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Collant Minceur Mixa

Microcapsules for slimming: Mixa slimming tights

boite-microcapsules-pour-maigrir-collant-minceur-mixaWe’re all familiar with slimming pills and other cures of all kinds to help us shed unwanted pounds, such as slimming drinks, patches… But did you know that for the past fifteen years, the cosmetotextile industry has been developing fabrics impregnated with MICROCAPSULES FOR LOSS, like our guest of the day, the MIXA SLIMMING NECKLACE?

Today, we’re taking a closer look at this new slimming procedure, by testing the Mixa pantyhose.

Mixa slimming tights are integral slimming leggings that use these microcapsules to lose weight and promise a more beautiful figure.

So, do microcapsules for slimming really work?

Find out in our Mixa slimming pantyhose survey.

Presentation and promises of Mixa slimming tights

Mixa slimming tights are one of the technological innovations in cosmetotextile, using a textile combined with a caffeine treatment to provide a draining, fat-burning effect, and combat cellulite and heavy legs.

These slimming tights come in 2 sizes: S-M or L-XL. We recommend wearing them as much as possible, both during the day and at night, for optimum results.

According to Mixa, these slimming tights can be worn on any occasion, for sport or for going out on the town, but with a very specific advantage: the more the body is in motion, the more the slimming microcapsules are activated.

Wearing a thong is recommended, to enable the microcapsules for slimming to be in direct contact with the fatty deposits often found on the buttocks.

Mixa slimming tights offer 3 actions:

  • Slimming ;
  • Anti-water retention;
  • Immediate sheathing effect.

Mixa claims visible results after 1 month of use.

Good to know: Mixa slimming tights can withstand 30 machine washes before the effects of the slimming microcapsules wear off.

The manufacturer of Mixa slimming tights

The famous Mixa company and Docteur Roger’s laboratories are behind these slimming tights.

Mixa needs no introduction, and the company’s reliability is beyond question.

Mixa complies with a safety formulation charter, to guarantee products with no side effects. This charter meets the following requirements:

  • Formulas tested on 100% of sensitive skin;
  • A limited number of ingredients to minimize the risk of allergy;
  • Ingredients known for their maximum tolerance;
  • Paraben-, colorant- and alcohol-free products.

Mechanism of action of microcapsules for slimming

How do these new slimming textiles work to promote weight loss in kilograms or centimetres?

Very simply, by integrating active slimming ingredients into their weave.

These active ingredients are encapsulated in slimming microcapsules (microbeads protected by a membrane that isolates them from the outside world), and are released each time the fabric is rubbed against the skin. This process is known as microencapsulation.

The weight-loss microcapsules are then fixed into the fabric by successive baths at temperatures of around 60-90°C.

Most of the fabrics used in cosmetotextiles are made of cotton, as this fiber has the capacity to store a large number of microcapsules for slimming.

The products used in microcapsules for slimming are usually the same as those found in slimming creams.

Ingredients in Mixa slimming pantyhose

Microcapsules for slimming contain ingredients just like any other slimming product. In the case we’re dealing with today, Mixa slimming tights contain :

1. Caffeine:

When applied topically, caffeine has a lipolytic action on fat cells, as well as on glucose transport in the body. Caffeine activates lipolysis by inhibiting the enzyme cAMP phosphodiesterase, which has an effect on fat formation and storage.

Caffeine has also been shown to reduce the orange-peel appearance of cellulite.

2. Theophylline:

Theophylline is one of the compounds in green tea that promotes lipolysis (the process of breaking down lipids to release fatty acids), and diuresis (the process of urine secretion as a whole).

No side effects or contraindications are to be feared when wearing Mixa slimming tights.

Scientific studies on Mixa slimming tights and slimming microcapsules in general

Our research did not reveal any specific clinical studies on the effectiveness of Mixa slimming tights in particular.

However, speaking in general about microcapsules for slimming, we can cite these two characteristic studies:

However, new studies are calling into question the nature of shells and their possible toxic or allergenic impact. In fact, residues from the shells of microcapsules for slimming may be left on the skin in excessive or irregular quantities during the rubbing release process.

A new technology based on microparticles of natural origin is now emerging, and may well constitute the new dermotextile sector, which looks particularly promising. In the months and years to come, we’ll find out…

User testimonials for Mixa slimming tights

Many people have tried these slimming tights with microcapsules to lose weight.

Testimonials have been mixed and disparate.

For some people, Mixa slimming tights offer a sheathing effect, softening the skin, helping to lose a few centimeters around the thigh, waist or hips, as well as slightly reducing orange-peel skin.

For others, the pantyhose are ineffective and even cut off blood circulation in the legs, which can be quite annoying.

Price and guarantee for Mixa slimming tights

Mixa slimming pantyhose with microcapsules are available in local pharmacies and online.

The usual price is around 40€, with many discounts between 26€ and 30€ on the web.

There’s no money-back guarantee on the product.

Our opinion on Mixa slimming tights and microcapsules for slimming

We appreciated the innovative technology offered by these microcapsules for slimming in general, and the Mixa slimming tights in particular. We also appreciated the presence of active ingredients recognized by science, the reputation and seriousness of the manufacturing company, as well as the results of studies carried out to date which have demonstrated the effectiveness of this new form of “slimming product”. We also found the price reasonable and affordable.

On the other hand, we would have liked the manufacturer to offer a money-back guarantee to purchasers, given that people react differently to a slimming cure. And we believe that this technology still has some way to go, and can be improved and developed to deliver more relevant results.

To recap: there are no contraindications to testing Mixa slimming tights with microcapsules for slimming, and even if it’s unrealistic to expect significant weight loss through the use of this product, it is nonetheless interesting for shaping the figure and improving the appearance of the skin.

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