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Skinny Coffee Club

Skinny Coffee Club, an alternative for your daily coffee

Skinny Coffee Club Coffee Time TesteurPilules.comIt’s Coffee O’Clock! That’s the motto of Skinny Coffee Club. This preparation, which offers an alternative to your usual brand of coffee, seems to be attracting the interest of more and more people around the world. If you’re a coffee lover too, we’ve discovered a weight-loss program specially designed for you! Let’s take a look at whether or not Skinny Coffee Club could be your slimming AND tasty ally. Our article tells you all about this slimming program.

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Presentation and promises of Skinny Coffee Club

Skinny Coffee Club is a fast, natural weight-loss program, thanks to a blend of ultra-potent ingredients (according to the manufacturer), which will:

  • Burn fat efficiently;
  • Boost metabolism naturally;
  • Reduce appetite;
  • Reduce sugar cravings ;
  • Make skin glow;
  • Improve physical performance;
  • Reduce bloating and stomach problems;
  • Strengthen the immune system;
  • Boost energy levels;
  • Reduce stress;
  • Help maintain weight after dieting.

A fine promise for this slimming drink, which, if the official website is to be believed, is effective without the need for any particular physical exercise, right from the first week of treatment. Skinny Coffee Club replaces daily coffee, and should be taken in one (1) cup a day, preferably before 3pm.

The manufacturer of Skinny Coffee Club

Skinny Coffee Club is a British company based in Liverpool and founded in 2015. As well as a drink with slimming properties, it is also a group of coffee lovers, also fitness and healthy eating enthusiasts, who have made it their mission to educate and promote an active, healthy lifestyle. The founders of Skinny Coffee Club don’t believe in dieting, but rather in making lifestyle choices that will change habits over the long term.

Today, Skinny Coffee Club is a beverage sold in over 50 countries, made with organic quality ingredients and suitable for vegans.

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Ingredients of the slimming drink Skinny Coffee Club

Green coffee We’ve devoted an entire article to green coffee, which you can read HERE. In short, we can say that green coffee is made up of two active substances: thechlorogenic acid and caffeine. Chlorogenic acid helps control glycemia and glucose metabolism, promoting better weight control. As for caffeine, it not only stimulates alertness, concentration and energy levels, but also the burning of stored fat via thermogenesis. Another advantage of green coffee, whose beans are not roasted, is that it does not have the undesirable effects of conventional coffee.

Ginseng : Ginseng is a plant that adapts to the body’s needs. It has three main actions: strengthening the immune system, reducing stress and boosting energy. So you can lose weight without feeling tired or stressed by lifestyle changes.

Chlorella : Chlorella is an algae with multiple benefits. It has a powerful detoxifying action on the body, acts to protect the liver and blood, has anti-inflammatory properties, boosts energy levels and helps regulate cholesterol levels. It also has a probiotic action that promotes intestinal balance and aids weight loss. To read the full article on chlorella, visit HERE.

Matcha tea : matcha tea is a green tea containing theanine and catechins, which have numerous slimming benefits. In fact, green tea is recognized as a powerful fat burner and antioxidant, a stimulant of the immune system, a reducer of stress and hypertension, and a general body strengthener.

Spirulina : Here again we have a seaweed that is excellent for health, with a very complete profile providing multiple benefits to the body. It helps control glycemia and reduce cholesterol, and has appetite-suppressant effects. To find out more about spirulina, read our article entitled To find out more about spirulina, read our article entitled “Algae for weight loss – Which ones to choose”.
Wheatgrass Wheatgrass: wheatgrass is considered a superfood, as it provides the body with a very significant quantity and richness of nutrients. It helps the body rid itself of toxins, regulates blood glucose levels, improves intestinal transit, boosts the immune system and fights deficiencies, just like spirulina mentioned earlier.

Organic Brazilian coffee : Coffee with roasted beans this time. We think it belongs on this list to satisfy the tastes of coffee lovers, but also for its caffeine content, which boosts energy and also thermogenesis, i.e. fat burning.

How to take Skinny Coffee Club?

Skinny Coffee Club Tasse TesteurPilules.comIt’s coffee! Simply replace your daily dose of coffee with Skinny Coffee Club. The manufacturer of this coffee recommends that you reconsider this dose: one cup a day would be more than enough (after all, it shouldn’t become an addiction).

Skinny Coffee Club comes in a special sachet containing a 28-day supply (4 weeks’ daily intake). The manufacturer guarantees that the sachet will keep its contents for up to 6 months after opening, in a cool, dry place. After this period, it is not advisable to consume your coffee.

Finally, as mentioned above, it’s best to consume Skinny Coffee Club before 3pm. This will ensure that when it’s time to go to sleep in the evening, you’ll make it!

Skinny Coffee Club and science

Skinny Coffee Club has not been the subject of specific clinical studies. However, many of its ingredients have been the subject of scientific research.

To summarize.

With regard to green coffee, several studies have confirmed the effects of chlorogenic acid on weight loss and blood sugar levels. One study showed that green coffee supplementation in addition to diet increased weight loss by 10% compared with diet alone.

Another study demonstrated the blood sugar-regulating effects of green coffee, which inhibits the absorption of glucose into the blood.

(Source: Annals of Internal Medicine. 18 April 2006, vol 144, n°8. Osaka University, and Osaka City University, Osaka, Japan; Nara Women’s University, Nara, Japan; and Aichi Cancer Center and Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan. Hiroyasu Iso, MD; Chigusa Date, PhD ; Kenji Wakai, MD; Mitsuru Fukui, PhD; Akiko Tamakoshi, MD)
(Source : NCBI. ETC Research and Development, Oslo, Norway. Thom E. J Int Med Res. 2007 Nov-Dec; 35(6): 900-8).

The effects of chlorella on weight loss were investigated in a study conducted on two groups of obese subjects, who either did or did not consume 9 g of chlorella per day for 12 weeks. Chlorella intake was shown to significantly reduce body fat, although the effects diminished a few weeks after supplementation stopped.

(Source: NCBI. Research and Development Department, Sun Chlorella Corporation, Kyoto, Japan. Mizoguchi T., Takehara I., Masuzawa T., Saito T., Naoki Y. J Med Food. 2008 Sep;11(3):395-404. doi: 10.1089/jmf.2006.0180)

Side effects and contraindications of the drink Skinny Coffee Club

According to the manufacturer, Skinny Coffee Club has no adverse effects or health hazards. However, it is not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women.

The presence of caffeine in Brazilian coffee with roasted beans can, at too high a dose, cause heart rhythm or sleep disorders, as well as irritation. We advise you to monitor your overall coffee consumption, to avoid overdosing.

Price and guarantee Skinny Coffee Club

Skinny Coffee Club is available at different prices, depending on the duration of the treatment chosen:

  • 28-day treatment – 29,95€
  • 8-week course of treatment – 53,95€
  • 12-week course of treatment – 75,95€

A money-back guarantee (30 days from date of receipt of order) is offered by the official online shopping site.

To place your Skinny Coffee Club order on a trusted and secure website, click on the following button:

Testimonials from cure users Skinny Coffee Club cure

Opinions are divided on the results of Skinny Coffee Club. For some people, the results have been highly satisfactory, with losses ranging from 4kg in one week to 8kg in 28 days. For others, the slimming cure had exciting effects without delivering the expected results.

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  • Marion

    Hello excuse me my question may be silly but when they say to do as a normal dose I do in the coffee maker for 2 / 3 days right? Because my coffee maker is old fashioned and I don’t know how to make 1 cup of coffee.

    Merci par avance

    • Hélène. M

      Hello Marion,
      On the contrary, your question is quite legitimate.

      You need 250ml of water (a normal bowl) for one tablespoon of coffee. A normal cup of coffee is 100ml. So count half a bowl of water with half a tablespoon to make a cup of coffee and thus respect Skinny Coffee Club’s daily dose. I hope I’ve been able to help you.


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