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Proactol Plus

Proactol Plus, the new generation of Proactol

Proactol Plus a été amélioré et s’appelle désormais Proactol XS…!

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Interested in Proactol Plus?

Do your meals contain a lot of fat?

Do you dream of a way to eat what you like, but prevent that fat from making you gain weight?
Proactol Plus is a product capable of blocking much of the fat you eat, and claims to be the solution you need to control your weight while avoiding the frustrations of dieting.
But what about this product?

Can Proactol Plus help you?

Here are the results of our test and survey.

Proactol Plus: the test

Proactol Plus is owned by Claire Brentwood.

Claire Brentwood is a young woman who has always had weight problems and who, in her quest to lose weight, has tested a large number of slimming pills available on the market without really achieving a satisfactory result that met her expectations.

One day, she tried Proactol Plus and it worked for her. Convinced by the results of this product, she decided to buy the company that produced it. Since then, she has decided to market it worldwide.

To conduct our investigation, we contacted the manufacturers of Proactol Plus directly, as they dedicate 3 telephone lines to customer service (a big plus, after all!).

We tested both numbers, the UK and the US, and although we didn’t manage to contact Claire in person, we found them very competent and helpful.

Proactol Plus is a certified fat catcher and appetite suppressant containing a 100% natural composition.

It consists of two fibers from a cactus native to Mexico known as the prickly pear: a soluble fiber and a non-soluble fiber.

These two fibers work together to reduce lipid absorption and control appetite.

Proactol Plus Proactol Plus gave me the motivation I needed to change my eating habits.

So says the official Proactol Plus website.

Let’s face it, it’s a bit unusual to hear about motivation and eating habits on weight-loss pill websites, where the usual motto is “lose weight effortlessly”.

And yet, it’s been established for years that there’s no miracle pill that will make you shed the pounds without the slightest effort and commitment on your part.

Weight-loss supplements are supposed to provide iade and facilitate the weight-loss process.

Proactol Plus takes a different approach, proposing itself as an effective aid that will give a real boost to your dieting efforts.

We’ll see if it lives up to this promise.

It has to be said that Proactol Plus is one of the few clinically proven dietary supplements for slimming.

Its manufacturers have invested a great deal of time and money in extensive clinical trials and testing to confirm the effect of their product and obtain certification from the relevant authorities.

Proactol Plus effects

Proactol Plus promises the following benefits:

  • Blocks the absorption of 1/3 of the fat in your meals, reducing your daily calorie intake by 295 kcal ;
  • Helps you lose weight naturally by controlling your appetite rather than starving yourself;
  • Has undergone sufficient clinical testing to earn its status as a safe and effective product.

So much for the promises of Proactol Plus, now let’s get down to composition.

What are the ingredients of Proactol Plus?

For once, we had no trouble retrieving the full list of ingredients in a weight-loss pill for the purposes of our investigation!

Usually, we struggle to find the composition on marketing sites drowned in endless streams of useless information, displaying everything but the essentials.

The official Proactol Plus of Proactol Plus has the advantage of being perfectly clear about the ingredients and the product’s mechanism of action.

And once again, we were surprised not to find a long list of complicated names and ambiguous references to dubious substances.

As specified above, Proactol Plus is composed of natural fibers, one of which is soluble and the other non-soluble.

These fibers are extracted from the cactus racket of the famous prickly pear cactus, which has been used for decades in traditional Mexican medicine for its many medicinal virtues.

To read more about this plant, here’s a detailed article Wikipedia article to get you closer to the plant.

How works Proactol Plus work?

When it comes into contact with the fats in your stomach, the non-soluble fiber from the prickly pear swells to form a gel, preventing the absorption of up to 27.4% of dietary fat and providing a lasting feeling of satiety.

The fat-bound gel is then naturally evacuated with the stool, without causing you the slightest discomfort.

We found a nice, simplified graphic on their website to illustrate how Proactol Plus works.

Once again, Proactol Plus is one of the few pills suitable for vegetarians, since the components of the pill itself are all natural.

Here’s a detailed list of the ingredients contained in 3 Proactol Plus tablets:
Also known as nopal, this plant has the ability to reduce blood glucose and lipid levels.

Natural fibers form a gel that swells stomach contents and delays their passage to the intestine.

They provide a feeling of satiety and have laxative properties.

They help balance intestinal flora, which has a positive effect on colon health.

3. CALCIUM (195mg) ;
Calcium, in addition to its well-known benefits for bones, when consumed in certain doses, can trap fats in the large intestine and block their assimilation.

Overdosing on calcium can lead to complications such as kidney stones, or increase the risk of prostate cancer.


A basic principle of many famous diets, carbohydrates have always been the subject of rigorous control in any weight-loss program.

Recently, the theory that you have to cut out carbohydrates to lose weight has been challenged. Today, it’s fat-rich foods that are the problem.

Side effects of Proactol Plus

Proactol Plus is based on plant extracts.

What’s more, unlike other fat burners, it contains no stimulants. This means it has no side effects and is unlikely to cause you any particular discomfort. What’s more, it has undergone an extensive series of tests confirming its safety.

However, to be on the safe side, the manufacturers recommend that you use the drug as prescribed to eliminate the risk of any side effects.

This is especially true for those who tend to double doses, believing they will optimize the product’s effect.

This drug is not recommended for people under the age of 12, or for pregnant or breast-feeding women.

People with chronic illnesses should seek medical advice before taking this pill.

Testimonials of Proactol Plus users

We have found on the official Proactol Plus website and on several other websites (some of which are serious references in the field of weight loss products), several testimonials from satisfied users extolling the virtues of Proactol Plus, but we have no way of verifying the accuracy of these testimonials.

We therefore refrain from passing them on to you, and encourage you to consult them and judge for yourself, and then let us know what you think.

Where can I buy Proactol Plus?

According to our research, Proactol Plus is only available via the official French website in several packs.

Click here to visit the official website.

This is a good thing, as you won’t be ripped off by buying a useless or even dangerous imitation, or by paying large sums of money.

You can choose between 4 packs.

  • 4 months: 480 pills for 119.94 € a saving of more than €51 and the same privileges as the 3-month pack;
  • 3 months: 360 pills for 93.05 € for a saving of €35.29 and a host of other benefits including free delivery, access to related exercise videos, access to a private Proactol Plus members’ area and even a box of dietary supplements to maximize the weight-loss effect;
  • 2 months: 240 pills for 80.92 €;
  • 1 month: 120 pills for 42.78 €.

Some users complain about the price of Proactol Plus, as it’s a little more expensive than some of the cheap pills available all over the net.

But we’re obliged to take up the famous slogan “quality comes at a price”. Extensive clinical testing, efficacy and official certification all come at a price!

Our opinion on Proactol Plus

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  • Nursoo

    I am hypothyroid on levothyrox u day 75 un day 100 so my dosage is not stable and I have been on treatment for over 17 years I react to every drug that enters my body but I have weight to lose and alas nothing helps but my research says that proactol can really help me. So I’m willing to be a guinea pig if you offer me a free one-month trial. I’m retired, but if it works on me, I’ll do a hell of a lot of advertising for this product.

    • Hélène Marfak

      Hi Sabine,
      Thyroid problems really do pose a challenge when it comes to losing weight, and we completely understand your desire to try everything to achieve this.

      It’s possible that the Proactol Plus pill can help you. In this case, we advise you to contact the manufacturer directly via their official website, as we don’t market any pills and therefore can’t offer a free trial, let alone sell pills!

      Our site offers relevant information to help our readers make the best possible choice. Finally, we strongly advise you to speak to your GP about the products you are considering for Levothyrox.

      All the best!

  • lecis roberto

    Is proactol plus also suitable for men?

    • Corinne K.

      Yes, it is a product for both sexes.

  • Véronik

    I’d like to lose about 20 kilos following a hypothyroidism I had 10 years ago, and I’ve been dieting for 10 years, but I always go back to my initial weight and I’m fed up! Can you tell me if PROACTOL XS could really help me lose weight without depriving myself and without any particular health concerns? and what is the value of ZACTI + compared to PROACTOL XS?

    Thank you for your answers

    • Corinne Kepler

      Hello Véronik,
      Hypothyroidism is one of the major causes of weight gain, and apparently you’re no exception. This shouldn’t discourage you, as long as you’re patient and follow your doctor’s advice, because the primary objective is to balance thyroid hormones as much as possible.

      Proactol Plus is safe to use because it’s a natural, effective product with no side effects, but in the case of a chronic pathology, it’s imperative to consult your GP, who is the only one who can give you permission to consume food supplements to help you lose weight.

      We’d be delighted if you’d share the rest of your journey with us.

      All the best.

  • Elena

    Being allergic to gluten and lactose, are there any contraindications to proactol for this type of intolerance?

    Also, I have a rather fragile stomach, won’t there be any problems when I take it?


      As we always recommend to anyone with a few health concerns: consult your doctor before taking any pill.

      Good luck and happy weight loss!

  • duchadeau

    Good evening,
    I wanted to give my opinion on proactol plus, I started taking proactol plus 5 months ago, I had 11 kilos to lose after stopping smoking, I lost about 1 kilo per week and almost 2 months after reaching my goal the kilos have not returned so I’m really happy to have known this product. I didn’t think I’d reach my goal so quickly, so I still have 3 boxes left for those who might be interested. One box is missing about ten pills, but the other two are unopened.

    Contact me if anyone is interested
    good weight loss to all,
    courage and motivation

    • duchadeau

      ps: I didn’t have any problems with stomach aches but I had a well-functioning transit 😉

      • Christine

        Hi Diane,
        Can I have an e-mail address to get in touch with you?

    • Colin

      I wanted to know if you still have boxes of Proactol? If so, how much do you sell them for?

      Thank you
      L. Colin

    • caroline

      Moi je serais interesser je reste a montreal vous


      I wanted to know if you still have your boxes for sale and how much you charge please. Thank you

  • Anik

    Hello, no, I don’t have any allergies or stomach problems. However, I must tell you that after a while
    some time I made a 2nd try, I wasn’t sure, the problem came back.

    Also, a close friend of mine took my jars to try. She took them for 2 weeks. She was nauseous.

    So, I still have 3 unopened jars.

    • Sophie

      Hi, I’ve been using it for 5 weeks and I really don’t have any problems with my stomach. I’ve lost more or less 1 kilo per week (a kilo and a half the second week). Tell me, I see that there’s another product called proactol xs, should I stop taking proactol plus and buy it, or continue?

      Thanks for your advice

    • caroline

      Bonjour mou je serais interesser a acheter vos boites merci 🙂

    • caroline

      Bonjour Anick moi je serais interesser a acheter vos 3 boites merci 🙂

  • Anik

    I’ll be very brief. Proactotol PLUS caused me incredible stomach pains. I had to go to the hospital
    to be told to stop taking this product which I had been using for 3 weeks. My stomach was so swollen that they thought I was pregnant.

    • TesteurPilules

      Hi Anik,
      This is surely a particular side effect that we didn’t notice during our tests. Any medication sometimes generates a particular discomfort in some people (this concerns a small percentage). In such cases, the treatment should simply be stopped, as it is clearly not suitable for your body. Do you have a medical history of allergies or stomach disorders?

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