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Hollywood Formule Minceur

Hollywood slimming formula, the S.P.G test

flacon-hollywood-formule-minceur-s-p-g-sans-cafeineIf you’re a regular reader, you probably know that we’re a French-language site offering objective, independent tests of slimming pills and products. We have many readers from all over the world, including Canada. That’s why today we’d like to extend a special welcome to our Canadian readers, by introducing HOLLYWOOD FORMULE MINCEUR, a complete range of weight-loss products.

Introducing Hollywood Weight Loss

Hollywood formule minceur is not 1 product, but a range of supplements dedicated to slimming and weight loss, sold separately or in “packs”, depending on the goals to be achieved and the number of kilos to be lost.

The Hollywood slimming formula packs include several products: a protein supplement, omega 3, a collagen supplement and GSP.

The following test will focus on the latter product.

Hollywood slimming formula SPG is an innovative accelerated weight loss formula which, according to the official website, “combines the most effective ingredients for slimming”.

What does Hollywood SPG promise?

  • Increase energy levels ;
  • Lead to fat loss;
  • Promotes secretion of adiponectin, a hormone that controls fatty acid metabolism and forces the body to use fat as an energy source;
  • has powerful anti-oxidant effects.

SPG is available with or without caffeine.

Information on the recommended dosage of SPG Hollywood slimming formula is not provided on the site, apart from a menu file available as a free download, in which it can be seen that SPG is to be taken at the rate of one capsule at lunchtime, and one capsule with the afternoon snack.

As you’ll have gathered, the official website offers a detailed dietary program, to guide people in their slimming process and provide them with day-to-day guidance.

The manufacturer of SPG Hollywood slimming formula

SPG Hollywood formule minceur comes from Quebec-based XPN world, a company specializing in the design and manufacture of nutritional supplements for athletes.

The brand is well positioned in the North American nutrition market, and there are many sports celebrities associated with it. These include George St Pierre and Patrick côté in mixed martial arts, Kevin Bezier in boxing, and several professional field hockey players, including Maxim Noreau.

XPN World products are all certified and approved by Health Canada, an excellent guarantee of reliability.

The ingredients of Hollywood slimming formula

We contacted the company to obtain more information on the GSP formulation, which does not appear on either the official website or the XPN World website.

To date, we have been able to exchange several e-mails with the president of the communications company in charge of marketing and distributing the Hollywood slimming formula.

We would like to thank him for providing us with the labels for the various products, including the SPG, in full transparency.

1. Raspberry ketone:

An ingredient that has already been mentioned several times in our previous tests.

Here’s a brief reminder of its effects: raspberry ketone acts on several levels to promote weight loss.

Firstly, it increases adrenalin levels in the body. Adrenalin triggers an increase in metabolism, which is conducive to weight loss through fat burning.

Secondly, raspberry ketone is said to increase secretion of the hormone adiponectin, which inhibits fat accumulation.

Finally, raspberry ketone stimulates lipases, the enzymes responsible for breaking down fats.

If you’d like to find out more about raspberry ketone, we refer you to our full article on this ingredient, HERE.

2. Guarana:

Guarana contains caffeine (22% for the SPG formula).

Caffeine is renowned for its fat-burning and natural appetite-suppressant properties, as we’ll see below.

Guarana also improves alertness and reduces fatigue.

It contributes to weight loss and has a beneficial effect on cognitive performance.

For a detailed profile of guarana, you can read the full article HERE.

3. Green Tea extract:

Green tea is widely recognized for its slimming properties.

Rich in theanine, catechins and vitamin C, it provides a real boost to the metabolism, naturally increasing energy expenditure and fat breakdown.

On top of this, green tea has relaxing effects that contribute to relaxation and well-being.

4. L-Carnitine:

An ingredient reputed to be highly effective in reducing hunger, burning fat, increasing energy and facilitating recovery.

Basically, L-Carnitine is an amino acid that enhances physical performance, which is why it is frequently found in bodybuilding and fitness products.

5. Green coffee:

Green coffee contains caffeine, which boosts thermogenesis and fat melting, giving the body a general boost of energy.

6. Ginseng:

Ginseng acts as a general tonic. It promotes good digestion and the elimination of toxins.

In fact, this plant, known for over 4,000 years, is used for its immune-stimulating properties, its aphrodisiac effects and its action on general well-being.

In smaller quantities, SPG de Hollywood slimming formula contains vitamin B6 and cayenne pepper, which both reinforce the effects of the various active agents and boost the product’s fat-burning functions even further (if that’s useful!).

7. Caffeine : (for the caffeine version only):

Caffeine is recognized not only for its fat-burning virtues, but also for its appetite-suppressant effects.

It stimulates lipolysis, i.e. fat burning, and limits the formation of new fatty deposits.

It increases the body’s energy expenditure, stimulates the organism in general and the nervous system in particular, and reduces the sensation of hunger.

Hollywood slimming formula and science

For scientific data on raspberry ketone, guarana and coffee, we refer you to the specific articles mentioned above in the ingredients section.

As far as caffeine is concerned, numerous studies have been carried out.

One study examined the effects of caffeine on healthy but overweight subjects.

The study showed that supplementation with 100-400mg of caffeine daily (in people who otherwise drank little coffee) significantly increased metabolic rate, as well as fat-burning indices.

(Source: NCBI. Research Department of Human Nutrition, Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, Denmark. Astrup A., Toubro S., Cannon S., Hein P., Breum L., Madsen J. Am J Clin Nutr. 1990 May; 51(5):759-67)
There are other studies on the effect of caffeine on alertness, sports performance and appetite reduction.

The vast majority of these studies point in the same direction, confirming the benefits of caffeine.

Side effects and contraindications of S.P.G Hollywood slimming formula

The presence of caffeine can cause palpitations, sleep disorders, anxiety, irritation and more. It is therefore advisable to control and moderate your consumption of products and foods containing caffeine, to avoid overdosing.

For the rest, the ingredients are apparently harmless.

And the dosage of cayenne pepper (5mg) does not seem likely to cause the heartburn it is sometimes known to cause.

Testimonials from Hollywood slimming formula users

Unfortunately, we were unable to find any testimonials from people who have tested Hollywood Slimming Formula products on specialized forums or dedicated areas on the web.

On the facebook page, we were able to find one comment, which reads as follows:

I started taking it again this week, I had started a little before the holidays and had lost 2lb in the week I did it. Christmas slacking off? I’ll start again and keep you posted!!!

Price and guarantee

The 90-capsule box of SPG Hollywood slimming formula is on sale for 44,99$ Canadian, or approximately €30.50.

The site does not offer a money-back guarantee.

The brand offers various other complete packs, such as the maintenance pack, the “maximum pea loss in 60 days” pack, the “formula 100, to become unrecognizable in 100 days” pack, at prices ranging from 94,99$ à 359,99$ for the “Formula 100” pack.

The site recommends these complete packs for optimum results.

accédez au site officiel du produit

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  • Isabelle

    I would like to know if your study concerns S.P.G taken alone. I’m not interested in taking a meal replacement and would like to know if S.P.G. is effective on its own.

    • Hélène Marfak

      Hello Isabelle,
      The Hollywood slimming formula is a pack of several products that can be used together or separately.

      So, you can opt for the S.P.G formula alone if it suits your needs.

      Our research has focused on the different ingredients that make up this formula, all of which are recognized for their effectiveness in weight loss: Raspberry ketone, guarana, green tea and caffeine are the natural products best known for burning fat and controlling appetite.

      You can therefore opt for the S.P.G formula on its own, without forgetting to balance your diet, as no pill works without a nutritional effort, and the practice of sport necessary to take advantage of the extra energy provided by this formula.

      If you are sensitive to caffeine, we advise you to reduce your external coffee intake, or choose the caffeine-free formula.

      Have a nice day!

  • Sylvie

    Is it recommended for people with high blood pressure?

    • Cédric Pastori

      Sylvie, hello,
      Thank you for noting that it is always wiser to consult one’s doctor before deciding to take dietary supplements, when faced with serious health concerns.

      Good luck and thank you for stopping by.

  • Ginette

    I would like to continue this program but you only have 2 weeks of suggested menus. When we take the 30-day program, it would be good to have menus for 4 weeks as well. The collagen loses its freshness after 2 weeks and the taste changes. It is less pleasant.

    Thank you for your help.

    • Corinne Kepler

      Ginette, hello!

      Thank you for your visit and your comment. It would be more appropriate to express your suggestion to the seller of the product. I would like to remind you that we are an informative site that aims to collect any data likely to help our readers in their choice and purchase of slimming products.

      Have a nice day!

  • Kathy

    Hello, I would like to know if you recommend it or not.

    • Cédric

      Kathy, hello,
      Thank you for your message. To answer your question:
      We know that Canadians are quite strict when it comes to dietary supplements. If HollyWood slimming formula is authorized and marketed there, then it is promising. At the end of our investigation, we said that this product has potential. Now it’s time for interested users to give us their feedback!

      Best regards,

  • Andrée

    I’d like to know where to buy it
    Thank you

    • Carl

      Hello Andrée,
      THIS product is available on the official website mentioned in the article.

    • Dufour lise

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