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Venom HyperDrive 3.0 beware of sibutramine

flacon-Venom-HyperDriveDo you want to lose weight and accelerate your results using VENOM HYPERDRIVE 3.0?

But you also don’t want to have health problems as a result of consuming these products!

What could be more legitimate… especially when you know that several natural products can actually potentiate the effects of a balanced diet and regular physical activity with an optimal tolerance profile.

You’ll find hundreds of slimming products on the Internet, whose effectiveness and effect on weight loss can vary from one person to another. We regularly test these products for you.

Our aim is to provide as much useful information as possible for you to consider before making your choice.

In general, when our test proves positive for a product, we provide a link to its official website.

Some products sold on the Internet can be dangerous, and the decision and responsibility for acquiring them rests solely with you!

One such product is Venom Hyperdrive 3.0!

This pill has been the subject of several health warnings from the highest health authorities, such as ANSM in France and the FDA in the USA.

Why this warning against Venom HyperDrive?

Since January 2009, following alerts issued by the US FDA, French health authorities have been warning of the risks associated with consumption of a slimming pill called Venom Hyperdrive 3.0.

This pill is manufactured in the USA by a laboratory called ALRI, and marketed on the Internet.

Venom Hyperdrive 3.0 is not authorized for sale and its marketing is illegal.

The reasons for the ban concern the product’s formulation.

In fact, analyses carried out by the American authorities indicate that, in addition to the ingredients mentioned, Venom Hyperdrive contains an active medicinal substance which is not indicated on the product: SIBUTRAMINE!

This makes Venom Hyperdrive a DRUG and not a dietary supplement.

FDA investigations show that the manufacture of Venom Hyperdrive has been discontinued, but stocks are still present and offered for sale on the internet.

This poses three problems:

  1. The laboratory manufacturing Venom (ALRI) does not mention this ingredient, even though it is the most active element in weight loss;
  2. Products containing Sibutramine are medicines.

    They require a doctor’s prescription and must be sold exclusively in pharmacies. This is the only commercial channel authorized to guarantee the safety and reliability of such a product.

    We strongly advise against buying this type of medication outside this channel;

  3. Sibutramine is indicated for the treatment of obesity, but only under strict medical supervision.

    It enables weight loss and reduces appetite.

    Sibutramine can be dangerous to health. Its side effects include increased blood pressure and heart rate.

Press release fromAFSSAPS (Agence Française de Sécurité Sanitaire des Produits de Santé) in 2010

“It is strongly recommended not to consume Venom Hyperdrive 3.0, and people who have taken it are advised to consult their doctor promptly for a check-up”.

Tests carried out by AFSSAPS on samples of Venom Hyperdrive purchased over the Internet showed the presence of 122 mg Sibutramine per capsule, and high concentrations of caffeine.

The precise amount of caffeine contained is 332 mg for each daily intake of 2 capsules, whereas the dose recommended by the Conseil Supérieur d’Hygiène Publique is capped at 200 mg per day.

(Source : ANSM SANTÉ FRANCE. Press release dated 01/26/2009)
In any case, in recent years, health authorities in various countries have regularly warned against the presence of Sibutramine in food supplements sold as entirely natural products.

What are the ingredients mentioned on Venom HyperDrive?

Venom Hyperdrive displays a mixture of several fat-burning or appetite-suppressing products, most of which are classic fat burners.

Here’s what you’ll find on the sites marketing this product:
Which, according to the manufacturer, is a chocolate extract but without the fats and sugars;
Increases activity and attention, fights depression and improves mood as quickly as amphetamines, but without the addictive effect;
Contains caffeine (Read our article on this subject) ;
Naturally controls appetite;
5. VITAMIN B12 :
Involved in fatty acid and protein metabolism;
Combats stress and energizes the body.

(To find out more about this plant our following article).

On other sites where Venom Hyperdrive is offered for sale, you’ll find other ingredients such as :
which blocks sugars;
A powerful antioxidant.

These publications, which differ from one site to another, represent a problem of trust, since a product’s composition should not change according to the sites marketing it.

Venom Hyperdrive is a cocktail of ingredients with properties to :

  • Increase energy and endurance ;
  • Stimulate memory and improve cognitive functions;
  • Reduce appetite, burn fat and increase caloric expenditure;
  • Enhance long-term performance.

According to the manufacturer, it is advisable to test tolerance to Venom Hyperdrive by taking 1 capsule in the morning in the middle of a meal for 7 to 10 days.

If you pass the tolerance test, you can then start taking 2 capsules a day. This is the maximum recommended dose.

This product is contraindicated for pregnant and breastfeeding women, as well as for people under 21.

The end result should be weight loss and improved general health.

In addition to the major concern of not disclosing all the ingredients that make up Venom Hyperdrive, the promotion of this product on the internet is not uniform and we note for example:

  • No money-back guarantee;
  • No official website to sell the product;
  • The price varies from one site to another.

All these factors do not inspire confidence and should make you think twice before deciding to buy such a product.

Our review on Venom Hyperdrive 3.0

In the light of all the research carried out to give you an objective verdict, we strongly advise you NOT to give in to the temptation to consume products like Venom Hyperdrive 3.0.

The DISSIMULATION of the presence of a controversial ingredient by the health authorities and the absence of the necessary guarantees when purchasing this product are elements which cast doubt on its harmlessness.

And frankly, if you want to lose weight and burn fat, there’s a whole range of products to choose from, all with the necessary guarantees for safe, legal consumption.

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