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Cellimine bio, organic farming for slimming

boite-cellimine-bioToday, we’re testing CELLIMINE BIO, a complex of 6 organically grown plants packaged in drinkable ampoules.

When starting a weight-loss program, whether to lose a few kilos or to get rid of excess weight, it’s important to bear in mind that the body undergoes a transformation on several levels.

The skin, in particular, undergoes stretching when weight is gained, but also becomes subject to an unsightly phenomenon with which we are all familiar, namely cellulite, which gives it that orange-peel appearance.

Numerous dietary supplements have been specially designed to improve the appearance of the skin, reduce or even eliminate cellulite, and provide a truly comprehensive accompaniment to weight loss.

The drainer we’re presenting today, Cellimine Bio, is just such a product.

Presentation and promises of Cellimine Bio

Cellimine Bio is a drainer designed to help refine the figure and combat cellulite, to improve the appearance of the skin and activate fat loss.

Cellimine Bio is designed to act simultaneously on different levels:

  • regulating fat metabolism
  • Elimination of excess water (the cause, for example, of water retention);
  • Improving circulation;
  • Detoxification of the body;
  • fat removal.

Cellimine Bio comes in 15ml drinkable ampoules, to be taken 1 to 2 times a day with a meal.

Cellimine Bio is one of the certified organic products in the Super Diet range.

Super Diet, the manufacturer of Cellimine Bio

Cellimine Bio comes from French laboratories Super Diet, a company based in northern France.

Super Diet was founded in 1961 by René Haussin, a naturopath convinced of the benefits of plants and natural ingredients for improving health and well-being.

Super Diet offers a number of guarantees of reliability and seriousness:

  • Rigorous selection of raw materials, including traceability, quality control and safety in compliance with current French and European legislation;
  • A certified organic production site for the purchase, reception, processing, packaging and distribution of organic products;
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certification;
  • An ethical attitude, with solidarity-based contracts with suppliers.

The ingredients in Cellimine Bio drainer

Cellimine Bio is made up of the following ingredients:

1. Green tea:

Green tea, used for over 5,000 years for its health benefits, notably in China and Japan, is now officially recognized as an ingredient that can strengthen and promote weight loss.

Highly rich in antioxidants, it helps combat free radicals, and therefore cell ageing.

Green tea, composed of catechins (powerful polyphenols), activates thermogenesis and fat burning. Catechins also improve insulin sensitivity, which in turn enhances the assimilation of amino acids in muscle tissue, boosting basal metabolic rate.

Green tea also has soothing, stress-reducing effects thanks to the L-theanine it contains. This substance also acts on serotonin and dopamine, promoting better appetite control.

Green tea has many other benefits (boosting immunity, improving digestion, deacidifying, lowering cholesterol, etc.), and studies are constantly revealing new ones.

In May 2016, a clinical trial published in the medical journal “The Lancet Neurology” showed that green tea combined with specific cognitive stimulation improved some of the intellectual abilities of people with Down’s syndrome.

In January 2016, another animal study from Washington State University showed that epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), one of green tea’s natural compounds, appears capable of blocking inflammation and tissue destruction in rheumatoid arthritis.

2. Meadowsweet:

Meadowsweet’s draining, diuretic and detoxifying properties make it an excellent ingredient for combating cellulite, as well as for weight loss.

3. Birch :

Birch is a tree whose sap, bark and leaves can be used to promote health and well-being.

It has powerful diuretic virtues that activate the elimination of toxins and excess water.

It also acts as an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic and liver protector.

4. Red Vine:

Red vine is a plant rich in polyphenols (including the famous resveratrol) and flavonoids.

These active ingredients give it anti-inflammatory, anti-oedematous, antioxidant, diuretic, digestive, hepatic and soothing properties.

Red vine is therefore widely used to combat heavy leg syndrome, as well as other circulatory or venous disorders (such as varicose veins or hemorrhoids), migraines and painful periods.

In a drainer such as Cellimine Bio, red vine helps eliminate toxins, facilitate digestion and reduce cellulite.

5. Cider vinegar:

Cider vinegar is reputed to be excellent for health.

It is said to increase satiety, thereby reducing appetite and calorie consumption at mealtimes, and to act as a fat burner.

It regulates blood glucose levels, preventing cravings and sugar cravings.

It stimulates metabolism and boosts fat burning thanks to the enzymes and natural acids it contains.

It helps detoxify the body, and has alkalizing effects that counteract weight gain.

Finally, it is said to have an effect on fat storage, via insulin.

6. Apple juice and lemon juice:

Juice provides the body with minerals, vitamins, fiber and anti-oxidants.

Apple promotes nutrient absorption and good digestion, and fights constipation in particular.

Lemon strengthens the body’s defenses, facilitates digestion and elimination, and stimulates the liver. It also acts as a diuretic and alkalizer, and burns fat thanks to its vitamin C content.

7. Lemon Essential Oil:

It has purifying, anti-cellulite and toning properties.

It helps regulate various metabolisms, acts on microcirculation (which promotes good vascularization, thus reducing varicose veins, edema and heavy legs), drains and stimulates the liver and pancreas.

Cellimine Bio and science

Our articles regularly discuss the scientific data on the benefits of green tea for weight loss.

As our readers know, the slimming benefits of green tea are now scientifically proven. Here, we’ll just mention a few studies confirming these claims:
(Sources: 1. Journal of Health Science. The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan. Vol. 51 (2005) N°: 2 P 248-252. doi : 10.1248/jhs.51.248.

2. NCBI. PubMed. Health Care Food Research Laboratories, Kao Corporation, Bunka, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, Japan. Nagao T., Hase T., Tokimitsu I. Obesity (Silver Spring). 2007 Jun;15(6):1473-83. doi :10.1038/oby.2007.176
3. NCBI. PubMed. Unilever R&D, Shanghai, China. Wang H., Wen Y., Du Y., Yan X., Guo H., Rycroft JA., Boon N., Kovacs EM., Mela DJ. Obesity (Silver Spring). 2010 Apr;18(4):7739. doi : 10.1038/oby.2009.256. Epub 2009 Aug 13).

Red vine has also been the subject of several recent clinical studies.

For example, one study showed that consumption of 360mg per day of red vine for a period of 12 weeks significantly reduced edema and swelling of the legs.

(Source: J Wound Care. 2006 Oct;15(9):393-6. A review of evidence on red vine leaf extract in the prevention and management of venous disease.)
The polyphenols in red vine have also been shown to improve blood lipid composition, reducing bad cholesterol, blood pressure and oxidative stress.

(Source: J Nutr. 2005 Aug;135(8):1911-7. Grape polyphenols exert a cardioprotective effect in pre- and postmenopausal women by lowering plasma lipids and reducing oxidative stress..)
Finally, cider vinegar has been studied, in particular to assess its effects on obese people.

In this study, daily consumption of cider vinegar reduced abdominal fat, waist circumference, triglycerides and overall weight.

Results show that with 15ml (1CS) of cider vinegar per day for 12 weeks, subjects observed a weight loss of 1.2kg. For a consumption of 30ml of vinegar, the weight loss was 1.7kg after 12 weeks.

(Source: Biosci Biotechnol Biochem. 2009 Aug;73(8):1837-43. Epub 2009 Aug 7. Vinegar intake reduces body weight, body fat mass, and serum triglyceride levels in obese Japanese subjects. Kondo T1, Kishi M, Fushimi T, Ugajin S, Kaga T.)
Another study demonstrated the satiating properties of cider vinegar.

12 people ate bread combined with 3 different doses of cider vinegar.

The results showed that the combination of bread + cider vinegar reduced the glucose and insulin response in the blood, and increased satiety.

(Source: Eur J Clin Nutr. 2005 Sep;59(9):983-8. Vinegar supplementation lowers glucose and insulin responses and increases satiety after a bread meal in healthy subjects.)

Side effects and contraindications of Cellimine Bio

The manufacturer recommends that this supplement not be taken on an empty stomach.

It can be assumed that vinegar may cause heartburn in sensitive individuals.

Cellimine Bio is also not recommended for people allergic to salicylates, or suffering from liver disorders.

It is not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women.

Testimonials from Cellimine Bio users

Cellimine is a product widely used by consumers, and reviews are numerous.

On the whole, they are quite positive. We note :

  • Visible deflation within the first 3-4 days;
  • Better elimination ;
  • Lighter legs;
  • Regression of cellulite;
  • Less bloating.

One of the negative points that often comes up is the product’s very unpleasant taste and smell.

Cellimine Bio price and guarantee

Cellimine Bio is available from a variety of outlets, including parapharmacies, online boutiques and organic food stores.

The official Super Diet website allows you to find approved sales outlets in your vicinity.

For 20 ampoules, you’ll pay approx. 18,99€.

Guarantees depend on the retailer.

site officiel du produit

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