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Phyt’affin by Phytalliance, lose weight by telephone

phyt-affin-de-phytalliancePhytalliance is a website that offers overweight people a weight-loss method without dieting, with the emphasis on understanding the causes of weight gain in order to slim down sustainably.

Phytalliance offers dietary supplements, such as Phyt’affin, designed for natural, effective weight loss.

Presentation and promises of Phytaffin by Phytalliance

Phytalliance’s Phyt’affin is a natural fat-burning supplement, composed of fruit and plant extracts and enriched with Neopuntia.

Phyt’affin is part of the Phytalliance weight loss method, which tackles the problem of excess weight on 3 levels:
1. Global support to help you rediscover a healthy lifestyle, in terms of diet, lifestyle and mental health;
2. A program of dietary supplements tailored to each individual’s profile;
3. Emotional support to give you every chance of success.

What does this mean in practice?

On the official Phytalliance website, you can carry out a free assessment, which will enable us to suggest specific supplements to help you tailor your slimming program to your individual needs.

At the end of your slimming program, a slimming consultant will call you to assess your success and/or help you improve your weight loss.

While Phytalliance won’t dump you in the wilderness immediately after purchasing slimming supplements, neither does it guarantee you a truly comprehensive personalized follow-up. You’ll need to delve deeper into the emotional causes behind your excess weight, and try to find solutions using a nearby nutrition professional.

But let’s get back to the product we’re testing today, Phyt’affin. The associated promises are very vague, namely: to burn fat naturally. This is surely the dream of anyone who wants to lose weight, but how to get there is the real question!

Phytalliance advises you to take 2 Phyt’affin capsules a day, with a large glass of water and with your main meal.

Phytalliance, manufacturer of Phyt’affin

The brand’s official website offers little information.

We know that the products are made in France, which is already a good thing in terms of guarantee.

In the course of our research, we found that the majority of Phytalliance customers were offered these products by telephone, which leads us to conclude that this company carries out telephone canvassing practices targeting specific customers (as evidenced by the large number of women who received calls from one of Phytalliance’s salespeople, all of whom shared the same condition: a few months after giving birth!)

We’ve already had to deal with this kind of practice, which for the moment remains legal despite the pronounced dissatisfaction of customers.

Clearly, no-one would like to be disturbed at mealtimes, for example, by a sales assistant offering them a product they don’t even need.

A survey by a neutral website estimated the average number of calls received on a landline at 15 per month. And despite claims by professionals that this kind of canvassing is on the decline, the same site reported that 78% of consumers surveyed said that the number of calls, rather than decreasing, was actually increasing, and that salespeople were becoming more insistent.

Phyt’affin ingredients

1. Neopuntia:

This is an extract of nopal, or prickly pear.

It is said to reduce fat absorption and regulate cholesterol levels.

Finally, these liquid-soluble fibers increase the viscosity of food in the intestine, slowing digestion, increasing satiety and reducing glucose absorption.

2. Oat extract (or maltodextrin):

Maltodextrin is a mixture of different sugars derived from the hydrolysis of starch, or from a starch such as potato starch.

These sugars are glucose, maltose, maltotriose, oligosides and polyosides. Maltodextrin promotes satiety.

3. Chicory extract:

Chicory has tonic, diuretic and depurative properties, as well as slightly laxative effects.

It supports digestive and intestinal function, and combats gas. By promoting elimination, it not only helps eliminate toxins, but also helps you lose water weight (not fat).

4. Green tea:

Do we still need proof of green tea’s fat-burning properties?

No, because this plant rich in polyphenols, antioxidants and catechins has been proven to activate metabolism, fat burning and toxin elimination.

5. Guarana:

Guarana is increasingly present in slimming pills.

Its appetite-suppressant properties make it an excellent ingredient for reducing and controlling cravings.

But it doesn’t stop there, as guarana activates fat burning and improves digestion.

Guarana is naturally rich in caffeine, which activates basal metabolism and thus the melting of fat reserves.

To find out more about guarana, read our article HERE.

6. Cherry Tail:

Another well-known ingredient for those looking to shed a few pounds!

Cherry stems have a powerful diuretic and detoxifying action. They are also slightly laxative.

They will also help you lose water weight and eliminate toxins.

7. Blackcurrant:

Blackcurrant is an ingredient rich in benefits for the body.

As a diuretic, it speeds up the elimination of toxins and water retention. In fact, it is widely used in cases of heavy legs and water retention, as it activates microcirculation.

Blackcurrant also acts as an anti-inflammatory in the stomach and intestine, encouraging the proliferation of beneficial bacteria and reducing undesirable ones.

It improves transit, and is high in antioxidants and vitamin C.

Scientific studies on Phyt’affin by Phytalliance

The official website makes no mention of any clinical studies carried out on Phyt’affin supplements in particular.

However, to find out more, we looked for scientific studies carried out on some of the ingredients in Phyt’affin’s composition.

One study specifically evaluated the effects of a combination of green tea and guarana on energy expenditure and fat oxidation.

Researchers validated the fact that green tea, combined with guarana, increases energy expenditure within 24 hours of intake.

(Source: NCBI. Division of Kinesiology, Laval University, Ste-Foy, Quebec, Canada. Bérubé-Parent S., Pelletier C., Doré J., Tremblay A. Br J Nutr. 2005 Sep; 94(3):432-6).

A study on nopal extract was able to show its real ability to reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels, although these effects remained fairly insignificant.

(Source: Amelie Machut. Regimes amaigrissants : place de la phytotherapie et du conseil officinal : etude de 3 plantes en particulier. Pharmaceutical Sciences. 2013).

Side effects and contraindications of Phyt’affin by Phytalliance

The Phytalliance website does not give any precise indication of possible contraindications or side effects associated with taking Phyt’affin.

However, we have noted that blackcurrant tends to increase blood pressure, and that people with high blood pressure are therefore advised not to take this supplement.

In addition, the presence of caffeine encourages vigilance.

Listen to your body, and stop taking it as soon as signs of insomnia, anxiety, accelerated heart rate, etc. appear.

Testimonials from Phyt’affin users

Reviews are few and far between. The promises of a supplement that makes you lose weight without dieting seem a little too pretentious.

In fact, all those who have lost weight with Phyt’affin report, without exception, that they have rebalanced their diet and practised physical activity in parallel with the Phytalliance cure.

In combination with a diet, however, Phyt’affin seems to deliver decent weight-loss results.

Phytalliance Phyt’affin price and guarantee

A box of 60 Phytalliance Phyt’affin capsules, equivalent to 1 month’s treatment, costs 20€.

Delivery is via Collissimo within 72 hours, and payment is secure.

The site offers the “6 slimming rules” card with every order. It’s worth noting that this sheet is available as a download to any visitor to the site, even without placing an order!

As for the guarantee, there are two sides to the story.

On the Internet, you can read testimonials talking about a “money-back guarantee” which isn’t actually a guarantee at all, but a simple 14-day right of withdrawal which is legal for Internet purchases.

On the other hand, the website makes no mention of a “money-back guarantee”.

Has Phytalliance decided to discontinue its guarantee?

Are the data found on the internet reliable?

Impossible to know at present…

Canvassing by telephone: what the law says

As I said earlier, telephone canvassing is a legal practice.

Of course, there are a few rules to observe:

  • At the start of the conversation, the telephone salesperson must clearly state the purpose of the call. The customer then has the right to refuse or accept the call;
  • The seller is obliged to identify himself and not use a masked number (regulations in force since June 14, 2014) ;
  • If the consumer accepts the offer, the seller is obliged to send him or her a written contract which must contain: the seller’s name and contact details, designation of the goods, product price, withdrawal rules and deadline, confirmation of the offer and pre-contractual information.
  • The customer has 14 days to exercise his right of withdrawal by sending the seller a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt.

    The customer is not obliged to pay any penalty, nor to justify his refusal (except, where applicable, the cost of postage).

By accepting a cold call, you run the risk of :

  • Fall victim to a scam;
  • Unjustified delays in delivery, which can be very long;
  • Worse still, not receiving your product;
  • Paying full price for a product that costs less with other merchants;
  • Accepting the offer just to end a dialogue that’s beginning to wear you down, or simply accepting it on a whim.

To remedy this problem at source and prevent yourself from receiving such calls, we advise you to contact your telephone operator, and ask to be put on the hidden numbers list.

The law is clear on this subject: anyone who does not wish to be canvassed by telephone has the right to register on a “Do not call” list.

(Source: Le service public de la diffusion du droit. Article L121-34, modified by LOI n°2014-344 of March 17, 2014 – art.9 (V)).

And here are the legislative explanations about this opposition list to telephone canvassing : Decree n°: 2015-556 of May 19, 2015.

Our opinion on Phyt’affin by Phytalliance

On the product side, we can’t deny the effective presence of ingredients known for their effectiveness in any weight-loss approach, nor the reasonable price of Phyt’affin by Phytalliance, but we’d also like to stress that the weight loss promised, is a water loss and not a fat loss.

As for Phytalliance’s practices, we condemn telephone canvassing, and believe that it is an offensive practice that does not respect people’s privacy, and is quite simply disturbing. For this reason, we are obliged to exclude Phytalliance products from the products we approve.

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  • Cerise

    How to throw your money away and have leeches constantly calling to sell you a product that supposedly works better than the cure.

    A big scam that you should avoid.


    I am constantly being canvassed by PHYTALLIANCE/NATURALLIANCE AND THIS AT LEAST 5 TO 10 TIMES/DAY.
    Operator wants my n°CB AND INSISTS/ I subscribe to the advertising num blocking list

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • martin

    I was recently contacted by phone to buy their products and when I was reluctant to do so, because I’m still very wary of canvassing by phone, the person I had spoken to on the line saw that I wasn’t going to follow up and shouted at me. I had to hang up on them and found that unacceptable! don’t let them have any more fun phoning me because the reception is going to be very hot! in short, they’re carpet merchants!

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