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Devigest, enzymes for healthy weight loss

flacon-devigestToday we present DEVIGEST, not a weight-loss supplement, but a product that will help you improve your digestive comfort and promote intestinal balance within your body.

You may have noticed that some of your eating habits (excessive consumption of processed foods, a diet low in fruit and vegetables…) have led, in addition to apparent weight gain, to poor digestion, accompanied by gas, bloating, constipation and other irritating symptoms.

The causal link between intestinal imbalance and weight gain is an undeniable fact, proven by research undertaken in this field.

Devigest should help you regain better digestive health, and give you the motivation you need to change your habits to achieve a healthier you.

Presentation and promises of Devigest

Devigest is a digestive enzyme supplement that targets gas and digestion problems, bloating and constipation.

Here’s what you can expect from Devigest:

  • Better digestion;
  • An end to bloating and intestinal gas;
  • Fast, effective action;
  • No side effects;
  • A product composed exclusively of natural enzymes.

Devigest will help you digest rich foods, gluten and lactose.

It is advisable to take 1 to 2 capsules before each meal, but it is possible to go up to 4 capsules, depending on your digestive health and your needs.

The manufacturer of Devigest

Devigest comes from Arthur Andrew Medical Laboratories, based in Scottsdale near Phoenix, Arizona.

The company was founded in 2003 by Justin Marsh, who had already achieved great success in the enzyme and probiotic markets, but who, together with Arthur Andrew Medical, wanted to offer the public higher-quality, more effective products.

The company therefore developed its own products (it now offers a range of 11 supplements) with experts in enzymology.

All the ingredients in Arthur Andrew Medical products are scientifically researched, safe, vegan, non-GMO and clinically proven effective.

Devigest ingredients

Before reviewing the various enzymes present in Devigest, let’s take a look at what enzymes are, and what their functions are within the body.

First, let’s define what an enzyme is, and what a protease is.

An enzyme is a protein with catalytic properties, i.e. it enables the various chemical reactions that take place in the body. Enzymes are essential to life, for without them, there can be no activity.

A protease is an enzyme that cuts peptide bonds in proteins.

Digestive enzymes (proteases, lipases, amylases) are responsible for breaking down proteins, carbohydrates and fats from food.

Their main role is therefore to enable and promote the absorption of nutrients, by improving their digestion.

These enzymes are found in saliva, stomach walls, pancreatic fluid and the intestine.

Unfortunately, the quantities of enzymes present in the human body are often compromised by our diet and poor lifestyle habits. A sluggish diet (too many processed foods, not enough fruit and vegetables, etc.), inadequate chewing, meals eaten “on the run” or stress can all lead to inadequate enzyme production.

The consequences of this are poor absorption of food, which can lead to food intolerance, as well as fat accumulation and rising cholesterol levels.

But that’s not the only role enzymes play in human health. Enzymes are also involved in immune processes, and in the functioning of organs, muscles, tissues and blood, to name but a few.

A significant proportion of enzymes come from our diet, thanks to unprocessed foods, fruit and vegetables, sprouted seeds and oilseeds, for example. And when the quantity of digestive enzymes is insufficient and digestive disorders appear, it is therefore advisable to resort to an external means to remedy the problem. And that’s exactly what supplements like Devigest are for.

Let’s take a closer look at the composition of Devigest:

1. Exclusive Devigest blend (638mg):

A blend of over a dozen enzymes useful for good intestinal health.

1.1. Peptidase DPP-IV:

Breaks down gluten and casein molecules, two well-known digestive irritants.

It also plays a major role in glucose metabolism, and can improve sugar balance in diabetics.

1.2. Amylase :

Breaks down polysaccharides and starches, and helps convert glycogen into glucose for fuel.

1.3 Glucoamylase :

Also breaks down polysaccharides, starches and simple sugars.

It releases glucose for use as an energy source by the body.

1.4. Alphagalactosidase :

Its function is to catalyze the hydrolysis (i.e. breakdown by water) of certain residues such as galactolipids and oligosaccharides.

1.5. Lactase :

Dissociates lactose (milk sugar) into glucose and galactose, thus promoting better digestion of milk and dairy products.

1.6. Bromelain:

This proteolytic enzyme comes from pineapple and helps digest proteins.

1.7. Stable acid protease:

Enzyme derived from a fungus, Aspergillus niger, which breaks peptide bonds in proteins.

1.8. Cellulase :

Breaks down cellulose, one of the major components of plant cell walls.

1.9. Xylanase :

Also helps to improve plant digestion, by breaking down hemicellulose.

1.10. Lipase :

Transforms triglycerides, diglycerides, monoglycerides and fatty acids through lipolysis.

1.11. Hemicellulase :

Breaks down the hemicellulose that makes up cereals, and hence bread.

1.12. Papain:

A protease derived from papaya, it plays the same role as bromelain, and remedies heartburn in particular.

1.13 B. Subtilus :

Bacillus Subtilis is a catalase-positive bacterium that lives in soil and offers several advantages

  • Its composition is close to that of the lactic acid bacteria used in the food industry, enabling it to be phylogenetically transferred to the laboratory as Lactobacillus lactis;
  • It can be used to produce enzymes useful in industry;
  • In pharmacy, it is used in antibiotic treatments.

Devigest contains other proteases which also play a major role in the digestion of proteins such as gluten (wheat protein), milk proteins and meat.

The other ingredients in Devigest are :

2. Calcium carbonate (60mg) (non-active ingredient) :

Also called carbonic acid or calcium salt, is a non-active ingredient generally used as a filler.

It is added to pharmaceutical products as an antacid or simple calcium supplement.

3. Potassium bicarbonate (50mg) (non-active ingredient):

Or potassium hydrogen carbonate, is a food additive used as a stabilizer and acidity regulator.

It is a non-active ingredient in Degivest.

4. DEVIGEST protease blend (52mg):

This is a pH-stable protease derived from A Oryzae and B. Licheniformis.

Aspergillus oryzae is a microscopic fungus (mold) that is a source of amylase, as is Bacillus subtilis.

Bacillus Licheniformis, the other source of this protease, is another common soil bacterium, used as a probiotic for intestinal health and immunity, usually in conjunction with other substances such as Bacillus subtilis.

Devigest and science

Enzymes have indeed been the subject of numerous clinical studies, and their role in human health is unquestionable.

For the purpose of this article, and given the large number of enzymes contained in Devigest and the difficulty of treating them one by one from a scientific point of view, we have selected one study which evaluated the effects of a pancreatic enzyme supplement (composed of lipase, protease and amylase) on digestive disorders.

This double-blind study showed that consumption of a pancreatic enzyme supplement, one capsule before meals and two capsules after meals, eliminated gas, bloating and heaviness after a rich meal.

(Source: NCBI. Minneapolis Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Minnesota 55417, USA. Suarez F., Levitt MD, Adshead J., Barkin JS. Dig Dis Sci. 1999 Jul;44(7):1317-21).

Side effects and contraindications

Digestive enzymes are totally safe. No toxicity has been observed, even at very high doses.

To be on the safe side, pregnant or breast-feeding women and people undergoing medical treatment are advised to consult their doctor before taking Degivest.

User testimonials on Devigest

Reviews are unanimous: Devigest seems to be an excellent product for digestion problems, intestinal balance and comfort. It quickly eliminates flatulence and digestion problems, heartburn and digestive discomfort, and significantly improves intestinal transit.

In short, a product that delivers on its promises and enjoys a good reputation with consumers.

Devigest price and guarantee

The 90-capsule bottle of Devigest, equivalent to a month’s treatment, is available for 31,99€.

Delivery is free with a purchase order of €50 or more.

Payment is secure, and the terms of sale are clear and transparent.


Attention, this product is no longer on sale. Instead, I’d advise you to take another look at this tried-and-tested alternative: Green Barley Plus!

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