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Captograisse gum, the slimming chewing-gum

captograisse-gumIn the range of products to help women and men lose weight and get rid of their cravings, we’re testing CAPTOGRAISSE GUM today, a “fat eater for your figure”, if we’re to believe the ads made by retailers.

We wanted to find out whether these slimming chewing gums are effective or not…

Presentation and promises of Captograisse Gum

Captograisse Gum is a slimming chewing-gum based on a Captograisse Gum is a slimming chewing-gum with an “exceptional formula to help you manage your food deviations”..

It comes in the form of chewing gum.

The manufacturer recommends chewing 2 Captograisse Gum after each meal.

These slimming gums are available in menthol and grapefruit flavors.

According to retailer websites, Captograisse Gum has the following benefits:

  • Captures fat from the diet – “fat-eating” effect;
  • Restores normal carbohydrate and fatty acid metabolism;
  • Helps maintain normal blood sugar levels;
  • Acts against cravings thanks to its sweet taste that satisfies without adding sugar to the body;
  • Has anti-bacterial properties which, in addition to weight loss, reduce the risk of cavities and eliminate food residues.

Captograisse Gum comes with a nutritional guide, which gives various information to promote weight loss.

The manufacturer of Captograisse Gum

Unfortunately, we only deal with reseller sites, which do not disclose the precise identity of Captograisse Gum’s manufacturer.

We contacted the customer service department of one of these reseller sites to find out more, and we’ll give you, word for word, the answer we received:

“Our products are manufactured in a French laboratory”.

We would have liked more precise information.

Knowing the identity of the manufacturer of a product intended for consumption gives an idea of the traceability, quality and safety of the substances used in its composition.

What’s more, in our opinion, transparency is not a problem when you’re a laboratory confident in the quality and reliability of your products.

We’ll let you judge for yourself, based on the information we’ve gathered…

Captograisse Gum ingredients

Captograisse chewing gum is composed of the following ingredients:

1. Ascophyllum Nosodum thallus:

This is another name for kelp, or bladderwrack, a common brown seaweed said to have positive effects on weight management and lymphatic circulation.

This seaweed is said to stimulate the immune system, help maintain balanced blood glucose levels, reduce fatigue and high blood pressure, and is sometimes used to treat hypothyroidism due to iodine deficiency.

Like many other algae, ascophyllum nosodum swells when in contact with liquids in the stomach.

By increasing in volume, it increases the sensation of satiety and reduces the amount of food (and therefore calories) ingested.

It is also used for its anti-cellulite properties.

We’ve devoted an entire article to the health benefits of seaweed in general, and weight loss in particular, which you can consult by by clicking here.

2. Zinc:

By increasing insulin production in the body, zinc helps regulate blood sugar levels.

It also stimulates the production of leptin, a hormone linked to satiety and appetite control.

3. Chromium:

This trace element acts on carbohydrate and lipid metabolism.

It acts on fat metabolism through its action on insulin, which plays a key role in balancing certain enzymes linked to lipid metabolism.

In addition, chromium helps reduce triglyceride levels and increase good cholesterol.

Overall, it contributes to a healthy lipid profile.

The science behind Captograisse Gum

No studies have been carried out on the precise effects of Captograisse Gum’s special formula.

However, the results of scientific research into the main ingredient in Captograisse Gum chewing gums, ascophyllum nosodum, are noteworthy.

A 2012 pilot study investigated the effects of taking ascophyllum nosodum on overweight subjects.

Participants were divided into 2 groups, and were given either ascophyllum nosodum-enriched (4%) or unenriched bread for breakfast.

The results showed that those who ate the enriched bread reduced their calorie intake by 16.4% at the next meal, 4 hours later.

Consumption of ascophyllum nosodum did not alter blood sugar or cholesterol levels, nor did it reduce appetite.

(Source: NCBI. Center for food Innovation, Sheffield Business School, City Campus, Howard Street, Sheffield, United Kingdom. Appetite. 2012 Feb;58(1):379-86. doi: 10.1016/j.appet.2011.11.002. Epub 2011 Nov 7).

Despite the promising scientific results, we are entitled to wonder whether this algae has the same effects when taken as an extract in chewing gum, as when consumed in another common form.

Side effects and contraindications of Captograisse Gum

A priori, the ingredients present in Captograisse Gum and their dosage do not present any risk of undesirable effects.

Seaweed may cause thyroid disorders, but this depends on consumption in very high doses, which is not the case with the dosage included in Captograisse Gum chewing gums.

As a precautionary measure, pregnant or breast-feeding women should consult their doctor before using these chewing gums.

Captograisse Gum user testimonials

Captograisse Gum chewing gums are not yet widely known, and we have not been able to find any reliable, independent testimonials concerning their effectiveness.

If you’ve tried Captograisse Gum, please feel free to share your experience with other readers in the comments field below this page.

Captograisse Gum price and guarantee

Captograisse Gum is only available online.

Prices vary depending on the retailer, ranging from around €27 to €34 for a box of 90 gums.

Guarantees also vary according to each retailer.

Our opinion on Captograisse Gum

In the course of our investigation, we found the only positive point to be the presence of promising, scientifically recognized ingredients in Captograisse Gum’s composition.

On the other hand, the lack of information about the manufacturer, the uncertainty as to the efficacy of the ingredients packaged in chewing-gum form and the high price of this product tip the balance towards a negative assessment.

In other words, even if Captograisse Gum’s ingredients are reliable, we have our doubts about the possible efficacy of a slimming supplement in chewing gum form.

Added to this is the lack of information concerning the manufacturer, which leads us to reject this product.

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  • Marina

    yes, I’ve tested it and haven’t noticed any change in my body apart from some bloating…. I won’t be buying any more!!!

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