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Minceur Discount, a space dedicated to slimming

minceur-discountMINCEUR DISCOUNT, the biggest slimming space, you know?

This brand’s website features the slogan “the largest slimming space…at low prices, of course”.

On the site, you’ll find a host of slimming products and programs, including diet kits for people who want to take control of their figure.

We’ve investigated Minceur Discount’s slimming programs, and in what follows, we’ll tell you what we think of the brand.

Minceur Discount presentation and promises

In the Minceur Discount shop window, you’ll find a bit of everything: high-protein diets, meal replacements, slimming packs, food supplements, ready-to-eat diets, a section for specific dietetics and, lastly, a section for maxi promo offers and new products. As advertised by Minceur Discount, all products are focused on slimming, fitness and beauty.

At first glance, it really is a large slimming area!

Obviously, we can’t deal with all Minceur Discount’s products one by one in a single article, so we’ll limit ourselves to a general assessment of the various packs made up of ready-to-eat or fast-prepared diet meals, which constitute, according to the site, “an ideal program for adopting a healthy, balanced diet with tasty, varied products”..

These include slimming programs lasting 5 days, 10 days, 25 days or even longer, depending on your weight-loss objectives.

All these programs are based on the principles of the high-protein, low-calorie diet, which is claimed to deliver the following benefits:

  • Easy, effective weight loss
  • A visibly slimmer figure

The Minceur Discount range offers many different formulas, including the following:

1. Box Minceur Liberty Starter 5 days Nutrisaveurs :

A 5-day diet program containing 10 ready-to-use ready-made meals, 10 varied recipes, 5 dessert creams, 5 cookie bags, 25 slimming tea bags and a complete guide. This program is made up of a dietary method that will help you step by step in your weight loss process, through menu ideas and personalized advice and support.

The contents of this cure are :

  • Italian-style pasta salad ;
  • Mexican-style chicken ;
  • Tajine with oriental flavours ;
  • Chicken with mushrooms and cream ;
  • Beef medallions with baby vegetables;
  • Provençal roast chicken ;
  • Chicken aiguillettes with tarragon ;
  • Chicken wok with sweet and sour sauce ;
  • 5 Vanilla and chocolate dessert creams ;
  • 5 Freshness sachets of 4 P’tit Nutri cookies
  • 1 Box of slimming tea (25 filter bags) ;
  • 1 Liberty Starter slimming guide.

This pack costs 89€ and the 7-day pack costs 110€.

Liberty Starter slimming box

2. Super Eco 14-day diet program:

Protein shaker powder, sweet and savoury flavours, to be taken with each meal in addition to a plate of vegetables and a dairy product. To be combined with 2 high-protein snacks. This program includes :

  • 1 Jar cocoa drink ;
  • 1 Pot cappuccino drink ;
  • 1 Pot entremets chocolat ;
  • 1 Pot velouté de légumes ;
  • 1 Pot herbed omelette.

The benefits of this program as advertised by Minceur Discount are:

  • Contains 64% protein;
  • Quick and easy to prepare, it can be eaten hot or cold;
  • Contains 15g of protein for every 23.5g;
  • The program lasts 14 days;
  • Made in France;
  • Vitamin-enriched composition.

Preparation is simple: just pour the contents of the sachet into a container filled with 150 to 200ml of cold water, stir until smooth and heat for one minute in the microwave.

The pack costs 94.50€, and is currently 79.95€, a saving of 14.55€. Packaging is in 400g jars.

14-day discount diet program

3. Pack Minceur D’Fis 3kg, 6kg, 9kg :

These packs are turnkey programs that include all meals and a complete slimming guide.

The 3Kg pack is designed to eliminate a few superfluous curves (max 3.5kg), spread over 3 phases and lasting 18 days.

It is renewable.

The pack is priced at 115.20€. The website shows a special offer price of 95.95€, a saving of 19.25€.

The 6kg pack is designed to take off a few well-established kilos (max 6kg).

It takes place in 3 stages and lasts 36 days, with the possibility of renewal.

This pack costs €214.70. The posted price after the current reduction is €178.90, a saving of €35.80.

And the 9kg pack, for losing long-standing weight (max 9kg), is a 3-phase program lasting 54 days.

It’s also renewable.

This pack is on sale on the official Minceur Discount website at the normal price of 285.55€. It is currently priced at 244.90€, with a saving of 40.65€.

D’fis slimming packs

Each pack offers a progressive, gourmet method designed to lose weight at your own pace and according to your own profile. An accompanying program is offered, with menus to follow and slimming snacks.

Minceur Discount, the manufacturer

Minceur Discount is a retailer, not a manufacturer, of weight-loss products.

Minceur Discount’s mission is to make the slimming market accessible to as many people as possible, without selling low-end products. This is stated in their charter, which clearly explains the discount concept adopted.

The site offers a wide selection of diet products for sale, with brands such as Gerlinéa, Milical and Les 3 Chênes.

Minceur Discount is dedicated to slimming, of course, but also to fitness and beauty, with cosmetics, fitness equipment and footwear available on their site.

Ingredients in the slimming packs available at Minceur Discount

Minceur Discount product range

As already mentioned, the programs offered on Minceur Discount, and which we are investigating today, are high-protein diets.

The proteins used in the diet products available on Minceur Discount are made from milk protein, better known as whey.

Milk protein is a high-quality protein, rich in amino acids and essential nutrients.

It’s always worth remembering that proteins have several advantages when used as part of a weight-loss diet.

Firstly, increased protein intake, combined with a significant reduction in the number of calories ingested, leads to the phenomenon of ketosis. Instead of using glucose as an energy source, the body uses ketone bodies, the production of which is induced by high protein consumption.

This phenomenon has a number of consequences for the body, and often leads to rapid and significant weight loss. Adipose cells are broken down, the sensation of satiety increases, and muscles are preserved and even increased.

Secondly, it has been shown that muscle consumes more energy than fat mass.

So, by reducing body fat and maintaining/increasing muscle mass, the body will naturally consume more energy.

This increase in basal metabolic rate promotes weight loss.

Scientific studies on Minceur Discount diet packs

No specific studies on the various programs available on Minceur Discount are available.

However, several clinical studies on the effectiveness of increasing protein intake on weight loss and calorie intake have shown very interesting results.

An initial clinical study investigating the effects of a high-protein diet on appetite, calorie intake and weight loss showed that a diet composed of 30% protein, 20% fat and 50% carbohydrates produced the following results over a 2-week period:

  • a reduction in the number of calories consumed each day by around 450 calories ;
  • weight loss of around 4.5 kg in 2 weeks;
  • and a reduction in body fat of around 3.7kg in 2 weeks.

The study concluded that a 15-30% increase in dietary protein within a constant carbohydrate intake produces a sustained decrease in caloric intake that can be explained by an increase in leptin sensitivity by the central nervous system, resulting in effective weight loss.

In the words of the researchers in this study “this anorexic effect of protein may contribute to weight loss in low-carbohydrate diets”.

(Source: The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle, WA (DSW, PAB, CCM, and HSC), and the Oregon Health and Science University, Portland, OR (KEM, VRB, and JQP) David S Weigle, Patricia A Breen, Colleen C Matthys, Holly S Callahan, Kaatje E Meeuws, Verna R Burden, and Jonathan Q Purnell. Am J Clin Nutr 2005 Jul;82(1):41.8)
A second study critically examined the effects of high-protein diets on thermogenesis, satiety and weight loss.

This study systematically reviewed randomized studies that investigated the effects of high-protein diets on dietary thermogenesis, satiety, body weight and fat loss.

This study confirms these effects and concluded that in dietary practice, it may be advantageous to partially replace refined carbohydrates with protein sources low in saturated guys.

(Source: Department of Nutrition, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, Massachusetts. Thomas L. Halton, Frank B. Hu. MD, PhD. doi : 10.1080/07315724.2004.10719381. Journal of The American College of Nutrition, Volume 23, Issue 5, 2004)
More consistent results still need to be validated before we can confirm the true long-term benefits of high-protein diets.

Side effects and contraindications

According to the Minceur Discount website, hyperprotein slimming programs have no specific side effects or contraindications.

As a precaution, these slimming cures are not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, or for people under 18.

However, a study carried out in Spain on the effects of high-protein diets has shown the potential dangers of this type of slimming cure, particularly for kidney health.

Dr Virginia Aparicio, a member of the team behind this study, announced that the results obtained show an increase in certain acidity indicators.

(Source: NCBI. Department of Physiology, Faculty of Pharmacy and Faculty of Sport Science, University of Granada, Granada, Spain. Nebot E., Erben RG., Porres JM., Femia P., Camiletti-Moirón D., Aranda P., López-Jurado M., Aparicio VA. Food Funct. 2014 Apr;5(4):716-23. doi: 10.1039/c3fo60525f. Epub 2014 Feb 17).

User testimonials on Minceur Discount

Users of the Minceur Discount website seem to be very satisfied. The choice of products is very wide, and the site is serious and reliable according to consumers.

As far as the protein packs are concerned, and in particular their taste, some flavors seem too salty, and reviews report cereals that are very disappointing in taste.

On the other hand, those who have used the programs are very satisfied with the weight loss achieved, with, for example, 2.7kg in 15 days, or 5.3kg in 25 days. The 1st days seem rather difficult, but afterwards the diet becomes easier to follow.

Customers particularly appreciated the advice given by the Minceur Discount dietician.

Price and guarantee

Depending on the program chosen, prices vary from 89€ for a 5-day program, to €244.90 for a 54-day program to lose 9 kg.

Some products can be exchanged within 15 days of ordering.

However, the site does not offer a money-back guarantee.

To find out about all the offers available from Minceur Discount, visit the official website.

site officiel du produit

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