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Adiphene, 12 ingredients and 5 simultaneous actions

flacon-adipheneJust launched in 2013, ADIPHENE is the first 100% natural alternative to Adipex (a phentermine-based appetite suppressant).

Thanks to its ultra-powerful fat-burning formula made up of 12 impressive ingredients, it’s said to help you lose weight easily and effectively.

Easy to say, hard to do!

Adiphene still has a long way to go to prove itself, but as you’ve repeatedly asked for it in your letters, here’s our full investigation and test of this much-talked-about fat burner.

Adiphene created quite a buzz when it was released, not least because it carries 5 impressive labels: fat burner, appetite suppressant, fat catcher, metabolism gas pedal and even energizer.

These are the 5 effects sought when you want to lose weight.

But can Adiphene deliver on these promises?

Adiphene Presentation

Adiphene is manufactured by RDK Global Pharmaceuticals, a laboratory based in Dallas, Texas, USA.

This is the same laboratory that manufactures Phen375, which I’m sure you’re familiar with and which is one of today’s most successful weight loss supplements. (read our review of this product).

RDK Global Pharmaceuticals’ laboratories are FDA-approved (US Food and Drugs Administration, part of the US Department of Health and Human Services), which should reassure you of the quality of its products.

On the official Adiphene website, you’ll find all the information you need to contact customer service. There’s even a toll-free number for customers in the USA.

You also have the option of creating an account on the site, enabling you to create support tickets and receive prompt service.

Adiphene’s delivery times vary, but it takes at least a week to receive your order in Europe.

The good thing is that all parcels can be tracked in real time and are only handed over to the recipient against signature.

We’re delighted to discover the simple yet elegant Adiphene bottle.

Each bottle contains 60 blue and white pills, equivalent to one month’s treatment.

The recommended dosage is 2 pills a day: 1 pill 20 minutes before breakfast and one pill 20 minutes before lunch, with a glass of water of course.

Adiphene’s official website states that it can help you lose weight on its own, but admits that by adopting a healthy diet and exercising, it will give a real boost to the results you achieve.

Ingredients Adiphene

A simple glance at the list of ingredients in Adiphene suggests that its manufacturer has invested heavily in its composition.

In fact, Adiphene contains 12 natural fat-burning ingredients specially selected to act on 5 different levels and ensure easy, healthy weight loss, according to the manufacturer.

Basically, Adiphene contains:

  • 3 fat-burning substances;
  • 1 fat catcher ;
  • 1 appetite reducer ;
  • 2 thermogenic stimulants;
  • 5 stimulants.

Let’s take a closer look at these 12 ingredients to find out if they’re as ingenious as we’re told.


    This is a metabolic gas pedal that optimizes fat burning and regulates blood carbohydrate levels ;
    Mobilizes fat accumulated in tissues and boosts energy levels;
    It has a great capacity to accelerate metabolism to eliminate fat more efficiently.

    It also reduces muscle soreness after exercise, encouraging you to take up sport.

This is chitosan extract: it binds to fats in the stomach and prevents them from being stored by the body, proceeding to eliminate them by natural means.

Studies have shown that chitosan can capture up to 6 times its weight in fat.

To find out more about this ingredient, take a look at our consult our article article on the subject.

Konjac root is an ultra-powerful natural appetite suppressant.

One study showed that twenty people who took Konjac root for eight weeks lost an average of two and a half kilos without following any particular diet.


    Studies have recently shown that cinnamon reduces insulin resistance and blood sugar levels, two factors correlated with abdominal fat. This extract is therefore designed to help lose belly fat.
    A super-ingredient known for its ability to boost metabolism and increase the amount of calories burned thanks to its thermogenic effect.

    Find out more about this ingredient in this Wikipedia article.


  • GUARANA EXTRACT (read our blog article on this ingredient) ;

These are all stimulants found in the majority of effective fat burners.

To find out more about the composition of Adiphene, click here.

Does this cocktail of ingredients work?

In our opinion, this composition has every reason to work.

We agree that RDK Pharm has succeeded in bringing together a range of star ingredients, all equally renowned for their effectiveness.

Adiphene’s 5 action plans are :

  • Stimulation of fat metabolism:
    To help the body get rid of accumulated fat in the tissues;
  • Fat capture:
    To prevent fat storage and eliminate it naturally along with waste products;
  • Appetite suppression:
    Eat less to lose weight – nothing could be more logical!
  • Thermogenic stimulation :
    Boost the body’s energy levels and burn calories to lose weight naturally and effectively.

Testimonials Adiphene users

Adiphene is a weight-loss supplement that hasn’t had time to prove itself and be validated by a large number of users.

Admittedly, we have found positive testimonials from users who have tested Adiphene and lost, for example, 5kg in 23 days, but we remain vigilant and prefer not to consider them in our evaluation.

Side effects Adiphene

Adiphene’s ingredients are safe, natural substances that have no dangerous side effects.

Pregnant or breast-feeding women and people with heart problems should not take Adiphene without consulting a doctor.

Guarantee Adiphene

Adiphene comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The return policy is clearly explained on the official website.

If you take Adiphene for 30 days, in association with a diet (which you can download from the the official website) and you don’t lose weight, you have 15 days to contact the manufacturer and your money will be refunded.

Where can I buy Adiphene?

Adiphene can be ordered on its official website.

  • 3 bottles + one free bottle, i.e. 4 months’ treatment at 181.24 €
  • 2 bottles for two months’ treatment at 118.98 €
  • 1 bottle for one month’s treatment 60.38 €


Our opinion on Adiphene :

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  • Tarinda

    Hello, I’m coming to you for some information;
    I’ve just finished my course of phen 375, I’ve slimmed down but in the end I didn’t lose everything I wanted to I even have the impression that my body didn’t react any more in the last month, so I’d like to do another course with another product but I’m hesitating between phen Q, garcina pure and adiphene. Of course I’ve read your very detailed surveys but I’m a bit lost, I don’t have the time for sport and it’s the same for food, at lunchtime I don’t have much time, so it’s not great.

    Thanks for answering me, see you soon.

    • Carl

      Hi Tarinda,
      I think that adiphene and phenq have a formula closer to phen375, which is not the case with garcinia pure.

      Adiphene comes from the same manufacturer as phen375.

      Phenq is considered a potent product, which doesn’t mean it’s an absolute guarantee that it will work for you.

      To sum up, you can either continue your treatment with a product from the same manufacturer as phen375, and choose adiphene, or opt for a product from another manufacturer, and choose phenq.

  • VILLEMIN Marylène

    Hello, I’m 60 and going through menopause.

    I weigh 80 kgs and would like to lose 20 kilos.

    How long will it take and how many bottles will I need to lose these 20 kgs?

    Thank you

    • Carl

      Hello Marylène,
      Weight loss is a global process that does not depend solely on a dietary supplement to lose weight. As powerful as it may be, a supplement remains, as its name suggests, a “supplement”, meaning that it is added to the other conditions necessary for weight loss (a healthy, balanced diet and a minimum of physical activity). Its main role is to help you boost the efforts you’ve already made.

  • Tatiana

    I would ideally lose between 5 and 8 kg… I’m not a great sportswoman but I do go horseback riding very frequently and walking (about 30 minutes twice a week)? I don’t snack, but I tend to eat too much and not always in a balanced way? I would like to know if this pill could really be effective for me and if not, which pill would you recommend?

    Thank you in advance,
    Thank you.

    • Corinne Kepler

      Hello Tatiana,
      I see that you’ve already put in place a number of good habits that can only help you in your weight loss journey. Keep up the good work! In our opinion, Adiphène is the perfect weight-loss supplement to reinforce your efforts. These slimming pills work on several levels, stimulating fat burning, helping to regulate your appetite and boosting your metabolism. Come back and tell us about your experience with Adiphène in the comments section!

  • Marchand G.

    I tried to buy on the linked site, but no 75% discount in sight as stated in your article.

    What is it really?

    Yours sincerely


    • TesteurPilules

      Sorry to hear that! The merchant has ended the promotion. We have updated the prices on the item.

      Thank you for reporting this.

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