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Elancyl Slim Design Avis et Test

Elancyl Slim Design, to combat stubborn cellulite!

Slim Design EtuiElancyl Slim Design is presented by its manufacturer as a cream specially designed to eliminate and prevent stubborn cellulite. It’s an anti-cellulite treatment that works in three stages: destocking, draining and de-rigidifying. Long wrongly considered a disease, cellulite is actually an aesthetic disgrace that haunts the daily lives of many women. These malignant fat deposits, which nestle in the buttocks and thighs, give the body that disturbing “orange peel” appearance.

Is Slim Design a good anti-cellulite ally, or just another product riding the wave? Is its formula adapted to the fight against fat on thighs and buttocks? What are the arguments put forward by its sellers?

Elancyl Slim Design, a 24-hour anti-cellulite cream!

So Slim Design is a solution that will get rid of your cellulite in 24 hours? No, that’s not what the cream’s manufacturer claims. It proposes a 28-day program for the entire cure. By 24 hours, they’re referring to the duration of action of one application of the cream: it’s active for a day and a night, which is “not bad” if you’re part of a daily massage routine. In fact, Elancyl recommends specific massage sessions to guarantee the effect of its product. We’ll talk more about this massage later.

The promises of Slim Design

Elancyl (a brand of the Pierre Fabre Group), presented on its official website as a slimming expert since 1971, began with a range of slimming products (glove, soap, gel, cream, bath) based on ivy. At the dawn of the ’80s, the laboratory introduced another well-known slimming ingredient: caffeine. This manufacturer specialized in caffeine-based products and, after ten years of research, brought out the [Caffeine Complex].3D complex, considered to be the first anti-cellulite complex capable of targeting cellulite architecture in three dimensions.
Slim Design Massage ApplicationSlim Design is therefore considered by its manufacturer to be the first treatment to combat the 3 dimensions of cellulite, namely destocking, draining and de-rigidifying. The first results are expected at the end of the first week.

It’s an anti-cellulite revolution in 3 acts, thanks to the [Caffeine Complex]3D complex, which acts on the 3 major factors of cellulite to visibly smooth orange-peel skin.

What’s more, Slim Design makes the most of its “clever” texture. This consists of reflective pigments that promote noticeable optical smoothing immediately, from the very first application. This reflective technique is also used by other manufacturers in other anti-cellulite cream formulas.

Elancyl Slim Design, ingredients

The essential component of Slim Design is [Caffeine Complex].3D which is considered by its manufacturer to be a unique complex of anti-rigidification active ingredients. It took some 10 years of research to develop this complex, which combines 3 unique active ingredients with proven efficacy. Ivy, caffeine and salacia (a unique plant active ingredient that acts directly on the rigidification of connective tissue, one of the main causes of orange-peel skin).

Caffeine + Cecropia (Destocking)

Slim Design Complexe Cafeine 3DCaffeine, known for its action on the lypolitic degradation chain, destroys fat. It is an omnipresent component in the entire Elancyl range. Slim Design’s caffeine is reinforced by the addition of a natural, plant-based active ingredient from French Guiana: Cecropia. This plant is said to activate the breakdown of adipocyte triglycerides into diglycerides, helping to burn stubborn fat.

Ivy (Drainage)

Ivy, another of Slim Design’s long-standing flagship active ingredients, reinforces skin elasticity and firmness. Its action can be seen in the quality of collagen, which slows down the glycation of fibers (a phenomenon responsible for tissue stiffening). The effect of ivy is enhanced by a specific massage based on a special palpé-roulé technique. Ivy promotes physiological drainage and elimination of toxins.

See the test of another ivy-based anti-cellulite product:

Salacia (Anti-rigidification)

A plant derived from Ayurvedic medicine, recognized in the fight against fibrous cellulite. The Salacia root extract present in Slim Design slows down the thickening of connective tissue fibers, while reducing the overproduction of collagen and fibronectin. Salacia is said to visibly smooth dimpled skin by modifying connective tissue architecture, resulting in firmer, smoother, more contoured skin.

Another ingredient is added to the [Caffeine Complex].3D : the Phloridzine. Phloridzin is a natural active ingredient extracted from young apple tree branches. This extract plays an important role in controlling lipogenesis. It acts as a brake on future fat stores, blocking the entry of sugars into the adipocyte.

How to use Slim Design Slim Design?

To optimize the effect of Slim Design cream, we recommend applying it as part of a specific massage. To do this, the skin in the area concerned must be dry. Use upward strokes, pressing rhythmically upwards on either side of the area in question. As you massage, pinch and roll vertically and/or transversely over the areas to be treated.

In this official video from the manufacturer, from the second minute onwards, you can get a clearer idea of the massage technique to adopt.

Side effects and contraindications Slim Design

There have been no reports of adverse reactions to Slim Design cream. It’s part of the Elancyl range from the Pierre Fabre Group, known for its medically controlled and tested products.

Purchase Slim Design

On the product’s official website, a special search bar allows you to find the points of sale. A simple search brought up hundreds of pharmacies with verified addresses.

You can also find Slim Design on online pharmacy websites, from 19,90 € 200 ml case (for a 28-day application).

Our opinion on Elancyl Slim Design

The [Caffeine Complex]3D looks like a good slimming combination that could deliver on its promises. What’s certain is that anti-cellulite massages are being used more and more by concerned individuals, and are also increasingly included in the offerings of many health centers. A cream like Slim Design, combined with this type of massage, would certainly have a medium- to long-term effect, given that the skin needs to be “worked on” to keep its tone!

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