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Somatoline Cosmetic Ventre et Hanche ADVANCE 1, slimming cream

Somatoline-Cosmetic-Ventre-et-Hanche-Advance1-FRSomatoline Cosmetic Ventre et Hanches Advance 1 is a slimming cream designed to act on unsightly fat deposits on the stomach and hips, for both women and men.

By the way, slimming creams are among the current trends in products designed to burn fat in specific areas of the body. Not everyone is keen to stick to a strict diet. That’s why the slimming market is full of fat-burning creams.

The question is, do these weight-loss creams work as claimed by their respective manufacturers? If so, what should users expect? Today, we’re putting Somatoline Cosmetic Ventre et Hanches ADVANCE 1 under the microscope, to provide you with information that will help you make up your mind.

Presentation of Ventre et Hanches ADVANCE 1:

Somatoline Cosmetic Belly and Hips Advance 1 is part of the Somatoline Cosmetic range, developed by the Italian-British company L.MANETTI – H.ROBERTS & C., founded in 1968. S.p.A., itself a subsidiary of the Bolton Group International, which specializes in a variety of products, including those related to health and well-being.

According to this manufacturer, Somatoline Cosmetic belly and hips Advance 1 is a formula that is much richer in active ingredients somatoline-cosmetic-logoactive ingredients for enhanced efficacy. Just one application a day is said to help reduce waist and hip circumference. It is recommended for women with fat deposits around the waist and on the hips. This treatment is said to help reduce localized fat deposits on the stomach and hips, as its gradual release has an intensive and prolonged slimming effect.

Somatoline Cosmetic belly and hips Advance 1 contains Phytoredux-complex, an exclusive complex of seaweed micro-particles and cosmetic active ingredients.

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The promises of Somatoline Cosmetic Ventre & Hanches ADVANCE 1 :

This treatment is a cosmetic cream specially designed to refine the tummy and hips and improve their Somatoline cosmetic ventre hanches femmecontours. The main ingredients are the result of advanced research. They have been carefully selected to effectively reshape the tummy and hips and slow down new fat deposits in these areas.

Thus, the manufacturer of Somatoline Cosmetic Belly and Hips Advance 1 promises the following:

  • reduction of local fat deposits ;
  • gradual release of active ingredients for a longer-lasting slimming effect, even after use ;
  • prevention of recurrence of local fat deposits;
  • production of a cryothermal operation (hot-cold effect) that stimulates subcutaneous microcirculation.

The ingredients of Somatoline Cosmetic Ventre et Hanche ADVANCE 1 :

The manufacturer guarantees that this new optimized formula, which can be applied in 1 minute, acts on the stomach and hips thanks to its formula called Active-Redux or Phyto-Redux complex, which is a complex of marine algae microparticles and cosmetic active ingredients:

Brown seaweed:

Also known as Kelp, recognized for its absorbing and slimming effects. This iodine-rich seaweed is composed of multiple trace elements. For centuries, brown seaweed has been used in local slimming treatments. Nowadays, they are becoming a trend in spas and are used in slimming creams.

Brown seaweed has a beneficial draining effect on the skin, where it enhances the triglyceride breakdown process.

Alchemilla and olive leaf extract:

Olive leaves are renowned for their anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-cholesterol properties. On the other handAlchemilla, with its tonic and healing properties.

The combination of extracts from these two plants is said to increase fatty acid consumption.

Microencapsulated fig bud extract:

Derived from the fig tree or Ficus carica, fig bud extract acts on lipolysis by reducing the size of adipocytes by releasing fatty acids and glycerol for elimination by the body.

Transport molecule :

This is a functional carrier that enhances the absorption of cosmetic active ingredients.

But how does works Somatoline Cosmetic work?

Somatoline Cosmetic Ventre et Hanches advance 1 contains PhytoRedux-complex, an exclusive complex of synergistic active ingredients with triple slimming action:
1. Reduce localized fat deposits on the stomach and hips:
Red Seaweed: Gelidium cartilagineum and Brown Seaweed: Fucus vesiculosus; increase the availability of stored triglycerides and their breakdown into free fatty acids (lipolysis).

At the same time, Fucus vesiculosus extract inhibits the formation of Perilipin formation, increasing the availability of lipids, thereby promoting lipolysis and, of course, reducing body fat.

Olive leaf and Alchemilla extracts increase fatty acid consumption, helping to burn fat faster.

2. Intensify slimming action through prolonged release of active ingredients:
Fig bud extract combined with a slow-release polymer: its gradual action stimulates lipolytic processes for prolonged slimming action, even after application.

3. Slow down the reappearance of localized fatty deposits:
Brown algae of the Sphacelaria scoparia genus: this algae fights against the differentiation of preadipocytes into mature adipocytes, capable of storing lipids, thus maintaining the action of other active ingredients after product use.
Somatoline cosmetic ventre et hanches advance1 - comment ca marche


Cellulite Cuisses
Thanks to their active ingredients based on Menthol, menthyl lactate and Ethyl-Nicotinate, we’ve found that somatoline products, including our test product: somatoline cosmetic ventre et hanches advance 1, trigger vasomotor gymnastics from the very first application, thanks to the “hot-cold” effect:

  • Stimulate microcirculation and eliminate excess fluids;
  • Promote penetration of active ingredients into the skin by increasing skin receptiveness;
  • Reactivate the cellular metabolisms responsible for eliminating fatty deposits.


Who should use this product?

This treatment is indicated for women with an accumulation of fat around the waist, stomach and hips due to weight gain, heredity or after childbirth.

It is also indicated for women seeking a product with a long-term effect.

The product has a new, lighter texture, which penetrates rapidly after light massage, without greasing the skin. The cream comes in 150 and 250ml tubes?

How to use this product?

Apply an appropriate amount of cream twice a day to the areas to be treated, massaging in with circular upward movements until completely absorbed, for 28 days for best results.

To maintain the silhouette obtained, use every other day for at least 4 weeks.

According to the manufacturer, a volumetric clinical study of 24 women with unsightly fat deposits around the waist and hips showed that rigorous application reduced waist and hip circumference by up to 4 cm in 4 weeks (average reduction: 2.5 cm).

Testimonials from users Somatoline Cosmetic Ventre et Hanches ADVANCE 1 :

Several testimonials were spotted mainly on the official sales site. In all honesty, and without calling into question the manufacturers (especially those already well known in the industry), we can’t rely 100% on these testimonials.

We continue to scour health and wellness forums in search of more or less authentic reviews. Forum threads reveal a wealth of information about the various slimming products. We invite you to explore these forums and come back to share your findings with us.

Side effects and contraindications

As far as side effects are concerned, a sensation of warmth, possibly accompanied by slight tingling, and the possible appearance of temporary redness may occur after a few minutes of massage. These reactions disappear after 30 minutes and vary from person to person… These temporary phenomena should not be confused with a reaction of intolerance to the product.

In the event of excessive redness, wash off with plenty of cold water. Do not get into eyes; in case of accidental contact, rinse thoroughly with clear water.

Avoid using the product on damaged (wounds, abrasions, cuts, etc.) or irritated skin. Wash hands thoroughly after use.

Where to buy Somatoline ADVANCE 1 :

Somatoline Cosmetic products are marketed only after they have passed all the tests to which they have been subjected, in order to guarantee the results. The manufacturer confirms that their clinical tests are carried out in vivo, under dermatological control, and performed externally by Independent Institutes.

Somatoline cosmetic belly and hips advance 1 can be purchased online via an official sales website.

site officiel du produit
The current promotional price for a 250ml tube of Somatoline cosmetic ventre & hanches advance 1 is 32,89 euros instead of 49,50 euros, a -34% discount? The seller offers periodic discounts.

Delivery is free on orders over €49 or 03 pieces. More detailed information is available on the site.

Our opinion on ADVANCE 1

Our review of Somatoline Cosmetic Ventre et Hanches ADVANCE 1, conducted on several websites, blogs and forums and based on user testimonials, the product’s detailed formula, its use, effects and mechanism of action, reveals both positive and negative points:

Positive points

  • reduction of localized fat reported by users ;
  • firmer, softer skin reported by users.
  • the manufacturer has over 40 years’ expertise and seems to insist on scientific research in the creation of their products, without neglecting product testing.
  • lowest price guarantee: if a cheaper price is found elsewhere for the product purchased, the manufacturer is prepared to refund, with proof from the buyer.

Negative points:

  • This cream cannot act on its own: you’ll still need to consider a minimum of decent exercise, or even combine it with other dietary supplements to target localized fat ;
  • It’s a topical solution, so don’t expect to lose much fat. If you notice a few waistlines less, that’s something…

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