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MaxMedix Raspberry Ketone Pure 1200mg Avis et Test

MaxMedix Raspberry Ketone Pure 1200mg, the highest dose on the market!

MaxMedix Raspberry Ketone Pure 1200mg Avis et TestMaxMedix Raspberry Ketone Pure 1200mg is a weight-loss pill based on pure raspberry ketone extract. It’s an ingredient increasingly found in slimming supplements marketed everywhere. While raspberry ketone is much talked about by weight-loss enthusiasts, there is also some controversy about its effectiveness.
As we shall see, the ingredient itself has been the subject of conclusive studies. However, some products from certain brands have been singled out for criticism. Is MaxMedix RaspBerry Ketone Pure 1200mg one of them? What does this pill promise, with its presumably rather high dosage? Let’s find out…

MaxMedix Raspberry Ketone Pure 1200mg, a single-ingredient pill

According to its manufacturer, MaxMedix Raspberry Ketone Pure 1200mg contains only raspberry ketone. So it joins our list of single-ingredient products we’ve tested. We note that this type of supplement is quite coveted by many users, especially when the ingredient in question has a proven track record in weight loss.

In general, these are superfoods with proven weight-loss benefits. In short, they are foods that are already found in nature, in the form of fruits that are already consumed in a “natural” way in many parts of the world that are not yet sedentary. They are also plants, roots, seaweed, shellfish… which contain essential nutrients for our bodies in significant quantities. MaxMedix is a brand that relies on raspberry ketone as a super fruit.

Here are tests of some slimming products single-ingredient :

MaxMedix Raspberry Ketone Pure 1200mg: the manufacturer

We’ve already looked at a number of products manufactured under this brand name. A company called Vitenza has launched a line of slimming products under the MaxMedix label. Vitenza has grown from a small start to become a well-known wholesaler specializing in natural wellness. On their official website, well presented in our opinion, we learn that this company manufactures its products in Great Britain (although French) in premises placed under strict control. Their strategy concerns products with 100% natural, GMO-free ingredients. Quite reassuring for the consumer.

MaxMedix Raspberry Ketone Pure 1200mg: presentation and promises

MaxMedix Raspberry Ketone Pure 1200mg Super FruitPresented by its creator as a concentrate of well-being for you and your body, this dietary supplement aims to establish itself as a powerful slimming product. Its virtues are said to promote a more active metabolism and improved fat burning. Vitenza relies on raspberry ketone’s antioxidant and vitamin content, presenting it at a concentration of 1200mg per day: practically the highest dosage of raspberry ketone we’ve come across to date.

With such a configuration, here’s what MaxMedix Raspberry Ketone Pure 1200mg promises:

  • The highest dosage/concentration on the slimming market;
  • High content of nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants;
  • Significant metabolic boost;
  • Improved fat-burning process;
  • Reduced bloating;
  • Money-back guarantee.

Will this pill live up to its promise to people constantly on the lookout for weight-loss solutions? Let’s take a look at the main ingredient…

The raspberry ketone or raspberry ketone : the ingredient

Raspberries, which almost everyone loves, owe their delicious smell to raspberry ketones. Raspberry ketones are specific to this fruit, and are also used to flavor and color both delicacies and cosmetics.
Raspberry ketone isn’t a recent discovery, though you might think so. Back in the early 1960s, researchers were interested in this compound and incorporated it into weight-loss solutions. However, it failed to attract the interest of the general public. Perhaps this was due to a poor advertising campaign?
MaxMedix Raspberry Ketone Pure 1200mg Dr OZ
It would appear so, as it was only recently that the famous Dr. OZ mentioned it during one of the episodes of his show to put raspberry ketone in the spotlight. Responsive manufacturers didn’t wait for well-founded studies to extol raspberry ketone’s unique virtues as a proven fat burner.

According to these manufacturers, raspberry ketone has a triple action:

  • Increased adrenalin levels ;
  • Increased secretion and production of adiponectin;
  • Stimulation of hormone-sensitive lipase.

For more detailed information on raspberry ketone, we highly recommend our article: Raspberry ketone, the ingredient.
MaxMedix Raspberry Ketone Pure 1200mg Etiquette

How to use Raspberry Ketone MaxMedix Raspberry Ketone Pure 1200mg?

We recommend taking 3 capsules a day, with a full glass of water, preferably before each meal. This will enable the body to absorb the active ingredient more efficiently, according to the manufacturer. The manufacturer also points out that these doses of raspberry ketone should not be substituted for conventional meals. According to the manufacturer, a minimum 3-month course of treatment is recommended to see the first promising results.

As with all slimming supplements, this product is not recommended for children under 18, or for pregnant or breast-feeding women.

Testimonials from users of MaxMedix Raspberry Ketone Pure 1200mg

The feedback we’ve gathered on the web is really mixed. While some users report satisfactory results, others completely deny any progress made thanks to MaxMedix Raspberry Ketone Pure 1200mg.

At this point, let’s not forget to point out that several disgruntled users have reported cases of raspberry ketone scams, having ordered products that didn’t live up to their promises, or whose billing and direct debit processes aren’t very clean.

Buy MaxMedix Raspberry Ketone Pure 1200mg online

MaxMedix Raspberry Ketone Pure 1200mg is offered in 6 packs at attractive sliding-scale prices, where the price of the same bottle drops from €24.95 to €17.66 :

  • 90 capsules, 1 month for €24.95;
  • 180 capsules, 2 months, at €44.95;
  • 270 capsules, 3 months, priced at €63.95 ;
  • 360 capsules, 4 months, priced at €79.95 ;
  • 450 capsules, 5 months, priced at €94.95 ;
  • 540 capsules, 6 months, priced at €105.95.

MaxMedix Raspberry Ketone Pure 1200mg is sold online at several online pharmacy websites, of which we have selected the following link:
site officiel du produit

Our opinion on MaxMedix Raspberry Ketone Pure 1200mg

In the absence of well-founded scientific studies, we cannot discuss the efficacy or otherwise of this product. The claims made by manufacturers of raspberry ketone products all refer to the effect on adiponectin, which regulates the absorption of fatty acids and sugars.

It is, however, credited with an antioxidant effect. Like many superfoods, raspberry would certainly have an interesting effect on general health, but in terms of weight loss, we’ll need science to confirm or deny. In the meantime, MaxMedix Raspberry Ketone Pure 1200mg and its counterparts are being marketed in the open, as they are declared to have no side effects, again according to the manufacturers.

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