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AcaiBerry 900, or how to lose 12 kilos in 5 weeks!

AcaiBerry 900 bouteilleAcaiBerry 900 is a weight-loss pill with a formula based on acai berry extract (better known as acai berry). We’ve already had the opportunity to test products based on this berry, as many people looking for weight-loss solutions were interested in it. Acai berry is one of a long list of superfoods recommended for slimming. However, there are countless acai berry pills on the market!

Is AcaiBerry 900 just “another” ordinary pill, or does it bring something new to the table? How does this pill stack up against the long list of “competitors”? Who’s behind this pill? Investigation in progress…

AcaiBerry 900, a pill to help you lose 12 kilos in 5 weeks!

AcaiBerry 900 is said to help you lose an average of 2.5 kilos a week. That’s equivalent, if you can call it that, to a minimum loss of 500 grams a day! That would be pure fat melting…
We prefer to say it now, such claims are more likely to leave us perplexed, rather than confident. We’re not questioning this product at the moment, but we are comparing it to others already on the weight-loss market that allegedly work in the same way.

Since we’re being promised such results quite openly, let’s explore the AcaiBerry 900 pill!

AcaiBerry 900: the promises

In terms of promises, here’s what we find on this pill’s official website:

  • A guaranteed weight loss of 12 kilograms in 5 weeks (further on, we find 10 kilos in 4 weeks, and even further on we find 10 kilos in 5 weeks!) ;
  • Clinically proven effectiveness in 94.5% of users;
  • 90-day money-back guarantee;
  • and only now (website consulted in early January 2017), a money-saving 50% discount on the product price.

From our experience with slimming products, we’ve come across such bold claims in terms of big weight losses before, certainly. However, to make such claims, the manufacturer needs to be able to substantiate them with scientifically verified information. In the case of AcaiBerry 900, the results of a clinical study are cited, but there is no trace of them. Indeed, it is customary for manufacturers to provide links to duly documented studies that users can consult.

The manufacturer ofAcaiBerry 900

It took some extra effort to locate the manufacturer’s identity from its official website. While it’s normally easier for us to find out the name of a manufacturer just by entering its home page, we had to discover, at the very bottom of the home page, a link to the terms and conditions which led us to the download of a document in ?doc format. On reading these terms, we came across the name of a company called Dhamhil Corp.
Read our test of Green Coffee Plus, another product from the same manufacturer.

By natural reflex, we googled this name and were redirected to sites where this manufacturer is accused of wanting to hide its presence as much as possible. It is also said to be behind several other slimming and body-building products whose official sales pages meet the same criteria. According to these product-testing websites, this practice is unacceptable and costs the manufacturer valuable points.

The ingredients AcaiBerry 900

This is what “bothered” us most. We’re used to seeing a well-displayed list of ingredients on official websites and on images of pill bottles, where all the information needed to understand the product is clearly visible. This is not the case with AcaiBerry 900.

We would have hoped to understand at least the meaning of the number 900, which forms an integral part of this pill’s trade name. Is it a reference to a specific dosage? Could it have some useful connotation to reinforce AcaiBerry 900’s image in the eyes of its consumers? We’re still looking.

On another level, there’s no “literature” about this well-known ingredient. The name acai berry appears about twenty times on this page, without any definition or presentation of this superfood. This would have been easy enough to do, given the volume of information circulating on the web.

When we tried to order this product, we were redirected to a sales page where we finally read two small blocks of text, among others:

Lasting effects
The effects obtained during treatment with Acaiberry900 do not disappear once the treatment is stopped. With our product, you’ll always be satisfied with a perfect figure.

Acaiberry900 is made from 100% natural ingredients. You don’t need a prescription from your doctor. Acaiberry900 is safe and non-addictive.

Sales arguments put forward by the manufacturer AcaiBerry 900

If there’s one thing the website does a good job of, it’s featuring testimonials from people who have used the pill, with photos to back them up.

Before/After testimonials

Once again, in keeping with our product testing standards, we’re not very comfortable with Before/After photos. Experience has shown us that this is a highly controversial method, as numerous cases of disclosure of false visual information have already been reported for years, whether on the web, in print or on television.

AcaiBerry 900 Temoignage 01
A long testimonial text follows each set of photos on the product’s official website
We know there are sellers who clearly admit that their illustrations are created from scratch (photos of models available on the web) but that the facts are true. We tend to accept this compromise, as the concern for the anonymity of those involved in the results is paramount. No problem for us in this respect.

AcaiBerry 900 Temoignage 02
A long testimonial text follows each set of photos on the product’s official website
What’s problematic, however, is when you find that one website has copied all or part of the before-and-after images from other websites. The result is that, as a consumer, you can’t find your way around all this re-generated information. According to several scam alert sites, the manufacturer of AcaiBerry may have used this technique.

To find out more about the Before/After photo technique, read our article HERE.

Hollywood stars use AcaiBerry 900!

A small block with an image of 5 female stars, without reference to their names, with a text underlining that AcaiBerry 900 is now part of these stars’ daily diet. And that’s all…
AcaiBerry 900 Stars Hollywood

Vu A la tété

A reference is made to three major labels in the American media world: CNN, NBC and ABC. The references would appear to be true, except that they refer to acai berry as an ingredient: there is no allusion to the trade name AcaiBerry.
AcaiBerry 900 Vu A La TELE

Dosage, side effects and contraindications forAcaiBerry 900

We have tried to detach ourselves from the official AcaiBerry 900 website, in order to find information elsewhere. We usually come across information relayed by several blogs or forums, which we take care to verify and cross-check with other sources of information.
We couldn’t find any information on how to use AcaiBerry 900. We don’t even know how many pills to take a day, or when.

In the absence of such crucial information, we can’t decide whether or not to take this pill, despite the fact that its main component is the well-known super-fruit acai berry.

Buy AcaiBerry 900

It seems that you can only buy this pill on the official website. This is a well-known and entirely understandable technique, as it usually reveals certain concerns on the part of the manufacturer. In fact, the latter tries to guarantee consumers that they will receive the genuine product, at the right price.
A mandatory form has to be filled in (e-mail, first and last name, address, telephone), after which you are redirected to another page to choose one of the 3 desired packs (of which you have no idea beforehand):
AcaiBerry 900 3 Packs
A final step redirects us to another page, on another website (probably the sales platform), where we find the summary of our order (with a 10-euro shipping charge), which will arrive via UPS. All that’s left is to proceed to payment (PayBox or PayPal). We’ve come full circle at this point!

Our opinion of AcaiBerry 900

This is a complete change from the other products we’re used to testing. The lack of relevant information, in relation to the product itself, in relation to its manufacturer… the purchasing process (no idea of the packs before ordering, obligation to provide contact details, too many redirections, …). All these elements don’t appeal to us as users. We would have preferred a more authentic official site.

Discover instead Pure Acai Berry Max, a recommended product!

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