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Brûleur Minceur, our opinion on a fat burner with Sinetrol

Bruleur Minceur BoiteBrûleur Minceur is a clinically-validated product from ARLOR Laboratories which promises to get rid of fat while giving you the tone and energy you need to keep on track. At least, that’s what the product’s official website claims. Our mission, as usual, is to subject this food supplement to our scrutiny in order to help you see more clearly.

It doesn’t matter what your age, sex or lifestyle, when you’re overweight, it’s hard to shed those unwanted kilos, and you often lose hope and even give up trying to lose weight. Whether it’s a stubborn belly, cellulite that won’t go away, or worries about your health, we all have a lot to worry about. These are all worries that sometimes even a healthy diet and regular exercise can’t overcome.

The role of a fat burner is to overcome these concerns, by triumphing over the fat that’s already there. Is Brûleur Minceur up to the challenge? Thanks to Sinetrol on its own, or with other ingredients? How does its manufacturer intend to deliver on its promises? What exactly does it claim on its packaging? A whole battery of questions that make up our test.

Brûleur Minceur, another Sinetrol-based supplement

Brûleur Minceur, according to its official description, is a new patented and clinically validated formula made from natural ingredients based on powerful and recognized plant-based active ingredients, which helps burn accumulated fat and lose weight effectively in cases of severe overweight, and even when you want to shed those little extra pounds.

For further explanation, its manufacturer adds that it is specially designed to :

  • accelerate the body’s energy expenditure ;
  • help maintain muscle tissue while reducing accumulated fat;
  • drain excess water and toxins from the body, while preserving energy and tone – all without the need for drastic or special diets.

The ARLOR NATURAL SCIENTIFIC laboratories laboratories have been in existence for some fifteen years and are based in France. They are known for their development of innovative, natural product lines and for their transparency regarding the ingredients used in their products, whether for weight loss, nutrition or skin and hair treatments.

They also display a number of certified scientific studies on their platform, attesting to their professionalism.

Ingredients of Brûleur Minceur

Sinetrol® Xpur

Sinetrol Like some of the other slimming products we’ve already tested, Brûleur Minceur includes Sinetrol in its formula. Sinetrol® Xpur is present at 900 mg per day (3 pills). It’s a patented natural extract, produced from citrus fruits (grapefruit, blood orange and lemon) and Guarana, which makes it rich in polyphenols, known for their ability to eliminate excess adipose tissue.

Green tea extract

Extrait de feuilles de the vert81 mg per day (3 pills). Green tea is known to increase thermogenesis, helping the body to eliminate fat, maintain a healthy energy intake thanks to theine, and eliminate body waste and toxins.


mate vertThis ingredient is found in Brûleur Minceur at 270 mg per day (3 pills). It has both a draining and energizing action. It not only helps eliminate water and toxins, but also fights mental and physical fatigue, thanks to the presence of theophylline and caffeine. What’s more, Maté quickly gives you a feeling of satiety, preventing you from overeating.


Cr-Chrome-Picolinate de ChromeThis component is present in this formula at 25 µg per day (3 pills). Chromium is known to help maintain normal blood sugar levels. It therefore limits the storage of sugar in the blood and prevents its transformation into fat.

How does Brûleur Minceur work?

As previously mentioned, Brûleur Minceur is composed of Sinetrol® XPur, a patented natural extract made from citrus fruit and Guarana, whose fat-burning action and capacity to help destroy stored fat have been validated and confirmed by two clinical studies.

In the first study, two groups of people were compared using Sinetrol® XPur against other products such as caffeine, isoproterenol and theophylline. This study showed that participants experienced an average fat reduction of 5.52% after four weeks of use.

The second study involved 47 overweight people who took Sinetrol® XPur twice a day, and another group of 48 who received a placebo over a 12-week period. The first group showed an average waist circumference reduction of 5.71%, compared with a reduction of no more than 2% for the second group.

ARLOR Laboratories also mention a specific scientific study on Sinetrol carried out in 2013, involving 95 subjects combining men and women aged between 22 and 45, all overweight, and which was published in full transparency. This study reportedly demonstrated a reduction of up to 5 cm in 12 weeks of product use. However, no links to study reports are provided on the laboratory’s website.

Also read our test of CitriTherm, a Sitrenol-based product. Here you’ll find links to two studies attesting to the efficacy of this patented compound.

How do I use Brûleur Minceur?

A box of Brûleur Minceur contains 90 tablets, to be taken 3 times a day. In other words, one tablet with each meal, equivalent to a month’s supply.

As with most slimming and fat-burning supplements, a three-month course of treatment is recommended in order to observe the full benefits of the product and avoid regaining the kilos as quickly as they were lost.

Regular exercise and a healthy diet are also recommended, as the product alone cannot work miracles.

Side effects and contraindications associated with Brûleur Minceur

Brûleur Minceur is not recommended for children and adolescents under 18. The product is not suitable for pregnant or breast-feeding women.

The supplement should not be taken between meals. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose of three pills a day.

If you are allergic or sensitive to any of the ingredients or to caffeine, you should avoid taking Brûleur Minceur.

If you have heart disease or other conditions that may be affected by taking Brûleur Minceur, consult your doctor or a specialist before taking the supplement.

Opinions of Brûleur Minceur users

bruleur de graisseHaving consulted consumer reviews on the product’s official website, as well as on other sales platforms, we’ve noticed that the comments remain very mixed in relation to the effectiveness of Brûleur Minceur. Indeed, the product received an average rating of around 3.5/5 on all the sites consulted.

We found comments attesting to Brûleur Minceur’s effectiveness, with visible results after just a few days’ use, an increase in general tone and a reduction in cravings and snacking.

On the other hand, some consumers stated that they noticed no results at all after using the product, and that it seemed completely ineffective.

The third type of opinion came from people who had not taken the product for long enough to notice its effects, and were therefore neutral about its efficacy.

In short, we can deduce that the product seems to react very differently from one person to another, and that you need to try it to really know if it’s right for you. It should be borne in mind that each product used as a supplement acts differently, depending on the body we have, our lifestyle (diet, sporting activity, stress, etc.) and our state of health.

Where to buy Brûleur Minceur?

Despite its availability on numerous sales and distribution sites, we advise you to buy Brûleur Minceur from the official ARLOR laboratories website, to avoid any scams and ensure you get an original, counterfeit-free product.

This warning applies to all dietary supplement purchases, unless the link between the retailer and the official manufacturer has been validated.

A box of 90 tablets (1-month treatment) of Brûleur Minceur costs 28.34 euros, including delivery, which takes one to three weeks.

The platform uses a points system. As a result, when you buy a box of Brûleur Minceur, you’ll earn 2 points convertible into a 1 euro discount voucher, which can be combined with other products or previous transactions.

Summary of our opinion on Brûleur Minceur

At the end of our investigation, and in the light of consumer reviews as well as the studies and scientific research put forward by the manufacturer of Brûleur Minceur, we have come up with the following points:


Transparent manufacturer and verifiable contact details;
Transparent product composition;
known, natural and reliable ingredients;
results of scientific studies attesting to the effectiveness of its ingredients, at the manufacturer’s expense.


mixed user reviews, demonstrating that this product has not proved effective for everyone ;
may not be suitable for people with caffeine sensitivities or chronic illnesses (to be taken in consultation with a doctor or specialist).

Armed with the results of our survey, you’ll be able to judge the effectiveness of Brûleur Minceur for yourself. Remember, the best (and only) way to find out if a product works for you is to try it out.

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