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Notre avis sur Native Remedies ColoFlush

Native Remedies ColoFlush, a colon-friendly detox!

Native Remedies Coloflush BouteilleNative Remedies ColoFlush is a product designed to rid the colon of waste that has accumulated over the years. You’ve probably already heard of these detoxification cures which aim to purge this part of the digestive tract, giving the whole body a new lease of life. Colon cleansing is not, however, a practice appreciated by all health specialists. Indeed, many medical experts report that colon cleansing can damage the intestinal flora in general, leading to complications. Other counter-opinions stress that it remains a practice without the slightest danger.

Who to listen to? How does Native Remedies intend to stand out from the crowd of questioned detox cures? What is its composition and to what extent are its ingredients slimming allies? We’ve investigated for you.

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Native Remedies ColoFlush, more than just a detox…

From the outset, ColoFlush’s manufacturer emphasizes the “different” nature of its solution. It’s not another invasive treatment that might “shock” the body. Rather, it’s a homeopathic remedy (like all the company’s products) that’s safe because it respects the human organism.

So, while most other similar products represent risks for the intestinal flora, Native Remedies ColoFlush’s composition is a real adjuvant. The strength of this product, according to its manufacturer, lies in its composition based on plants, fibers and laxatives “friendly” to the digestive system. No risky products that could trigger unwanted reactions that could harm our intestines.

Native Remedies ColoFlush: the manufacturer

ColoFlush is another product from Native Remedies, a company whose solutions we have already tested. This American company has a good reputation in the world of natural food supplements. They specialize in homeopathic supplements.

From our research, it appears that Native Remedies implements a rigorous manufacturing process, in facilities validated by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) and according to cGMP (commonly known as Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines.

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Native Remedies ColoFlush: presentation and promises

Native Remedies Coloflush nettoyeur colonAlthough its name suggests “flush” cleansing, Native Remedies ColoFlush is presented by its manufacturer as a “gentle” solution designed to naturally eliminate waste from the colon and purify all toxins without disturbing the balance of the intestinal flora. As a result, intestinal problems such as constipation, bloating and gas are better targeted and treated with this solution. Here’s what these pills promise:

  • easily evacuate toxins from the colon ;
  • preserve the intestinal flower;
  • restore normal digestion;
  • reduce constipation and bloating.

To achieve this, Native Remedies ColoFlush relies on its natural herbal composition, which is lactose- and gluten-free, and suitable for vegetarians.

How to use Native Remedies ColoFlush work?

Over time, our colon fills up with waste that settles on its walls and refuses to leave our bodies. This can be caused by a poor diet, generally, or by stress caused by our current lifestyle. This state of affairs inevitably leads to problems with the colon’s absorption of the right nutrients: welcome illnesses.

To spare you the need for a mechanical colonic irrigation enema, Native Remedies ColoFlush is a herbal treatment to promote healthy digestion. The formula of these pills has been designed to be gentle on easily weakened intestinal flora.

Ingredients Native Remedies ColoFlush

The Coloflush formula is made up of 4 main ingredients:
Cascara ecorce
Cascara : this medicinal plant with a laxative effect is recommended for treating occasional constipation. It is known to induce what is known as intestinal peristalsis. Peristalsis refers to the various muscular contractions that make up the process by which the alimentary bolus moves from the pharynx to the rectum. This phenomenon is also known as digestive motility, and is also important for mixing food and helping the body to extract nutrients. Cascara contains anthraquinone, which gives it a laxative effect that boosts the movement of digestive tract muscles, helping to ensure good transit.
Psyllium seeds : Psyllium is a ballast (or bulk) laxative plant, consisting mainly of fibers known to absorb several times their weight in water. Psyllium contains mucilage (a plant substance that swells on contact with water), which absorbs water from food and transforms into a gel that increases stool weight. This improves stool consistency and ultimately accelerates transit.

Paradoxically, psyllium is also recommended in cases of diarrhoea, thanks to its capacity to absorb water in stools. In this case, a higher dosage should be taken, but under medical supervision.
Aloe Vera
Aloe vera : Also containing mucilage and natural latex, this plant, like psyllium, is recommended for occasional constipation. However, care should be taken with its consumption and dosage, as it is a powerful anthraquinone-containing laxative.
Noix Noire
Black walnuts : another reliable source of fiber, but also a good anti-parasite, cleansing the intestines of worms, larvae and other unwanted guests.
In addition to these 4 main ingredients, Native Remedies ColoFlush also contains vegetable cellulose, which forms the capsule shell.

What does the science say about Native Remedies ColoFlush?

It says nothing! As of this writing. We haven’t found any scientific studies specifically on these capsules. On the other hand, the ingredients included in its composition do have a small body of scientific literature, especially in the field of detoxification and weight loss.

How to use Native Remedies ColoFlush?

At this point, we’re a little dubious about the dosage suggested by the manufacturer. It recommends taking 1 to 2 capsules as required, 3 times a day. Remember, we’re talking here about a detox cure, and dosages shouldn’t be taken lightly! Also, according to the manufacturer, you need to wait a month to see results!

We would like to point out that a detox cure should not exceed one week, and that every two cures should be spaced out (if deemed necessary) with at least one month’s respite. Our intestinal flora is fragile and should not be attacked with a cleansing product, even if it is supposed to contain “gentle” plants!

We therefore recommend that you take it easy, starting with one capsule a day for a week, and observe your body’s reaction.

Side effects and contraindications Native Remedies ColoFlush

The manufacturer claims that its product poses no significant health risk to the body. This is based on the 100% natural composition of the formula.

While it states that this capsule is not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women, it also makes it clear that it is not recommended for children under 12. This is the first time we’ve heard of such a contraindication for a dietary supplement. Usually, we’re talking about children under 18!

Testimonials from users of Native Remedies ColoFlush

After our survey, we noticed that user testimonials are not very numerous on health and wellness forums. On the other hand, on the sites where the product is sold (online pharmacies in particular), we found almost universal satisfaction with the use of ColoFlush as a detoxification product.

Purchase Native Remedies ColoFlush

It seems that this product can only be found online on specialized sales sites. This suggests that the manufacturer has decided to go this route only, in order to preserve the authenticity of the product. This is common practice in the field of slimming supplements.

We have selected for you the following secure and validated link:
site officiel du produit

Our opinion on Native Remedies ColoFlush

Plus :

  • Natural formula;
  • Can help you lose weight;
  • Targets abdominal area;
  • No known side effects.


  • No scientific studies specific to the product ;
  • Dosage to be reviewed ;
  • Not enough user feedback.

The 4 ingredients put forward by the makers of Native Remedies ColoFlush seem to enjoy a good laxative profile that could well help detoxify the colon. However, we recommend taking great care with similar detox cures, and not overdoing the doses. It’s best to start with the lowest dosage and observe.

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