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PGX Daily for healthy weight management


Do you find it hard to control your appetite, and this problem of cravings and excess is undermining your weight? The PGX Daily program we’re presenting today may be able to help you solve your problem and get back on track.

Introduction and promises of PGX Daily

PGX Daily is a complete weight-loss program, of which PGX Daily is the flagship supplement. And why?
Simply because PGX Daily is, according to the official website, a “super fiber” that suppresses cravings.

The PGX Daily program is available in 2 versions:


This is a 2-week program designed to rebalance your diet, get you moving and restore healthy lifestyle habits.
This program requires the use of the PGX Daily supplement, of course.


The advanced program is more structured, more focused, but also longer.
Lasting 12 weeks, it includes various PGX Daily products, including meal replacements, as well as a highly controlled, low-calorie diet and exercise instructions.
It aims to significantly activate weight loss, and improve health.

On the official website, these two programs are revealed in detail, completely free of charge.
For each of them, clear instructions are given for each day concerning the foods to eat, the exercises to do, the supplements to take, and so on.
The site also includes recipes and tips for successful slimming programs.

PGX Daily is a fiber available in a variety of forms: drink mixes, protein shakes, granules for mixing into dishes, capsules or protein bars.
All these PGX Daily products aim to satisfy all tastes and preferences.

Today we turn our attention to PGX Daily Ultra Matrix Softgels, which will :

  • Reduce cravings and increase satiety ;
  • Help you lose weight healthily, in conjunction with the PGX Daily slimming program;
  • Control and maintain balanced blood sugar levels in people with normal blood sugar levels;
  • Maintain healthy cholesterol levels in people with normal cholesterol levels;
  • Lower the glycemic index of meals by up to 60%.

PGX Daily capsules are totally natural and gluten-free.
The manufacturer recommends taking 3 capsules before or with meals.

The manufacturer of PGX Daily softgels

PGX Daily comes from InovoBiologic, a company based in Canada.
InovoBiologic’s mission is to provide innovative solutions and unique ingredients to the food, natural health and nutrition industries.
The company uses government-approved manufacturing and selection methods (GMP and GLP – Good Manufacturing Practices and Good Laboratory Practices), and tests and evaluates its products to stringent standards.

As a guarantee of its reliability, InovoBiologic can, on request, provide its customers with :

  • Certificates of analysis for ingredients used in manufactured supplements;
  • Organic certification of ingredients;
  • List of allergens for each product;
  • Certificate of authentication and traceability.

PGX Daily capsule ingredients

PGX stands for PolyGlycoplex. It’s a patented blend of highly purified fibers derived from advanced technology.
So what are these special fibers?

1. Konjac :

Konjac is a plant extremely rich in fibers, which have the ability to increase in volume (up to 100 times their original volume) when in contact with liquids, such as the juices present in the stomach.
The formation of this gel in the stomach results in a heightened feeling of satiety and a natural reduction in the amount of food ingested.
Konjac’s glucomannan fibers also have a mild laxative effect, promoting intestinal transit and the natural elimination of toxins.
Finally, konjac helps regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

2. Xanthan gum:

Xanthan gum is a polysaccharide obtained from the action of a bacterium, xanthomonas campestris. It is most often derived from corn, soy and wheat, but also from many other plants.
Cold-soluble xanthan gum, known in the food industry as food additive E415, is used for its thickening and gelling properties.

These effects are similar to those of konjac or guar gum (full article on this ingredient HERE), namely an increase in satiety, an appetite-suppressant effect and therefore a reduction in calories consumed.

3. Sodium alginate:

Again, this is a food additive (E401) made up of alginate and sodium.
Highly soluble in water, sodium alginate is a long molecule synthesized from alginic acid, extracted from brown seaweed.
It is used as a gelling agent, and has appetite-suppressant properties. It is also thought to aid digestion.

PGX Daily also contains medium-chain triglycerides derived from coconut oil.
MCTs are fatty acids that are more easily used by the liver as a source of energy, rather than being stored as body fat like other fatty acids.
They also have the ability to trigger the sensation of satiety, thus promoting weight loss.


PGX Daily and science

The official website provides a wealth of information about the history of PGX Daily and the scientific research associated with this fiber.
In the 90s, British researchers discovered the synergy between PGX Daily’s 2 polysaccharides, konjac and xanthan gum.
Then Canadian researchers discovered that the addition of a 3rd compound, sodium alginate, produced a fiber of unexpected viscosity, promising for the slimming market.

No fewer than 15 studies are cited on the official website, concerning various aspects of PGX Daily fiber:

  • Its effect on glycemia;
  • Its effect on the glycemic index of carbohydrates;
  • Its effect on cholesterol;
  • Its effect on blood lipid levels;
  • Its effect on appetite.

To summarize, we have noted the results of 3 studies.

Study 1:

The effect of PGX Daily fiber on the glycemic index (GI) of certain foods was clinically tested.
The foods tested were cornflakes, oats, French fries, potatoes, white bread and rice.
The study showed that PGX Daily fiber significantly reduced the GI of these foods.
For food doses between 2 and 5g, the GI reduction is 19% on average, and 30% for food doses of 5g. This amounts to a reduction in GI of 7 to 15 units.
The only drawback is that the site cites no references for this study. The results are therefore not verifiable.

Study n°2:

The effect of PGX Daily fiber on appetite was tested by adding 5g of PGX Daily to participants’ meals during a low-calorie diet.
Results showed a decrease in total calorie consumption, as well as an increase in satiety, especially in the afternoon and evening.
(Source: Nutr Diabetes. 2011 Dec; 1(12): e22. Published online 2011 Dec 12. doi: 10.1038/nutd.2011.18).

Study n°3 :

Finally, one study observed the effects of PGX Daily on obese subjects not on a specific diet.
Participants took between 5 and 15g of PGX Daily, or inulin, for 15 weeks.
Results showed that consumption of PGX Daily resulted in weight loss (modest, around 2kg in 15 weeks), reduced waist and thigh circumferences, and lower total and LDL cholesterol levels. Inulin produces similar, but weaker effects.

PGX Daily side effects and contraindications

Konjac, taken in its unsealed capsule form, can obstruct the throat or intestines, leading to cases of choking and even death.
Fortunately, PGX Daily uses konjac in capsule form, which negates this risk.
On the other hand, this ingredient can cause diarrhea, flatulence and loose stools.

Xanthan gum, on the other hand, causes no adverse effects at reasonable doses.
However, there are contradictory reports of allergies linked to the products from which the gum is derived (corn, wheat, dairy products, soya…), a laxative effect, bloating and gas, increased transit, and sometimes nausea.

To avoid bloating and flatulence, the manufacturer recommends starting with a minimum dose of PGX Daily, and gradually increasing it to allow the body to adjust to the product.

Testimonials from users of PGX Daily Ultra Matrix Softgels

Many people have tested these capsules, and their opinions are divided.
For some, the product is highly effective, with a radical reduction in the sensation of hunger, accompanied by a reduction in calories consumed and cravings.
Some people have had their blood sugar levels tested, and have noticed a drop following the intake of PGX Daily.
For others, however, the product produced no results at all.

What everyone agrees on are the side effects of PGX Daily. A lot of gas and bloating, which forced some consumers to stop using the product because of the discomfort.

Price and guarantee

PGX Daily Ultra Matrix Softgels are available on the web in jars of 240 capsules (80 doses), at a price of 49,95€.

There is no money-back guarantee on PGX Daily.

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