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Infos sur Detox Pure

Detox Pure, purify your body

flacon-detox-pure-pour-maigrirDETOX PURE is a detoxification supplement designed for weight management purposes.

If your goal is to purify your body and skin, and start a diet to lose weight naturally, this pill may be the right solution for you.

Even though we all dream of having an athletic physique and a healthy body, we manage to find a thousand excuses not to exercise, and it’s difficult for us to follow a good, balanced diet and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

If you want to know how Detox Pure works to purify your body, reduce your weight and improve your health, we invite you to read this comprehensive product review.

By reading this article, you’ll find out exactly how this slimming pill can help you cleanse your body and, above all, shed those extra kilos so you can finally get back into the shape and figure you’ve been dreaming of for so long.

What is Detox Pure?

Detox Pure is manufactured and distributed by Bauer Nutrition, a British company specializing in health and wellness food supplements.

This product is specially designed for a 30-day program to cleanse the intestines, liver and kidneys.

The success of a good revitalization cure depends above all on detoxification, and therefore on the ability to eliminate harmful substances from the body.

What Detox Pure can do can do for you

  • Detoxify your body for a general sense of well-being;
  • Reduce body fat;
  • Provides natural antioxidants;
  • Increase your energy and concentration levels;
  • Improves your physical performance.

The Ingredients of Detox Pure

Detox Pure is developed in the Bauer Nutrition laboratories from natural ingredients.

It contains powerful antioxidants that are well-known in the beauty and weight-loss industry.

Each pill contains:
1. FUCUS (40mg of bladderwrack concentrate):
A seaweed that aids digestion and intestinal transit, it’s also an excellent appetite suppressant that induces a rapid feeling of satiety.

For more information on bladderwrack, see this article Wikipedia article.

2. BEDSTRAW (50mg):
Highly effective against high blood pressure, heart failure, certain edemas, portal hypertension and hyperkalemia.

To find out more about this ingredient, go to this page wikipedia page.

3. This product also contains SACCHAROSE.

Detox Pure contains no harmful chemicals, flavours or artificial additives.

How works Detox Pure work?

An effective cure always combines two main stages: detoxification or the elimination of toxins (by sweating and other natural means), and cell renutrition to replenish vitality. All that remains is to adopt a few golden rules for autumn revitalization.

The strength of this product lies in its ingredients.

In fact, the antioxidant nature of its ingredients is the key to the detoxification process and weight loss.

Detox Pure works primarily thanks to its antioxidants, which are essential for boosting your immune system, enabling your body to detoxify naturally.

Detoxification is also essential for fat reduction, as it helps to burn fat and transform it into energy. This gives you more energy and strength of concentration.

By detoxifying your body, this pill also helps to increase your metabolism, which promotes calorie-burning processes while preventing fat storage.

Is Detox Pure safe?

To date, Detox Pure users have never reported any side effects.

The pill contains only 100% natural ingredients. It contains no chemical additives that could trigger side effects of any kind.

And while we believe it’s a safe pill for your health, we still advise you to consult your doctor before using it if you’re pregnant or undergoing medical treatment.

Indications for use and dosage of Detox Pure

Detox Pure treatment involves taking two pills three times a day after meals. Note that you should never exceed this dose.

If you suffer from any health problem, you should first consult your doctor before taking this supplement.

Where buy Detox Pure?

If you want to order Detox Pure, you should do so only on the the official product website.

Detox Pure is not available in pharmacies or stores specializing in the sale of dietary supplements, nor in online sales sites for health supplements.

This diet pill is only available on its official website.

The bottle containing 60 pills will cost you 41€ benefiting from a discount currently offered by the manufacturer.

You can also make your choice and benefit from substantial discounts thanks to a multitude of packages available only, let us remind you, on the official site.


Attention, this product is no longer on sale. Instead, I advise you to take another look at this serious, tried-and-tested alternative: Green Barley Plus!

Detox Pure : promotion of the day

To take advantage of the promotions offered by Detox Pure, be sure to visit the manufacturer’s official website regularly.

The manufacturer occasionally offers promotions and price reductions.

Detox Pure: Summary of our survey

While Detox Pure is a powerful detoxifier, its combination of safe, 100% natural ingredients reassures us that it poses no risk to your health.

What’s more, Detox Pure is made by a trusted and reputable dietary supplement manufacturer.

It is recommended that you combine a personalized diet program and regular exercise with your Detox Pure detoxification supplement.

We recommend Detox Pure for your autumn detox for the following 4 reasons:

  • Its purifying and cleansing benefits ;
  • Its excellent antioxidant effect;
  • Its effectiveness in weight loss;
  • Its 60-day money-back guarantee.

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    Concerning BAUER Détox Pure. You indicate 2 capsules 3 times/day, but the manufacturer mentions 2 capsules/day!

    Merci de votre réponse

    • Corinne Kepler

      Hello Marie,
      As you can see from the image of the bottle label in the article, and as is clearly indicated on the official Bauer website, under the “Instructions” tab, we recommend taking 2 tablets three times a day after meals.

  • Louise

    I would like to know if I can take Phen375 with Detox Pure together. How many weeks should I take it for? Should I take a break and start again in how many weeks?

    Thank you

    • Carl

      Hi Louise,
      As a general rule, you can opt for a combination of two products that are made by the same manufacturer and, where applicable, offered by the same manufacturer. That’s why some weight-loss product websites offer packs containing two or more products. But I wouldn’t recommend combining two products from two different manufacturers.

      You could simply delay their use over time. By consuming each product separately, you’ll be able to see the results obtained from each of them and avoid any undesirable interactions.


    I would like to be kept informed of your RESULTS…

    Thank you

    • Carl

      I didn’t quite understand your request. Could you please provide more details. Our results for…?

  • Carl

    Hello Padoche,
    This is an error on our part. We thank you for your vigilance. The error has been corrected.

    In reality, it’s not the bottle that corresponds to 30 days, it’s the duration of the detox (based on pure detox or any other product) that corresponds to this duration. The 60-pill bottle of pure detox corresponds to 10 days, with three daily doses of two pills each.

    Thank you once again for pointing out this error.

    • Laurence Desbrosses

      not at all, you only need 2 tablets a day (there’s an error on their site) but on the bottle it says 2 a day.

      • Cédric

        Laurence, bonjour,
        Thank you very much for your comment!

        On the package label, which is also displayed on the item, it is indeed 2 pills, 3 times a day after meals (Take 2 tablets, three times a day afters meals).

        We’ll still try to contact the manufacturer for confirmation.

        Thanks again and keep coming back!

        Best regards,

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