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Probiotiques Actibior, a well-dosed formula for a healthy, slimmer body

Probiotiques Actibior IntroductionProbiotiques Actibior is a dietary supplement based on rigorously selected, highly-dosed intestinal probiotics that complements the health-boosting slimming pills. In recent years, probiotics have gained a firm foothold in the world of nutrition, given the benefits they contain. Faced with their convincing but sometimes intriguing sales arguments, you’ve probably already asked yourself a number of questions about probiotics.

Where do they come from, these living micro-organisms naturally present in our bodies? What are their health benefits? And above all, can they really help the body lose weight or prevent overweight? That’s what we’re going to find out with you in this article.

Actibior Probiotics, what are they?

Probiotique Actibior is a mix of 4 probiotic probiotics of human origin. These live micro-organisms have a beneficial effect on intestinal and immune health, and prevent many diseases. The capsules are 100% vegetable or in marine capsules, for optimal assimilation.

But before we begin our investigation, let’s first take a look at what these probiotics are!


Yes, they’re bacteria, but they’re not harmful. They help keep your body, and especially your intestines, healthy. Their essential role is to maintain the balance of the microbiota.


All the micro-organisms (bacteria, yeasts, fungi, viruses) living in a specific environment. Known as the intestinal microbiota, the majority of bacteria in our digestive system are found in the colon. There are around 100 billion bacteria in 1 gram of stool, but each individual has a different and unique microbiota. This difference is due to age, sex, lifestyle and nutrition. Since microbiota is not innate, we begin to have our own microbiota at the age of two. Our microbiota then becomes adult!

The manufacturer of Actibior places great emphasis on the certified, healthy production of its dietary supplement, which makes us quite curious to know more.
Lactobacillus Acidophilus Probiotiques
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The manufacturer of Probiotics Actibior

The laboratories Nutrimea, created in 2011, is a French manufacturer guaranteeing the highest quality in its products and services. It guarantees the declaration and registration of its dietary supplements with the DGCCRF, as well as compliance with the recommendations of French and European health authorities. Probiotis Actibior is certified :
Iso 22000HACCP Certification
Certified ecological and healthy, gluten-free, GMO-free, coloring-free, with no added sugar, and organic.

Since it’s important to take probiotics with several different, complementary and synergistic strains, we’d like to know what strains the manufacturer has chosen!

What are the ingredients of Actibior Probiotics?

Actibior is formulated with 4 probiotic strains, rigorously selected and highly dosed at 5.7 billion CFU per 2 capsules. These are :

Lactococcus lactis (50%)

These lactic micro-bacteria have been used for centuries to ferment and preserve food. As it is harmless to humans, this micro-bacteria has its place in the food industry. According to research carried out on this strain, it produces enzymes essential to the body (lipase), chemical mediators and molecules that can stimulate a local immune response.

Lactobacillus casei (24%)

This lactic acid bacterium belongs to the Lactobacillaceae family. It is found mainly in milk, cheese, and in the digestive systems of humans and birds. It is said to have a promising effect in reducing inflammation of the digestive system. Its role is to protect against harmful bacteria, such asE.coli and Salmonella typhimurium. A recent study demonstrated the action of this probiotic against anxiety and depression, as well as an increase in Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium probiotics.

Lactobacillus acidophilus (13%)

Another lactic acid bacterium from the same family, but shaped like a rod with rounded ends. Present in the oral cavity and digestive system of humans and animals, it can also be found in women’s vaginal flora and in milk. This micro-bacterium can reduce symptoms of diarrhea, abdominal cramps and vomiting in patients with lactose intolerance.

Bifidobacterium bifidum (13%)

This micro-bacterium is specific to humans. It is one of the dominant bacteria in the human digestive tract, particularly during childhood, when it makes up the bulk of the newborn’s microbiota. In adulthood, however, it exists in lower concentrations, but is also found in fermented milks or in combination with Lactobacillus. These bacteria produce lactic and acetic acid from lactose.

The essential role of this probiotic is to block the passage of pathogenic bacteria, thereby improving the microbial balance of the intestine. Ingested in sufficient quantities, it has positive effects on health, facilitating digestion (especially of fiber), preventing diarrhea and stimulating the immune system.

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The promise of Actibior Probiotics

Probiotics can be found in fermented dairy products and fermented vegetables such as beans. In brewer’s yeast used to leaven bread. But the problem is that the beneficial effects of probiotics are only observed if they reach the intestine.

This is because stomach acid destroys almost 90% of ingested probiotics. Hence the need to choose gastro-resistant or entero-soluble capsules (soluble in the intestine) to benefit from their virtues.
Vetre plat graisse
That said, for a variety of reasons, the intestinal balance can be upset, due to stress, poor diet, antibiotic therapy, etc. Actibior Probiotics will play a major role in restoring order to the intestine, thanks to its gastric juice-resistant capsules. These 4 natural probiotics are lactic ferments whose role is to strengthen the intestinal flora or microbiota by :

  • rebalancing intestinal flora and promoting antibody production. This strengthens the body’s resistance to allergies and colon irritability;
  • Promotes absorption of nutrients such as amino acids and fatty acids, which the body needs to function properly. This absorption reduces deficiencies by protecting the intestinal mucosa;
  • Facilitating digestion by protecting the intestinal mucosa. The risk of diarrhoea or constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and colitis is thus reduced;
  • Reinforcing the immune defenses of the intestine and the body, which will be less exposed to food allergies and intestinal inflammation or disease;
  • Preventing photoaging induced by chronic UV irradiation, and keeping skin young and plump. With a promising anti-ageing effect for the future.

Given all this promise, who should be recommended Probiotique Actibior?

Probiotique Actibior, for whom?

For anyone :

  • Wishing to improve digestion, fight constipation, bloating and stomach aches;
  • With immune deficiencies or deficiencies of any kind caused by poor assimilation of essential nutrients;
  • Undergoing antibiotic therapy. A course of Actibior Probiotics is necessary, as antibiotics damage the intestinal flora;
  • suffering from chronic intestinal diseases such as: infectious diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease Crohn’s disease, and gastroenteritis;
  • Allergic and intolerant to gluten and lactose;
  • 0bese or during a weight-loss program. Probiotics can also help you lose weight.

Actibior probiotics Probiotics for weight loss: does it work?

That said, an abnormal or unbalanced microbiota is a clear risk factor for obesity. Actibior, thanks to its formula of 4 complementary strains acting synergistically against bloating and indigestion problems, is said to promote abdominal fat loss and fiber breakdown (Bifidobacterium).

On the other hand, a study has shown that probiotics from the Lactobacillus family increase the amount of fat evacuated with faeces by inhibiting the absorption of dietary fats, and reducing the size of adipocytes.

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Users’ opinions

At the end of our survey of user reviews, we found some very positive feedback. Testimonials recommending without hesitation the use of Actibior Probiotics to restore and boost intestinal flora.

Some users confirmed that they had chosen this product on the advice of their pharmacists or specialists.

The product’s value for money is clearly mentioned in the comments, as are its certifications.

Side effects and precautions for use

  • Probiotics help eliminate harmful bacteria to rebalance the intestinal flora. However, when you first start taking probiotics, you may experience gas. In this case, don’t hesitate to reduce the dosage of probiotics. Then increase your intake in small doses until your body and intestines can adapt to the new beneficial visitors;
  • In the case of diarrhoea treatment, probiotics are very effective at stopping diarrhoea, but may induce a little constipation. In this case, don’t hesitate to reduce the dosage of your treatment, and then gently increase it afterwards. This will do the trick and you won’t risk anything;
  • Keep out of reach of children;
  • Keep away from heat and light.

Dosage and use

The product comes in a bottle of 60 gastro-resistant capsules, the dosage is 2 capsules per day, to be taken with a glass of water. A cure of at least 1 month is recommended to stabilize intestinal flora as much as possible.

Respect the recommended doses, and don’t hesitate to ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice if you’re taking medication or are due to undergo a medical procedure.

Where can I buy Actibior Probiotics?

You can buy Actibior Probiotics online on the manufacturer’s official website. The unit price is 16.90 euros. You can benefit from a pack of 3 bottles purchased and 1 bottle free.

Our opinion on Probiotiques Actibior

In our opinion, Probiotiques Actibior seems to have earned its place among the various other probiotics. Its formulas are appropriate, highly dosed, manufactured by a credible and reputable French laboratory, labelled and certified.

The price seems to be well appreciated by the majority of users, compared with other probiotics that are expensive enough to continue a complete cure.

For a product ranging from intestinal comfort, to immune reinforcement and prevention of digestive disease, to weight gain prevention. We’re convinced and highly recommend it.

Of course, a healthy diet and regular exercise will only increase your chances of achieving faster, longer-lasting results.

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    Hello from the US!

    I’m Chloé and I’m writing to you from Uncle Sam 🙂 I’m looking for good probiotic strains for my health program that I started quite some time ago. I know I can find them here, but I’m turning to France in search of safe products and serious sellers. My question: can I get this product here in the US?

    Merci and thank you very much!

    • Hélène. M

      You can order Actibior on its official website, although shipping to the US can be expensive. If you have family in France or are going there soon, you can arrange to receive your order there.

      All the best.

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