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Test Hollywood Drink

Hollywood Drink, for ultra-fast weight loss!

Hollywood Drink IntroductionHOLLYWOOD DRINK is a 21-fruit, 15-vegetable drink that should get your weight loss off the ground, shed unwanted pounds and cleanse your body.

Approved fact or empty promise?

Find out in the following test.

The Hollywood Drink of Hollywood Drink

Hollywood Drink promises the following results:

  • – 1.6 kg in 48 hours for 100% of users!
  • Ultra-fast weight loss;
  • Fat destruction ;
  • Blood sugar regulation, to put an end to sweet cravings and overeating;
  • No more yo-yo effect!

That’s what the official Hollywood Drink website promises. Seductive, isn’t it?

As a general rule, this kind of announcement raises doubts, so we’re logically going to be vigilant in our investigation of this product and try to dissect it from every angle to see if, indeed, it delivers on its promises.

Hollywood Drink presents itself as a beverage.

The manufacturer recommends mixing ½ bottle (250 ml) of Hollywood Drink with ¾ liter of water, shaking well, and drinking throughout the day, and especially at times when a little hunger is felt.

Repeat the process the next day with the other half of the bottle.

After that, you can stop for the rest of the week, and enjoy your meals without changing your habits, and repeat the same treatment for 2 consecutive days each week.

It’s also possible to spread this cure over an extended period.

Hollywood Drink, One Manufacturer Manufacturer…

Unfortunately, we are once again dealing with the Ab Vital company, which is none other than Institut Nutritia, also known as Perfoline! Perfoline is definitely expanding its network of sensational products!

We won’t go into detail about this company here, but we would like to remind you of the main points we discovered during our previous tests: problems of transparency and reliability, abusive recurring payments, refunds impossible to obtain… To find out about all the products from this company tested on our site in the blink of an eye, type Perfoline in the search box at the top right of your screen.

The ingredients of Hollywood Drink

The composition is presented in tabular form on the product website.

Right from the start, we noticed a confusing set of figures: for a 500 ml bottle, the values are expressed in g, then in mg, sometimes with three digits after the decimal point…

From the consumer’s point of view, we felt that these values were unclear and could lead to confusion on the part of the user. In our opinion, we should have opted for a single unit of measurement with correct figures. This left us puzzled as to the actual dosage of each of the ingredients in Hollywood Drink slimming drink.

The ingredients listed are as follows:
Believed to help regulate appetite and intestinal function, increase satiety and reduce feelings of hunger.

2. ASH :
This plant extract has diuretic properties.

A tonic, it is traditionally used to combat obesity and cellulite.

4. OenYNEA :
This is an anti-oxidant powder composed of 22 fruits and vegetables standardized in polyphenols, which promotes the body’s overall health.

In addition to its anti-oxidant properties, papaya fiber is said to increase satiety.

Is it sweet or bitter orange? No indication!

This information is important, because bitter orange is none other than citrus aurantium, which contains synephrine, a potentially dangerous substance that should be used with caution.

Moreover, French legislation is very specific about the doses authorized in supplements.

This vagueness does not give us confidence.

(Source: ANSES: ANSES. Agence Nationale de Sécurité Sanitaire de l’Alimentation, de l’Environnement et du Travail.).

Boosts the immune system.

A blend of guarana, dried sweet orange, blood orange and grapefruit extracts, plus maltodextrin.

It also contains B vitamins, which are involved in protein synthesis, carbohydrate, protein and lipid metabolism, energy production and blood sugar regulation.

Scientific studies about Hollywood Drink

The official website provides a link to a study report designed to test the effects, possible reactions and tolerance of Hollywood Drink.

The first surprising detail is that the report cites Slimming Instant Diet as the drink tested. No Hollywood Drink in sight…
The results are as follows:

  1. An average loss of 0.3 kg on day 1, and 0.800 kg on day 2;
  2. An average waist circumference reduction of 1.3 cm on Day 2.


  • The announced weight loss of 1.6 kg in 48 hours for 100% of people is far from being achieved;
  • The weight loss results measured are limited to 2 days of treatment. What happens after several weeks of treatment?
  • Only 15 people were tested. As the study is open-label and intra-individual (each person is his or her own control), the protocol used is highly unreliable.
  • The study report contains no scientific authentication.
  • As for the table on sinetrol posted on the site, it is unusable and in no way scientific.

Side effects Contraindications for Hollywood Drink

According to the website, there are no health risks or contraindications associated with this slimming cure, except for pregnant or breast-feeding women.

The essential oils of orange and citrus aurantium are unclear. If Hollywood Drink contains bitter orange essential oil, the side effects may be significant: nausea, heart rhythm disorders, anxiety, headaches…

Price Hollywood Drink guarantee

Several packs are available, depending on your weight-loss goals and budget:

  • Pack Starter 2 days – 1 bottle – Objective 4 kg – 29,90€ + 7,90€ delivery.
  • Pack Forte 4 jours – 2 bouteilles – 8 kg – 49,90€ + 7,90 de livraison + 1 kit detox foot pads offert
  • Pack Forte + 8 days – 4 bottles – 15 kg – 99.80€ + 1 free detox foot pad kit – free delivery
  • Pack Renfort 14 jours – 6 bottles + 1 free – 20 kg – 139.80€ + 1 free detox foot pads kit + 1 free electric toothbrush – free delivery
  • 20-day Total Pack – 8 bottles + 2 free – 30 kg – 169.80€ + 1 free detox foot pad kit + 1 free electric toothbrush – free delivery

A 90-day 100% money-back guarantee is offered by the manufacturer, as well as a withdrawal period.

Testimonials of Hollywood Drink users

People who have tried this weight-loss cure speak of a drink with an unpleasant taste, and of an ineffective product with insignificant weight loss that can be linked to particular attention paid to diet or sport, and not to the drink itself.

The general trend of consumer reviews found on various specialized forums is negative.

Our opinion on Hollywood Drink

In the course of this test, we noted the following points:

  • Perfoline, the company behind Hollywood Drink, is known for its unreliable reputation with consumers, and is known for scam-like maneuvers;
  • The composition is questionable;
  • The scientific study is inconclusive, unreliable and not recognized by any official scientific body;
  • The price of the product is very high (€29.90 + €7.90 for a 2-day treatment).

Like all the Perfoline products we’ve tested, Hollywood Drink is one of the slimming cures we reject without hesitation! Don’t empty your wallet for an ineffective product, and opt instead for pills recognized for their effectiveness, and backed by research!

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  • Franconi chantal

    I did the 4 day program (4 bottles) no results…. Another scam?…

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  • Claudine Gary

    Losing 8Kgs in four days, not even in my dreams!!!! I scrupulously followed Perfoline’s instructions and after four days I had painfully lost 1k 500. I only have 4kgs to lose my ideal weight being 59Kgs for 1m 68 but I can’t count on hollywood drink which in addition to being ineffective gives me stomach aches….


    After 4 days I haven’t lost a gram.

    It’s a pure scam


    I’ve been using Hollywood drink for 4 days and haven’t lost 1 gram.


    Hello, I ordered the hollywood drink by phone and I was supposed to receive it on Monday, but I didn’t receive anything. You charged me the money.

    • Corinne Kepler

      We can’t have taken any money from you, because we’re not a site that sells supplements. Our mission is to investigate diet products to give clear and objective information to readers wishing to find the product that suits them best. What’s more, if you take a close look at our review of this product, we’d like to warn you that this company is a scam. To try and solve your problem, we advise you to contact the seller from whom you purchased it.

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