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Infos Etixx Energy Boost

Etixx Energy Boost, a well-caffeinated blend of ingredients!

Etixx Energy Boost IntroductionEtixx Energy Boost is a product designed to give a mental and physical boost and improve concentration, in the words of its manufacturer. The latter highlights its collaboration with several sports teams and professional athletes in the field of natural supplementation.

As we turn to slimming pills, it would also be wise to arm ourselves with other products and solutions to accompany any slimming regime. For example, if you’re planning to use physical activity to accelerate and guarantee your weight loss, you’ll certainly need an energy booster. Would Etixx Energy Boost be right for you in this case? Let’s find out…
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Etixx Energy Boost, for amateurs and professionals

Etixx Nutrition LogoEtixx Energy Boost is part of the Performance range, marketed by Etixx NV, founded in 2009 and headquartered in Venecoweg, Nazareth, Belgium. The company specializes in products and nutritional supplements dedicated to all those who choose to be active in sport, at whatever level: recreational, amateur or professional.

Etixx Energy Boost is a pill containing ginseng, guarana, vitamin B2, C and magnesium, designed to promote alertness, energy and concentration by acting on the body’s energy metabolism.

Ingredients Etixx Energy Boost

This dietary supplement in pill form boasts a long list of ingredients on its packaging (more on that later). However, it focuses on a number of important components because of their specific action.


While most manufacturers of slimming supplements invoke the slimming virtues of Guarana, Etixx Energy Boost focuses on its ability to increase alertness and concentration, improving mental performance. This fits in perfectly with the philosophy of this company, which is trying to set itself apart by focusing primarily on the athlete’s mind.

Guarana, a plant straight from the Amazon, is recognized as a tonic food that fights fatigue and packs a punch. Containing up to 7 times more caffeine than coffee itself, it should be taken in moderation. To learn more about Guarana, please consult our blog post:

Le Guarana, un cadeau de l’Amazonie!

Siberian ginseng

Ginseng de SiberieOr as it’s more elegantly known, Eleutherococcus, is an adaptogenic tonic plant. It’s a rather mild stimulant and therefore harmless, even if taken over a long period. It is a proven anti-fatigue agent, stimulating the central nervous system as well as the adrenal and gonadal glands.

Compared with caffeine-based stimulants (such as Guarana, mentioned above), which cause a “whiplash” effect, Siberian Ginseng acts more gently and over a longer period, promoting protein production in the brain. The manufacturer may have thought of combining this ginseng with Guarana to achieve a balance in terms of effects.

Black pepper

poivre noirThis household spice contains piperine. This molecule is the active component of black pepper, giving it its distinctive taste. Piperine is known to prevent the formation of new fat cells.

Black pepper also contains capsaicin, another molecule with recognized slimming effects. According to some studies, capsaicin has a metabolism-boosting effect, helping to increase energy expenditure.

We believe that these 3 ingredients, in addition to boosting energy, also contribute to weight loss. However, we have no scientific studies proving that Etixx Energy Boost has this effect.

List of other ingredients in the Etixx Energy Boost formula, as shown on the packaging:
Magnesium bisglycinate – Magnesium carbonate – Cellulose, Calcium phosphate, Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, Talc, Hydroxypropylcellulose (bulking agents) – Lysine hydrochloride – Standardized dry extract of guarana (seed) (Paullinia cupana, natural caffeine, maltodextrin) (10% caffeine) – L-ascorbic acid – Coffea arabica / Green coffee standardized dry extract (2% caffeine) – Co-enzyme Q10 – Zinc bisglycinate -Eleutherococcus senticosus / Siberian ginseng dry extract (root) – Ginseng dry extract (root) (Panax ginseng, maltodextrin, silicon dioxide) – Sodium ATP – Silicon dioxide (anticaking agent) – Magnesium stearate (glazing agent) – Fractionated coconut oil – Lactic acid – Titanium dioxide (colorant) – Selenomethionine – Standardized dry extract of black pepper (Piper nigrum, gum arabic, maltodextrin, silicon dioxide) – Riboflavin – Pteroylmonoglutamic acid
pteroylmonoglutamic acid

Contraindications and side effects Etixx Energy Boost

As a dietary supplement intended to complement our daily diet, Etixx Energy Boost is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, or for minors.

Because of its composition, this pill should not be used by people suffering from high blood pressure, as there is a risk of palpitations due to the effects of caffeine.

Buy Etixx Energy Boost

Etixx Energy Boost Boite 90You can find this product in pharmacies, but also buy it online on its official website or from resellers, at a price of €17.99 for a box of 30 tablets and €44.99 for a box of 90 tablets.

site officiel du produit

Our opinion on Etixx Energy Boost

On the one hand, the ingredients in this pill’s formula are for the most part renowned for boosting energy and even weight loss. On the other hand, we believe that the combination of Guarana with Ginseng and other sources of caffeine represents a considerable risk for people with high blood pressure. Even the most experienced athletes would be well advised to take care when using a formula like Etixx Energy Boost.

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