sylvie

    • Frédéric Leclerc

      We are sorry for this situation but we do not sell any products. is a purely informative site.

      I therefore advise you to return to the page from which you made the purchase in question. Look for the seller’s contact details or any other useful information so that you can get in touch with them and find a solution to your problem.

      Good luck!


  • Bendidi

    Attention arnaque, quand vous essayez le mois d’essai gratuit il vous engage à un abonnement apres quand vous les contacter il demande de payer le retour qui se trouve en Chypre c’est une grosse arnaque il vous debit sur votre carte!!!!!!

    • Frédéric Leclerc

      Hello Bendidi,
      Your testimonial confirms our doubts. That’s why we published an entire guide to the “free trial” scamto help our readers avoid any attempts to use their bank details fraudulently.

      Thank you for stopping by, and have a nice day.


      • Lora

        Hello everyone for my part I ordered the free trial where I only paid the shipping costs (6€95) to date I still have not tried it since the month of December that I received it but I have in no way been scammed no unauthorized debit for my part this free trial cost only 6€96
        That’s why I’m commenting, as I’m amazed at anyone who’s been ripped off with the bioslim free trial.

    • Bigard

      And what should we do if we have taken the trial?

      Thank you for your feedback

      • Frédéric Leclerc

        Hello Christelle,
        In this case, please consult our article on how to get your money back in the case of a “free trial” scam.

        Thanks for stopping by.


  • bibi

    is the gelatin in bioslim power cleanse pork or something please?

    • Hélène. M

      Hi Bibi,
      The manufacturer only mentions gelatin without specifying its nature, then we find the word pork-free a little further on. If you attach importance to the composition of products in capsules, we recommend products that clearly indicate that the gelatin is of vegetable origin or that it is suitable for vegetarians.

      Have a nice day.

  • V.Pham

    Houlala Scam alert!!!

    I ‘,u the free trial which had no effect and I realized in time that a systematic arrival followed I managed to cancel by phone … I think there was a number somewhere with the box.

    I think there was a number somewhere with the box.

    I hadn’t noticed this clause at all.

    Thank you for your very useful site

    • Hélène. M

      Hello Pham,
      Thank you for sharing your experience, we always warn our readers against this free trial practice, which is often aimed at securing regular withdrawals. You managed to cancel by phone, we hope that future readers take the precaution of noting down the contact details, it will always be useful.

      Have a nice day.

  • delesalle fanny

    Hello, I ordered two boxes of gelules from you but now I don’t want to receive any more as they don’t have any effect on me. Please do the necessary otherwise I will be forced to stop my withdrawals to your company.
    f delesalle

    • Hélène. M

      Hello Fanny,
      For your complaint to be successful, please make it on the website you used to place your order. Our website is not a trading company and does not sell any products. We carry out tests to enlighten readers before making their purchase.

      Have a nice day!

  • Vionnet

    Hello, I ordered some capsules from you but now I don’t want to receive any more. Please take the necessary steps otherwise I will be forced to stop my withdrawals from your company.

    • Hélène Marfak

      Hello Estelle,
      Please note that you did not place your order on our site. By browsing the TP pages, you will realize that we do not sell any products. Our site only provides information to help readers make the best possible choice.

      We advise you to go to the site where you made your purchase to terminate the transaction.

      Have a nice day!

  • doucet marguerite

    mr or mrs don’t send me any more of these products, i don’t use them, i’ve unsubscribed, i’m counting on your understanding, thank you!

    i don’t want anything more, no subscription, no direct debit, nothing, these products don’t make you lose even an ounce!

    • Cédric Pastori

      Marguerite, good morning,
      Please note that you are not on the site where you bought your product. We are an information site about the various slimming products available on the market, and our role is precisely to draw attention to certain dubious products.

      You could trace your first purchase to find the contact details of the website from which you placed your first order, and ask them to unsubscribe you.

      Good luck!

      • Cruz

        I just received the product but I don’t want a subscription.

  • clerton

    I read the advert right to the end in very small print and it clearly states that the trial is followed by deductions of more than 69 or 65 euros. I can’t remember the amount in my head before investing in this scam.

    • Arnaud Dubos

      Good reflex Clerton!

  • Annick

    It does absolutely nothing, not an ounce lost.

  • Adami Pascal

    I ordered the trial of bio slim and ultra pure for 2 friends and me and I do not want that there is other levy neither for me nor for my friends we were not aware that there was other levy future and want to decline that and no subscription of this product without any success and no change in my weight thank you for doing the necessary.I was delivered to [Email and physical addresses are systematically deleted by the moderation for reasons of confidentiality and security].

    • Hélène Marfak

      Hello pascal,
      More and more Internet users are contacting us here to complain about this free trial practice, asking us to do what’s necessary. However, we’re not a sales platform but an information site about different slimming solutions.

      To stop this transaction, you should return to the site you used to place your order. You’ll certainly have their contact details in your e-mail exchanges, or on your direct debits.

      Good day and good luck.

  • moreau noella

    i bought the trial but i don’t want the subscription

    • Hélène

      Hello Moreau,
      As we have replied to several of our readers, we have warned on our website about the dubious practice of free trials. It most often results in non-consensual withdrawals.

      Our advice is to contact the manufacturer directly via their contact details on their official website to find out more.

      All the best.

  • micouin fabienne ne

    I bought the trial but I don’t want the subscription

    • Hélène Marfak

      Hi Micouin,
      In our review of BIOslim Daily Power (if this is indeed the product you purchased), we issued a clear warning about the free trial offer that could lead to a recurring charge.

      We invite you to return to the product’s official website (where you made your purchase) and check what happens next.

      Have a nice day.

      • Delgado Anne Marie

        I bought the trial but I don’t want to subscribe to your product….. Thank you

      • Hélène Marfak

        Hi Anne marie,
        Many readers sign up for a so-called free trial only to find out later that they shouldn’t have! We would like to remind all our readers that free trial offers often hide unpleasant surprises (untimely recurring charges). Serious manufacturers never offer free trials of their products, but may offer you a box or two after purchase of a specific quantity, as a bonus or welcome gift.

        In your case, the simplest thing to do is to return to the official website of the product concerned to terminate the transaction: you should have a record of this (e-mails, contacts, delivery notes, etc.).

        As you can see, we don’t sell this product, or any other for that matter. Our sole mission is to provide readers with the information they need to make an informed decision before purchasing the product of their choice.

        All the best.

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