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Lipo CLA Avis et Test

Lipo CLA, our opinion on this conjugated linoleic acid supplement

Lipo CLA Attention requise
Your attention is required

Lipo CLA is a dietary supplement presented, according to its official website, as the revolutionary new slimming molecule that promises to slim quickly and effortlessly. Yes…the words on the site are clear and this product is supposed to allow you to melt your body fat in accelerated mode and without changing your diet.

How does this product intend to achieve this? Apparently, thanks to the conjugated linoleic acids contained in its formula. Lipo CLA is therefore a solution for instant and lasting weight loss. At TesteurPilules, it’s these kinds of “weighty” claims that drive us closer to such products, in search of more answers to all our questions – and those of our readers, of course!

Lipo CLA, the miracle pill after all?

When described in this way, Lipo CLA risks being seen as a magic product that will put an end to the suffering of all weight-loss enthusiasts.

We all know that overweight and obesity are the daily lot of a very large proportion of the planet’s population. And we know even better that this type of problem has no “instant” solution! Yes, we can sometimes allow salespeople to go a little overboard when it comes to presenting their products in an attractive light, of course. But when it comes to weight loss, we believe that no-one has the right to mislead people.

People suffering from weight-related problems are generally in a fragile state of distress. Despite their common sense, they are ready to believe in any probability, however small, of finally succeeding in losing weight. We therefore take this type of claim with a grain of salt.

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Who’s behind Lipo CLA?

Usually, to get an idea of the manufacturer of a given product, we look at two locations:

  • The bottom of the sales website, known as the “footer” in more technical jargon. Normally, contact details about the entity behind the manufacture and marketing of dietary supplements should be found here;
  • In the text content of the “Legal information” or “Terms and conditions” section, depending on the philosophy of the website.

In the case of Lipo CLA, we found information in both places, but neither of them provided information on the product’s manufacturer. However, we did find contact details for two different entities:

    Pennine House, 28 Leman Street
    London, United Kingdom, E1 8ER
    VAT: GB288403675
    N° 10953180
  • SCAMP S.L.
    Riera de Caldes s/n 08800
    Vilanova i la Geltru

The first entity is presented as the person responsible for the website in the context of sales made through the website and by telephone. We therefore deduce that it is the seller.

The second entity is identified as the return address, in the event of retraction. In our experience, a return address generally corresponds to a storage area on the manufacturer’s premises.

However, we were unable to identify the manufacturer of Lipo CLA. Both companies offer marketing services (the one based in Spain offers services such as: Marketing Strategy and Consulting, Graphic Design and Printing, Address Files and Processing, Film Wrapping and Billing, Logistics, Transport and Picking) and, from examination of their business contact details, we did not identify any activity related to the design of dietary supplements in their business registers.

Sufficient information about the manufacturer of a slimming product constitutes a greater proportion of the product’s image.

Lipo CLA : sales promises

The Lipo CLA sales site displays the following promises, according to which it :

  • contributes to weight loss;
  • burns fat ;
  • eliminates cellulite;
  • maintains body sugar levels;
  • improves mood.

Just after these claims, we find an “Expert Opinion” block (see image below) which discusses CLA’s role in helping to melt away body fat.

According to this same block of content, Lipo-CLA Fat Burner’s performance has been proven by scientists and nutritionists who guarantee that you will lose weight. It’s [even] a certainty. These words are illustrated by a photo of a doctor (a stock photo that can be found all over the web) and a handwritten signature whose real purpose we don’t understand.

Lipo CLA Avis Expert

The ingredients of Lipo CLA

In the FAQ section of the website, which includes 4 questions/answers, we found the composition of this product. We quote from the site:

Lipo-CLA is made up of several ingredients: Conjugated linoleic acids, Capsule (bovine gelatin, humectant: glycerol, Water, Colorants: titanium dioxide, yellow iron oxide), Anti-caking agent: beeswax, Non-hydrogenated coconut oil, Emulsifier: rapeseed lecithin, Chromium picolinate.

Conjugated Linoleic Acids, in the plural, without any other precision is, in our opinion, incomplete information.

CLA is an ingredient found in most dietary supplements for bodybuilding enthusiasts, such as Evlution Nutrition LeanMode, which we have already reviewed. We’re quite familiar with it, having tested a number of products containing it.

CLA Source Alimentation

Conjugated linoleic acid is derived from linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid belonging to the omega-6 family, found mainly in the fats contained in milk and in the meat of ruminants (such as beef and mutton). This acid is known for its role in building and maintaining lean muscle mass. Our bodies therefore need it in significant quantities, which is only possible via dietary supplementation. The CLA found in supplements is generally derived from laboratory processing of safflower, sunflower or soybean oil.

That said, we’d really have liked to see the Lipo CLA seller give more information about the Conjugated Linoleic Acids contained in its formula.

According to its official website, Lipo CLA is free from gluten, GMOs, paraben, sodium, palm oil and has not been tested on animals.

How to use Lipo CLA Lipo CLA?

Again, we quote the texto website:

3 to 6 capsules a day, if possible divided into three doses, to be taken before meals, with a large glass of water. Depending on the case, the course of treatment can vary from 1 to 6 months.

The range 3 to 6 is not accompanied by any details about the scenario for using Lipo CLA. In other words, when to take 3 capsules? And when to take 6? Does the capacity of a box of Lipo CLA (90 capsules) correspond to a month’s supply, or just 15 days?

Also, the words “as appropriate” really don’t tell you exactly how long you should take this product. Especially with a 6-month interval.

Side effects and contraindications associated with the use of Lipo CLA

We were unable to find any clear information on this subject. The site only mentions the possibility of combining Lipo CLA with any other dietary supplement.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind our readers that, as a general rule, all dietary supplements are not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women, or for anyone under the age of 18.

To be on the safe side, it’s always advisable to consult your doctor before deciding to take any dietary supplement. This would prevent any health risks linked to possible allergies or association with current medications.

Opinions of Lipo CLA

Apart from a few websites advertising this product, we have not found any testimonials from Lipo CLA users on health and wellness forums, as is the case with most of the slimming supplements tested.

We cannot vouch for the authenticity of testimonials posted on manufacturers’ websites. We don’t want to cast doubt on the sellers, but we just don’t want our survey results to be biased. That’s why we go looking for testimonials on discussion threads where users share their different opinions.

Buy Lipo CLA

Lipo CLA Pack

Lipo CLA is offered for sale in two formulas: Standard and Tranquility.

In both cases, a single box of Lipo CLA costs €79.00. Decreasing prices are applied according to the number of boxes purchased (3 or 6).

On the other hand, the best thing about the Tranquillité offer, according to the seller, is the free self-delivery option. This means that the order is tacitly renewed, corresponding to a regular deduction of the cost of purchasing Lipo CLA. The price per box is reduced according to the quantity purchased.

Buyers benefit from a 14-day right of withdrawal (the same as everywhere else), and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Our opinion on Lipo CLA

As you may have guessed, the lack of information on a number of points makes us wary. So we can’t recommend using Lipo CLA until further notice: when more official information will be available.

Here is our summary of the strengths and weaknesses:


  • CLA is a recognized muscle-building ingredient;
  • Money-back guarantee.


  • Lack of important information about the manufacturer, ingredients and dosages;
  • CLA has not been scientifically validated for weight-loss effects;
  • Fairly high price compared with the average price of a box of slimming supplements;
  • The self-delivery offer is not appreciated by all buyers: the risk of forgetting the direct debits causes inconvenience for some buyers.

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  • Birepinte

    I ordered for a trial it asks me the shipping costs 4€90but it takes 79€ my bank does not want to refund me because I did not have to give my number or I said yes for 4€90 customer service wants nothing to know does not refund despite it is satisfied or refunded drugs absolutely do not make you lose weight is a real scam


    I forgot to mention that I received the 1st treatment but not 90 capsules but only 84 capsules.

    that’s a loss of 6 capsules a month and a net profit for the company in the long run.

  • Gaby

    Personally, I only order when I can pay with PayPal. It’s safer and you have a dispute manager in case of problems.

  • brigitte champion

    I see that this is what is known as a subscription of sorts, but what about the results? Thank you.


    First of all LIPO-CLA seems to me more expensive than effective, even if my weight loss request is not very important.

    But what really caught my attention was the absence of any indication of linoleic compounds, and above all the absence of the manufacturer’s identity.

    Then there’s the commercial tacit renewal procedure set out in the GCS…… (but who reads the GCS when validating an online purchase?). However, LIPO CLA immediately reimbursed 1 box, i.e. 60 euros, via credit card, which again demonstrates tacit recognition of their dubious commercial procedure, which is akin to a forced sale.

    I am therefore lodging an objection with MASTERCARD via my bank as of today. Please note that the opposition procedure is different from that for a SEPA direct debit.

  • Claire

    There is no request for confirmation after the free trial offer…and you find yourself delivered and debited without having asked for it…as long as you have problems involving temporary inattention to your account and absence from home…the bank considers that this is a commercial difference that does not justify blocking direct debits…and the product is totally ineffective.

    • Corinne Kepler

      Hello Claire,
      Thank you for your testimonial about Lipo CLA. It ties in perfectly with our assessment and advice at the end of the article. Nevertheless, submit an official request to your bank asking them to stop all direct debits relating to this brand (check their name on your bank statement, and mention this brand name on your request to your banker. Finally, don’t forget to ask your banker for an official copy of this request, in case he tells you one day that you haven’t asked him for anything. Good luck Claire!

  • aurelie

    Thank you for your very complete and well documented article. It will save me from making a mistake…

    Good evening

    • Hélène. M

      Thank you for your comment, we believe that the right information is essential for a weight loss process to go smoothly.

      There are good quality products available, which you can consult in our tests of the most popular products.

      Have a nice day.

      • KAZEK

        I unfortunately made the mistake of signing up for the lipo cla free trial (normally a month’s treatment for 79 euros, i.e. 90 capsules). I received a free trial of 42 capsules, not 90, 15 days after my request, with 4.90 euros postage at my expense.

        The day after I received it, I complained to customer service, who told me that these were new shipments, despite the flyer, which still carried the same promotion; nevertheless, I unknowingly obtained a refund of the shipping costs.

        Unfortunately, the next day I’m charged 79 euros, and the trial has barely been running for 2 days.

        I called them and refused to accept the direct debit, wishing to stop because I was not satisfied.

        I was offered a 20-euro refund, which increased to 40 euros with 5 conversation emails.

        My conclusion: an effective product doesn’t need such a dishonest sales force.

        Dishonest company that I would like to drag before their dissatisfied consumers.

  • Madar

    Declare the loss of your credit card is the only way to stop the debit because the new card will have a different number cdr

  • Liliane Gagne

    I ordered from Pipo and every month they send me a parcel and debit my account.
    How can I stop this debit?

    • Frédéric Leclerc

      You can contact the seller directly, you have his contact details since you placed the order, if not, you’ll have to check with your bank about the possibility of stopping the direct debits, which could cost you blocking your credit card.

      Have a nice day.

      • Krys

        I was going to place the order when I saw this comment, in response, not very reassuring. So I’ll refrain.

    • Dfu

      All you have to do is call their customer service, which is a free call, and ask them to stop the subscription,
      It happened to me too?

      • Ehrsam

        What is the customer service number because I want to cancel my subscription?

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