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Brazilian Fat Burner le test

Brazilian Fat Burner, a powerful mix of ingredients

brazilian-fat-burnerBRAZILIAN FAT BURNER, just by pronouncing its name, the image of a relax, a beach, and the climate of the austral summer, seizes our mind…

And what if it’s the jealously hidden secret that Brazilian women use to get that wasp waist and those well-defined body features?

Let’s find out about this product right away: its composition and ingredients, its strengths and weaknesses, if any.

Presentation and promises of Brazilian Fat Burner

Brazilian Fat Burner is a comprehensive 100% natural dietary supplement, with a composition rich in effective weight-loss ingredients, as well as ingredients promoting overall health and well-being.

The special women’s formula of Brazilian Fat Burner offers the following benefits:

  • Increases the body’s natural capacity to burn fat ;
  • Significantly reduces carbohydrate absorption;
  • Boosts metabolism to activate energy expenditure;
  • Strengthens the immune system;
  • Restores energy and fights fatigue.

Brazilian Fat Burner is formulated with 100% natural ingredients and has no side effects.

To get the most out of this supplement, we recommend you follow the manufacturer’s instructions:

  • If you exercise, take 1 capsule of Brazilian Fat Burner at breakfast, then 1 capsule before your workout;
  • If you don’t exercise, take 2 capsules of Brazilian Fat Burner at breakfast with a glass of water.

The makers of Brazilian Fat Burner

Brazilian Fat Burner comes to us from the UK, from Evolution Slimming Laboratories in Kent.

This company enjoys a solid reputation, and offers a wide range of natural food supplements designed to help overweight people achieve their goals.

Among the guarantees of the seriousness of Evolution Slimming Laboratories, we can mention several key points:
1. Our laboratories and manufacturing facilities are FDA-approved and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified;
2. Evolution Slimming was a 2010 finalist for the KEiBA award, a competition for excellence presented annually by the Kent County Council, a government organization.

3. Selected ingredients are 100% natural, and of the highest quality.

Brazilian Fat Burner ingredients

Brazilian Fat Burner’s varied formula makes it a broad-spectrum weight-loss supplement.

1. Green tea:

The now scientifically-approved weight-loss benefits of green tea have long been known.

A reminder is always welcome, even if these benefits have been discussed in numerous previous tests.

Well, for one thing, green tea is rich in caffeine, theanine and vitamin C.

A perfect trio for boosting the basal metabolic rate and increasing energy expenditure, even without exercise.

Caffeine and theanine are excellent lipolysis-activating substances, which is why green tea is rightly considered one of nature’s most powerful fat-burning ingredients.

What’s more, green tea’s rich antioxidant content makes it an unrivalled ally for fitness and youthfulness.

2. 100% Pure Acai:

Acai berry contains amino acids, Omega 3, 6 and 9, vitamins B1 and E, iron, calcium and dietary fiber.

Soluble fiber promotes satiety, reducing the amount of food and calories ingested.

It also helps to cleanse the intestine and detoxify the body.

Rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, acai berries promote cardiovascular health and intestinal transit.

The PLUS Brazilian Fat Burner : this supplement contains REAL ACAI BERRY, unlike others which usually contain only an extract.

3. Citrus Aurauntium:

Extracted from bitter orange, citrus aurantium contains synephrine, which activates metabolism and boosts fat burning.

This substance has effects very similar to those of ephedrine, a powerful fat burner, but is banned because of the serious side effects it can cause.

Citrus aurantium is recognized for its significant effects on weight loss. In fact, it has often been combined with caffeine to boost its fat-burning effects.

But because of the potential health risks of combining citrus aurantium and caffeine, the French government has banned the combination of these 2 substances in a single dietary supplement.

Exceptionally, the decree of June 24, 2014 authorizes Citrus Aurantium under the following conditions:

According to the list of ingredients in the composition of Brazilian Fat Burner, it would appear that citrus aurantium is associated with at least, one ingredient containing caffeine, and that its dosage is higher than the 20mg authorized (75mg).

We have contacted the manufacturer to find out more about this, and will keep you informed of any response we receive.

4. Guarana :

Guarana is rich in caffeine, amino acids, trace elements, minerals and vitamins.

Its caffeine content is what makes this ingredient so popular with manufacturers of slimming pills, as it has the ability to act not only as an appetite suppressant, but also as a natural fat burner and diuretic.

And that’s not all: guarana boosts the immune system, reduces stress and boosts sexual energy.

5. White bean:

White bean extract acts by blocking, through enzymatic inhibition, the assimilation of carbohydrates in the body.

These effects would be beneficial for weight loss, as we shall see in our chapter on scientific studies.

Scientific studies on Brazilian Fat Burner

The ingredients in Brazilian Fat Burner have all been the subject of scientific studies, which is very positive and confirms their effectiveness. Let’s summarize the data available for each ingredient.

A recent study on green tea assessed the results of green tea on weight loss through a meta-analysis of over a dozen studies.

This meta-analysis showed that green tea produced a positive effect on weight loss in obese or overweight people.

(Source: NCBI. College of Pharmacy, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada. Jurgens TM., Whelan AM., Killian L., Doucette S., Kirk S., Foy E. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2012 Dec 12;12:CD008650. doi : 10.1002/14651858. 2).

Acai berry has also been the subject of a number of scientific studies, confirming its rich antioxidant and protective properties.

(Source: J NCBI. Holger NIS Inc. Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Jensen GS, Wu X, Patterson KM, Barnes J, Carter SG, Scherwitz L, Beaman R, Endres JR, Schauss AG. J Agric Food Chem. 2008 Sep 24;56(18):8326-33. doi : 10.1021/jf8016157. Epub 2008 Aug 22).

A 2012 meta-analysis of more than 20 clinical studies conducted on citrus aurantium showed the following results:
– Of more than 360 subjects tested in total, more than 50% consumed caffeine in parallel. In these subjects, the combination of synephrine and caffeine produced no significant side effects.

– Citrus aurantium alone increased basal metabolic rate, energy expenditure and weight loss.

(Source: International Journal of Medical Sciences. Int J Med Sci 2012; 9(7):527-538. doi : 10.7150/ijms.4446. Creighton Inversity Medical Center, Omaha, USA. Stohs SJ., Preuss HG., Shara M.).

As for guarana, we leave it to you to consult the results of the studies, summarized in our article dedicated to this ingredient, HERE.

Finally, the properties of white beans were studied, and it turned out that subjects given white bean extract for 30 days, combined with a carbohydrate-rich diet, showed a significant reduction in weight, fat mass, waist – buttock – hip circumferences, and a reduction in adipose tissue, compared with a placebo group.

(Source: Celle International Journal of medical Science. Int J Med Sci 2007; 4(1):45-52. doi : 10.7150/ijms.4.45. Cosmetic Research Center, dell’Università Cattolica di Roma, Rome, Italy. Celleno L., Tolaini MV., D’Amore A., Perricone NV., Preuss HG.).

Side effects and contraindications

The official website recommends adherence to recommended daily doses.

In addition, Brazilian Fat Burner is not recommended for people allergic to bee stings, due to the presence of pollen in its composition.

We would add that the presence of caffeine, through guarana and green tea, as well as its association with citrus aurantium, means you need to be vigilant about the effects of Brazilian Fat Burner on your body.

At the slightest sign of insomnia, irritability, anxiety or accelerated heart rate, we advise you to stop using this supplement immediately.

Needless to say, we do not recommend this product if you are pregnant, breast-feeding, under 18 or suffering from any health complication requiring medical treatment or follow-up.

Brazilian Fat Burner user testimonials

Opinions are unanimous: Brazilian Fat Burner is a highly effective supplement!

The vast majority of people who have tested this fat-burning supplement have seen their weight-loss efforts improve, which has motivated them to continue their diet.

Weight losses of up to 12kg in 4 months have been reported, demonstrating that slimming is both effective and safe for the body.

Price and guarantee

The 60-capsule bottle of Brazilian Fat Burner will cost you 28€ instead of 42€, for 1 month’s treatment.

On the manufacturer’s official website, you’ll find a formula for women (available here) and a men’s formula (available here).

The manufacturer offers two packs, one for women and one for men, consisting of a combination with other products. To discover these packs, click on the order button.

Evolution Slimming offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.


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