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Inforamtions sur Advantrim

Advantrim, the fat burner with Citrus Aurantium

advantrim-boiteThe product we’re going to talk about today is called Advantrim. It’s true that there are a multitude of fat burners on the market for slimming supplements. However, it’s not always easy to find your way around, between the effectiveness of the ingredients, the reliability of the manufacturer, the risk of scams and so on. Today, we’re taking a look at Advantrim, another fat burner, to help you make up your mind.

Advantrim presentation and promises

Advantrim is a fat burner composed of natural nutrients known for their action on fat. According to its manufacturer, it not only acts on weight loss, but also on overall health, which it will help to improve. Advantrim promises to

  • Accelerate fat breakdown ;
  • Stimulate energy expenditure;
  • Reduce calorie intake;
  • Increase muscle mass;
  • Improve appetite control.

Made from 100% natural ingredients, this fat-burning dietary supplement stimulates thermogenesis and moderates appetite – a dual action for slimming naturally and simply.

The recommended dosage is 4 capsules a day, i.e. 2 capsules before breakfast, and 2 capsules mid-afternoon. The manufacturer strongly advises against taking Advantrim in the evening.

Advantrim manufacturer

Advantrim is a product of the American company Newton Everett Biotech, whose products such as Xanthadrene and Oxotrim we have already tested. Founded in 2003, Newton Everett Biotech specializes in health and wellness supplements, targeting issues such as joint problems, sexual health and, of course, weight loss. This world-renowned manufacturer markets its supplements in Europe, the United States and Asia.

Advantrim ingredients

The ingredients in Advantrim’s formula (shown in full at the end of this section) include the following:
Green tea
Green tea is an ingredient officially recognized for its slimming properties. And for good reason: green tea contains 2 active substances that give it its slimming virtues:

  • Catechins, powerful anti-oxidants that improve insulin sensitivity, increase thermogenesis and fat oxidation, and reduce intra-visceral obesity, notably by modifying fat distribution;
  • Theanine, which has a positive effect on dopamine and serotonin, two hormones that play an important role in mood and well-being, as well as in regulating appetite and the sensation of satiety.

Cocoa is a powerful stimulant, because it stimulates the production of noradrenaline, a hormone with euphoric properties, but also because it inhibits the action of adenosine, a hormone that promotes sleep. Cocoa is also an ingredient with diuretic properties, which promote the elimination of toxins through the urine; and anti-oxidant properties, which promote overall health and slow cell ageing.

Vitamins B5, B6 and C
In addition to these three main ingredients, Advantrim contains :

  • Vitamin vitamin C, a powerful tonic and anti-oxidant, which boosts immunity and energy, and is also said to increase thermogenesis;
  • vitamin vitamin B6, which is involved in the metabolism of amino acids and lipids, as well as in the biosynthesis of serotonin, which plays an essential role in regulating appetite and the sensation of satiety;
  • vitamin vitamin B5 which helps reduce blood lipid, cholesterol and triglyceride levels.


In addition to these ingredients, Advantrim is based on a patented compound known as Advantra Z® which contains, among other ingredients, Citrus Aurantium, which in turn contains synephrine.

The citrus aurantium is renowned for its powerful fat-burning effects due to its active substance, synephrine, which has effects similar to those of ephedrine. However, citrus aurantium is not a harmless substance, as it can cause significant side effects. For this reason, the authorities have issued a decree regulating the use of citrus aurantium in food supplement preparations. As a result

  • The amount of Synephrine contained in the dietary supplement must be less than 20mg per recommended daily dose;
  • The label must include a warning that the product is not suitable for children, pregnant or breast-feeding women, or people suffering from high blood pressure;
  • It is prohibited to add caffeine or caffeine-source ingredients in the product’s composition. Green tea contains a certain amount of caffeine!

We have devoted a full article to citrus aurantium, which you can read HERE.

Complete list of Advantrim ingredients

Advantrim and science

There are numerous studies validating the thermogenetic properties of green tea. Here’s one that involved 240 subjects with visceral obesity. For 12 weeks, two groups of people consumed either 583mg of catechins or 96mg of catechins per day, in addition to a slimming diet.

The results were significant weight loss, associated with a significant reduction in BMI, waist and waist circumference, body fat, visceral fat, blood pressure and bad cholesterol (LDL).

The researchers concluded that drinking catechin-rich green tea helps reduce obesity and the risk of cardiovascular disease.


As for citrus aurantium, studies have evaluated the effects of citrus fruits in general on weight loss. The researchers concluded that citrus flavonoids offer promising support in the treatment of dyslipidemia, insulin resistance, hepatic steatosis, obesity and atherosclerosis, and called for further studies at higher doses in humans.

Advantrim side effects and contraindications

Advantrim contains citrus aurantium, the dosage of which is not indicated on the product data sheet available from the manufacturer. It is therefore recommended to consume caffeine or caffeine-containing products in moderation when taking Advantrim, and to stop the treatment if the following symptoms appear:
– Hypertension ;
– Headaches; Agitation;
– Agitation ;
– Palpitations ;
– Accelerated heart rate;
– Increased blood pressure and blood glucose levels following moderate-intensity exercise.

Apart from this, Advantrim appears to be a safe supplement.

Advantrim price and guarantee

Advantrim is available in 3 formats, with prices decreasing according to the number of capsules purchased:

  • Advantrim 90 capsules, for a 22-day course of treatment = 32,95€
  • Advantrim 180 capsules, 44-day course of treatment = 57,95€ (12% discount)
  • Advantrim 270 capsules, 67-day course of treatment = 81,95€ (17% discount)

Please note that delivery is free for orders over €50.

The online store, whose link we provide below, offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Advantrim user testimonials

From our collection of Internet reviews, it emerges that the majority of people claiming to have tested Advantrim are very satisfied with the results obtained. They speak of a truly effective supplement, with visible results in a very short time, about 2 weeks in most cases. What’s more, many people report no side effects whatsoever from taking Advantrim. We still believe that, while slimming products are effective as claimed by their respective manufacturers, results in terms of tolerance and weight loss vary from one person to another. This is why it’s so difficult for us to attest to the veracity of testimonials collected on the web.

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